Sunday, 5 November 2017


The thought of the phone I just lost made
me disputed, I was far from being happy
because I do not have more than a phone
and I don't have backup on my sim, Every
contacts on my it has gone just like that.
Tasker: What does the guy said?
Me: You won't believe it was took from me
where have been settling conflicts for two
guys I met on my way coming home, the
stupid guy had switched it off after talking
with me, he said I should forget about it
Tasker: Sorry about that
Me: Thank you
Tasker: Do you have another phone?
Me: No I don't, do you want to give me one?
Tasker: I've just one phone
Me: Ok, thank you for everything
Tasker: You welcome
Me: I left Tasker room and returned to mine,
I sat on my bed thinking about the phone I
just lost, Suddenly I remembered Christabel, I
stood on my feet and took a bike to her
house, I knocked on the door and it was
opened after some minutes.
Christabel: So fast have you back?
Me: Yes dear
Christabel: Have been expecting your call,
why don't you call to notify me you're
Me: ***I walked in to her room***
Christabel: ***She hugged me***
Me: I would have called you but I lost my
phone in school (I lied)
Christabel: ***Shocked*** you don't mean
it? Oh my God students are so wicked, so
they took your phone? Please how come?
Me: I couldn't found it after I finished what I
went for, I just couldn't see it anymore
Christabel: Oga o, I'm sorry dear,which
phone are you going to be using now?
Me: I don't have any
Christabel: (She stood up and went to her
wardrobe, she handed Nokia Asha 200 to
me) You can be managing this till you get
better one
Me: ***collected the phone from her***
Wow you're such a darling thank you love (I
opened the back cover of the phone
removed the battery and I found an Etisalat
sim card in it) it has a sim card
Christabel: You can be using it or you have
extra sim card?
Me: Not really
Christabel: You can have it then
Me: ***I moved closed to her and gave her
soft kiss***
Christabel: *** She broke the kiss and went
to her wardrobe for the second time, she
took out a big black leather*** This is what
I bought for you dear
Me: ***Emptied its contents on the floor, It
contained two blue jeans, three long sleeves
packing shirt and five colourful boxers***
wow all this for me? Christabel I don't really
know what to say, I'm more than Happy
thanks for everything
Christabel: You just mentioned what I
wanna hear form you, You said you're
happy, I'm also happy that I make you happy
Me: ***Shaking my head, does this bea love
me naturally or its work of my cream?
Honestly if its work of my cream that means
the cream also have its own good side ***
Christabel: ***She went to kitten and came
back with tray contained wrap of semo, she
placed it on the table*** here is your food
my lord
Me: You're one in a million dear,What of
your friend?
Christabel: I told you on phone that I did not
met her at house, moreover she had called
me that she would not be coming home
Me: Susan Susan
Christabel: You'll tell me all what has been
happening when I was away
Me: Where can I charge this phone? (I
ignored her question)
Christabel: ***Pointed to socket***
Me: You seem like semo so much
Christabel: Its my favourite
Me: And you too good in making it, its just
too super
Christabel: Thank you love
Me: Yeah (After the meal, we talked, played
and had welcome back sex before I left her
house and went to mine in the night)
******Later in the night****
I was lying down on my bed, checking out
the phone Christabel gave me in the day, I've
bought 500naira airtime to it after I
migrated to Easy cliq (Etisalat browsing tariff
plan) I used the airtime to subscribed for
500mb, I downloaded operamini and
Facebook app for java, I log on Facebook to
check my news feed and see what's going
on online, I checked my active friends and I
discovered Student was online so,I chat him
Me: Hello brother
Student: Welcome Pesman Have been
waiting for you
Me: Really?
Student: Like seriously
Me: Alright bro, here I'm
Student: You welcome, how was your day?
Me: So fine, and yours?
Student: Mine was also fine thanks
Me: Thank God to hear that
Student: Guess what?
