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Time is 10:03am when I knocked on Madam
Hadiza's door, without hesitation Gateman
opened the gate for me and I walked in, but
I was extremely surprised to see one
expensive Toyota Venssa in the compound.
"So Madam has gotten another car without
telling Me?" I was busy examined the car
when someone tapped me from behind, I
looked at back and our eyes met.
Me: Baba Madam just bought this car? (I
asked without even greeting him)
Gateman: No, no be Madam get am o na one
visitor carry am come
Me: Madam has a visitor?
Gateman: Yes he dey inside
Me: ***Hmmmm and I do not call her before
coming o***
Gateman: Wetin happen?
Me: I don't know weather she's busy or not
because I don't call her before coming here
Gateman: Oga Pes here na your house nah,
you no need to knock before enter
Me: Its true Baba but she might be having
meeting with him, let me call her first
Gateman: Call her then, but if you no call her
Madam no go vex na
Me: ***Dialing her number and she
picked*** Hello ma
Madam Hadiza: How are you Pesman?
Me: Am fine, guess you're home?
Madam Hadiza: Yes you want to come?
Me: Yes should I come or you're busy?
Madam Hadiza: Noo am not busy, you can
come whenever you're ready
Me: Am in your compound already. But I
notice one new car in your compound
seems you have a visitor and I don't want to
walk on you just like that
Madam Hadiza: So you're staying outside?
Me: Yes dear
Madam Hadiza: Pesman why are you like
this? Anyway you're a yoruba guy, that's
why I love your tribe, you guys are full of
respect and also respect privacy, abegi come
in am not busy
Me: Ok dear ***Hanged up, Gateman and I
chatted for a while before I made my way
into sitting room, seated on the couch was
one looking familiar elderly Man, but I
couldn't remember where we've met
Madam Hadiza: Welcome boy, so you're in
outside all this while?
Me: Yes I respect privacy most
Madam Hadiza: That's good you can have
your sit
Me: Good morning sir (Greeting the man)
Man: How are you gentle man?
Me: Am fine sir ***Seated***
Madam Hadiza: Welcome Pesman, how are
you doing?
Me: Am fine I just want to say hello to you
and also thank you for helping my friend,
but when I entered your compound I saw a
new car, I firstly thought you have gotten
another car
Madam Hadiza: Where would I see money to
buy such expensive car? It belong to senator
Akinkunmi o
Me: *** Ofcourse I said it,. This Man's face
looked very familiar, no wonder he's the
senator representing our constituency in
Abuja*** Wow Sen.Akin what a big visitor?
Sen.Akinkunmi: ***He just smiled***
Me: Nice meeting you sir, I only watching
you on NTA (Nigerian Television Authority) I
couldn't I can meet with you face to face
just like this, please tell Baba Buhari to
reduce the price of fuel o
Sen.Akinkunmi: ***He laughed again***
Me: ***I kept looking at Sen.Akinkunmi's
face, its obvious he was not happy to have
me in the sitting he was just being faked
out the smile***
Madam Hadiza: Senator meet Pesman my P.A,
very humble and nice boy
Sen.Akinkunmi: I can see that ***Faced
me*** Boy continue with your good
attitude ok? You're blessed
Madam Hadiza: ***She also noticed
senator's cold attitude, lucky for us that
moment Jameelah walked out of her
room*** How are you daughter?
Jameelah: ***Yawning*** Am fine mum I
just wake ***She faced me*** Uncle
Pesman its been long
Me: Dear jameelah you don't ask of me nah
Madam Hadiza: Jameelah you and Pesman
should go and play at outside
Jameelah: Ok mum
Me: ***Without wasting of time Jameelah
and I walked out of the sitting room and
headed to backyard, where we talked about
the last time event, we talked gist and
kissed, Madam Hadiza left me and her
daughter alone without knowing she gave a
fish to a cat to be monitoring.
