Saturday, 4 November 2017

M. A . R.Y ( Maria. Audrey. Rachael . Yvonne) - Last Episode 16

About 10:00pm at night Arnold wasn’t feeling so comfortable leaving Yvonne out there alone so he quickly decided to take the risk as he dashed out the house and into the sky. As he entered Lagos he went straight for the church and as he set his feet there he could feel evil’s presence.
As he approached the entrance, he saw a man coming
“Hello” he said to the stranger
“Good evening sir” the stranger said
“I heard there was a burial ceremony here today”
“Burial? There wasn’t any burial here today? Am a priest here” he said
“Ok, thanks” he had anger on his face because Lucifer had fooled him.
He entered the church and he could smell blood, he quickly located the blood and saw Rachael dead on the floor. He wasn’t bordered, he just bent down and touched her forehead and her blood was restored and she came back to life
She gasped for air as she suddenly woke up
“It’s ok, its me” he said helping her up
“Maria tricked us, she is the cause of this” Rachael said
“it’s ok” Arnold said
And just then three celestial beings appeared in the church and he could feel their presence
“Metatron, so you are alive? Today will be your last” Michael said
Arnold turned to see Michael, Raphael and Babimon
“Who are they?” Rachael asked
“People you don’t want to meet, run away now” he said to her and she quickly left
“You have broken deep into Father’s rules, you must die for your sins” Michael said
“For your lives sake, leave this place” Arnold said and they drew out their swords…
Yvonne opens are eyes only to find herself in an unknown place once again but this time not tied down, she looked around and saw that she was in a strange shrine. She was surrounded with candles and there was a big strange symbol on the ground; she became scared and felt too weak to get up and run. The candles brightened the place and just then she saw two persons coming into the place, Maria and Lucifer
Maria held a knife, and they both stood outside the circle
“Kill her” Lucifer said and Maria happily walked into the circle because this was the moment she was waiting for. Yvonne felt too weak to run away as Maria grabbed her hair and raised her head up and slit her throat like it was nothing; Yvonne’s blood pumped out and filled the whole floor and covering some parts of the symbol. And Maria walked out of the magic circle, suddenly there was a great shaking in the place and the ground cracked within the circle and immediately light shined out from the circle with Yvonne’s body lying there and even Maria covered her face, the light was so strong that it broke open the roof and went straight into the sky and after 10secs it went out and somebody was standing there. He walked out of the circle and stood in front of Lucifer and grabbed him on the neck and lifted him up and Maria was scared so she moved back some distance
“I can always send you back to Purgatory” Lucifer said and he immediately dropped him
“Thank you” Lucifer said
“Why did you bring me here?” he asked
“You and I have one goal” Lucifer said
“What could I possibly share with a mere Angel” he said
“That make two then” Lucifer said
“We both have prides and secondly, we both want to bring down God” Lucifer said
“I am too powerful to move with little Angels” he said with pride
“At last I have seen someone with more pride than Lucifer” Maria said and he looked at her without smiling and she was silent
“O forgive me Maria; this is Bazel” Lucifer said
“I don’t know if I should say it’s nice to meet you” Maria said
“Why do you move with these mortals” Bazel said
“She’s actually my favorite mortal” Lucifer said
“What could they possibly have to offer other than weakness” Bazel said in a neat bass voice
“She possesses great gifts” Lucifer said and Bazel looked at her for some time
“I don’t like the way he looks at me” Maria said to Lucifer
“Bazel, Metatron is here on earth” Lucifer said and immediately he dashed out of the roof with speed
“Wooooow!! What was that? He didn’t even wait for you to finish” Maria was surprised
“He has scores to settle” Lucifer said smiling…
Metatron opens both his hands and green flames filled his hands, the Angels were surprised
“He has his powers back” Michael said
“Don’t talk, fight” Metatron said and suddenly there was a loud crashing sound and the Angels turned to see Bazel. Leviathans are the only creatures Angels fear talk less of having two most powerful Leviathans in the room at the same time against three Angels
“Bazel!!” Michael was shocked and even Metatron was surprised
Bazel moved with speed and grabbed Babimon by the neck and threw him nowhere in particular and he crashed out the church wall, Michael and Raphael immediately took off. Bazel then turned to Metatron
“Bazel” Arnold called
“Metatron” he replied
“What are you doing here?” Arnold asked
“What are you doing here?” Bazel asked too
“It’s a long story” Metatron said
“You betrayed me and left me in purgatory, I will make your story short” Bazel was angry
“No brother, I would never do that” Metatron said
“I will make your life miserable” Bazel said angrily…


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