Me: I'm kinda poor in guessing
Student: Just try
Me: Erm Erm You ain't coming home again
Student: Opps honestly you're wrong
Me: I told you my remark in guessing was
Student: I can see that, but you still have
another chance
Me: I don't want to make us of it
Student: Ok ok, I'm now in Nigeria
Me: ***Surprised*** wow unbelievable
Student: This night, that shown you're not a
good friend Pesman
Me: What have I done?
Student: You've not for once try my
international number. Because if you did
you would have noticed it was not available
Me: Am sorry about that and you know
international calls are somehow too costly
Student: No problem we are one
Me: Yes one great nation
Student: Yeah
Me: But last time we chatted you said it
would be next month before you can come
Student: Its true and that was my initially
plan, it was changed by my mummy she
called me to come home earlier than
scheduled, she said she wanna see me and
its urgent and very Important issue that we
cannot discussed on phone, So I have to
honor her call since I've just one mum
Me: Its really good like that, so how is Kogi
Student: Kogi state should be fine, I wasn't
in Kogi I'm currently in Ibadan I came to see
my babe first
Me: Your babe is in Ibadan?
Student: Yes have once told you
Me: You're marrying a Yoruba girl
Student: You don't like it?
Me: I like to be your Inlaw and friend
Student: And we're both already
Me: Laughed
Student: Can you come for your laptop
tomorrow morning? It is here with me and
I'm likely going back to Kogi next tomorrow,
we might not see again if you couldn't make
it tomorrow
Me: I'm doing absolutely nothing at home
so, I'm coming
Student: Alright I'll be expecting you
Me: No problem brother, you're heaven sent
and I appreciate you sir
Student: Don't mention, moreover I've been
calling your line since afternoon it was
switched off
Me: Yes its true, I just lost it today?
Student: That's Nigerian for you something
like this isn't happening UK, anyway am
sorry abt that
Me: Thank you sir
Student: Which number are you using now?
Me; One Etisalat line someone gave to me
Student: Let me have it
Me: ***I gave it to him***
Student: Go and retrieve your line nau
Me: Sure I'll do that after tomorrow
Student: Don't buy phone yet, I'll give you
one tomorrow
Me: Wow thank you sir
Student: Which brand do you like?
Iphone,Techno,Infinix or Samsung?
Me: Iphone will be too much for me, let me
settle for Techno or Infinix
Student: Alright, come as early as possible
Me: Sure I'll, give me the address
Student: Do you know Ibadan very well?
Me: I know little, but I can still ask for
Student: I lodged at Premier hotel, Oremeji
Mokola hill Ibadan, ask receptionist you
want to see a customer at Room 207
Oduduwa luxury suite, you'll be directing to
my room and don't forget to call me before
Me: You'll have to give me your number you
know I just lost my phone
Student: 080xxxx
Me: I'll call you sir, thanks for everything,
may God bless you abundantly
Student: ***Only If you know the reason
why I'm too nice to you*** Amen I'll be
excepting you
Me: Ok sir
Student: ***He ended the chat and faced his
co-friends to feed them about the latest
development, they were so happy to
received the news, tomorrow is the day***
Me: After my chat with Goal another
message came in from Nike
Nike: Hi Pesman
Me: Nike
Nike: You don't ask of me
Me: Samething applicable to you, neither did
you asked of me
Nike: My Daddy was not feeling fine
throughout our stay in Abuja
Me: *** Acting surprised*** what happened
to him?
Nike: Its a long story dear, we'll talk about it
Me: I wish him quick recovery
Nike: Amen but he's now ok, even we are
now in Osun
Me: Haaaaaa welcome back home, how is
Nike: Abuja is fine and cool, do you hear
anything about post utme? I just received a
text from school that I should come for the
exam on Monday
Me: Have you bought the form?
Nike: Yes someone has done that for me
when I was away
Me: No wonder
Nike: That mean we'll see in school on
Me: No, have done mine
Nike: really? It is batch by batch?
