Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Bound by Love (unforgettable feelings) Episode 14

…So she sat on the desk and bursted into tears…
“Babe please stop, you don’t have to do this to yourself,” Queen pleaded as she sat beside her and placed a hand on her shoulder. “I told you but you wouldn’t listen, now see, barely a week into the semester you’re already crying helplessly for a guy.”
“I love him, I love Jeffrey but no one understands me,” Gold screamed in tears, then stood up and half ran out of the hall.
“Oh God!, this girl is crazy, really really crazy,” Queen muttered and ran out after her…
FEMALE HOSTEL(On the varenda)
Joy could be seen sitted outside filing her nails. She was alone coz Gloria had long gone out, then suddenly Gold ran past her, opened the door to her room and rushed in while Queen followed suite.
“What’s wrong and why are they running in that manner?” She asked rethorically as she stared at them, then sighed, “Anyway if something bad has happened to her, fine coz she has to pay for trying to take my Nath away from me,” She hissed loudly and continued with her nails singing loudly…
“Gold!” Queen barked angrily. “What was the meaning of that rubbish?”
“I love him Queen, I really do,” Gold wept bitterly.
“Love!” Queen frowned. “What sort of stupid love is that?” She asked but Gold refused to answer.
“Now you’re deaf right? Anyway thanks for making me look like a fool in public by running after an obsessed lover,” she hissed, dropped her bag and left the room in anger, leaving Gold on the mattress who was crying helplessly…
MALE’S HOSTEL(Nath and Ken’s room)
“Talk to me,” Nath pleaded again after few minutes of silence.
“I insulted and called her nasty names,” Ken said looking down.
“Is that all?” Nath asked again.
“No! I also posted on facebook that she’s a whore and I tagged her in the post and the last message she sent to me was “”I’ve added your name and face into my black list and if we ever get to meet in real life, I will never forgive you coz I now dislike you with great passion,”” Ken concluded bitterly as remembered everything.
Nath sighed deeply and stared into the space, “Guy you went too far and you behaved childlike, now see what your past anger has caused!. “So much drama in less than a week the session started. “I’m pessimistic on how this semester will be,” he shook his head negatively.
“Same here,” Ken concurred. “Will you visit Gold again tonight?” he asked.
“Yes, why asking?”
“I’ll come with you,” Ken smiled a bit.
“Wow!, lovely, atleast she might forgive you if you show her care,” Nath smiled too and stood up. “Now get up let’s go see if we can complete our registeration,” he said and dragged him up.
“Cool, lets go,” Ken said and picked up his file from the bed…
Soon they were ready, then they locked up everywhere and left…
Gloria could be seen sitted inside a lecture hall that was close to the registeration centre, waiting in anticipation. The hall looked deserted coz students were trying to register their courses and other stuffs.
“Hello friend,” the girl Gold had seen earlier with Jeffrey greeted and walked up to her, smiling gleefully.
Gloria smiled happily and looked up as she stood infront of her. “Wow, welcome, how did it go?” She asked.
“Perfect,” the girl chuckled. “The sex was wow!” She added.
“What!,” Gloria exclaimed in shock. “You mean you slept with my boyfriend?” She asked and stood up.
“What else did you expect?, you asked me to go to that lecture hall with your boyfriend coz Gold usually sits there to gist with her friend, then I did and the plan worked out well, then your boyfriend fell for the trap and asked for sex, did you expect me to refuse him?” the girl asked.
“Are you crazy?” Gloria retorted. “How dare you betray me?”
“You’re free to insult me but you got what you wanted and I achieved mine too,” the girl smiled and sat down.
“You little whore,” Gloria cursed. “You will regret this,” She sputtered and walked out of the hall.
“Hey! remember my money,” the girl called after her. “Fool, you think you’re the only one that wants to enjoy our handsome SUG president, rubbish,” she laughed as she brought out a packet of cigarette from her bag, lit it up and started smoking, puffing the thick smoke into the air…
To be continued….


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