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I am a young guy of 17 years, my name is Gabriel , tall, fair and should I say a bit huge. I am a student of the university of Benin, a medical student to be precise. Apart from being a science student, I also have this passion for writing. I laid on my small size bed which is joined to that of my roommate to make the beds look bigger and enough for both of us, I laid facing the ceiling. Another thing about me was that apart from my gentle nature, I used to be a karate student, but that was a long time ago, anyone seeing me for the first time might just think I was just a weak fellow, maybe they should see me bring out the beast in me. I learned karate for good three years, I learnt it from my Jss 1 to my Jss 3,and it stopped when I got admitted into my new school, the school where I did my senior secondary, the school which brought about this story, my bitter love story, the story I choose to call Secondary.
I took a look at the school building again, it was not as big as my previous school but that was not a problem, at least it’s meant for learning. I adjusted my eyeglasses to fit perfectly to my eyes this time. Like other new students, I seemed to be nervous, I walked like I was asked to count my footsteps, it took me up to thirty minutes just to enter the school gate which was just in front of me. It was no one’s intentions for me to change school, it was caused by the fact that we had to relocate from our rented apartment to my father’s own house located in Ogun state. So you see, it was not wise going from Ogun state to Lagos state everyday, this was the main factor that was responsible for my switching of schools.
A little thing about my family, I am the third child of my parent and the second boy out of five children, I have an elder sister and brother and also a younger sister and brother, so you are free to call me the middle man. My immediate younger sister,Cynthia is the most troublesome of all creatures made by God, and my parent knows how well to keep her by my side, they chose to place us in the same school, she will be starting the Jss 2 class today while I start sss 1. Unlike me, she was not the shy type, that clearly explains why she is not with me now, she had left me behind and walked to look for her class while I was just stepping my right feet into the school compound. My two elder ones live on their own, my brother which is the first child is now married, while my elder sis, the second child is in her final year in the University of Calabar.And now the chairman of the house, the last child, Desmond, is not as troublesome as Cynthia but he is also troublesome and seems to be searching for something to make him cry so that my mom come and fight for him. Now my mom, should I say the best in the world, I look exactly like her, she is also tall, fair skin, oval face and small eyes, a first look at the both of us will leave you with the conclusion that we are related. She is a banker and works in a bank a bit far from our house, although my dad is not satisfied with that but he let her be. Let’s now go to the man himself my dad. Average, chocolate and hairy, yes that was the only thing I took from him, hairs, he is a science researcher. Cynthia, Desmond and Joshua are his direct image, they look directly like him while myself and Eunice are exactly like mom, I hope from the above information you should be able to deduce the names of my elder ones. OK, that all to know about my family, back to reality. I looked round and saw student busy moving from one place to another either with books or walking with friends in that smart sky blue and ash uniform. I adjusted my glasses again, I Dont know why it seems to be falling today. I walked slowly to a male student standing against a wall and asked him for my class, he first took an annoying look at me before pointing to a class. I thanked him and walked down to the entrance of the class, I did a sign of the cross before entering. Some students were already in class and they all kept quiet as I walked in, this was exactly what I hated about new schools, you seem to be the centre of attraction until you blend with them. I continued my slow walk until I finally sat on a seat in front alone.
I sat down quietly on the chair which was meant to be for two students, I tried my best not to look back at the others, I had always be known to be one kind of a shy guy. My sitting style was like that of a girl who was just visiting her boyfriend’s parent for the first time, I sat closing my legs, my elbow rested on my laps and my palms supported my chin. Anyone seeing me at that moment would think I was suffering from severe cold . I placed my bag very close to me like someone was going to steal it if I dare let it go. I was lost in thought, I missed my previous school and was wondering how my friends will be like now not seeing me in class, I never told any of them I won’t be resuming with them not even my best friend James. They will all receive the shock when they Dont see me in school again for good two weeks. I had no intentions of telling them.
The assembly bell brought me back to life as I stood up slowly and strechting like one whose girlfriend just broke up with him. I walked slowly while other student passed me, others who care to look at my face turned back to look at me but quickly averted their eyes away when our faces met. I adjusted my glasses again. The assembly ground was just a small portion of the school compound, there was a platform which people who had anything to say stand on , it was higher than the main assembly ground, thereby enabling students have a clear view of anyone on the platform. I joined my class line as I went to the back, I seem to be the tallest. The assembly was a boring one as its common on the first day of resumption. Students found it hard to sing, clap, or dance. I myself did none of the three, I just stood like a statue staring at my new school.
Soon the assembly was over and we all sang to our class, those who cared to march did while majority did not. In my former school, weather you like it or not, you must march to your class. I entered my class and resumed my earlier sitting position. Stigmatization played in as none of my mates came to sit with me but I did not care, I covered the whole seat with myself and bag.
The computer teacher or should I say mistress was the first to enter our class that day, to me she looked like a young girl of 18 years but maybe she is older, just my point of view. She brought out a long note from her bag and made to start the term with the scheme of work. As she dictated her, I caught her eyes staring at me several times, this also help increase my shyness.
Mistress:” Hey, new student, get up.” She called out. “So rude” I thought as I got up from my seat adjusting my glasses again.
Me:”Good morning ma” I greeted with my head bent down but she seemed to ignore my greeting.
Mistress:” What is your name?”
Me:” Gabriel” I replied almost immediately
Mistress:” Gabriel who?” She increased her tone.” Gabriel john Paul the second” I thought to myself as I smiled a little.
Me:” Gabriel Hugine” I replied with the smile still faintly on my lips.