I was furiously when that stupid boy walked
in, his presence in that sitting room was
irritation me, I don't like him, instead of
Hadiza to tell the boy he was busy when he
called she only encouraged the boy to come
him, he walked in and seated beside me,
imaging I was boiling in anger I felt like
smashing him, seems Hadiza was reading
my mind because she quickly sent him and
her daughter out or maybe she don't want
daughter to sit with us in the sitting room, I
faced her immediately after they left
Sen.Akinkunmi: What's the meaning of all
this? I came down her all the way from
Abuja just to see you and you're busy
playing with my feelings, must you invite
that little boy to your house when you know
I'm still on sit?
Madam Hadiza: Take it easy senator, Pesman
is a nice boy just that you just met him
today, I can bet it you'll like him as time goes
Sen.Akinkunmi: I don't like the boy I see him
as obstacle between us
Madam Hadiza: Have you guys met before?
Sen.Akinkunmi: This is the first time am
meeting him and I don't like him basic, I
don't want to see him again
Madam Hadiza: ***Laughing*** senator I
thought you said you want to be my friend?
Sen.Akinkunmi: Yes, I want to be your friend,
with only you not with that silly boy
Madam Hadiza: Hmmmm but I can never be
friend with you, while you hate my boy, you
have to like like him as well
Sen.Akinkunmi: No problem have already
said it that the boy is nothing but an
obstacle between us, but don't worry I'll
work on
how to like him.
Few minutes I was inside my car heading
home, I was so furious and boiling in anger,
seriously speaking have been disturbing
Madam Hadiza for so long to be her
manfriend, it was firstly started when I met
her in a
conference held at our local government
area council, I asked her out but she kept
proving stubborn, thank God I had
opportunity to talk with her in her sitting
room today but unfortunately I was still
interrupted by one stupid cat boy. I smiled
to myself as the thought of what to do to
him occupied my mind, nobody can beg me
for not dealing with him even if God himself
come down from heaven I will not listening
to him, I'm goona get rid of the little boy
within twinkling of an eye.
****** D.P.O IBRAHIM ******
We arrived Abuja around 4pm in the noon,
During our journey I've warned my
daughter (Nike) not to call Tola or anybody
in Abuja, because our visitation is surprised
one, we want to took everybody surprised,
also had warned my wife at home last night
not to call anybody and I trust her she dare
call anybody because she knew the kind of
person i am.
Once I got to Abuja with my daughter by my
side we headed to Third avenue (Gwarimpa)
thought my sister resides in Jabi but I
decided to sleep in one of my friend's house
in Gwarimpa.
Time is 9:04pm Nike was given a room
while I also occupied a room in the house,
thank God the house is a big one that can
contained much more people, I took my
phone and called my sister, I told her
everything and how I want tomorrow arrest
to be, we agreed to meet by 11am,
meanwhile my sister and Cnn has also
agreed to meet by 10:30am so he would be
arrest 30min after he steps in the house.
****** NIKE ******
I couldn't sleep thought the room given to
me is so big and well furnished, but sleep
eluded me maybe because I didn't feel at
home, this is the first time I'm visiting the
Federal Capital Territory and also this is the
first time I'm sleeping out of my Father's
house, I thought of what
to do to wipe the time since the time is
some minutes past 9pm that mean I really
have long way to go before day break, so I
decided to log on Facebook and luckily for
me I met Pesman online and Hi him.
I chatted with him for a while before he
bade me goodnight, I told him how long
have being longing to meet him and how
deeply I loves him, he almost complicated
for me with her usually replied "Nike I don't
want to have anything to do with your
family just because of your father and the
events of your sister" he said to me but I
assured him that nothing would happened,
and I also gist him about my decision to
study at Oscotech same school he's
processing, I think this will make our
relationship works out? I said to myself as I
logged out.
I left Madam Hadiza's house around 8:30pm
after I spent my whole day with her and her
Daughter, I headed to my house to rest and
preparing for the next day thought I have
nothing to
do nor do I have somewhere to go,
immediately I landed on my bed the event of
the previous
hours began played back on my head.
