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M .A .R. Y ( Maria . Audrey . Rachael . Yvonne ) ( Season 2 ) Part 3

“Hey guys, Maria has completed her
club and the club is filled up 24/7 and
it’s the biggest in Africa” Rachael said
looking at her phone
“She’s succeeding” Uzor said
“How is her New Age fashion going?” Yvonne asked
“She has already started and has
gotten enough employees and will be
doing the launching this Friday”
“That is what am talking about, we
need to fight people like Maria” Yvonne said
“It’s God’s battle let him send his
mighty Angels to do that rather than
chasing me everywhere I go” Arnold
said and stood up and walked inside
“That’s not him, he’s not himself” Uzor said
“I thought so too” Rachael replied
“Excuse me please” Yvonne said and
followed him inside… There was a knock on the door and
max walked to the door to answer it
and as he opened the door he saw
“Good day” Lucifer said smiling
“Good day, who are you please?” max asked
“Am Damien Blood, a business
associate of Maria” he said stretching
his hand for a shake
“You’re welcome, am max, Maria’s
husband” he said & shook Lucifer. Lucifer entered the house with him;
Maria was in the sitting room watching
TV and she was surprised to see
Lucifer especially coming close to her
“Honey, Damien Blood is here to see you” Max said
“Mr. Damien, you are welcome, please
have a seat” Maria said faking a smile
“I’ll get you something to drink” Max
“No thanks, I had a lot to drink today” he replied
“Alright then” Max said and sat beside
Maria on a sofa and Lucifer sat on an
arm chair
“How is business?” Maria asked him
“Business is going quite well” he replied
“Excuse me, I’ll be back” Max said &
went upstairs
“Where the hell have you been?” Maria
“Where have I been?” he repeated “I’ve been trying to reach you for
3months but no way, you just
disappeared and left me with all
responsibilities and when I need you I
couldn’t get to you” she lamented
“O sorry dear, so you missed me” “Actually, I enjoyed your absence” she
“Well, how are thing around here”
“Well, the girls you brought to the
clubs are remarkable and the club is
filled up24 hours in 7 days” she said “I wasn’t talking about the club;
“O that; well, I will be launching the
New Age fashion this Friday,
everything is going well and I have
expert stylist and professional fashion designers coming from around the
world and I believe the event will be
“Seems you are doing a good job” he
“Thank you” she said “Hey guys, sorry I have to run to the
office now” Max said coming down
“Alright baby” Maria said and he kissed
“Mr. Damien” Max said
“Have a nice day sir” Lucifer said smiling
“Thank you and you too” Max said and
left the house
“What a sweet guy” Lucifer said
“I don’t wish to discuss that” she said in a straight face
“I need you to buy a Music Label” he
“What’s the plan with that?” she asked
\”You are going to get musician to your
side” he said “So how do you plan on doing that?”
she asked
“You will do it; you are going to buy
one of the best record labels’ in the
country and you will finance it strongly
and improve their music to our taste. You will make a very close
relationship with all celebrities in the
“I have a close friendship with a lot of
celebrities in the country”
“Then, you should also get ready to support the movie industry with
millions so as to improve their movies”
“Ok? But I how does this get them
controlled?” she asked
“Good question; after creating this
relationship, you will create a cult and make sure that every member of your
record label is part of that cult. Now
you will throw an elaborate party and
personally invite powerful and
influential celebrities, from actors to
actresses and musician to politicians. This party will be an initiation so that
they will find it hard to resist the words
of your mouth and after this is done
you will subtly introduce them to the
Now listen carefully, after you have
successfully brought powerful
personalities into the society, you
must never sponsor or help anyone
outside the society and if anyone
needs your support they must join the society and the same applies to every
member of the cult but anyone
disobeys the rule he or she must be
killed and if you do not kill such I will
punish you for it.
At this point, you have entertainment in your box and no one will push
forward without you; you will own and
control every type of movie, music and
fashion that is introduced after you
have done these I will give you the
position I promised” “Waw, I must comment, you are a
devil” she said
“Should I take that as a compliment?”
