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Wrong Number Episode 18

I left the bank for Daniel’s place. His gateman opened the gate for me. He was surprised to see me.
“Good morning Madam” he bowed his head.
“Good morning Papilo, how are you?”
“I’m fine ma” He said smiling
“Ehn en! No wonder my Oga no go work today” he said smiling.
“You don’t want your Oga to rest?”
“Make him rest o, body need am” he replied.
I handed over to him a loaf of bread and a pack of Juice I brought for him.
He was happy and thanked me.
Daniel was working on his laptop when I walked in. He was so happy I came. He had prepared breakfast by the time I got there, he made for me as well. I ate and watch him work on the Laptop.
Some minutes later, he closed the laptop and we started chatting.
“There’s something id like to show” he said”
“What is it?”
He held my hand and lead the way. He took me to one of the empty rooms in the house. We entered and I saw the place has been stocked with Home and kitchen gadgets.
“I want to make sure you are very comfortable when we are married” he stated.
Wow! Thank you”
“I don’t want to stress my children too, I want them to have all the good life I had abroad”
“This is Nigeria, our children won’t be using all this until they are of age. No washing machine, no dish washer. I’m training them to do chores with their hands”
“That is mean, who washes with bare hands this days?”
“A lot, lot of kids does my dear. We will only introduced them to all this when They are mature”
“Are you serious?”
“I’m dead serious, the last thing I want in my life is spoilt kids”
“I pity my unborn children in advance, their Mum is so mean!” he said sarcastically.
“Are u seriously saying that to my face” I hitted him on the chest.
He held my two hands to stop me from hitting him further. He drew me closer and kissed me on the lips.
“I love you my baby” he muttered. I can’t wait to have our kids running around in this house”
“Hmm, I love you too”
He held me in his arms and kissed me passionately this time. The romance was getting intensed and we had to stop.
“ Dee, let’s go back to the living room” I said and refrain from his embrace.
We went back to the sitting room. We discussed about the wedding, the number of kids we want to have and some other things.
He also said we’ll have to go to the states together to meet his family before they come to Nigeria for the wedding. He said I can even cease the opportunity to shop for the wedding.
I can’t believe my ears, so I’ll be traveling to the US just to meet my parent in-laws.
“I want you to quit your job, I think you should go into business” he said
“I’d love to have my own business too, but all the business I have in mind requires large capital”
“Just think of one and we’ll know what to about"
“OK, but do you know the funniest thing, I’ve falling in love with teaching and now I wouldn’t mind if I have my own school” I said
I nodded my head in affirmative.
“That’s not bad, school business is a good business” he said.
“Yes” I nodded.
“That reminds me I spoke with your Dad last night” he said
“He said so but he didn’t tell me what you discussed, he just told me we’ll talk later”
“I’m seeing him next week, so we can start making wedding arrangements. I also told him we’ll have to skip the introduction part since my Parents are not here. And he agreed” he explained.
“That’s good”
We cooked lunch together in the afternoon..
After cooking, I pack some lunch for papilo too.
“Papilo!” I called out when I opened the front door.
“Ma! he answered walking hurriedly towards me.
“Here’s your lunch” I handed over the tray to him.
“Thank you ma, God bless you” He bowed in appreciation.
“You are welcome”
Only me, you gave me food in the morning, now afternoon food too” he said smiling.
Hope you are not expecting food in the evening o, because I dey go my Papa house”
“Ha… how you take know wetin dey my mind. I think say you go sleep today o”
“No o, my papa get house”
We both laughed and he went back to his post.
I went back into the house, Daniel was already waiting for me. I joined him on the dinning. Afterwards, he started working on his laptop while I was seeing a movie.
My phone ranged, I checked the caller ID was joy my cousin”
“So you now neglected me because I’m married abi”
“Its not like that, we chat online nau”
“Its online the same as seeing you physically, I really miss you”
You know my schedules now, I’m always busy.
“But not too busy to check on your man”
“I don’t have an excuse, I’m sorry dear cousin of life”
I promise to check on her the next week end. I miss her too.