Me: I think so
Nike: Tell me the likely questions
Me: Its not something hard, it should be
combination of the subjects you did in
secondary school, it depend on your course
of study, I did Mathematics,English,­­­­­
Physics,Chemistry and current affairs
Nike: I'll feed you back on Monday on it
Me: I wish you all the best
Nike: Amen, have you gotten your result?
Me: Not yet
Nike: Chat you later I want to make use of
Me: Bye.
I wake as early as 4am I took my bath put
on a nice gown and headed to motor park, I
wanted to go and stop Pesman from his
sudden travel to Ibadan this morning, I
reached park and met empty busses, I was
the first Person to reached motor park that
day even some busses drivers are yet to be
in park, at exactly 6:15am our bus has filled
up with passengers and off to road.
Honestly I was feeling restless in the bus
because I wanted to be in Osun before 7am
so I can meet Pesman at home before he
embarked on his journey, now the time is
6:30am and we're still in Lagos, there is
nothing I can do to it I'm goona late, I wish I
had power of being disappeare I would
have disappeared in Lagos and reappeared
in Osun State that moment.
The guy seated next to me make the matter
more worse when he started a conversation
with me
maybe he could get my number but all his
effort was prove abortive because I rather
turned deaf hear to him, upon all his
Hilarious jokes which I would have been
laughing to if I was in the right state of my
mind that moment, I don't look at his side.
At exactly 7:20am our bus reached Iwo road
Ibadan, I took my phone and dialed his
number again maybe I might be lucky this
time, but I was unlucky his number remain
switched off, seriously speaking I don't
think I'll meet him at home.
I wake at 6am, Seriously I had sleepless
night because I was feeling happy to meet
Goal and having a laptop of mine coupled
with a new brand phone, I quickly
headed to bathroom to clean myself, After I
took my bath I rubbed a cream on my flesh
not the woman ritual cream o, I put on one
out of the clothes Christabel got me, I
sprayed perfume (Smart 364) I wore the
Gateman gave me and stormed of my room,
I took a bike from Iragbiji to Ikirun and
came down at Eko Ende junction, Ikirun
(Both towns are in Osun state) I barely
settled at the junction when I saw a bus
shouting Ibadan! Ibadan!! Ibadan!!! I
stopped it and entered while the driver
zommed off.
We reached Governor's office at Abere
Osogbo just then the ring on my index
finger became hot my finger felt like it was
placed on fire, I began to feel uncomfortable
alas this a bad sign no doubting something
bad will soon happened maybe this bus is
going to crash along the road, Pesman you
have to come down if you love yourself.
Conductor It ok here I don't go again I
forgot something at home, I gave him
200naira as I came down from the bus
while the driver droves on, I took another
bus from there we're at exactly at "Sekona
town" when the ring started again this time
around the pain surrounded my finger was
nothing to write home about, so this bus
too is going to cash? Haaaaaa this is my
second buses within 50mins, thank God for
the gift of life, "Conductor sorry I forgot
something at Osogbo I need to stop here
and get it" He collected 100naira from me.
Pesman You're not going to die today I gave
those two busses an hours I'll meet their
accidents on the road.
I took another bus making it third buses
from "Sekona" and headed to Ibadan to
received the gift Goal wanna give me, we
were closed to Gbongan-Ibadan road when
the ring started again, Oh I really need to
use my brain this time around, I don't think
the hotness of this ring is about bus
crashing again because I haven't seen any
of the previous busses I took crashing along
the road, something more than crashing is
about happening, I need to act so fast If my
life is still precious to me, "Drive I'm
dropping here I want to see a friend in
Gbongan I
don't go to Ibadan again" He collected
200naira from me and I came out of his bus.
From there I took another car back to my
home town as I couldn't figured out what
my ring is trying to tell me, I barely settled in
the car when my phone started ringing I
looked at the screen and the caller was Goal.
Student: Where are you pesman?
Won't you come again?
Me: I'm on my way already but I don't think I
can make it to you anymore
Student: What happened?
Me: The road isn't clear
Student: Are you a driver or conductor or
the cloud is disturbing you?
