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The President's Daughter And I {Season 2} Episode 17 to 20

The following morning, after our morning activities, i started getting ready to leave anything 11am. Momma arranged foodstuffs for me of which i declined the ones i don’t like such as beans. I only collected small quality of it so i can prepare it with rice.
After much preparation, i left some few minutes past 11 and arrive my apartment about an hour later. Did i mentioned where i was schooling? OK, I was schooling at the University Of Abuja studying Business Administration.
I informed Mirabel of my arrival, she said she’ll join me shortly. I also informed my Parents. My uncle told me to call him when i get to school but i don’t want to,,,, I know he wants to give me money.
I was about doing some clean up before i discovered that the place is even tidier than the way i left it. I was surprised a little because i was relieved from doing the cleaning. So,,, who else could have done it if not my lovely Mirabel. But how??
*I quickly dialed her line*
Mirabel: Hello dear
Me: Sweetheart,,, how did u do it?
Mirabel: Do what?
Me: The house, its cleaned up
Mirabel; Oh yea,,,, I sent some cleaners with my guards to get it done. Hope they did well?
Me: Sure, they did great. Thanks dear,
Mirabel: Its okay… i think its my duty to clean for my boo especially when he’s too lazy for house chores
Me: I’m not lazy
Mirabel: I know, that’s why i said for house chores,,,, U re lazy on that
Me: No I’m not
Mirabel: Really?
Me: Yeah
Mirabel: Ok tell me, what do u do at your family house? And how often do u do your laundry?
Me: Well,,, there’s nothing much to do there and Mother and Nancy takes care of the few ones
Mirabel: There u go,,,, there are some little things that u should be doing at home sweetheart
Me: But i mop the floor
Mirabel: After Nancy sweep the floor right? Why can’t u sweep and mop alone? Imagine, u started washing your own clothes just last year
Me: What? Who told u that?
Mirabel: Oops! Never mind, I will be with u shortly,,,,, and I’m coming with food. Not fried rice though, love u…
*Hangs up*
Chai! Nancy is a traitress!
Few minutes later, I went to the gate to check who was horning,,,, The car doesn’t look familiar but i know it was Mirabel, she got another ride for another semester,,, cool. She drove in, parked, and then alighted from the car were Cynthia, Mirabel and Lola.
But she didn’t tell me that she’ll be coming over with them,,,, Chaai Mirabel!
Cynthia: Hi Victor?
Me: Hello Cynthia,,, long time
Mirabel ran towards me and gave me a cool romantic hug,,, I lifted her up and turned her around romantically and we shared a cool kiss while i was still holding her before i dropped her to her feet.
Mirabel: I’ve missed u so much
Me: I miss u too…
Lola: Hello Vames **Smiling**
Me: Lola, how are u? how’d u know that name?
Lola: Why don’t u usher us in? instead of questioning us under this scorching sun **helping herself in**
Cynthia looked around then joined Lola
Mirabel: Let’s go in na **pulling me**
Me: Wait
Mirabel: Why?
Me: I thought u were coming alone so we can talk alone
Mirabel: Yeah,,,, but they insisted on coming, that they would be bored at the lodge
Me: We have some serious issues to tackle,,,, so how can we get to talk privately?
Mirabel: Serious issues? what are u talking about?
Me: I will tell u everything when we get to talk
Mirabel: Okay uhmmm,,,, I will let them go while i spend the night here
Me: Ok good
Mirabel: Till then,,,, let’s go in
Me: Wait….
Mirabel: What now? They’re waiting for us
Me: **drawing her closer** Do u know how much i’ve missed your kisses?
Mirabel: Not now Victor
Me: Come on…
Mirabel: I miss u too but now is not the right time,,, I thought we have some serious issues to tackle?
Me: Yeah… but my mind doesn’t recognize the right time for kissing u,,, U should know that with u, every time is right…
She started blushing while i draw her and placed my lips on hers and she responded….
Lola: The food is getting cold,,, do u guys mind? **Went back in**
What will i do to this Lola sef??
Mirabel: Sorry dear, we’re coming in now….. Victor i’m going in now
We went in together, Mirabel served the food. I don’t know why she’s the one doing it while Cynthia and Lola were there. The food wasn’t fried rice and the drink wasn’t hollandia yoghurt but the food was irish potatoes with egg and fried chicken with some kind of spice I’ve never seen before,,,,, with one nice orange juice like that which i later discovered that it was imported.
