Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Bound by Love (unforgettable feelings) Episode 18

…Then turned to face Nath who’s smile widened as he look unperturbed…
“Calm down, nothing will happen,” Nath said.
“Sure?” Gold asked.
“Trust me.”
“Okay, I believe you,” She smiled and braced up for the love challenge ahead.
“You little whore,” Jeffrey shouted as he reached where they sat and stopped. His shout attracted other students who were also in the garden as some of them rushed to the scene so as to know who the SUG president referred to as a whore in public.
“How dare…” Gold started to say and was about standing up but Nath held her left hand and gave her the look of “Let me handle this,” making her calm down.
“Guy!” Nath called and stoid up, “If I were you, I’d just pretend I never saw anything coz shouting here will only worsen the situation and make you look like you’ve lost your mind,” he said still smiling thus making Gold wonder if he was given birth to with smile.
“Nath stay out of this,” Jeffrey said to him and turned to face Gold again. “How dare you cheat on me?” he asked stupidly and pulled her up by her nightie.
Gold laugh out loud when he mentioned the word “Cheat”, then slapped his hand away from her nightie, “Cheat you say?, oh what a shame!” She shook her head and turned to Nath and held his hand. “Please let’s get out of here coz I think this guy has gone crazy,” She said.
“How dare you talk to me in that manner,” Jeffrey barked as some students tried calming him down while Joy just stood speechless wondering who gave Gold such boldness.
“Guy!, You are the SUG president of this University,” Nath said calmly. “So please respect yourself and don’t soil the reputation of this Great Citadel Of Learning by trying to fight with your friend over a girl. I heard she told you it’s over, So please respect that decision and let her be, you’ve hurt her enough,” Nath concluded, placed his hand across Gold’s shoulder and walked away.
“It’s not over Nath, It’s not yet over, no one can deal me with a blow and go scott free,” Jeffrey screamed like a mad man not minding the students who were watching him. Then he turned and left in great fury with Joy following him.
“The SUG president I know never used to behave this way or is this how he will lead us this new session?” A student said looking worried as they started to disperse.
“I wonder o, It might be that he’s beginning to show us his true character coz I can’t believe this is the cool and calm guy we voted for just last year,” Another student concurred…
“Thank you,” Gold appreciated as they headed to the Female’s hostel. “I love the way you handled the situation.”
Nath smiled again, “My pleasure, I like helping those I love when they are faced with any sort of challenge.”
“Love!” Gold thought quietly. She wanted to ask if he loved her but thought against it. “Why do you smile all the time,” She asked instead.
“Coz I look more handsome when I smile,” He replied and smiled again.
“That’s true coz I noticed it makes you look more charming and cute,” Gold smiled too in a way that showed her dimples.
“Wow! Thanks, So why do you like smiling too? coz ever since I entered your room today, you’ve been smiling,” He asked.
“Coz you love smiling and I smile when I see you do so,” she answered smartly and they laughed…
FEMALE’S HOSTEL(Gold and Queen’s room)
“What are you doing here?” Peace asked with her hands akimbo.
“What do you think I’m doing?” Ken asked still kneeling.
“So barely a week of resumption, you’re already cheating on me?” She asked further.
“Hey Peace, watch your mouth, if you came to borrow laptop, then take it and leave. Don’t annoy me the more,” Queen said.
“Watch which mouth? I came in here and saw my boyfriend kneeling infront of you and you’re asking me to shut my mouth, Is that how you go about Sleeping with people’s boyfriend?” Peace asked in annoyance.
“Do I look like a sex maniac to you, tell me do I?” Queen asked. “Bia, if you don’t need my trouble tonight, carry laptop from that bed and leave this room now,” She ordered.
“I’m going nowhere, you slut, boyfriend snatcher,” Peace barked furiously.
“Kai!, this girl is mad,” Queen exclaimed still trying to keep calm. Then she turned to Ken and said, “Hope you’re happy now, oya get out, both of you before I close my eyes and open.”
“Queen please, forgive me,” Ken pleaded again.
“Out!” Queen shouted, then the door opened and Nath & Gold walked in holding hands.
“What’s going on here?” Nath asked looking from Queen to Ken and then peace…
To be continued


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