Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Bound by Love (unforgettable feelings) Episode 19

…What’s going on here?” Nath asked as he looked from Queen to Ken, then Peace…
FEMALE’S HOSTEL(Gold and Queen’s room)
“Ask this stupid love peddler,” Peace shouted, pointing at Queen.
“Babe!” Gold called looking at Queen but Queen gave her the look of “Keep calm,” so she kept quiet.
“Hey! Calm down,” Nath said to Peace and turned to Ken who was still kneeling, looking less concerned. “Guy, which levels na?” he asked.
“Queen please, forgive me,” Ken pleaded again and held Queen’s leg ignoring Nath.
“Ken, what’s the meaning of this?, What do you take me
for? A fool or what?” Peace asked looking more furious.
“A fool,” Ken retorted and kept pleading. Both Queen and Gold looked amused as they looked at each other wondering if Ken was okay.
Nath felt annoyed as he walked up to Ken and slapped him hard on the back of head making Ken frown. “Guy! You know I so much dislike calling girls nasty names,” he said and pulled him up forcefully, “Now lets go,” he said and dragged him out of the room, glancing at Gold.
“Bia, Peace, get out, follow your boyfriend,” Queen fired after they were gone.
“I will but let today be the first and last time I ever see you anywhere close to Ken again coz if I do, I will skin you alive,” Peace warned in annoyance and walked out…
“Nawa o,” Gold sighed and moved to sit on the bed. “Babe what happened?” she asked.
“That fool,” Queen cursed. “She came to borrow laptop o and unfortunately for her, she met Ken kneeling infront of me, then she became angry and started shouting that I sleep around with people’s boyfriend,” Queen explained and chuckled.
“I knew it!” Gold exclaimed. “But why chuckle?”
“Ken’s reply o, “”A fool””, Queen laughed.
“Yes o, I love that reply,” Gold laughed too. “Joy and Jeffrey came after Nath and I.”
“Really, interesting,” Queen said, then walked and sat beside her on the mattress. “Tell me more,” She requested as her eyes pricked with interest and curiousity.
Gold then explained that transpired between them at the Love Garden.
“I’ve known Joy and Jeffrey for three years now but never knew they could be so foolish,” Queen said and scratched her head.
“Not just foolish but very stupid too,” Gold added.
“But we have to be careful o coz from the look of things this semester will be tough, very tough,” Queen turned to look at her.
“Yes we have,” Gold smiled as she remembered the “SMILE” conversation between her and Nath.
“Why are you now smiling?” Queen asked.
” So! Will you now forgive Ken,” Gold asked instead ignoring her question.
Queen immediately frowned and stood up. “No never!” She spat.
“Never say never,” Gold smiled again…
MALE’S HOSTEL(Nath and Ken’s room)
“Guy! What was that for?” Nath asked angrily immediately they were inside the room.
“What?” Ken asked pretending not to know.
“Why did you call Peace a fool?” he asked.
“So! Is that why you had to slap my head?” Ken answered with a question.
“What else would I have done, I thought you were crazy na coz Peace is your girfriend?” Nath said and smiled a bit.
“You would have done something better,” Ken hissed and stood up, then started to undress.
Nath sighed, “Oya sorry na, no vex,” he pleaded and walked up to him.
“No, I’m angry,” Ken hissed again and dropped his polo on the bed.
“Okay, What should I do to appease you?”
Ken smiled, then moved and sat on the bed again. “Help me plead with Queen on my behalf cos I think I’m inlove with her.”
“Love?” Nath asked, surprised.
“Yes!” Ken replied. “Is it a crime?”
“No, but erm, what of Peace and what’s that girl’s name o,” Nath scratched his head trying to remember.
“Loveth!” Ken helped him out.
“Yes! Loveth,” Nath said thankfully. “What about them and Jane too?”
“They are now past tense,” Ken said still smiling.
“What, that’s bad, you can’t just ditch them like that na,” Nath complained.
“I’m now inlove so you’re gonna help me sort them out.”
“Serious?” Nath smiled.
“Then you must be joking coz you must finish what you started,” Nath stood up.
“Why?” Ken was surprised. “So you won’t help me?”
“I never said so but you have to break off with them the same way you asked them to be your girlfriend,” he said and started to undress.
“They were not my girlfriends,” Ken frowned.
“Really? So what were they?” Nath asked staring at him.
“Sex friends, I payed them and they satisfied me.”
Nath hissed loudly. “You are simply insane,” he eyed him and went to the provision locker to get food.
“I love that,” Ken giggled and joined him beside the locker…
To be continued


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