Cynthia and Lola ate on their own, while Mirabel and I ate together but not in a romantic way because i wasn’t comfortable with Lola’s presence.
After eating,,,, she (Mirabel) took all the dishes to wash. Her humbleness surprised me a lot,,, how can she, being the leader of their friendship and the President’s Daughter be be doing dishes for her friends?? I really can’t understand why.
I helped her in the dishwashing of which she tried to decline but i superseded her. We wouldn’t had completed the dishes without some cool kisses initiated by me…. we were yet interrupted by that Lola again!
Lola: **Clears throat** Do u have korean movies in this house? I’m bored
*This girl is annoyingly funny sha*
Mirabel: Lola, there’s no Korean movie here
Lola: But he lives here, let him answer,,, he might have, who knows…
Me: Mirabel answered u correctly Lola,,,, I don’t even watch Koreans
Lola: What? Why?? they’re really good, U will love their movies just try it and see
Me: Okay,,, maybe I’ll try it out some time
Lola: Yeah u should,,,, first u should try City hunter, Coffee prince, Playful kiss or Personal taste, Sea god or even Fugitive: Plan B it’s awesome.
Me: Okay…
Lola: OMG! Please try as much as possible to watch Boys Before Flowers,,, I love the movie like crazy
Mirabel: Lola follow me let’s talk
Lola: Talk about what?
Mirabel: Follow me
Lola: Okay, alright
Mirabel: I mean now**walks away**
Lola: I’m coming oh…..
Vames sweetheart,,, long time no see
I boldly brought out my phone from my pocket and start recording,,, I did it boldly so she won’t notice my real motive.
Me: What do U want from me?
Lola: **laughs** Is that a question?
Me: Yes it is a question and i demand an answer
Lola: I don’t need anything from U dear,,, wake up boo
Me: I don’t understand
Mirabel: **cuts in from distance** Lola!!!
Lola: Hey I’m coming! got to go handsome,,, your girlfriend needs my attention *she winked at me and left*
That’s how the witch left without leaving any evidence for me to hold against her.
I didn’t know what they talked about…. Later in the evening, Mirabel and I lay on the couch together waiting for Lola and Cynthia to get going but they seem to be very comfortable.
Mirabel: Don’t u girls have any where to go? No party? No clubbing No dates and all?
Lola: Since when do u care about that? Or aren’t u the one preaching change on us?
Mirabel: Ok now U have changed?
Lola: Errrmmmmm,,,, I just don’t feel like going anywhere. We just arrive campus na, we’ll rest for today
**58 minutes later**
Mirabel: U girls can go,,,, I will spend the night here. Lola? Cynthia? Cynthia? Lola?! Lola wake up jare! **Hitting them to wake**
Lola: **Sleepy** allow person to sleep na
Mirabel: U should go to the lodge then, before it gets too late. Lola? Lola!
Lola is really a witch!
Mirabel: (Whispering to me) What should we do now?
Me: We’ll leave them let them sleep here while we go inside the room
Mirabel: Okay….
We went inside the room, Mirabel had a shower. She told me to join her of which i jumped up to feet before she declared that she was only joking. I told her that i will only shower that night if only i join her,,, She told me to suit myself.
She came out after a few minutes
Mirabel: Its your turn
Me: Did we arrange for that?
Mirabel: Alright, go and shower
Me: I’m okay….
Mirabel: But u stinks
Me: I told u that, i won’t shower if not with u,,,, so I’m keeping to my word
Mirabel: Okay,,,, but u will keep your distance oh,,, and we’ll only talk
Me: (Seductively) Are u sure about that?
Mirabel: Hold it there, don’t even think about it…
Me: Really?
Mirabel: I’m very serious (boldly)
Me: Okay,,, its alright, i didn’t intend to do anything anyway
Mirabel: Says your mouth but can that thing down there attest to that? (Using her face to point at my private area that is nodding on its own)
Me: Hey stop looking at it,,,, it got mind on its own and its alive because of the available frequency
Mirabel: So I’m the frequency?
Me: Yes of course, its not my fault that its nodding like that. I can only control it as its master but can’t stop it from nodding to available frequency. Its like that, so can we talk now?
Mirabel: Alright, what is it that u want to tell me about ?