Walking into Madam Hadiza's house and met
Sen.Akinkunmi was something I didn't
welcomed, looking at his face made me
discovered he wasn't pleased to see me and
I don't know what's going on his head,
even I myself I don't like him neither do I
pleased to see him too because I see him as
disgraced to our constituency, instead of
executing constituency projects he kept
flexing with our money.
Seeing him in the afternoon I was very sure
he came for nothing than get under the
skirt of my sugar mummy, he stayed some
more minutes before he angrily stormed out
of the sitting room entered into his car and
off he drove, I knew something is definitely
running in his head.
The ringing tone of my phone brought my
thinking to halt, looking at the screen alone
let out a cute smile on my face because the
call was Cnn.
Me: Padi me I see your call
Cnn: Pesman my inlaw invite me to her
house tomorrow by 10:30am, I just want to
inform you
Me: It cool brother, just becarful tomorrow
and I want you to do as you adviced me to
do when I'm to meet with Madam Hadiza for
the first time
Cnn: I couldn't remember again o, What was
Me: You adviced me set my phone on
recording while conversing with her, I also
want you to do the same tomorrow, let your
phone also be on recording incase of what
we do not plan of
Cnn: Hmmmm bro I will follow your advice
and I will feed you back how it goes
Me: I will be looking forward to your
feedback dear, know what you gonna say
there don't just talk anyhow
Cnn: Thank you ore bye
Me: Bye ***Hanged up***
Cnn is happy because he will be meeting
with his inlaw and talk thinks out tomorrow
without knowing he's going to meet with
his old enemy he ran away from in Osun
D.P.O Ibrahim is now in Abuja while Cnn is
busy preparing how to meet him unknown
tomorrow, Definitely Cnn will surly surfer for
the crime he committed some months back,
but this time around not in osun again but
in Abuja, what he needed now is God
To be continued
Episode 27
I wake as early as 5am in the morning,
which took my cousin (Ade) suprise because
its unlike of me, I used to wake 7am before
but today I wake at 5am, I reached for kettle
as I performed ablution and went to
to pray, thought I couldn't remembered last
time I prayed, what makes me pray today?
Maybe because am to meet with my inlaw
I had went to Wuse market the previous day
to get a nice wear which I would put on
today, I had also discussed everything with
Ade the previous day, he just adviced me to
becarful with the outing.
After the prayer I took my bath, put on the
outfit I got from wuse market and I headed
to sitting room waiting for the arrival of
Few hours later Ade was get ready for work,
he dropped some money for me before he
went to his working place , I sat in the
sitting room watching Tv, but my mind
wasn't on the programme they are showing
on AIT (Kakaki) I decided on what next to do
since I wasn't interested in the programme,
so I took my phone and called my one and
only Tola.
****** TOLA ******
I wake as earlier than I used to, just because
my man is coming over to see my family
today, I quickly did all the house choir even
before big mum was awake, I settled for Tv
programme in sitting room immediately
after I finished the house choir the
programme going on on AIT was Kakaki
Africa, I love the programme because the
anchor of
the programme (Adaora) is someone I like
most, I barely followed the programme
when my phone suddenly interrupted me,
looking at the screen of my phone put
beautiful ever smile on my face, without
knowing I'm still going to cry at the end of
the day
Tola: Hello love, you awake?
Cnn: About 2hrs ago, my dear I couldn't
sleep I don't know how today wanna be
Tola: Today will gonna be fine, I couldn't
sleep too can't wait to have you here
Cnn: same with me here, but why Big mum
said she wanna see just me? At least she
should have let someone come along with
Tola: Once you're not coming for
introduction what did you need
companions for?
