Friday, 10 November 2017

Wrong Number Episode 9

“What exactly happened” I asked Mr Paul anxiously.
“My cousin said Daniel had problem with the company he’s working with in the states. He’s employer doesn’t want him to resign, I heard he’s the brain behind the company, so a lawsuit had been filed against him”
“Oh my God, why are this white people like this, so they expect their employees to work under them for the rest of their lives?”
“That’s what they do over there, they are Ready to pay for your brain till it stop functioning. I even heard they tripled he’s pay and still he insisted he’s leaving”
“Do they have to file a lawsuit? That’s extreme for crying out loud”
“He’s been doing some running around, just to win the case. I think he purposely kept it a way from us, especially you, he did not want you to worry for him”
“It is well at least now we know what to pray on, they will drop that lawsuit by God’s grace”
“I believe he’ll scale through”
“Amen, thanks you so much Mr Paul”
“You don’t have to thank Mr, Daniel is my friend too”
“I hope his absence didn’t affect anything here?” I asked
“Not at all, I’ve put things on hold till he comes back” he replied
“Ok” We talked a little about me, before we ended the call.
Days turns to weeks, weeks turns to months and I didn’t hear from him.
Mr Paul had been very friendly, he called and we hang out once in a while.
Then one faithful day, my phone rang, i checked the callers ID and guess who called?
“Daniel!” I almost screamed
“Daniella, I’m sorry I’ve wronged you, I’m very sorry for the silence all this why. Things are beyond me
“I understand, I’m just happy to hear your voice
“Daniella I starred at my phone every night before I go to bed but I couldn’t bring myself to call you”
“Those people almost torn me apart, but God intervened, I won the lawsuit”
“Thank God “ I almost screamed. I was so happy.
“Yes, I won, I did not only win, I was paid compensation money worth millions of dollars including my entitlement”
“I’m so happy Daniel, finally. I want to hear the full gist, what really happened. Didn’t you notify them that you’re leaving?
“Off course I did, I submitted my resignation six month before I came to Nigeria”
“Really that’s enough notice, what exactly is now their problem”
“The only problem they have is me leaving the company. You can’t believe I was framed up”
“Are you for real?”
“I was told to pay some ridiculous amount of money, if I want the law suit to be dropped”
“Why are this white people like this! They are racist, I’m sure they can’t do these to a white man”
“They think they can buy people over with money, they use your brain and expect to work under them till your brain is inefficient”
“I heard you are the brain behind the company”
“I won’t dispute that and I’m been paid handsomely. But I just want to leave, but now is over, I’m a free man”
“Congratulations once again” I said
“I’m I forgiven?”
“You did not offend me, I shut people out to when I’m going through hard times so I understand”
“Thanks for your understanding. I really miss talking to you”
“Same here” I said smiling
“I’m coming back next month, I need to tidy up some things here”
“Alright, we’ll be expecting you”
“I promise to talk to you ever day till I return”
Every thing went back to normal, Daniel is just too wonderful while Mr Paul was always checking on me.
With this new relationship between the three of us, I forgot everything about the past and looked forward to the future.
3weeks later, we were having our usual chat on phone when he informed me that Mr Paul has gotten an accommodation for him on the island.
“That’s good, I was about to ask you about the accommodation since you are coming back next week” I said
“Mr Paul just informed me today, so he suggested that I should tell you to come check the place out before he pays.
“Ooo….What’s my own business in this now” I thought.
It was as if he knew what was going on in my mind.
“I really don’t want to bother you but Mr Paul insisted. He said if you like it, then I’ll definitely like it and I think he’s right”
“You guys are……infact that Mr Paul is something else, where did he get that philosophy from, that you’ll like whatever I like”
“You can ask him that when you see him” he said laughing. He’ll pick you up on Saturday, so you could go together”
“So you guys have already planned my weekend for me and who told you I’ll be free on Saturday?”
“I know you are, if you are not, I would have known by now”
Now he’s right, if I’m not free he would know because we talk about everything which include our schedules for the week.
“He’ll also take you to see an interior decorator, so you can choose everything that’s needed for the interior decoration.
“Daniel, how on earth do you want me to know your taste”
“I trust your judgment, I just want a beautiful home”
“I’ll try my best”
“He’ll take you to my office, although we already arranged that before I left Nigeria. He will just show you around”
“What about your staff?”
“Yea, we gave the contract to a recruiting firm, the qualified applicants has been selected but I’ll be the one to conduct the final interview”
“Good, everything is in place then” I said
“Except for the accommodation and that depends solely on you”
“Don’t worry we still have one week, we’ll put that in place before your arrival”
“I trust you, thanks dear”
“Don’t thank me yet, you can thank me later”
“If you say so” he said smiling.
“I’ll call Mr Paul” I said yawning.
“You are feeling sleepy already, let’s sing you to sleep” he said
Smiling “You want to sing me a song?”
“I have a good voice you know”
“I’ll be the judge for that”
“Can I sing now?”
“Yes, I think I’d love that, so go ahead let’s hear you sing”
“I’m only one call her away,
I’ll be there to save the day
Superman got nothing on me,
I’m only one call away…
I joined him in singing.
“So when you’re weak, I’ll be strong
I’m only one call away…
I drop my tab on my lap and gave him a round of applause.
“Your voice is so sweet”
“Thank you”
“That was a nice cover of Charlie Puth’s song” I said
“Thanks, I can sing for you everyday if you want”
“I won’t mind” I said jokingly.
“Let me release you, so you can sleep”
“Ok, byeeee”
“Bye, sweet dreams”
I place my phone against the wall on my bed, with my face opposite the screen.
“Won’t you end the call” I said when I noticed he’s still on the screen.
“Go ahead and sleep, I want to watch you sleep”
“I won’t be comfortable with that, in fact I won’t be able to sleep if I know that I’m been watched”
“ That’s not fair”
“You know what? I’ll help you, bye…” I said and disconnected the call.
I smiled. “This guy is so sweet”
I’m very sure I slept with a smile on my face.
To be continued..


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