Me: Its about your’ fr……
**Knocks on the door twice then came in without waiting for permission**
Lola: I need to take a shower, sorry i had to wear this, can’t find anything else to put on **walks into the bathroom**
She was wearing my shirt. I was stunned and speechless so was Mirabel.
She finally came out after spending almost 30 minutes in the bathroom. She laid on the floor
Lola: Goodnight guys,,,, woah the floor is so cool
I thought Mirabel was going to get angry and react, but she actually looks as if she wanted to laugh while i was burning inside of me
Before i could say ‘Mi’ the door opened without knocking
Cynthia: (Sleepy) So all of u camped here and left me all alone in the parlor,,,, msteeeww **She also laid on floor side by side with Lola**
Mirabel started laughing out,,, I looked at her with an angry face..
Episode 18
During the night, I felt something rubbing my feet up to my leg,,, I quickly grabbed my phone and switched on the light to the direction only to see Lola smiling at me by this time of the night **What a witch** I adjusted and laid back, this time holding Mirabel very closely till i managed to sleep. I woke up the following morning feeling a slight headache but kept it to myself not telling Mirabel. I was alone in the room when i woke up,,, I went to check if they were still around, I got to the parlor and heard their voices in the kitchen. I went back inside to brush my teeth and had my bath as well. Of course I didn’t feel good when Mirabel said I stinks last night.
Mirabel: Honey where are you?
Me: I’m in the bathroom
Mirabel: Ok hurry up’ Breakfast is served
Me: Alright give me a minute
Mirabel: Or may I join you?
**She wants to trick me again, once bitten twice shy**
Me: No need for that, I will be done in a minute
Mirabel: Are you sure you don’t want me to come?
Me: Yeah
Mirabel: Okay,,, I will be with the girls in the guest room
Me: Wait dear were you serious about joining me?
Mirabel: (Laughs) Of course not, enjoy your bath dear
*Hhmmmm,,,, bitten twice*
I had my bath, dressed up then went for breakfast. I got ready to leave, I told Mirabel to come back later in the day to talk on the matter at hand, She agreed to come before they left. Home alone and you know what that means,,, thinking of what to do to while away time and other weird imaginations. First thing i tried to was to watch TV, I got bored and switched to video games before i realized something. That I have always wanted to use my laptop to surf the internet. Now I have the means with my Smile 4G wireless modem. I dashed to my room at once to get my laptop and wireless modem. I got them, switched them on, connected the laptop with the wireless modem and gained internet access in no time and i let out a satisfactory smile. I downloaded so many softwares that i have always wished to have in my system. They seized the power, I on the generator because I was so into the internet and can’t leave it not even for a minute. I was so in to it that i didn’t know when i passed lunch time, yet I didn’t feel hungry but I’m actually hungry
**Phone Rings**
Me: Hello Promzy
Promise: Hi are you at home?
Me: Yeah, what’s up?
Promise: I’m around, on my way to your place
Me: Okay,,, please do me a favour
Promise: What?
Me: Errmmmm,,, help pass by an eatery and buy me something to eat,,,, something simple like maybe meatpie and burger,,, don’t worry about drink, I have some
Promise: I haven’t even agreed yet and you’re already telling me what to do
Me: I know you can’t refuse me
Promise: Really? what if i don’t have enough money with me??
Me: Please Promzy, I will pay you as soon you get here,,, I’m very hungry biko
Promise: Okay,,, I will get it
Me: Thanks dear
Promise: And what have you been doing that you couldn’t get yourself something to eat?
Me: It’s a long story
Promise: What’s the long story on not having lunch again?
Me: *Laughs* You won’t understand,,, get here first
Promise: Okay…
**Hangs Up**
I continued browsing and downloading till she arrived a couple of minutes later. She gave me a cool hug when i opened the gate for her before i ushered her in to the house.
Promise: The place is looking really good, who did it?
Me: What are you insinuating now?
Promise: Come on,,, you and know that you didn’t do it
Me: And if i say i actually did it?
Promise: Then I’ll say you’re lying
Me: Please give my food, I don’t know what you girls take me for
Promise: So who did it?
Me: Its Mirabel! Can I have my food now?
Promise: **Hands the package to me** By Mirabel, you mean she did it manually or automatically?
Me: How do you mean?
Promise: As in, if she did it with her hands or she brought people to do it?
Me: Okay it was automatically
Promise: So, what’s the long story you talked about?
