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M. A . R.Y ( Maria. Audrey. Rachael . Yvonne) - Episode 14

“Here you go” Uzor said dropping plate of chicken on the table in front of her, he then sat down beside her. She picked up a chicken and ate it like she had never eaten before
“You didn’t tell me your name” Uzor said
“Rachael” she said
“Ok, Rachael, what were you doing in the middle of the road” he said and she dropped the chicken
“That’s a long story”
“Am on a long break” he said
“My husband had been sleeping with my sister for a longtime and when I found out I sent them out of my house and ever since then I haven’t forgotten what they did to me”
“Damn, that’s bad, am so sorry”
“I didn’t mean to come into the road like that”
“Don’t worry I understand”
“I don’t blame him, after all there’s nothing attractive about me” she said and Uzor looked at her with surprise
“I’ve never in my life seen a beautiful lady like you say such things to herself”
“Please don’t” she said
“Am dead serious, there’s nothing wrong with you so why condemn yourself”
“It the truth” she said
“You have low self esteem, am so sorry to say”
“There’s nothing to be sorry about”
“That means you don’t know the truth about yourself” he and she was silent
“Don’t worry I have someone who can help you” he said
“I don’t need help”
“that’s not what I meant”
“Then what do you mean?” she asked
“he’s a spirit lifter”
And what does that mean?” she asked
“I…huum I have no idea” he said and they both laughed. Not long Arnold and Yvonne entered the house…
Arnold walks into the house first and sees Rachael and Uzor, then Yvonne walked inside and saw Rachael
“Rachael” she said with surprise
“Yvonne?” Rachael said and hugged her happily
“How did you.. I mean what are you doing here?” Yvonne asked
“Yvonne you left us without a word” Rachael said
“Am so sorry, things have been more complicated”
“Complicated? Yvonne how complicated can it be” Rachael said
“Rachael you won’t understand” she said
“Things are now even harder for me” Rachael said
“Rachael please” Yvonne said
“Audrey is dead” Rachael said and Yvonne was shocked
“what?” she said in a low tone
“She died in an accident” Rachael said and tears filled Yvonne’s eyes; Arnold held her close to himself
“It was two weeks ago” Rachael said
“Two weeks? God” Yvonne said crying
“It was Maria who killed her” Arnold said and the ladies looked at him
“How can you say that?” Rachael said
“Maria tried to kill Yvonne in revenge for her husband’s death” Arnold said
“What are you talking about?” Rachael said
“The day Yvonne saved Audrey’s life was the day she put Max’s life as a replacement for Audrey’s”
“I don’t understand a thing” Rachael said
“Lucifer told Maria” Arnold said
“Rachael relax, with time you will understand” Yvonne said
‘maybe after we burn those clothes everything will be fine” Uzor said
“What clothes?” Rachael said
“Yes, where are my bags?” Yvonne asked
“In your room” Uzor said and she quickly ran in and came out with the clothes and shoes she wore that day
“Explanations please” Rachael said loudly
“Remember that Arnold told us about the evil house we entered?”
“I need to burn those clothes I wore that day and it will stop”
“And what about me” Rachael said
“Don’t worry, if she burns hers’ it will stop coming after you too” Uzor said
They went outside and Uzor brought out Alcohol and salt and lighted the clothes on fire. The fire built up slowly, they stood round it and stared at the flames like they were expecting something to happen
“So?” Rachael said after a minute silence
“It’s over” Uzor said
“Thank God” Rachael said
“Am hungry” Rachael said and walked inside with Uzor following
“Arnold can I ask you something?” Yvonne said holding his wrist and staring at the fire
”Yes anything” he said
“It’s about what Maria said to me”
“About the Leviathan sea monsters” he said and she raised her head
“How did you know that” she asked
“there are leviathans in the sea and this happened after our defeat some of us were casted unto the earth and God cursed, then God put I and Bazel in purgatory. Every other Leviathan, I do not know what God did to them. just like fallen Angels who were casted out of heavens. I want you to understand that Lucifer is a fallen Angel and he is highly subtle and dangerous. God cursed him and called him Satan”
“What about you? Did God curse you?” she asked
“No he didn’t and I don’t know why” he said
“Were you the most powerful Leviathan?” she asked
“No, for there is one more powerful than I am”
“What’s his name?”
“Is he as good as you?”
“Bazel was created differently and we were best of brothers but, he doesn’t have emotions like I do”
“Is he dangerous?” she asked
“To man, he is” Arnold said
“Does your strength have limits?” she asked
“None that I know of? Only my father knows the limits”
“Why do you still call him father?” she asked
“Because he’s my father”
“And where is Bazel now?”
“Still in Purgatory”
“I would like to meet him” she said and he looked at her
“For your life’s sake, I pray you don’t” Arnold said
“So he’s going to tear me?” she asked
“My brothers are war machines and are not like myself, I was specially created and can adapt into any situation unlike my brothers but what I don’t know is why father created me special”
“He loves you” she said smiling
“I don’t think so”
“No wait, seriously and that could be the reason why he has left you here on earth and hasn’t sent Angels to slay you” she said and he smiled, kissed her head and walked away holding her by the shoulders…
Next Day…
Maria angrily walks to her wardrobe and drags out her luggage and crying as she parked her thinks, she dumped them in the bag without folding them; she locked it and ran downstairs. She went up again and packed the rest and as she came down she saw Lucifer sitting in her sitting room, she was startled
“What are you doing here?” she said with tears in her eyes
“Where are you running off to with my powers?” he said
“I can’t give the powers back to you” she said and he laughed seriously
“(Laughs) don’t be stupid, I don’t need your permission to take my powers from you and you can’t run away from me” she was silent and sweating. He stood up and walked to her smiling
“Am not here to take the powers” he said calmly and touching her face
“Then what do you want?” she asked
“I have another mission for you” he said touching her face lightly
“What mission”
“You are going to bring an Angel for me”
“What? I can’t fight Angels”
“Who says you are gonna fight?”