Cnn: Don't you think I alone will be feeling
Tola: You are a man and you have to act like
Cnn: I'll not disappointing you dear
Tola: Better and please put on a nice cloth
and ware a nice perfume, I want you to
impress my mummy
Cnn: Trust your guy nah, you won't believe I
went to Wuse market yesterday to got all
what I'll be needed
Tola: ***Big mummy is calling my name
from afar*** Sorry dear I will have to call
you back, Big mummy is calling me
Cnn: No problem my bea love you
Tola: I do, bye ***Hanged up and walked to
Big mummy's room*** Good morning ma
Big Mum: Morning how was your night?
Tola: Fine ma
Big Mum: You wake me with your call
Tola: Am so sorry about that
Big Mum: You're on call with him right?
Tola: ***Smile***
Big Mum: There is nothing new in it,. Have
done it before, anyway you know we are
meeting him today, what arrangements
have you made for him?
Tola: Nothing ma
Big Mum: Are you not going to entertain
Tola: He knew I has nothing to offer him
Big Mum: No we are not doing it that way,
we must entertain him and make him feel at
home, get me my purse
Tola: ***I took her purse and handed it to
Big Mum: ***She counted ten thousand
naira and gave it to me*** Goto market and
buy all what you will be needed to welcome
him and also prepare his meal, you know his
favourite mean nah??? (she joked)
Tola: ***Collected the money and went on
my kneel*** Thank you so much mum, I love
you, you make me totally feel at home, I
don't regrets ever living with you
Big Mum: ***Her words melt her mind, she
felt like calling her brother to cancelled
everything with him but it was a bit late
because the old man was in the city already,
she would know how to talk to him to take
it easy with the boy after his arrest***
Tola: I said I love you mummy, are you not
happy with me or you're thinking
something else?
Big Mum: Oh! I love you so much dear, you
know you're my Daughter and very soon I
will send you out of the country, you'll be
living with Dele in UK
Tola: Wow thank you mum, you're the best
mum in the world
Big Mum: Go to market on time and prepare
his food
Tola: Ok mum, am going to Karmo market
ma (Karmo market is one of the most
popular local market in Abuja, there is
nothing they
aren't selling there, thought Wuse market is
the most populous market in the city) I'll be
back shortly
Big Mum: Ok dear
Tola: ***I went out and headed to karmo
market to get myself all what I would be
Meanwhile Big Mummy's phone rang
immediately after Tola left the house, the
caller was her brother which she answered
the call with immediate effect
Big Mum: Good morning Ibrahim
D.P.O: Morning sister
Big Mum: How was your night and journey?
Hope you're not too stressed?
D.P.O: Not really sister
Big Mum: That's good
D.P.O: Hope our agreement is still intact?
Big Mum: Yes but
D.P.O: ***Cuts in*** But what sister? Don't
forget I came all the way from osun state
because of this, and you won't let me rest
until I danced to your tune
Big mum: Its just that I want you to take it
easy with that boy
D.P.O: Am coming by 10:30
Big Mum: Ok no whala I'll be expecting you
***Hung up***
****** NIKE ******
I was lying back on the bed in the next
morning, seriously the journey from Osun to
Abuja isn't a joke, the journey was just too
long, imagine sitting in a car for almost
9hours Abuja is kinda far. To say the fact
Abuja is the most beautiful city I've ever
being to,
thought I haven't opportuned to visit other
cities such as Lagos,Ph,kaduna,Kano and
I was busy with my thought when I heard a
slightly knocked on my door "Come in"
walked in was my daddy
D.P.O: Morning dear
Nike: ***Sat up to greet my daddy***
Morning sir
D.P.O: How was your night?
Nike: Fine sir
D.P.O: Hope you're not too weak in result of
yesterday journey?
Nike: Somehow weak sir!
D.P.O: maybe because it is your first time to
travel far
Nike: I think so, wait dad I thought you said
we are here to visit my sister, I haven't
seeing her since yesterday?