“Whichever way you choose” she said
“I will also send you my musical
agents who will be preparing lyrics for you”
“Do not fail me; make sure you bring
the powerful celebrities to your
charms because once you have them
in your favor the industry must bow to you. Use money, s*x, women,
influence, power and every other
“I love it, I will work on it immediately”
she said
“Good” “What should be the name of the cult?”
she asked
“It’s your cult so decide it’s name” he
said and disappeared… “Arnold wait” Yvonne said as she ran
after him and he stopped on the stairs
“What’s the problem? Talk to me” she
“I have asked myself again, what am I
doing here? He said “What are you saying? You’re living a
life with me” she said holding his hand
“A life? Living at the risk of others? Is
that a life?” he said
“Because of me your life has changed, your friendship has been destroyed
with Maria and Maria has gone dark”
he said
“They are not your fault?” she said
“Then whose? Because I came in your
life you and your friend now stay in a forest hiding, who wants that?” he said
then she replied
“Me! I want it. Do you think am not
happy? Living here with you, Rachael
and Uzor is the happiest I can imagine.
We are far away from all the bullshit happening and we are happy. The
environment is just what I love, a
beautiful home in a beautiful forest and
all we here is the chanting of monkeys
and the beautiful birds singing” she
said touching his face “Come on Arnold, you saved my life, I
would have been dead months ago but
you saved me. I feel so lucky having
you because in our world we believe
that people like you don’t exist but
here you are in my life, from all the people in the world, you chose me, I
cannot let you go” she said
“I have found love in you like no where
else but my father doesn’t see it like
that and he doesn’t want me here and
he will send his angels again but I do not want you to die by their hands
because once they receive others
there is nothing stopping them from
carrying it out except he who gave the
“Arnold, that’s bullshit, do you think am scared of those feather men? Well am
not, God d--n it Arnold, you are
starting to talk like a man”
“But that’s what you wanted” he said
and she smiled
“No not really, I love you like this” she said
“Our love is weak before God” he said
“I don’t care, if he wants to put you in
hell I am coming with you, lets burn
together. As long as I have you; if he
wants to banish us forever so be it because I can’t live without you
anymore, you are all I have now” she
spoke seriously; he was silent for
some time as he stared at her then he
kissed her and hugged her
“Your love is strong; I cant let go too. I will fight to the last” he said and she
“I love you” he said…
The event is holding at Eko hotel and
it starts by 11:00am. The time is
10:30am and a lot of people were
present as the place was already prepared. Paparazzi were every where
The place was full and Maria just
arrived with her husband. Video
cameras and snap cameras made her
the spot light as she entered the red carpet; cameras clicking and flashing
like lightening. Maria was so excited
as she walked in and holding her
husband and the security had to clear
the crowd for them to pass. They were
greeted by a lot of personalities and exchanged pleasantries and hugs and
at exactly 11:00am the event began.
The show heated of with two hosts
who were; Basket mouth and Toolz.
Basket mouth cracked the audience
with some serious jokes and later on the was a quick review of fashion
development in Nigeria, also various
professional stylists and designers
were present and were recognized.
The trending designers in the country
were recognized and asked to speak on fashion in the country and so did
foreign designers. There was a quick
fashion parade of Maria’s New Age
fashion. Professional designers and
stylists were given platform to speak
concerning Maria’s new fashion and they were applauded by the guests.
Once again Basket mouth came in and
gave another shot at the audience and
then Maria was called upon to come
speak on her fashion and she was
applauded as she mounted the stage’s pulpit
The beautiful Maria spoke
“I want to appreciate everyone present
here this day, from my beautiful
husband to my friends, the organizers and sponsors, local and international
designers and stylists and every other
person present here today, I thank you
all for coming (Crowd applauds)
Well, (she smiles) some people have
said, what the hell is New Age fashion? But I wanna tell you that this
is not just fashion but it’s a new way
of opening the minds of people to
seeing the world the way it is. It is
called New Age so we can open our
minds to the unseen beauty of the world and this New Age fashion
extends beyond the fashion industry
and into our entertainment.
Our clothes and sense of Dressing
in Nigeria has indeed improved over
the past years but it still need improvement. We all know our women
dress to kill (Crowd laughs) because
we have a good sense of dressing
(crowd applauds)
New Age fashion gives you a new
sense of dressing, it is here to take us to another dimension of fashion and to
improve the beauty of our women. I
have to apologize to our men for not
having carried you guys along in our
fashion development, please don’t cry,
(crowd laughs) we haven’t abandoned you because we know if you ain’t
there, there will be no one for our
beauty to kill (Crowd laughs and
applauds) but don’t worry we’ll carry
Our women have been endowed with beautiful bodies that set fire and
confusion amongst men (Crowd laughs
and applauds) so why should we hide
it; they should be allowed to show their
beauty rather than hide it less
fashionable clothes. Let people see them for who they thoroughly are
rather than hide it. It’s not meant to be
hidden but some have been forced to
hide it.