Me: You cannot understand what I mean by
the road isn't clear brother, if I eventually
come over
there something bad might happen to me
Student: Says who?
Me: Don't worry brother, can you please give
the laptop and phone to the receptionist I'll
come for it when the road is clear
Student: ***With angry voice*** You're not
well, get out of my line Idiot ***Hanged
Me: Why was he angry at me? This guy
doesn't know anything, my supernatural
ring says I shouldn't travel and you want me
to come by force, I'll have to call him later in
the night and apologies to him
I cannot risk my life because of a laptop
Madam Hadiza can get me one if I request
for it. I returned to my house, I was about
3meters closed to my room when I saw
someone seated by my door post, I moved
closed to her and discovered it was Dupe,
"Dupe" I shouted her name and ran to her,
she stood up and hugged me so tight. .
Dupe: Thank God you're safe Pesman
Me: What do you mean by that??
To be continued
Episode 39
Me: What do you mean by I'm safe?
Dupe: You couldn't see what I saw
Me: ***Surprised*** What did you seen?
Dupe: Are we going to remain standing
Me: ***I quickly unlocked my door as two of
us walked in*** You just come without
informing me
Dupe: Have been trying all my possible best
to reach you but it was prove abortive, what
happen to your line?
Me: I lost it yesterday
Dupe: Have been trying your number for the
past week not connection
Me: I just lost it yesterday, why don't you
send me message on Facebook or
Dupe: I guess you know I'm not into any
social media and you know the reason
behind it nah?
Me: Yes its true (she had once told me the
reason why she was not engaged in any
social media and I'm not ready to tell you
guys now, maybe I'll tell you later in the
future if time permit)
Dupe: Anyway I'm happy you're safed
Me: Only God says you'll see me today, I was
on my way to Ibadan I just decided to
returned back home, you couldn't believe if I
told I've reached Gbongan before I
returned back home
Dupe: Hmmm I know, and that's why I came
all the way from Lagos to stop you not to
embarked on that journey, I was so mad at
myself when I met your door closed
Me: Thank God I'm here now, what would
have happened to me if I go?
Dupe: You don't treat your visitor well
Me: I'm very sorry dear, seriously I was
carried away by you, what do you care for?
Dupe: Hmmm give me pounded yam, you
must pound it yourself
Me: Thank God you know I don't have a
stove talkless of mortar, Can I get it for you?
Dupe: Your own type of guy is kinda rare,
common plate you don't have, do you even
know how to cook?
Me: If its to cook I'm a chef, I cooked more
than stove
Dupe: ***She laughed*** You see I'm
hungry I need to eat something, I haven't
take anything today, after eating we have a
lot to discus about
Me: What do you want to eat?
Dupe: What do you want to have for
Me: I'll go for rice and beans
Dupe: Let have rice together, I wish I can
cook it for you but you don't have a stove
Me: I can get it from my neighbour
Dupe: What about plates and all other
Me: I can get everything from him
Dupe: ***Shaking her head*** shame on
you, do you have a spoon?
Me: Yes I have two spoons
Dupe: Go get the stove ready, I wanna cook
for you
Me: Alright ma ***I headed to Tasker's
room*** Tasker! Tasker!! Tasker!!!
Tasker: Pesman thought I saw you traveling
this morning?
Me: I don't go again jare
Tasker: What happened? Or you have a
Me: Something like that
Tasker: I thought as much Ekun (Tiger) you
need a condom?
Me: I've enough condom in my room you
can come for it if you are in need of it
Tasker: Bad boy, Pesman arrange one bea
for me nah
Me: We'll talk later, please I want make use
of your stove and some plates
Tasker: ***Laughed***
Me: What makes you cry?
Tasker: Did you see tear in my eye?
Me: Abegi give me what I asked
Tasker: What do you want to use stove for?
Me: I wanna pee on it, stupid question
Tasker: I never for once seeing you cooking,
my stove is using kerosene not coal o
Me: Am I that dump?
