Sunday, 10 December 2017

Compatible Episode 9

Mr. Romero arrived very late; Mr.
Henry picked him at
the airport, Henry told him everything
except the
Danny part. He went over to see her
Oluchi saw her father come into the
room; Oluchi was
looking dejected
“dad please forgive me” she said
“Oluchi, why did you do this to me?”
he said almost
“Whatdid I do to you? Why did you
destroy all I have
built for years?”
“I don’t deserve forgiveness but
please have mercy”
just then he remembered
“Where is Red?” he asked
“Am sorry dad”
“That’s not what I asked. Where is
Red?” he said
“I huum I sacked him” she said, her
dad was shocked
“No you didn’t” he said trying not to
believe it
“Sir she did but not only that she
arrested him” Henry
“What? Oluchi you did what?”
“What for?” he asked
“She accused him of stealing
company property”
Henry said
“That’s impossible” Mr. Romero said
“Oluchi you have done the worst, you
have done what
your father would never do. I gave
you someone so
valuable and this is what you did
with it. Red is
supposed to be your guide and not
your guard. Red is
one of the reasons why this company
is first class
worldwide, do you think I don’t pay
him or do you
think he’s just a body guard? He
gives advice and
they work out. He tells us how
certain projects should
be handled and they work out just as
he said. He
saved my life and your mothers’.
Oluchi while you
were living the best of life in America
this man was
one of the reasons you could live
such life. What
more can I say, you allowed your
school reputation
and degree into your head not
knowing that Red has
even more powerful educational
reputation than you
do.” Oluchi still cried out
“Whichever way you can get Red
back or I’ll not
forgive you for destroying my hard
work” he left the
room, she continued crying it was
like it would never
stop; she remembered how she and
Red started and
how d!ckson came in and everything
between them
changed. Her dad refused to go see
her again…
After two days she was discharged,
she went to Mr.
Henry’s home to see him so he could
help her look
for Red
“Welcome Oluchi” he said sitting
“Thank you sir” she said in a low
tone, from her looks
it was obvious she was in a
sorrowful mood
“Why are you here?” he asked
“please I need your help, I need to
find Danny”
“Why ask for my help?” he said
“Please I know you can help me”
“I don’t think he would want me to do
that? Because
he plans on leaving the country”
Oluchi felt bad after
hearing that
“No please, I love him” she said
“You? Love him?” he asked surprised
“Yes I do”
“So you have suddenly realized that
you do? You lie”
“I don’t know what to say but I have
always loved him
I just don’t understand why d!ckson
clouded my mind”
“I don’t think I can help you”
“Please; if I leave here I’ll go kill
“if you die no one would miss you”
Oluchi was hurt by those words as
tears kept coming from her eyes
“I think I will” a voice said behind
her, she knew it was
Danny’s voice, she froze at the
sound of his voice she
refused to turn around. He walked up
to her where
she was standing, he held her from
behind and turned
her to face him.
She turned and saw him with a smile,
she looked at
“Da.. Danny please” she lost the
he smiled at her
“I have worked with your father for
years and had
never met you but the day you came
to Nigeria I fell
in love with you at sight. I tried as
much as possible
not to let my feelings override my
job. The day d!
ckson came into your life you turned
your back on me
but I didn't do the same to you, so
many things you said and did but I
wish not to talk about it. You
completely forgot our friendship
because you started seeing me as a
guard and not a guide, you sort
guidance from the wrong person and
finally you allowed your reputation
into your head and not caring to
know where I stand as in education.
You have done a lot but let me ask
you; do you think you deserve
forgiveness?” he said she had tears
flowing down
“No I don’t” she said lowering her
head, he smiled
“Yes you do. And I forgive you” he
said and hugged
her but she didn't stop crying
“Come on, haven’t you cried enough”
he said smiling,
he wiped her face with his hand
“I love you Danny, I swear I do”
“I know, I love you too” he said and
kissed her fore
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