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CRY OF BABIES (Journey To The Unknown) Episode 1

“…Igwe!! Igwe eeh!!,the worst has happened to
me?? Your highness oh!!”Maazi Uchendu’s voie
was heard from the entrance of the Palace as
Igwe Ebubedike stood before his throne
thinking and lamenting of what has befallen the
land of Umuanyanwu. Maazi Uchendu and his
wife ran to the palace carrying their dead male
child that was just 3 weeks old. They got to the
entrance of the Palace but was blocked by two
hefty guards who held spears in their hands
“I want to see the Igwe”Maazi Uchendu said as
he struggled with the guards. His wife did
nothing but rather cry bitterly looking at her
dead Son in her arms
“The Igwe is not in the mood to see
anyone”One of the guards said
“Akuko n’egwu (Folktales), I must see the Igwe
today ooh,it has gotten to my neck”He
struggled with the guards.
“Who is that??”Igwe Ebubedike’s voice was
heard from within as he heard the noise
“Let them in”He ordered without waiting for
their reply to the first question. The guards
paved way and Mrs. Uchendu ran and knelt
before the king followed by Mr. Uchendu who
walked in fastly hitting his walking stick very
hard on the ground
“Maazi Uchendu,what is this and why is your
wife crying??”Igwe Ebubedike asked Uchendu
“Your Highness,you are asking me as if you
don’t know”Mr. Uchendu started
“You claim to be a great king but you are
watching Umuanyanwu suffer and
cry!!”Uchendu added which made the igwe to
place his hands on his waist looking above in
more confusion.Mrs. Uchendu was still busy
crying on the floor
“Babies and children die everyday and you are
here drinking palm wine!! What sort of a King
are you. This is the third time my child is dying.
Igwe!! Chaii!! Aru emee m (Calamity has
befallen me)”Uchendu weeped looking up
“Maazi,please calm down, were ya nwayoo
(Take it easy). The gods are yet to speak of what
ha…”The Igwe tried to say but Uchendu rudely
“What kind of gods!!! gods mmuo ka o bu gods
mmadu. Nke a bu nke ato (This is the third
one). Owutere m ya wee buru nwoke (It pains
me it is a male child)”Uchendu weeped the
more. Lolo Nwaaku hearing the cries from
inside the house came out with Prince Azuka
looking at them piteously.
“Maazi Uchendu daalu kwa (Good Morning)”Lolo
“Mba Lolo jide ekele gi (Hold your greetings)
and as for you Igwe lee nwa m rie ya (Eat my
child) Since you refused to do anything about
this!!”Uchendu concluded,collected the child
from his wife and kept it at the feet of the
“Woman let’s go!!”He ordered his wife who
bitterly followed him and the Igwe shook his
head not knowing what to do. He went and sat
on his throne with his hand on his jaw
“What is all this eeeh, gini n’eme (What is
happening?)”The Igwe asked himself as his wife
and son came closer to him
“Nna anyi (Our Father), you have to take it
eas…”Lolo tried to encourage the Igwe
“Woman leave me alone”The Igwe said waving
his hand in a low tone
“But Igwe…”She tried to say again
“I said leave me alone let me think!!”Igwe
yelled at his wife and she sighed and left with
his son who the pain of the Land didn’t bother
at all..Just then, Onowu Udemba walked in
tying a wrapper around his waist,a red cap on
his head and topless just crossing a piece of
cloth around his neck. He walked in looking
behind intervally.
“Igwe..May your reign never end”He greeted as
he sat down. The Igwe only waved at him but
did not say anything
“Your highness,I feel your pains. But you won’t
have to kill yourself Igwe”Udemba said and the
Igwe looked at him
“You feel my pains?? What nonsense feeling is
that!!”The Igwe yelled at Udemba standing up
“You feel the fact that I am being blamed for
the calamity befalling this community??”Igwe
Ebubedike added walking around
“Just take a look at this!!”Igwe said pointing at
the dead child in front of the throne
“Aru!! (Abomination). Who did this
Igwe??”Udemba asked
“Uchendu told me Igwe Ebubedike the first of
Umuanyanwu to eat his dead child!”Igwe said
hitting his hand on his thighs and tears flowed
down his eyes
“Igwe,it’s alright. The Great Elephant does not
cry.. Cheii!! Aru. Was that why I saw him
walking like something who wants to hit down a
rock?? Hei!! Uchendu”Udemba lamented
“Well, I don’t blame any of them at all. I blame
the gods who kept silent seeing all these
calamities befalling Us. Firstly was just twins
now male single child has joined. Who knows
what is going to be next. Gods of our
Land!!”Igwe cried bitterly as he went and sat on
his throne in concordance of the consolation of
“Get me the Priestess now!!”Igwe ordered and
a guard ran,knelt down before the Igwe and ran
out immediately to the Shrine
“Gods of our land,why do you silence us to this
mysery that has befallen us”The Priestess
complained sitting on a wretched stool,wearing
a read and black gown,eyes painted with white
chalk..The environment was scary as red, white
and black clothes was seen everywhere and
moulded images of different kinds
“Nwa adighi eje nna ya si ya eje na (A child
does not run an errand else sent by his father
*Adage*)..gods of our land,Umuanyanwu is
suffering!!..Will we endure in this forever”She
complained to the gods beating her gong and
spreading cowries on a white mat shaking her
head negatively. Few moments later she heard
running footsteps from coming closer
“Stop there!!”She ordered the guard without
looking at him
“Greetings the Great Priestess of
Umuanyanwu”The Guard greeted
“Greetings to you,but greetings and greatness
are not important when it can’t solve a bit of
the happenings in Umuanyanwu..Tell the Igwe
that the gods are still silent to our cries”She
said and hit her iron staff on the floor
“But he said…”The guward treis to say
“No buts…Tell him what I said”Priestess
concluded and stood up yet not looking at him
“Ok Priestess”The Guard said and ran out then
the Priestess turned around
“Chaii!!. Chim egbuo nu m ooo (My ancestors
has killed me)”Mrs. Uchendu cried as other
women held her and consoled her
“My only male child”Uchendu weeped bitterly
as elders surrounded him also
“What is really happening to Us in this
Land”Maazi Ukanna asked not throwing the
question to anyone
“Cheii. May the gods save us ooo”Maazi Akabue
said lifting his hands above….


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