Tasker: I can't say, because you're not use to
stove, so I've to give you OT (Orientation)
Me: You're the most stupid person I have
ever met
Tasker: Are you the one cooking or your
Me: Me
Tasker: Shit shift let me faint, I wanted to say
I'll like to eat out
of the food before but now that I
discovered you're the cooker you can have it
all, because Dog will not be able to eat your
so called food
Me: You're mad, abegi give me the stove let
me leave your rotten room
Tasker: ***Pointed to where his stove was
kept*** Pesman add my own o, I'm serious
o, I never know what to eat this morning
Me: Am I your father? ***I left his room***
Dupe: Welcome dear, Your neighbour is dam
funny but he said nothing but pure truth
Me: You've been listening to our
Dupe: Ofcourse yes
Me: Na you sabi
Dupe: And you too
Me: ***I gave her money*** Buy all what
you'll be needed including kerosene
Dupe: ***She collected the money and left
the room, she came back few minutes later
and cooked, we gave Tasker his share***
Oh! We can talk now
Me: Yeah its time afterall you've filled your
Dupe: Abi nah, hope you enjoyed the meal?
Me: You are an extra ordinarily good, what a
nice food?
Dupe: Thank you dear
Me: I can't wait to get married to you
Dupe: Unserious fellow
Me: I'm dam serious
Dupe: Let get down to the business
Me: I'm all ears
Dupe: I came all the way from Lagos to
deliver you a message, Pesman I think its
time for you to brake all the ties you have
with all your slay mama and stick to just one
Me: ***Nodded in agreement***
Dupe: But I don't want you to leave Madam
Hadiza because something big is coming
from her and all of us will benefits from it,
nevertheless you still have to becarful of her,
thought she doesn't have anything bad
against you, but someone is being planning
to get ride of you because of her
Me: You mean someone is being planning to
kill me?
Dupe: I don't see you dead, but you'll pass
through hell and lot of several pains, who do
you suggest that can be planning all this for
Me: ***Recalling*** Yes! I always met one
senator in her house it might be him,
because I don't rather like him and I can see
he never for once pleased to see me in her
Dupe: A senator? I thought as much beacuse
I use to see him in Madam house during the
time I'm with her but I don't know him as
a Senator
Me: Yes the man is a serving senator
representing our constituency
Dupe: God really safed you today, that
senator had planned with his boys in
Ibadan they wanted to kidnapped you,
that's why you're invited to Ibadan, if you
mistakly went there you're gone be that
Me: ***Shocked*** Oh my God! So this is
the sign my ring is given me, hmmm so its
all about the kidnapping not car crashing
Dupe: What do you mean by your ring?
Me: Dupe you're such a darling, you deserve
to know everything, some months ago
Madam Hadiza's Gateman gave me a ring, its
a supernatural ring that will be hurting
anytime something bad want to happened,
the ring is working fine I must confess, it
kept hurting my finger when I'm on my way
to Ibadan, but I think the bus I took is going
to crash you won't believe I took three
busses still yet the ring continued hurting
on my finger that's why I decided to
returned home
Dupe: ***Surprised*** Wow what a
wonderful ring, it really safed you
Me: Yes it does
Dupe: Anyway that's is the part one, the part
two is coming soon
Me: Can we please treat it at once? I'm
curious to know the next thing and how to
play safe
Dupe: Senator and his boys has two plans
plan A has failed now remain plan B, I don't
suppose to be telling you all this because
you don't rather carry me along in your
matter anymore
Me: I'm very sorry dear its because of
Dupe: I'm doing all this for you because of
the love I've for you
Me: Thank you dear
Dupe: You're going to South Africa with
Madam Hadiza right?
Me: Yes I wanna go, should I cross it out?
Dupe: No you don't need to cancel it
Me: Ok
Dupe: That senator want to buy your
Me: Yes he's the one footing the bill
Dupe: Hmmm that man want to get you
kidnap in Abuja that's why he voluntary to
sponsored your trip
Me: And my mind don't want to travel via
Abuja o, I always preferred going via Lagos,
does Madam Hadiza know about the
kidnapping issue?