Me: **Chuckles** I was only exaggerating,,, just busy with the internet
Promise: I see,,, and who were you chatting with that kept you busy?
Me: Not chatting,,,, just surfing the internet and downloading from the clouds
Promise: Okay oh,,, too much Mb, so you are on subscription?
Me: Yap
Promise: How many Mb
Me: Promzy I want to eat oh please,,, care to join me?
Promise: Tell me jhoor
Me: It’s 10Gb data plan
Promise: For how many months?
Me: For 30 days
Promise: Is it not too much? what would u be doing with it?
Me: It hasn’t been up to a week, I have consumed about 3Gb
Promise: What? with this your phone?
Me: Yea and my laptop
Promise: Okay U connected your phone with your laptop,,, cool
Me: Not really, I’m using a wireless modem that can connect both of them and even more together. Look at it **Showing her the modem**
Promise: Woah,,,, its nice
Me: Yeah,,, I’m coming
I went in to get some drink, the one Mirabel brought yesterday with two glass cups.
Me: Let’s eat
Promise: No thanks, I’m okay
Me: Not even a glass of juice?
Promise: Ok that will do
I offered her the juice while i helped myself,,, We gisted on so many things while eating till she finished her drink and boldly asked for more. While talking, a part of me wanted her to go so I could continue surfing the internet.
Me: Or should I connect you?
Promise: Yes oh,,, I need to do some things,,,, hope you won’t mind if i download?
Me: I hope its not large files?
Promise: Yes
Me: Okay then
I connected her thinking i would be free to focus on the internet but I was wrong, She kept asking questions upon questions.
**Phone Rings**
Me: Hey dear
Mirabel: Hey,,,, where are you? I’ve been horning out here
Me: Really? sorry dear I didn’t know, I’m coming out now
**Hangs UP**
I rushed to open the gate for her,,, She drove in
Me: I apologize sweetheart, I didn’t know **Hugs her**
Mirabel: Its okay,,, and what have you been doing all day?
Me: Just been surfing the internet
Mirabel: And what did you have for lunch?
Me: Some snacks,,,, Promzy is even around
Mirabel: Inside now?
Me: Yeah
Mirabel: Why didn’t you tell me?
Me: But I just did
Mirabel: How long has she been here?
Me: I think for over an hour now,,,, what’s this about?
Mirabel: What do you mean by what’s this about? She’s my friend too and I miss her soooo much **Running inside** Promzy!!
I was like “pheeeeww” I let out a sigh of relieve.
Episode 19
Do not joke with the power of PRAYER for it is the KEY to your PROBLEM,,,, There is NOTHING TOO BIG to ask GOD for and in the same way NOTHING TOO SMALL. The Bible says,,, ASK AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU. You don’t just seat down and get everything You need without ASKING. Even when You need something from someone, Pray to God first for FAVOUR. For when God Favours You, Men will Favour You BIG TIME.
It’s a good thing that Mirabel wasn’t suspicious of anything,,, I went inside to join them.
Promise: It was my Aunt from Zaria that was able to convince my Mum to let come
Mirabel: So you and your Mum are very close?
Promise: Very close,,, we don’t hide anything from each other
Mirabel: Same with me and my Mum, even with her busy schedule, she always try to make up for it
Seeing them talking, I went to help myself with a chill hollandia yoghurt from the fridge and went back to the parlor to continue surfing the internet untill they’ll call my attention. I don’t know why the three of us can’t gist together,,, these girls sef **Sips yoghurt**
**Phone Rings: Unknown Caller**
I excused myself from the parlor before answering the call.
Me: (Waited for some seconds) Hello
Caller: Its me Lola, move away from Mirabel now
**I quickly set the call on record**
Me: Why? and why did you hid your number and change your voice ??
Lola: Don’t be afraid handsome, just want to let you know that I don’t need your little d!ck,,, gosh! I thought you were so hude
Me: What are you talking about?
Lola: Well I kinda touch and felt it last night,,, and i was so disappointed at myself to stoop so low for that little thing, jeez!
Me: So what does that mean?
Lola: My sexual urge for you ended last night, so we can be very cool friends from now on
Me: You’re serious?
Lola: Yeah I promise
Me: Woah,,, thanks so much, I really appreciate this
Lola: Nah,,, you don’t need to appreciate me, you should appreciate your little thing
Me: Okay oh
Lola: Alright bye, we’ll talk later
**Hangs Up**
Woah,,,, It happened! Glory be to God!!
