Sunday, 10 December 2017

Compatible Episode 11

Mr. Romero was so excited to see
Danny, he
welcomed him with a smile and a
hug, everyone was
happy as he came out of the car with
everyone was outside waiting to
welcome him,
Romero welcomed him like a son.
“Dad, I have something to tell you”
Oluchi said
“What is it” he asked smiling
“I’m in love with Danny” she said and
he just smiled
“At last, what took you so long?” he
said smiling
Oluchi was a little surprised
“Don’t be surprised, I have secretly
wished so”
“And Danny thank you for restoring
the Business”
“you don’t have to thank me sir
because this is also
my business” he said smiling
“Alright everyone this calls for
celebration” Romero
They had a night party and most of
the guests were
NGT staffs
“This party is just to announce to you
that My
daughter Oluchi would be getting
married to Danny
Red” he said smiling and everyone
Oluchi sighted Jane
“Jane!” she said loudly and ran to
Jane and hugged
“Easy there” Jane said
“Am happy you made it” she said
“Of cus I would make it” Jane said
boastfully and they
“It’s good to see you Jane” Danny
said smiling, Oluchi
remembered what happened in the
office sometime
“Jane I know you like Danny But…”
Oluchi paused
“No it was just a prank to make you
jealous” Danny
“Yes just a prank, I don’t like him? I
hate me” she
said smiling and they laughed…
After two months, they were married.
Mr. Romero said they should both
handle the
company affairs and the company
was back on its
ground. In two year they had a
daughter Pamela. Good
things they say don’t last but this
one will be lasting
***THE END***


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