Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Bound by Love (unforgettable feelings) Episode 16

…But he quickly turned and ran out…
STILL THE FEMALE’S HOSTEL(Gold and Queen room)
“Idiot!” Queen cursed and threw the shoe down. “You should have waited for me to deal with you, fool,” She hissed and sat down still fuming in anger.
“Realfool,” Gold sputtered and sat down too making Queen turn to look at her again.
“But wait o, babe, what happened, I mean how come?” she asked a bit calm.
“I realised my mistakes when you left, I’ve been a fool,” Gold smiled and hugged her. “Thank you so much, you are such a wonderful friend.”
Queen smiled too, “You’re welcome dear, I’m happy you’ve now realised coz you can’t keep being a slave for love,” she said and released her. “So will you now consider Nath?” she asked.
“Ah!” Gold exclaimed. “Not so fast na, it’s too early, give me time to think,” she stood up, walked to the provision locker and carried the small white bag. “What’s inside this bag sef?”
“Open it first na,” Queen chuckled.
“Okay,” Gold said and opened the bag. “Queen! where did you get this? Coz you left here angrily without any money,” she inquired.
“Guess who na.”
“You know am not good at guessing,” Gold sat down. “Tell me please.”
“Nath!” Queen smiled.
“Nath!” Gold repeated.
“Yes, he saw me along the path leading to the football pitch, so he decided to take me to the cafeteria where he bought this for you and I,” Queen explained.
“This is serious o, but it’s good, ” Gold smiled and brought out a plate of ice cream, opened it and started eating.
“Silly girl, I thought you won’t eat coz Nath bought it,” Queen laughed and stood up to undress while Gold continued smiling as she removed one cup cake from the bag and bite into. “Who no like better thing but to be frank, this Nath of a guy is really caring,” She said.
“Good you now know,” Queen concurred…
MALE’S HOSTEL(Jeffrey and Felix room)
Jeffrey stormed into the room which was open, fuming in anger. Felix lay on the bed typing something on his laptop.
“Guy, what happened?” Felix asked and sat up, pushing the laptop aside.
“Can you imagine, Gold broke off with me, as if that wasn’t enough, she and Queen insulted me and almost beat me up,” Jeffrey shouted angrily and sat down.
Felix chuckled, “But that’s what you deserve na, even worse sef,” he added.
“Guy, you don mad, honestly you don mad,” Jeffrey hissed and stood up. “What I know is that no one can take Gold away from me,” he barked.
“Kai! You are mentally ill,” Ken laughed. “I even thought you had something better to say.”
“Fine, I’m happy you know I’m mentally ill coz Gold and Queen will surely regret this,” he said and sat back, then scratched his head in annoyance.
Felix simply hissed, shifted his laptop closer to him and continued with what he had been doing…
Time checked- 7:15pm
“Guy! Be fast na, we’re running late,” Nath frowned a bit as he sat on the mattress occasionally glancing at his wrist watch.
“I’m through na, lover boy, let’s go,” Ken smiled and looked at the mirror one last time. They both wore white three-quarter trousers. But Nath put on a blue polo while Ken wore red.
Nath stopped frowning and smiled as they went out and he locked the door behind them.
Outside the sky was full twinkling stars and there was an half moon. Though the security lights from the different blocks shone brighly, the natural night light still overshadowed it…
“Guy am scared o, what if she poures hot water on me,” Ken said feeling somewhat sad as they headed to the female’s hostel.
“Take a chill pill bro, nothing of such will happen,” Nath patted his shoulder with a bright smile on his face…
Gold and Queen had eaten their dinner of jollof rice with fried meat which they’d gone together to buy from the cafeteria and also had their night shower. Then they both decided to watch a movie on Gold’s laptop.
They lay on the bed laughing and talking about the funny scenes in the movie…
Then there was a knock on the door which made Gold grumble.
“Who is that na?” Gold asked frowning.
“Why don’t you go and find out,” Queen smiled coz she knew it was no other person but Nath as he had already told her earlier he would be coming.
Gold, still frowning, paused the movie, then stood up, walked to the door and opened it.
“Oh!” she gasped in shock as Nath and Ken smiled at her.
“Who is that?” Queen asked in pretence as she stood up and walked to the door only to meet Ken.
Her smile immediately turned into a frown as she hissed loudly and walked back to the mattress while Nath just stood staring at Gold affectionately.
After some seconds, Gold smiled and asked them in, the she closed the door and turned to Nath…
To be continued…


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