Did I mentioned that I prayed over the issue of Lola? I have actually been praying over it. It became my top prayer point since the day I dreamt that I married her. I prayed over it seriously in the Night Vigil we did recently back home. God works in mysterious ways, I mean, look at how He did it,,, Of course my thing ain’t little at all, I think God confused her so she’ll leave me alone and I bless God for that. I started singing praises to God when going back to the parlor.
Mirabel: Honey…?
Me: Yeah…?
Mirabel: What happened?
Me: Like how do you mean?
Mirabel: Why the sudden happy face and singing?
Me: I’m happy
Mirabel/Promise: **both chrosed** Why…?
Me: Nothing,,, I’m just happy. I mean, who wouldn’t be happy to have such a great and extremely beautiful girlfriend as you my dear
Mirabel: You never talk true
Me: I’m being serious
Mirabel: You left here to receive a phone call and returned happy,,, and you’re telling me something else
Me: Okay relax dear,,, uhmmm its about a friend of mine that’s been delivered from something evil
Mirabel: What evil?
Me: Trust me on this babe, You don’t wanna know
Mirabel: Why?
Me: Just trust me,,, so what are you girls talking about?
**They now face each other**
Mirabel: Yes, so Promzy what happened next?
Promise: He had to free me of course,,, I made him realized that he’s not my type and if
he continue to send me such messages and those disgusting pictures of his again, I will show it to my Father, that he should know what that means. (Her Dad was an Air force actually)
I can see they’re talking about guys, I just took my laptop and focused on it while sipping my yoghurt as well.
**Phone Rings**
Mirabel: Hey Nancy how you doing?
Mirabel: How’s Mummy?
Mirabel: Okay… are you at home or the shop?
Mirabel: Alright tell her I say Hi
Mirabel: Yeah I’m at His place right now
Mirabel: Okay thank you
Mirabel: Byeee…
**She dropped her phone down**
Mirabel: Its Nancy
Me: Ok how’s she?
Mirabel: She said they’re fine
Me: Okay…
Promise: Who’s Nancy?
Mirabel: His younger Sister
Promise: Ok
Then they continued with their discussion. That useless Sister of mine, she doesn’t call me oh,,,, only my girlfriend.
**Phone Rings**
Me: Hello
Nancy: Hi Senior Bro
Me: How you doing?
Nancy: Fine oh…. Aunty just delivered a baby girl
Me: Really? Woah,,, that’s good news, hope they’re all doing fine?
Nancy: Yes they are and Mummy is now preparing to go there tomorrow, and you know Daddy will be travelling next week… so i will need to stay with someone till Mummy arrives
Me: What are you saying? Why won’t you follow Mummy?
Nancy: But Bro its not necessary, I don’t have anything to do there
Me: You can be of little help there,,, besides, don’t you want to see the baby? or is it not your wish for her to deliver a baby girl?
Nancy: Yes, but let the baby grow up a little first
Me: If you don’t want to go there, then where do you want to stay?
Nancy: Errmmm…. I’m thinking of
Me: **Cuts in** Don’t even think about it, You’re not coming here!
Nancy: No its not your place, its Mirabel’s
Me: What?
Nancy: Yes I spoke to her about it, and she said its okay for her but I should ask you first
Me: You wanted to skip me in the first place by going to her first right?
Nancy: No its not like that Bro, its just that…
Me: **Cuts in ** You are not coming here,,, you should go with Mummy!
**I hanged up**
Mirabel: That must be Nancy, why were you so hard on her?
Me: Don’t just mind her
Mirabel: Why don’t you want her to come?
Me: Mirabel I think you should stay out of this
I got up with my yogurt, laptop with modem and walked in to my room. Mirabel came in about three minutes later.
Mirabel: What’s wrong with you?
Me: I’m fine
Mirabel: No you’re not,,, I mean look at you
Me: Listen, I know my sister very well, she’s an opportunist. She’s not just trying to come here because she needs a place to stay, She just want to use that as an opportunity to come to you
Mirabel: Is there anything wrong if she want to stay with me? Or Am I a bad influence
Me: Come on babe, don’t say that
Mirabel: Then what is the problem?
Me: Like I said, she’s an opportunist,,, she wants to use this medium to see other part of the world
Mirabel: How do you mean?