When it was 6pm and I told him I’m leaving.
“I wish you can sleep over, but I don’t trust myself with you” he said and held me.
“Hmm, me neither”
“Thank you for making things easier for me”
“Do you think it’s easy to be around a beautiful lady like you without imagining things. Coupled with the fact that I’m deeply in love with her!”
“Really, so how do I make it easier”
“Baby, you have your way of reducing the pressure. You don’t dress seductively, and you know how to keep your distance when you feel we are about to stray”
“Daniel, you wanted to marry virgin, then I shouldn’t be the one to ruin it”
“Thank you for respecting our decision”
I smiled. Sincerely it has not been easy for me too.
“Will you drop me off?” I said and picked my bag
“Yes, at your service my Queen. Shall we?”
i smiled
We got to my place and walked me in, he greeted my parents before leaving.
I visited Joy has promised.
I walked into her cozy living room. I met her husband Kola in the living room as well. I hugged them one after the other. It's been long I've seen them and I'm glad they're doing well.
“What can I offer you?”
Joy asked
“I’m OK for now, maybe later”
Her husband excused us.” I’ll be in the room”
“This yours engagement ring we cost a fortune o” she said admiring my ring.
“I’ll have to go and keep this ring in my closet o before you people rob me”
i said jokingly.
Sincerely everyone I met who have eyes for real gold always give me the same remarks.
“How far with the pregnancy issue” I asked
“We are still waiting on God”
“Hope your doctors knows about your history, because in this life, there are three people you should never lie to”
“Really! Please go ahead and mention them”
“Your Doctor, your lawyer and your Pastor. If you lie to them, then you are on your own. They can only help you by telling the truth”
“You are right o, anyway my Doctor knows about my history”
“Better, so they’ll know how to handle your case”
“Medically, the Doctors assured us that there is 50-60% assurance that I’ll conceive”
“Make sure you go for second opinion, don’t just stick to one hospitals. I suggest you try government hospitals too” I suggested.
“I’ll give it a trial too, thanks”
“Maybe you should try IVF, there’s no point wasting time, its more than a year now. I know its expensive, but you guys can afford it” I advised her.
“I've started the IVF treatment already, we are just hoping to get good results”
“It is well, I believe God will answer us"
" Joy I’m scared too”
“Come off it, because I have fertility problem doesn’t mean you’ll experience the same. I know some ladies that aborted more than three times and still had children later. Our grace differs my dear”
“You are right. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander doesn’t mean that the goose and the gander are equals”
“Hmmm… She sighed deeply. You are absolutely right my sister”
“How’s your husband taking it”
“Truth be told, he has been supportive”
“That’s why you people must act fast before pressure, start getting to you”
“Thanks sis, now what will you eat?”
“I’m not a visitor, if I’m ready I’ll let you know”
“No need to let me know, just go into the kitchen and sought yourself whenever you are ready”
Kola joined us afterwards. The table was reversed and the topic is now about me. We talked about Daniel and all that is there to know.
Daniel called we talked for a while. He talked with my cousin and they also make plans on meeting each other. Joys husband as already joined us, so he spoke with Daniel too.
“When are we going to meet him” he asked.
“Don’t worry, I’ll bring him here one of the days” I replied
“We’ll be expecting, just give us a call, so we can prepare ourselves”
“What kind of preparation is that, you want to kill cow because he’s visiting?”
“That’s none of your business, if we like we can kill elephant, we must receive him powerfully you know” Joy replied me.
“Really, I hear you”
“Have you eaten” Kola asked
“Your wife refused to give me food o, she said I should go into the kitchen myself and cook, that I’m not a visitor”
“Anyways, she’s right, but I’ll fix you something myself. So what will you like to eat”
“Brother in-law of life! Any other brother inlaw is a counterfeit ” he gave me a high five. I’ll eat anything you prepared, thanks”
We all went into the kitchen together, we watched while he prepared the food.
Kola is a sweet guy, I silently prayed to God that minute to please give them children.
To be continued..


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