Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Bound by Love (unforgettable feelings) Episode 17

…Then she closed the door and turned to Nath…
“Goodevening,” Gold greeted and glanced surprisingly at Ken who had walked up and knelt infront of Queen who sat on the bed still frowning.
“Good to see you look happy today and smiling too,” Nath smiled trying very hard to resist the urge of pulling her to himself and hugging her tight.
“Yea, thanks for caring,” She smiled again… “”I’m deeply sorry, I know I hurt you but please find a place in your heart to forgive me,”” She heard Ken say so she turned and stared at him again but Queen ignored him and kept looking down.
“C’mon I’m still here,” Nath said and touched her gently making her startle.
“Oh!, Sorry please,” She apologised. “Let me get you a seat,” She said and made to leave but Nath quickly held her right hand and she stopped.
“Don’t bother please, let’s go somewhere so we can talk privately,” Nath pleaded.
“But…” she started to say but Nath placed a hand on lip.
“Don’t say no,” he pleaded staring deep into her eyes.
“Alright, let me dress up.”
“No need for that, you look good in your nightie.”
Gold looked down at her nightie. It was a light, blue floral material with brought out her curves.
“Trust me it’s nice. “Let’s go,” he said again, placed a hand on her shoulder and lead her to the door.
On getting to the door, they both turned together and threw a quick glance at Ken and Queen. Nath chuckled a little as he saw Ken still kneeling with while Queen lay on the mattress with her face to the wall. Then he opened the door, they both went out and he closed the door behind him.
“Why did you chuckle?, don’t you feel pity for him?,” Gold asked.
Nath giggled, “You won’t understand,” he said and placed his hand across her shoulders again.
“Nath please, we’re in public,” Gold pleaded feeling very uncomfortable.
Nath held her more tightly and smiled to himself as they just passed Joy who had come out to sit on the varenda as usual.
“Nath!” Joy stood up and called out in shock but Nath pretended not to hear her as they walked and went down the stairs.
Inspite of her feeling uncomfortable, Gold smiled to herself quietly as she remembered the look on Joy’s face. “I might just accept Nath if he ask me out coz Joy has to pay for insulting and threatening me,” She thought as they walked along the path that led to the love garden…
Joy rushed into the room with her heart filled with rage.
“What’s wrong?” Gloria asked and carried her phone from the reading table. She was fully dressed to go out as she had planned on visiting Jeffrey.
“Nath just passed with Gold and ignored me when I called,” Joy said and sat down on the bed with a loud thud.
Gloria hissed and walked to the door, “Come lock door Jhare, small thing you just dey vex anyhow,” she said and walked out.
Joy eyed her, “I don’t blame you sha and as for you Gold, you will pay,” Joy said and stood up. Then she wore her cloths hurriedly and left the room in search of Gold and Nath…
“Please leave now,” Queen said calmly to Ken who was still on his knee.
“Please Queen, don’t do this to me,” Ken pleaded sounding as if he wanted to cry.
“Get out,” Queen shouted.
Suddenly the door opened and a girl called peace walked in.
“Queen!” Peace called. “Please, can I borrow Gold’s laptop? I want to check something on… ” She stopped and stared at Ken who tried hiding his face. “Baby!” She called in shock.
“Um! Um!…” Ken stammered.
“Baby?” Queen repeated and stood up…
Nath and Gold sat on a long bench in the garden beside each other.
“So!, tell me why you were crying,” Nath said looking concerned.
“It’s a long story dear and I dont wish to talk about it now but I will tell you at the right time,” Gold smiled and held his hands.
Nath smiled broadly as he heard the word “DEAR.”
“It’s alright, atleast I’m glad you’re happy now,” he squeezed her fingers playfully. “So tell me about yourself and family.”
“Um! Nothing much to know about me and my family. I’m the second child though, the only beautiful daughter of Mr. Daniels, I have a senior brother who look so cute,” Queen smiled gleefully as the different coloured light litted round the trees of flower in the garden adorned her face making it look like she painted her face with different colours.
“Wow!, same here, but I have a senior sister not brother,” Nath said and giggled at her sense of humour.
Just then, he sighted Jeffrey and Joy who walked furiously towards their direction.
“Look back,” Nath said to her.
“What!,” Gold exclaimed as she looked back and saw them, then turned back to face Nath who’s smile widened as he looked unperturbed…
To be continued…


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