Me: She wants to engage herself on what she sees in the movies,,, having the opportunity to be partying, clubbing, dating, and all that
Mirabel: Are you sure of what you’re saying?
Me: Positive
Mirabel: You were also like that before untill you learn to be of good behaviour the hard way,,, wait, just out of curiousity…. was your Parents like this in their youthful age?
Me: Stop it,,, please don’t go there
Mirabel: I’m sorry dear
Me: Its okay…
Mirabel: But I won’t let her engage in such activities with me
Me: Can you refuse her pleas?
Mirabel: Yeah if it comes to that
Me: Mirabel, You and I know that you can’t refuse her,,, I know You, You don’t want her to see you as a terrible person, You wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings by refusing her. To tell You the truth sweetheart, You don’t have the boldness to handle Nancy, You really can’t handle her. And of course You girls would put me in the dark when You give in to her.
Mirabel: So are we just going to refuse her like this?
Me: See what I’m talking about? It hasn’t even gotten to a minute that I said it and You’re already manifesting Your Nature.
Mirabel: It will make her very sad
Me: There You go again,,,, She will get over it, I know my Sister very well and She knows me too, I don’t tolerate her stupidity or any nonsense emanating from her
**Phone Rings**
Me: Hello Ma
Momma: Ab’ele? (How are you)
Me: O lafia Ma (Fine Ma)
Momma: Joy just gave birth some minutes ago
Me: Ok yeah, Nancy told me just now
Momma: Okay good,,, and I shall be travelling there tomorrow
Me: Okay…
Momma: Nancy wants to stay with you people there at school ,,, specifically with Mirabel as Your Daddy will also be travelling too
Me: But why can’t She go with You?
Momma: She said she wants to be learning some things about the school as she’ll be coming there later this year or next year by God’s Grace. Please let her go and learn whatever She wants,,, me I’m tired, just let her
Me: Okay Ma
Momma: I will call You before I leave tomorrow
Me: Okay Ma
**Hangs Up**
Me: Ok Mirabel here is the deal
Mirabel: What?
Me: She will stay here in this house
Mirabel: Why?
Me: So I’d watch her movement while under my control
Mirabel: Its okay… you’r the boss!
I felt so good hearing that from her… That’s why we need WISDOM and BOLDNESS to handle situations and then YOU CAN BE RESPECTED FOR IT and you can also BE THE BOSS!
Episode 20
A week later after resuming school, Nancy came in and We made her stay in my place as planned without her knowledge at first untill we explained to her how I got to be living in that huge house. She had no choice but to concur to the arrangement we made. She thought I was staying in a single room with room mates thats why she wanted to stay with Mirabel. We told her that, both Mirabel and I don’t have room mates. She asked why but no explanation was provided for her. She concluded on already having a place to stay when She starts schooling with us. And as for me,,, I now have a cook for two to three months. Even though Dad will return home before then, still he won’t be stable so there’s no need for Nancy to be going and coming. She will only go home when Momma arrives.
I later spoke with my Sister; Joy on phone to talk to her and also congratulate her for giving birth safely,,, Her Husband wasn’t even around, He flew to Cape Town, South Africa. He was a Pilot.
On a Tuesday afternoon after school, Mirabel and Promise went to their places while I left for mine,,, I got a call from Dorothy before I entered the house and the following conversation ensued…
Dorothy: I want to come stay with You even for a week
Me: Why?
Dorothy: Because I miss You and I’d also like to know the School that I’d be going as from next year
Me: You applied for the University?
Dorothy: Yes, I didn’t tell You?
Me: I don’t think so
Dorothy: Its okay… hope I can come?
Me: No You can’t come,,, If You really want to know about the school, You should look for a girl to stay with or better still, wait for the post UTME Exams
Dorothy: Are You refusing me again?
Me: Look D’thy, I’m in a relationship, a serious one and I won’t jeopardize that ok?
Dorothy: Oh! I see… I should have known, now I get it,,, so this is what all this is all about? abandoning me for some cheap s--t?
Me: D’thy You have to calm down
Dorothy: Calm down? I should calm down?? After everything You did to me and all what I went through for You, this is what I get?
Me: We’ve talked about this before, I asked for Your forgiveness and You forgave me so why are You like this?