What about ladies who can’t hide it,
no matter how hard they try? Ladies with prodigious backside like myself
(Crowd laughs). New Age fashion is
not here to promote indecency but
rather beauty. Thank you” she stepped
down and the crowd applauded her as
they gave her a standing ovation. The rest of the event went well till
it ended.
Maria was now moving on to the next
Yvonne was in the kitchen preparing
breakfast, Uzor and Rachael sat in the
sitting room watching TV and Arnold
reading a newspaper or just looking at
the pictures as he sat on the dinning table
Uzor and Rachael were laughing as
they were watching a comedy movie
and suddenly there was a strong
knock on the door. Uzor and Rachael
were startled by the knock, even Arnold was concerned
“Who could that be?” Rachael said
“I don’t know, maybe a hunter or some
lost folks” Uzor said going to the door
“Be careful” Rachael said
“Come babe, it’s fine” he said and opened the door and saw a very
beautiful white lady; he was
speechless and stared at her
uncontrollably and she stared back
without smiling
“By the gods, don’t tell me someone so beautiful is lost around here” he said
“Babe who’s that?” Rachael asked
“An Angel” he said but he didn’t know
who she was
“An Angel?” she repeated
“No babe, a lost white girl” he said “Am not lost” she replied
‘Cute, who do you seek” Uzor asked
“Where is Metatron?” she asked and
he knew she was indeed an Angel… Uzor moved from the way, allowing
her to come in and Arnold immediately
recognized her and he grew angry and
dashed towards her with the speed of
light and grabbed her neck and lifted
her with one arm of the ground “Wow, Arnold relax” Uzor said but he
ignored him
“What are you doing here?” Arnold
asked her
“Arnold that’s no way to treat a pretty
guest” Rachael said “It looks like you have your powers
complete” she said to him
“I will break your neck in 5secs if you
don’t if you don’t tell your mission
here” he said
“Father sent me to you” she said “To do what?” he asked
“To help you” she said and he was
surprised; he dropped her
“To help me?”
“Father didn’t send you to purgatory
because you rebelled but because you are is favorite son who stood against
him. Now you are on earth and he has
indeed seen your heart and has
decided to forgive you” she said
“Forgive me” he repeated
“Yes” “Why did he send Michael against me”
“When you first arrived, he didn’t want
you amongst men but he has seen
your heart”
“He wants you to do something”
“And what is that?” he asked “He wants you to send Bazel back to
purgatory” she said and he was silent
“Is that all?” he asked
“father has a reward for you if you can
do that” she said smiling
“What reward?” “That I do not know”
“What’s going on here?” Yvonne said
as she came closer
“Who’s the cute lady” Yvonne asked
“An Angel” Rachael said
“An Angel? No doubt” she said “Hi am Yvonne” Yvonne said stretching
her hand for a shake but she just
stared at Yvonne and then smiled
“So this is the woman who drew you to
the earth?” she asked Metatron
“I didn’t draw him here” she said “Is that what he told you?” she asked
“Even father knows you are here
because of her”
“So God knows me?” Yvonne said
“Yes he does but hasn’t spoken much about you”
“Ok, but what has he said about me”
she asked smiling
“Heart that needs cleansing” she said
“What? What does that mean?”
Yvonne asked “Maybe a filthy heart” Rachael said
“What? Filthy what? I don’t have a
filthy heart? Am a good girl” she said
“Don’t justify yourself before God” the
Angel said
“At least what’s your name” Uzor asked
“I am Beth Kol, the voice of my father”
“The voice of God” Rachael said
“God speaks to people through her”
Arnold said
“I like her” Rachael said smiling “Tell father I have taken the offer”
Arnold said
“He has heard you”
“Please don’t go” Rachael said
“She’s not going, she’s here to stay for
sometime” Arnold said “Thank God, ok come with me”
Rachael said pulling her to a chair and
they sat down
“Wait, where are your wings?” Rachael
“I am in the mortal plane so they are invisible”
“Mortal plane? What does that mean?”
Rachael asked
“Mortal plane is the physical world of
man” Beth said
“But I remember seeing Angel Michael’s wings and the others when
they fought Arnold” Yvonne said
“They are warriors but am not; only
warrior have the ability to make their
wings visible in the mortal plane” she
replied “Cool, are you God’s favorite female?”
Rachael asked
“Rachael leave the pretty creature
alone” Yvonne said walking to the
“I wish I could” Rachael replied…
To be Continued..


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