Dupe: Nope she doesn't
Me: What do I do now?
Dupe: You'll still goto that South Africa
Me: But you said I would get kidnapped in
Abuja by Senator's guys
Dupe: You've to play safe make sure your car
do not follow Airport road
Me: But I don't anywhere in Abuja, how
would I know Airport road when its going
to be my first time in the city?
Dupe: You have nothing to worry about,
you're safe already God will lead us through
before then I'll tell you all what you need to
Me; Thanks for this my love, my heart belong
to only you
Dupe: Thanks for loving me
Me: ***I held her head we locked up in kiss,
from kiss to sex***
Student couldn't believe Pesman can
Decided to returning home after he had
called him he is on his way coming before,
the stupid boy told him that the road isn't
clear, that's why he couldn't make it again,
does he (Pesman) is using something? He
couldn't says.
Tugo: What happened Student? Why are you
shouting on the phone?
Student: ***He dropped the bomb*** The
plan has failed
Spider: ***Shocked*** what?? How come?
Tugo: ***He felt like breaking the bottle
which was lying on the floor*** We finally
fuck up, you mean the rat is not coming
anymore? I think he had already called this
morning that he's on his way coming?
Student: Yes he does, I just called him now
to know about his journey, you cannot
believe he told me he was at Gbongan but
he he couldn't make it to Ibadan again
because the road is not clear
Tugo: Road is not Clear as how?
Student: Seriously speaking I don't
Spider: Oh God! What do we do now?
Student: I'm currently run out of Ideas
Spider: Or should we call him and tell him to
send his home address that we'll bring the
laptop for him
Student: Are we Jumia or Konga delivery
Tugo: It might be work, let try it
Student: No time for argument ***He dialed
Pesman's number but was switched off***
******NURSE TITI******
I was furious abt Pesman's attitude, I have
appointment with him few days back, while
he promised to come to my house but I
couldn't seen him till this moment nor did
he called to explained to me the reason why
he couldn't made it to my house again,
Honestly I do not see him as my boyfriend
anymore because he 's not caring about my
well being.
This is the second time of him doing this to
me, Pesman won't call you if you don't call
him and the most painuful part of it was I
was stabbed in his house first time I
decided to check visit him home
unannounced, What's is going to happen to
me this time around? I thought with myself
as I made my way to Pesman's house.
******BACK TO PESMAN******
Dupe and I laying exhausted after the
explosives sex on the bed, I was on only
boxer while Dupe was on undiess, she
rested her head on my chest as we engaged
in chat
Dupe: I missed this Pesman
Me: Me too I missed it
Dupe: If I hear, you miss what? You missed
my P--y or having sex?
Me: I missed your "V" and also having sex
Dupe: Don't tell me you're not doing it with
all your chicks
Me: Silent
Dupe: The last sex I had with you was my
last sex
Me: I know you're loyal to me
Dupe: But you don't reciprocate me the
same way
Me: Its the matter of time I'm going to
change soon
Dupe: As if you're APC (APC is the ruling party
in Nigerian during the time I'm writing this
Me: APC ko BPC ni
Dupe: Naughty boy, anyway I enjoyed every
bit of it
Me: You can't enjoyed it more than I do, let
go more rounds ***I began to kissed and
caressed her***
Dupe: Abegi leave this bea alone, I'm not
doing again
Me; Thought you said you missed it so
much? Let go more rounds nah
Dupe: I don't just want to do it again
Me: Why nah?
Dupe: You don't have access to me again till
Me: Alright if that's how you want it, but I
just want you to have it at the back of your
mind that I won't allow you sleeping
tonight***I barely finished my ranting when
I heard soft knocked on the door, I quickly
put on my shirt and made my way to the
door,because I don't have appointment with
anybody I threw it opened and I was like
disappeared when my gazed met with
Nurse Titi, she walked in without allowing
me to says a single world, she nearly
collapsed when her eye fell on Dupe who
was on only underwear and bumshot.
To be continued


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