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The President's Daughter And I {Season 2} Episode 43 & 44

How can Marcus be alive when he was shot dead right in front of me, she must be hallucinating or something because for Marcus to be alive is impossible to me. And i hope that i don’t start hallucinating about Dorothy too.
Me: Where are you now?
Mirabel: In a saloon, just made my hair
Me: How did you see him?
Mirabel: The frontage of saloon is glass, so i just shifted my head to look around then i sighted him standing outside the saloon, i turned to focus on the direction that i saw him but didn’t see him anymore
Me: Baby it can’t possibly be him, don’t worry about what you think you saw, Marcus is already dead.
Mirabel: I’m scared, or maybe his ghost is hunting me
Me: **Laughs** Why would that happen when you weren’t the one that killed him.
Mirabel: It’s not funny
Me: Sorry, but you sounded funny, you’re done with your hair right?
Mirabel: Yea
Me: Ok, come over here
Mirabel: Okay…
She came to the house, we talked about what she saw, I tried to convince her that Marcus is already dead and gone with his trouble. She seemed to be very sure of what she saw, but I was able to calm her down.
I kept on thinking about the possibility of Marcus being alive but i found no possible way, how on earth would he have survived three shots in the chest? No way!
Days past and our lives kept moving peacefully, Mirabel stopped talking about what she saw and we forgot about it.
Everyone that follow news will know that Mirabel the president’s daughter got engaged to a guy (Me). Mirabel posted pictures and short videos of the night i proposed to her on her instagram page and twitter handle. The media took it immediately, most of the news websites, blogs, youtube, twitter, facebook etc. I also did the same by uploading photos of us on my page. The recorded video of the night i proposed to Mirabel got edited, so all angles of the recorded videos were made into a single mp4 video. I uploaded it on my website and youtube and it went viral with so many views and downloads. I started having more and more followers everyday on instagram and twitter with the majority of females. Because of these as the world fully know Mirabel as the President’s daughter and me as her fians, the first lady had to provide security of three mobile policemen each for me and Mirabel as our personal security and another two each for our house security with Frank and Jummy who were already Mirabel’s secret agents bodyguards. No doubt that i’m now a big deal in Nigeria, millions will be demanded for ransome if i should get kidnapped. *winkz* I also started hitting the gym to get myself some six packs and a good looking body.
One day, after rounding up a paper which leaves us with six more papers to go before we finish our exams, Mirabel touched me that she saw Marcus standing somewhere not too far away from us there in school where we gathered after writing a paper. She pointed the direction where she saw him and i didn’t see anybody. She swore that she saw him, and he was putting on a hood with a gray jacket. She was so terrified that I had to take her to my house. She slept off minutes later then I called her mother – the first lady and told her what’s going on with Mirabel. She asked me some questions on Marcus’ death of which i answered sincerely. She concluded that she’ll talk to the head of the millitary that raided the bush that day and rescued us to make enquiries. She called me back about 48 minutes later with a feedback. She said that she spoke with the captain that led the team to our rescue that day asking him about Marcus, but he said many dead bodies were recovered that day and they didn’t get to know the details of four of the bodies so they buried them like that. And all the ones that they found their details, none of them was named Marcus. The Captain concluded that there is a 100% possible chance that Marcus was among those that they couldn’t get their details. I ended the call with the first lady after a little more discussion.
Then i started thinking…
☆ How could they not find the details of Marcus who was the son of a well known billionaire?
☆Or is it because his father disowned him?
☆ How can that change the fact that Marcus was his father’s son?
☆ Or he wasn’t among those that their bodies were discovered by the millitary?
☆ What’s going on here?
Ok lemme look at this way, Dorothy shot Marcus three times in the chest and immediately commanded us to go inside the building, so we left Marcus outside. I can’t remember seeing blood on Marcus when he got shot and Lola bleeded immediately she got shot and me too.
Maybe Marcus was wearing a bullet proof vest when he got shot and escaped immediately we went inside the building. It makes more sense now but i hope i’m wrong. This can’t be happening, Mirabel was so sure of who she saw… No more doubts! Marcus is definitely alive!!
I immediately called Vincent and Frank and told them everything, they were shocked to hear the strange news. We made it known to the President and the first lady and we discussed seriously about it. We discussed that we won’t announce it to the public that there’s a manhunt for Marcus, so that he won’t get prepared and go into hiding. They concluded that hundreds of C.I.D’s , Armies and other officers will go underground in the school and other places that Mirabel might go to. They won’t be very close to her, they’ll just be around anywhere Mirabel is and be watching incase Marcus shows up to her then they’ll immediately come and get him. So we warned Mirabel not to be looking around suspisiously, let her always be relaxed. A small communication earphone was given to her to be in her ear at all times, as it is connected to all the underground agents and me as well for information and communication purpose. The plan took effect immediately, as they briefed the selected agents and they got to work.
We’re very much ready for Marcus, let him come!
Because of the ongoing plan that we have for capturing Marcus, we started making more public apprearances. From the movies to the beach, to ice cream shops and also shoppings. It became fun for us because we don’t do such before. We decided to continue doing it even after we catch Marcus. The more we go out in the public, the more i get famous as paparazzis always took pictures of us and get it to the media making headlines on news blogs and websites.