Dorothy: I might have tried to forgive You, but never to forget! and besides, I told You I only forgave You partially not fully
Me: Come on,,, You were pulling my legs by then
Dorothy: No I wasn’t! I was serious about it and I made it pretty clear to You
Me: Then what should I do to get Your full forgiveness?
Dorothy: You know what to do
Me: I don’t know
Dorothy: Yes You do
Me: No I don’t
Dorothy: Text me Your address so we can talk face to face
Me: I can’t do that, You can’t come over here D’thy, We can talk on phone
Dorothy: Okay,,, I want You to get rid of that s--t You call Your girlfriend so We can be together
Me: No way, that’s never gonna happen, I mean… it won’t work
Dorothy: It will happen, No girl can have You if I don’t. Even if You turn gay, no guy will have You still. You are for me
Me: I have always known that You’re not smart, but I didn’t realized that You’re this stup!d,,, can You listen to Youself?
Dorothy: I have told You, its either me or no other
**Hangs Up**
I just laughed to Her stupidity and went inside inside the house. Nancy served me a good meal which I ate and drank a cool yoghurt, then I went to sleep while Nancy has been using my wireless modem all day. I woke up later in the evening around 4 or 5pm (Nigerian time) I checked my phone and saw some missed calls from Momma and also from Mirabel whom I saved as ‘Love Mi’ of which the Yoruba can translate to My Love but I actually abbreviated her name to ‘Mi’ – Love Mirabel so it became of two sides either ‘Love Mirabel’ or ‘My Love’ and I also missed a call from Dorothy too.
First of all, I dialled Momma’s number,,, we just exchanged pleasanries, asked about our wellbeing and all of that bla bla bla. Before I dialled Mirabel, She picked the call in no time.
Me: Hei Sweetheart
Mirabel: Hi, where have You been that I’ve been calling You?
Me: I was sleeping, I had to rest from the hot lectures we had today
Mirabel: I thought as much because I know You can’t just refuse to pick my call, but even at that, you should’ve known that I was the one calling and You should’ve woken up to pick
Me: How?
Mirabel: From Your dream na
Me: Very funny
Mirabel: Yeah,,, It was meant to be joke and t…
What I heard was “Your call credit has been exausted and Your call terminated” and You know what that means. I didn’t even get a warning like “You have one minute remaining”.
She called me back in less than 10 seconds and I picked up immediately.
Me: Hello
Mirabel: Don’t tell me it was Your call that finished
Me: What else do You expect it to look like? Or I just hanged up on You?
Mirabel: I was only teasing, You don’t have to answer me that way
Me: **Laughing** I was teasing You as well,,, So what’s up?
Mirabel: I’m home watching a cool movie, So I won’t be coming around today
Me: Okay,,, and what movie is that that captivated You like that?
Mirabel: Its a Korean
Me: You watch it too?
Mirabel: Yeah… just started it recently,,, with the influence of Lola and Cynthia
Me: I see,,, If such a movie could hinder You from coming here, then I think its very interesting
Mirabel: It is very interesting
Me: Okay,,, You should bring that particular one You’re watching to me tomorrow
Mirabel: Ok I will
Me: Alright continue Your movie, we’ll talk later in the night before I sleep
Mirabel: Ok dear, love you… Nnmuah
Me: I love You too sweetheart, bye
Mirabel: Byeeee…
**Hangs Up**
I refused to call Dorothy, I might even block Her again. I checked my unread messages and I saw two messages from Mirabel which read “Where are you and why are you not picking up my calls?” and the second one “Are You there??” I supposed It was when I was sleeping and missed Her calls. I saw a message from First Bank then I recalled when Momma said She’ll back up some money in my account. I opened it quickly and saw that my account has been credited but it wasn’t from my Mum nor from the Boss because I know their account number. I relaxed to think for a moment…
*Could it be Mirabel?
*And why would She send me money after all what Mum had told Her about not giving Me Her money?
*Or Mirabel did it so I won’t know that its from Her?
*But who else can send Me money?
My thought got to my Engineer Uncle, but He doesn’t send me money just like that, untill I call or something
*Or was it a wrong transfer?
*Should I contact the Bank?
I called Momma but She said She didn’t send the money, I called the Boss,,, thinking He’d asked if I have I gotten the money but He didn’t, which means He wasn’t the one. I called and asked Mirabel but She denied responsibility.
Then who is responsible for crediting my accouunt??
And what should I do??
It could be a wrong transfer.


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