D.P.O: Yes ofcourse, because she is not
leaving here, she leaves with my sister and
here is not my sister's house
Nike: When are we going to her house? And
I also want to see the beautiful city of Abuja,
I was impressed with little I saw yesterday
D.P.O: we are going there by 10 this
morning, get yourself ready
Nike: And you'll take me to most of places in
Abuja o
D.P.O: Shhh we are here not for the tour, you
will see all what you wanted to see on our
way to my sister's house
Nike: Hmmmm dad (We are on our
conversation when the house maid knocked
on the door, she came to announced to us
that the brake fast is ready.)
Meanwhile Tola just returned from market
she was in kitchen preparing her Man's
Big Mum had told her when she came back
form market that she should make the food
much more plenty because some of her
friends would visit later in the day, but what
Tola failed to realized was the friends Big
Mum is trying to referring to wasn't her
main friends but her brother which is her
(Tola's) father.
She prepared semo and egusi soup with
goat meat, after the cooking she retired to
the sitting room and waiting for the arrival
of 10am and her man.
******BACK TO CNN******
He just took his bath, he put on the cloth he
selected for the day, wore a nice perfume
(Smart 305) he murmured some prayers
before he went out, at the front of his house
he took his phone and sent a text across
Pesman "Dear friend am on my way to Tola's
house, please keep praying for me" Few
secons later he received a message from
Pesman saying
"Ore I gat your back, nothing is going to
happen just becarful there".
He stooped the coming keke napep and
hoped in, in the next 10min he would be in
Big Mummy's house in Jabi only if the traffic
light dosn't delayed him.
****** D.P.O IBRAHIM ******
Time is 10am Nike and I are inside my car
heading to Life camp area of Abuja,
probably we are going to my sister's house
in Jabi,
my motive behind this was to arrest the
stupid boy that almost took living out of my
Daughter some months back in Osun, firstly
I could not arrest the boy alone, so I will
firstly branch at Life camp police station to
request for at least two police officer who
will make the arrest a successful one, I was
busy with my thought when Nike suddenly
Nike: Wow daddy Abuja is just too beautiful
D.P.O: Yes and don't forget we are in Federal
Capital Territory so it has to be beauties
even more than this
Nike: Yes dad and this round about is the
most biggest roundabout I've ever seen
(Referring Kado roundabout, honestly the
roundabout is one of the most biggest in
Africa, it so big that you cannot run round it
once without resting thrice before you
could complete the circle, it links to Life
estate,Kado,Airport junction and Karmo,
with almost 500 lanes)
D.P.O: Yes this roundabout is one of the
most biggest in Africa, don't you see people
are playing football inside it?
Nike: Yes dad even there is a basket court
there and lot of beautiful trees, one can
easily get lost here o
D.P.O: Yes you're right, one can lost especial
if you don't know your way ***I took left
turn as I faced Life camp police station, I
reached the station and parked the
car***My dear wait for me I want to see
D.P.O of this station
Nike: Don't stay too long sir
D.P.O: Alright (I walked into station and
asked of the D.P.O which I was directed to
after I shown my I.D card and also
introduced myself as a D.P.O in one station
because I'm not on uniform, I explained all
what I came for to the D.P.O and my request
was granted)
Nike: Seated in the car was myself D.P.O
Ibrahim, and the officer that assigned to
him, this made me feeling uncomfortable
but I kept it with myself and concluded to
my father about the other two police officer
D.P.O: I brought the car's engine back to live
and headed out of the station, I joined the
Kado roundabout again as if I was heading
back Gwarimpa where I was coming before,
I took another right turn as my car faced
Jabi lake.
suddenly I felt stomach pain after 10min of
driving, before I knew it my vision became
blurry, I couldn't see anything clearly again,
before the two police officer at the back
could figured out that something is
happening have lost control this made my
car hit another moving car, Nike shouted
ontop of
her voice as my car shifted from main road
and hit street light where lot of cars were
parked at Sport center Jabi lake,this made
my car Somersault three times as I hit my
chest on the steering so hard because I
wasn't on seat belt, I hit my chest very hard
on the steering that I began to see my late
father who was slept in
lord in the year 2002 as I became
To be continued


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