Mistress:” How old are you?” She asked again, I was now getting a bit uncomfortable.
Me:”14 ma” I replied sharply. She didn’t say a word again as she just signalled to me to sit down, I adjusted my glasses again as I took my sit.
Mistress: “And why is he sitting alone class? I need someone to go sit with him” she said observing our sitting arrangement. A boy stood up and made to come to me.
Mistress:” I need a girl” she interrupted while the boy took his sit and the class turned their neck to see who the girl will be. The mistress looked across the class, she stretched her hands for her cane when she noticed no one was responding. Almost immediately as she stretched her hands, a girl stood up, a beautiful girl if I must commend. She packed her stuff and approached my sit while I adjusted my glasses again. She walked majestically passing the front of the class. I quickly adjusted my bag and shifted to the side nearest to the wall as she came closer.
Mistress:” Gabriel that will be your new seat mate, her name is joy and on no circumstances should you guys change sit” she breathed out before leaving the class finally. I Dont think I will want to change sit, I always loved sitting in front, lol.
Joy:”Good morning bro” she greeted smiling. It was nice seeing a girl greet me not like other girls who will ignore you like leprosy.
Me:”Good morning” I replied as I stretched out my hands for a handshake smiling. She took my hands as she blushed.
Joy:” Am Joy Alex”
Me:”Guess you already know my name” I replied her smiling and she nodded, soon slight coughs could be heard from some boys in the class. I smiled as I released her hands , dusted the chair for her to sit.
Joy:” Thank you” she blushed again.
The girl sitting beside me now is indeed a beauty queen if I must say, she was also friendly and made me free with her. If you Dont know you might think myself and Joy have known ourselves for years, we flowed along easily.
Joy:”So Gabriel, tell me about yourself” she said during our chat.
Me:”Hmm, my name is Gabriel, am 14 years of age and I am a guy. What about you?” I knew my answer was weird but I didn’t know any other way of describing myself.
Joy:”OK am Joy, am also 14 years old and I am a lady” she said and we both bursted out in laughter.
Joy:”Hey gabi, give me more comprehensive details about yourself jare” she said in a funny tone. I adjusted my glasses again .
Me:”OK I am Gabriel, 14 years, from a family of five, I love football,and what else do you want to know?” I said rather confused.
Joy:”OK that’s fair enough, am Joy from a family of three, my best subject is enish language and I love skipping” she said while I just nodded, I didn’t know what to say to keep on the flow again. A little moment of silence followed my nodding and joy broke it by laughing out loud. Thank God it was our free period, a teacher would gladly punish her for such laugh.
Joy:”Gabriel, You are shy right?” She asked in the middle of her laugh. I did not know if I was to answer that question so I just adjusted my glasses.
Joy:” Gabriel is a shy guy, lol. I really like guys like you, I take pleasure in embarrassing them” she said still laughing, I did not know what she meant by that until the bell rang for break, she then came to me with her hands stretched out towards me.
Joy:”Hey boy, let’s go for break” she said audible enough for half of the class to hear, and some watching if I would take her hands.It was then I knew what she meant by saying she derive pleasure from embarrassing shy guys.
Joy:”Gabi, are you going to reject my hands?” She asked still standing in my front and smiling. I streched my hands forward slowly and took hers then just like being controlled to do so, the whole class bursted into laughter. I withdrew my hands from her’s immediately while they laughed the more. I adjusted my glasses again, this was really embarrassing. As I removed my hands, she held them back and drew me up slowly from my sit and led me outside for break, some of the students were still laughing while others coughing. I just bent my heads down and walked with her awkwardly.
The school food canteen was a large one occupied with chairs and tables where you can eat and relax with friends during break, It also has a small flat screen television and a large refrigerator where you take drinks from. I and Joy look for a free table to sit and eat what we got for break, I bought snacks and a can drink to step it down, Joy bought Fruits.
Me:”It was not funny, what you did in class was annoying” I said as I talked for the first time after that embarrassing incidence in class. I was also kind of angry but I did not fully show it.
Joy:”What did I do?” She asked forming a confused face.
Me:”I Dont know” I replied her almost immediately with a frowned face. She then came closer to me, stared directly into my eyes and smiled.
Joy:”I will embarrass you again if you Dont hold my hands back to class, I promise you” she said as she s----d her orange and gave me a wink, just then the computer mistress entered the food canteen, her eyes caught our table and she smiled and came to us.
Mistress:” Joy and our new guy, you guys seemed to be flowing along, Gabriel I saw you hold her hands out, I thought you were a gentle guy you know. Anyways it nice you are blending with your new mates” she said to me while I nodded and adjusted my glasses again, she then patted me at the back before leaving us.
Me:”Am not holding anyone’s hands again, I can walk to the class alone” I said to Joy after the mistress left.
Joy:”Am sure you Dont want us fighting in the canteen” she replied still sucking her orange, the last one. I hissed and got up as I made to go back to class. She also stood up and held my hands tight, we were still in the canteen.
Me:(whispering) leave me alone, what’s wrong with you?” I said trying my best not to attract people to us.
Joy:”Why Dont you shout and let them know what we are fighting about, you better move and Dont cause yourself more embarrassment here” she said with some part of her body resting on my back and still holding my hands. I looked around and saw some students already staring at us, I smiled awkwardly towards them and walked hand in hand with Joy out of the canteen to the class.
Me:”Joy you know what? I hate you” I said the moment I sat down.
Joy:”And I love you gabi” she replied as we both laughed again, I looked at her as she laughed and noticed her open teeth for the first time, “Heavenly beauty” I breathed.
To be Continued..


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