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Compatible Episode 8

Two weeks after Red’s release
although Oluchi was
not aware of this; Jane went into
Oluchi’s office to
drop a report but met Oluchi sitting
on d!ckson’s laps
“Oluchi we have a problem” Oluchi
was still laughing
with d!ckson then Jane grew angry
and couldn’t take
it anymore
“Oluchi are you loosing your senses?
What is wrong
with you? Ever since this good for
nothing asshole
came into your life your beauty is
gone, your sense of
intelligence gone, your sense of
strategy gone, your
sense of planning gone everything
all gone. You are
becoming useless to this company”
Jane spoke out of anger; Oluchi was
just surprised as she kept staring at
“Right now 200billion dollars is
missin from the
company and here you are messing
Oluchi couldn’t believe what Jane
“What? How is that possible?” she
said standing up
from his legs
“That’s a very stupid question? Your
question should
be that has Mr. Romero heard”
Oluchi became more
scared and like it was planned her
father called, she
was scared of picking his call, she
was sweating
“Hello dad”
“Oluchi why the hell did you remove
$400 billion from
our American account” he yelled on
the phone
“What? I didn’t”
“Shut up, am coming to Nigeria” he
said and hanged
Oluchi knew she was the only one
who had the
access codes and the closest person
to suspect was
d!ckson, she turned to d!ckson
“d!ckson what have you done?” she
said in fear and
d!ckson laughed loudly, brought out
a gun and pointed at Oluchi. She
was beyond shock
“What are you doing?” she asked;
Jan was not surprised
“I don’t have much to tell you but I
let me start by
saying I just created another account
in the
company’s name in another country
and pushed the
money there. (laughs) Oluchi do you
know that they
were right?”
“Right about what?”
“You are stupid” he said and laughed
“I thought you had a first class in
physics? Or was all
that made up cus you don’t seem
like scientist to me.
You don’t deserve it” Oluchi had
tears rolling down
her eyes. Now it was dawn on her
that she has made
a grave mistake
“And Red was just trouble so I had to
use you to get
him out of your life (laughs). I really
like the way you
slapped him, I held my self form
laughing” he said
and laughed
“You are a criminal” Oluchi said and
he laughed
“ Really? So am now the criminal? I
thought it was
Red (laughs); in 8 months brought
you to Sh*t, I can’t
believe this myself; I guess I
overestimated you” he
“You cant get away with this” Oluchi
“But I already have.. o I forgot,
actually my fiancée is
waiting for me I have to go” he said;
Oluchi was
speechless, she had been a fool and
she knew it
“Am very good, ain’t i?” he said to
“Yes you are” jane replied
“Thank you sweet heart. Ok ladies I
have to go now”
“Why are you doing this?” Oluchi
“Your father killed my men or should
I say his body
guards did and it was Red who
saved your fathers
life. That’s why I wanted a pay back
so I decided to
use his daughter and I have
succeeded; believe me
this company wouldn’t survive two
months before
“What have I done?” Oluchi said with
her hand
covering her mouth
“Time to go” he said and shot Oluchi
on her stomach
twice and he shot Jane on her upper
chest; they both
fell like logs of wood
No one heard the gunshot cus he
used a silencer; he
walked out of the office, passed the
guards and into
the elevator and was out of the
5mins later Henry came by her office
as he entered he saw two bodies on
the floor
“Jesus! Help!” he yelled and the
guards came in
They were quickly rushed to the
medical department
where doctors had to work on them
immediately after
about an hour the doctor spoke with
“Mr. Henry Oluchi is alive but we
aren’t sure of Jane’s
survival” the doctor said
“Nooo please do your best” Henry
“Can I see Oluchi?”
“No, come back in 2hours”
Henry left the medical building. The
news of the
incident had spread and was all over
the news. Henry
came back in 2hours’ he entered
Oluchi’s room he
saw her crying, he didn’t feel pity for
her he was just
angry at her. Oluchi saw him
“Mr. Henry am so sorry” she said
“Please don’t say you are sorry, I
would only get
angry. After all you did all you did at
your own free
will. You threw caution to the wind”
he said
“I know it all my fault but… please
stop it” Henry cut
“I came here to let you know that, I
had a meeting
with the board and we have decided
that you wouldn’t
be running this company until Mr.
Romero arrives and
his on his way. I wonder what you
would say because
at this point the company is at its
falling point” he
said; she couldn’t control her tears
as it kept coming
and it wet the pillow
“Please release Danny” she said
“Release? I already did that weeks
ago; you never
cared, Is it because you are in pain
and you now need him? So you have
suddenly realized that he is important
in your life. After all he did, he risked
his life for you and all you could do
was fire him. Oluchi wait till your
father hears that you fired
that man” Henry was not happy with
“Please I need to see him”
“He doesn’t want to see you” Henry
said and walked
out. Oluchi cried bitterly…
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