“What’s the plan?” she asked
“Good girl; actually she’s a female Angel”
“Are there female Angels?” she asked
“What does Man know?”
“I will teach you how to draw an Angel trap”
“it’s a good thing you have your bags ready” he said moving back
“Am I going somewhere?” she asked
“You are going to South Africa, that’s where she’ll be to deliver a message. You will trap her for me and when you get back here, you are going to lay with me” he said
“What? I will never lay with the devil” she said
“Am I not handsome enough?” he said
“I don’t care about your looks. Am married” she said and he laughed
“You are a widow and I am the only one who can bring back your husband from hell” he said loudly and she was calm
“Or have you forgotten you are barren? After you lay with me, you will be fertile” he said smiling at her
“Ok, I’ll do it” she said
“good girl, you leave for south Africa now” he said
“But I haven’t processed any Visa to South Africa?” she said
“Come on, have you forgotten you have my powers?”
“But I haven’t been to South Africa” she said
“Good I’ll take you there” he said and held her and they disappeared…
The next morning by 10:00am Yvonne and Arnold had already left for the river since 7:00am
“Where’s everyone” Rachael said loudly as she stepped outside. Uzor came out from underneath Yvonne’s car
“Am here” he said and she smiled and walked to him
“Good morning” she said
“Good morning” he said cleaning his hand with a rag and staring at her
“What are you staring at?” she asked
“You are beautiful” he said
“Thank you” she said smiling and he was just staring and just then Yvonne and Arnold came back
“Hello guys” Yvonne said
“Hey Yvonne” Rachael said standing up
“Hi Rachael” Arnold said
“Hi” Rachael replied
“Where were you guys?” Rachael asked
“We went to the River” Yvonne said
“There’s a river here?”
“Yes and its nice” Yvonne said
“Yeah, maybe you both should go sometime” Arnold said
“Who” Rachael said
“I mean You and Uzor, since you both love each other” Arnold said and there was an awkward silence
“Damn you Arnold’ Uzor said
“Yes, I smell love” Yvonne said
“Love? I don’t smell anything” Arnold said
“You don’t understand Arnold, there is love amongst we humans” Yvonne said
“Really?” Arnold said mockingly
“Of cause” Rachael added
“There is Love and yet men slay each other?” Arnold said
“Well… Huum there’s Love in Nigeria” Uzor said
“Don’t even mention your country” Arnold said
“Why” Yvonne said
“Have you forgotten that you Nigerians killed four boys in your city called Port-Harcourt innocently, you lynched them?”
“How did you know that?” Rachael asked
“Well, the news went viral on earth and so it went viral in heaven”
“Waw” Uzor said
“And you have Islamic terrorists wasting lives in this same country, is that love?” he asked and they were silent
“Wait let me ask you” Rachael said
“Is Islam the true religion or Christianity” she asked and they waited for answer
“Both religions clam to serve God but what matters is not the religion but how well you play by God’s rules” he said
“Hmmm” Uzor said
“What’s hmmm?” Rachael said
“Epic response” Uzor said smiling
“There are Christians in heaven and Muslims” Arnold said
“Tell me it’s a joke” Rachael said
“What pleases you, might not please God and what does not please you, might as well please God”
4 Days Later…
Maria was back from South Africa. She entered her house by 9:00pm and saw Lucifer sitting on the chair
“Welcome back dear” he said
“What are you gonna do with that angel?” she asked
“That’s not your business for now” he said
“Whatever” she said
“Now to the final thing” he said & moved close to her and touched her chest and she held his hand
“You know what; after we are done you will never see me again” he said smiling
“Better” she said & he kissed him `and he carried her up to her bedroom & lay with her (sorry I won’t give you the details of that cause this ain’t a S£x story) and by 10:30pm he stood up to leave
“Do not leave the house for Max is coming and as for his job I have taking care of that” he said and disappeared, she was so happy to hear that, she waited till 11:00pm but fell asleep but by 6:00am in the morning, she woke up and went down stairs and walked around the house and soon heard a knock on the door, she quickly ran to the door and opened it to see Max standing outside. She froze in surprise
“What are you staring at?” he asked, she quickly hugged him tightly with excitement
“What’s going on? Why hug me so tightly like you have not seen my in a longtime?”
“Of cause you were out for a long time” she said smiling
“Baby am so sorry I couldn’t make it home yesterday, I was kind of robbed or something and my car and phone was stolen, everything on me; I just can’t understand”
“It’s ok, I love you” she said smiling and kissed him
“Yeah, I love you too. Why are you so excited?” he asked
“I missed you like crazy” she said
“Me too” he said and kissed her
“Have you gone to see Audrey?” he asked and she was speechless. That was when she knew he doesn’t know 3weeks had gone by
“Yes and she’s fine” she lied
“So what do you have for me this morning?” he said coming inside
“Anything you want” she said and he looked at her and smiled
“How about you” he said and carried her upstairs and they enjoyed the morning…
To Be Continued…


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