Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Bound by Love (unforgettable feelings) Episode 15

…Puffed the thick smoke into the thin air…
Minutes later, Nath and Ken walked into the lecture hall close to the registeration centre to meet a girl who sat with her legs ontop of the desk, smoking with pleasure and chewing gum noisily. They had sighted Gloria walk annoyingly out of the hall some minutes ago.
“This is very wrong, she shouldn’t be doing this,” Nath sputtered angrily as they stood by the door post.
“So what do you want to do now?” Ken asked and put his phone inside his trouser pocket.
“Tell her to stop of coz,” Nath breath and turned to leave.
“No you can’t do that,” Ken said and held his right hand.
“You can’t stop me Ken, not now,” Nath whispered, pulled his hand out from his hold and walked up to the girl. “Hey!” he smiled as he stood infront of the desk she sat on but the girl ignored him.
“Look, It’s polite to answer a greeting,” he scowled already feeling irritated by the smoke from the cigarette.
“I believe I know what’s polite and not,” The girl fired and stood up. “Besides who are you and who or what gave you the audacity to walk up and talk to me in that manner?”
“A concerned friend that came to tell you that smoking is bad especially in a school compound,” Nath smiled again trying very hard to his anger and look polite as he put his hands in his pocket. He felt he was ever ready to face this insolent girl but little did he know that what awaited him was worse.
The girl chuckled and puffed the smoke on his face.
“Go tell that to your dogs coz we rock this campus, son of a bitch,” she hissed, threw the half cigarette on him and walked to the door but Ken blocked her.
“Apologise to him now or face our wrath,” Ken said angrily.
“Get out of my way you idiot, bunch of fools,” the girl ordered, pushed him out of the way and walked out.
“Guy,” Ken called out in shock to Nath who stood staring after the girl in anger, breathing heavily.
“Let’s leave here now incase any lecturer comes and sees this half cigarette, you know they will think otherwise,” Nath mumbled after some minutes, then walked out of the hall.
“Kai! That girl get mind insult me, ah go show am,” Ken fumed behind Nath as they walked.
Inspite of his anger, Nath giggled at Ken’s words coz he knew he was just bluffing. He just wondered the type of business Gloria had with such a conceited nasty human being…
FEMALE’S HOSTEL(Gloria and Joy’s room)
Gloria walked past Joy who sat on the varenda still filing her nails and entered their room with anger and frustration written all over her face.
“Ehn ehn, wonders!” Joy exclaimed and stood up. “What’s even happening in this school,” she asked aloud and walked into the room.
“Babe, which levels na?, did you fight with someone?, this one your face is like this,” she asked with her hands akimbo.
Gloria eyed her and hissed loudly still fuming in anger.
“Ah! Gloria, did someone steal your boyfriend or you fought with someone?, talk to me na,” she pleaded and sat beside her, then placed her hand on her shoulder.
“Get your dirty hands off me,” Gloria shouted and slapped away her hand, then stood up and started removing her wrist watch.
“Shuu!!!,” Joy chuckled. “Yawa don gas be that o.” …
Gold and Queen’s room
The door opened and Jeffrey walked in smiling innocently. He saw Gold on the mattress lying helplessly and he rushed to her.
“Sweetheart?” he called as he sat on the bed and touched her.
Gold quickly stood up, “Thunder fire that your dirty mouth if you ever open it to call me sweetheart again,” she barked furiously.
“C’mon baby, have you been crying?” he asked in pretence and stood up.
“Now get out!” Gold shouted. “It’s over between us!”
“How can you quit when you still love me, c’mon love, you can’t do that,” Jeffrey smiled in pretence again and advanced towards her.
Suddenly the door opened and Queen walked in with a small white bag which contained ice cream and snacks. “What’s this good for nothing doing here,” she asked, dropped the bag on the provision locker and walked up to him.
“Watch your mouth Queen and don’t poke your nose into other people’s affairs,” Jeffrey said angrily turning to face Queen.
“Hei!” Queen exclaimed. “Are you not ashamed, by the count of the three, get your stinking ass outta here,” she fumed and started counting.
“One!” she shouted stamping her left foot in annoyance. “Leave now before I disfigure your face.”
“Gold please listen to me,” he pleaded ignoring Queen’s rebuff.
“Two!” Gold counted too surprising Queen shaking her hair.
“Three!” they completed in unison and Queen removed her shoes to hit Jeffrey but he quickly turned and ran out…
To be continued


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