Sunday, 10 December 2017

Compatible Episode 10

A phone rang in Danny’s pocket, he
brought out the
“thisphone belongs to d!ckson’s
Girlfriend and I will
be using it to get back all the money
he stole” Danny
said smiling
“How did you come about it?” Oluchi
asked after
wiping her eyes
“Well, I have always been on d!
ckson’s tail, he wants
to flee the country with her and the
company’s money
but with her in my custody he
doesn’t stand a chance.
I knew what was going on and I had
already tracked
her down so just yesterday I met her
at an eatery
where I told her that d!ckson has
sent me to bring her
and that it very important and she
followed me then I
brought her to Mr. Henry’s place and
now she’s in one
of the rooms tied down. Do you
wanna see her?” He
“No, I just pray we get that d!ckson”
she said
“I’ll be back wait here” he said and
quickly rushed in
He entered into a room where a girl
was tied to a
“Hey your boyfriend was calling I
think he wants to
speak with you” Red said
“Please why are you doing this” she
“Your boyfriend is a criminal and if
you know you
don’t want to suffer for his crime you
will do as I say,
ok?” he said and she nodded in
agreement, the phone
rang again
“now tell him you are at a friend’s
place in Lekki
phase II at No,12 crescent road
close to China
embassy, are you ready?” he asked
and she agreed,
he picked the call and put it on her
“Hello Baby” she said
“Where the hell are you?”
“Am at a friend’s place in Lekki”
“O God, ok where I need to see you,
we need to leave
this country tomorrow”
“Am at Lekki Phase II, No12 crescent
road close to
China embassy”
“Ok I’ll be there” he said and hanged
“Good girl” he said smiling and left
He went back to meet Oluchi
“He’ll be here soon”
“Lets call the police” she said
“No not yet” he said smiling
“I’ll be outside, I need to pick him up
and after that
we’ll go see your dad” he said and
went outside, he
walked out of the gate and into an
building where he waited in hiding.
At about an hour, d!ckson drove a
small nice KIA to
the front of the gate, he parked the
car and stepped
out, and he looked around then went
to the gate to
knock, Danny came out of the
building as d!ckson
entered the compound, d!ckson
walked to the main
door, it was slightly open so he
walked inside
“Hello, any one here” he said looking
around, as he
entered the sitting room he got the
shock of his life…
Oluchi was sitting down in the sitting
room like she was expecting him; he
froze with fear and surprise
“You.. You are dead?” he said moving
back, Oluchi did
utter a word she just looked at him
and then faced
the TV. He brought out a gun and
point to her again
she just looked at him and looked
away again and
from nowhere an iron rod landed on
his hand and the
gun fell off his hand, he screamed in
pain holding his hand with the other
he was almost in tears, he turned to
see who did it; he saw Danny
standing with a thick iron rod in his
hand and smiling
“You? I should have killed you” d!
ckson said
“So you can still talk? well that’s
good so you’ll start
by telling us where our money is”
“You think I’ll do that?”
“It’s all over for you, Joyst!ck man”
Danny said
“No it's not”
“Ok then I think I’ll have to force it
out of you” Danny
said going close to him but he
refused to speak;
Danny hit the rod on his face and he
screamed in
“I will stop if you speak” Danny said
“Ok ok I tell you” d!ckson said
covering his face
because of the pain
“Good talk”
“My car is outside and in it there’s a
black brief case
that contains all the documents of
the transfer and all
my credit cards, everything you need
is in it” he said
“Good” Danny said and carried him
up took him into
the room where his girlfriend was
and tied him up
“You have been reunited” he said to
them and left..
Danny went back to meet Oluchi
“I’ll call the police” Danny said and
picked up a
phone and called the police and in
30mins they
arrived. Danny led them to the room
and they picked
up d!ckson and his girlfriend; they
stepped out into
the sitting room; d!ckson turned to
look at Oluchi but
she didn’t even look at his face, she
was just quiet as
she pressed her phone
“You promised to free me” d!ckson’s
girlfriend said to
“O am sorry I can’t. Actually, she’s
the one who would
decide if you are to be freed or not”
he said pointing
to Oluchi; Oluchi turned to look at
the girl, she stood
up and walked to her
“would you let me go if I did
something like this to
you? You would have to face the law”
Oluchi said and
walked away
“Please take them away” Danny said
and the police
men moved them away
Danny walked to Oluchi, he pulled
her up from the
“I think we should leave now” Danny
said to her and
they left the house…
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