Episode 44
We continued the fun like that for three days, and we didn’t see or sighted Marcus and we’re left with four papers to round up our final semester’s exams.
That Marcus, I am very sure that the bullet proof vest he wore was the one he stripped me off the time I went to him with tracking devices all over my body. He took away my bullet proof and kept it for himself; he thinks he’s smart enough, we shall get him. We charged all the agents to be very watchful and vigilant so we won’t miss a chance of getting Marcus. I came up with another idea to stop moving around with Mirabel, let her be going on her own so Marcus will maybe show himself to her again, and of course the underground agents will always be on her trail.
I forgot to mention that I met my Lecturer that advised me the other time, I appreciated her and told her it went so well. I even told Mirabel about it. I also appreciated Promise for explaining things to Mirabel ahead of me.
My late uncle’s first son, Jonas was already in the university and i’ve been helping him because of the good deeds of his late father. Although, he wasn’t in my school, but we do communicate from time to time. And my Father has been helping my late uncle’s family.
I got a call from the first lady on my way back from school and the following conversation ensued…
Me: Hello, good afternoon ma
First lady: How are you dear
Me: I’m fine ma
First lady: Okay… I want to invite you personally to come for my wedding anniversary tomorrow but you should be here before the time, oh sorry… i forgot to ask, can you make it?
Me: Of course ma, i’ll be pleased to be there
First lady: Ok good… Your Parents are also coming, so… Frank will come pick you guys up including your sister
Me: Ok ma
First lady: Alright, bye
Me: Ok bye ma
**Hangs up**
I told Nancy about it and she was so happy. It was only Nancy that has exam paper to write the following day. I went to Mirabel’s lodge to spend my day before the evening when we’ll be going for her Parent’s anniversary dinner celebration. I already had it in mind to wear the new suit i bought the other time.
Mirabel: We should bring Promise along with us
Me: It’d be a good idea, that’s if it’s ok
Mirabel: Sure, she’ll be my guest
Me: Ok, tell her then.
She told her and she agreed to come along with us.
Vincent came to the lodge, then we all went to my apartment i.e Vincent, Mirabel, Cynthia, Promise and Me. Nancy was already in the apartment, so we hit the road headed to the Presidential villa with an SUV and a Coaster bus. Frank, Jummy and two mobile police men drove in the SUV while the rest of us with three policemen drove in the Coaster bus.
We gisted while on road, Nancy took the lead in the gist. I noticed she has reduced 20% of her talking capability, maybe Vincent is working on it. All i did was to contribute, defend myself when i’m being teased or accused of something, and i laughed out mostly.
We arrived at the villa before and mingled with those present and they served us wine.
Guests started coming including my Parents, and the hall got filled up before i wasn’t that surprised, why won’t they come before time when it’s the President’s party. The invited guests were close friends, relations and partners. It wasn’t a big party, just a dinner celebration. Ministers, Governors, Senators and other dignitaries were in attendance.
The celebration started, the President came forward and appreciated everyone for coming. He said some things before he introduced his wife, she came forward and stood by his side and then she gave a little speech. Vincent and Mirabel also came out as their Parents cut the large cake. After that, the president and his wife danced together for about a minute before others that cares to dance joined them on the dancefloor. The first lady introduced me to her friends and other guests as Mirabel’s fiancé. And Mirabel also did the same to close relations including Ike’s Parents.
I shyly danced with Mirabel while many guests were dancing with their spouses. Nancy and Vincent were also dancing (I wonder when they’ll take their relationship to the next level by introducing themselves to our respective Parents) I sighted Promise seated and talking with a guy we met earlier. The guy is darkly cute, I guess she has found a new friend. I stopped dancing and took Mirabel to our seat to eat the food i’ve been salivating for.
I really enjoyed the night, it was so wonderful. Seeing prominent personalities of the Country in their cool with all smiles. Looking at them all, I couldn’t tell which was a criminal.
Me: (To Mirabel) Who is that guy seated with Promise?
Mirabel: I forgot his name, but he is son of the FCT Minister
Me: He’s been with her for a while now
Mirabel: Maybe he is seeking for a chance
Me: Is he a good guy?
Mirabel: I dunno, I only know him as the first son of the FCT Minister.
Me: Okay…
We left there about 13 minutes to the hour of to my apartment dropping me and Nancy before they left for Mirabel’s lodge.
The following day, while chilling in my apartment and working on my website as I don’t have a paper to write, my phone rang for one second and stopped. Someone flashed me, so i guess. I picked up my phone to see who the flasher was but it was a hidden number. How can a person hid his/her number and flash somebody? That’s rubbish! I hissed and dropped my phone. A message came into my phone minutes later, I checked and the sender was unknown to me, so i read the content of the message and it read as follows:
“Hi, It’s Marcus, the same one. Yes i’m still alive. I’m alive for a reason, for a second chance. I know what happened to Dorothy, how her life ended. I don’t want to end up like her. I have lost everything because of the crazy love i have for Mirabel. I want to start a new life and i hope you can forgive me for everything i did to you. I would’ve died for nothing, but here i am living for a second chance. I promise never to bother you and mirabel ever again”
I was stunned when i read the message, is he for real? I find it hard to believe. Although, he made his point, but… he’s backing out? How truthful is this??


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