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Bukky Alakara Episode 6

Bukky stood at the bus-stop, awaiting a vehicle heading her
way. She was clad in a pink cap-sleeve blouse and a matching
black A-shaped knee-length skirt with pink poker dots. Her
shoulder length braids was swept behind her neck in a pony-
tail and she had on a white gladiator sandals with a matching
white hand bag. She hoped that she would get home before
the rain began that evening. She was hungry and tired.
“Hello stranger.”
She turned in the direction of the voice and found Chike
standing a few feet away, in a white tee shirt and blue jeans.
A black knapsack bag hung over his shoulder.
“Hey you,” she broke into a smile.
“Did you just close from your lecture centre?” he stood
beside her.
She nodded her head in response.
“How was it?” he stood beside her.
She shrugged, “So, So.”
He raised an eyebrow, “Are you having problems with your
She looked up at the dark sky, “Not really?”
He adjusted his knapsack, “I am here whenever you need my
“Okay,” she dropped her head.
It began to drizzle.
“Wow…” he signaled to one of the bike riders on the other
side of the road.
“I can’t believe it,” she held her bag against her chest.
“Come, let’s take a bike home.”
She directed her uncertain gaze at him, then at the bike man.
“Do you want to get wet?”
She shook her head slowly.
“Let’s go.”
The moment they got on the bike, the rain came down in
torrents. Chike gave the bike man directions to his place.
Twenty minutes later, the bike man drove into their wet and
muddy street. They got down, he paid and they ran into the
building. He unlocked the door and let her into his self-
contain apartment.
“Are you wet?”
She looked up at him and nodded.
He flung his knapsack on the bed, marched to the wardrobe
and brought out a long sleeve sweat shirt, “You can put on
this. I will dry your clothes under the fan.”
She bobbed her head, collected the sweat shirt and followed
his direction to the bathroom. She yanked off her clothes
and sandals and got into the brown sweat shirt. It was over-
size and it reached her knees. She packed the wet clothes and
stepped out.
“I made tea,” he pointed at the mug of steaming tea on the
table in front of the two settee.
He hurried into the bathroom and got out of his wet clothes
and changed into a red sweat shirt and a pair of white shorts.
He stepped out and arranged all the wet clothes on a plastic
chair under the ceiling- fan. He sat beside her and drank
from his mug of tea.
“Do you need more sugar?”
She shook her head.
“What about milk?”
She shook her head again. The hot sweet milky liquid
warmed her up. She looked around her. The room was
almost the same size with the one she lived in, but the
ventilation was far better. The two big windows at opposite
sides of the room enhanced the inflow of fresh air. The
cream curtains completed the brown leather chair they were
sitting on. The blue and white coloured carpet felt smooth
under her feet. She noticed that the bed took more than half
of the space in the room. She hoped to get something similar
at the end of the month. The mattress in her aunt’s room
needed to be thrown out. It had over-stayed its welcome. A
small size refrigerator stood at a corner and above it was a
twenty inch LG flat screen television with a DVD player
“Should I switch on the television?” he glanced at her. She
looked funny in the brown sweat shirt. It was a size bigger for
him, but, she looked like she was dropped into a big water
“Okay,” she sipped at the tea.
He picked up the remote on the table and switched on the
television, “Should I get you something to eat?”
She looked at him, “Yes, I am hungry.”
“Me too,” he placed the mug and the remote on the table and
got up. He hurried into the kitchen and returned with a loaf
of bread and a plate of fried eggs.
They ate together in silence. When they were through, she
carried the empty plate and mugs to the kitchen. She saw the
camp gas cooker on a small wooden stool, the electric kettle
on the table beside the microwave. There was a toaster
beside a set of pots and plates. The cutleries were hung on a
small plastic stand. A small cupboard was above the sink. She
dropped the mugs and plate in the sink and opened the
cupboard. She found a carton of indomie noodles, a big tin
of milk, a carton of tea bag, a jar of sugar, bottles of palm oil
and vegetable oil, transparent containers filled with rice,
beans, yellow garri, melon seeds, ogbonna, crayfish and
maggi. She closed it and looked around. Tubers of yam lay
beside a bunch of plantain and a small basket of onions. She
smiled to herself, impressed.
Bukky walked out of the kitchen and joined him on the chair,
“Your place is nice.”
He met her pleased gaze, “Thanks.”
“I hope to get a place like this soon. My aunt and I are due for
a change of accommodation.”
He chuckled and grinned.
“You are in your third year, and you will be graduating in the
next two years. What level is your girl friend?”
Her question caught him off guard, his eyes widened in
surprise, “My girl friend?”
“Yes, don’t you have one?” she stared back at him.
He scratched a spot on his scalp and turned away, “I am not
in any relationship.”
She looked him up and down, “Why?”
He started to laugh.
“Don’t you have plans?”
He returned her gaze, “Yes, I do.”
“So, why don’t you have a girl friend? Or do you want to wait
until you graduate?”
He blinked and stared back at her, “My last relationship didn’t
work out.”
“So?” curiousity got the better of her.
“I am on the look out for a special someone.”
“Okay, good. I am glad you didn’t give up because of a glitch
in your past,” she smiled at him.
“I think I have found her,” he looked straight at her.
“Really? Who is she? I love, love stories,” her eyes went
He dropped his gaze and faced the television, “We met
recently. I like her. I don’t know if she likes me.”
“Ask her, what if she likes you too?” she eyed him.
He turned his head and stared at her, “I don’t even know how
old she is. She looks very young.”
Bukky started to laugh, “How old are you sef? You think
because you have started growing beards, you are now old
papa abi?”
He bursted out in laughter.
“Ask her and stop wasting time. You guys sef.”
He cleared his throat and swallowed hard.
“So, who is she? Is she a course mate, school mate, or does
she live in this area?”
“Tell me now,” she held him by the hand.
“She is right here in my apartment,” his serious gaze
remained on her face, which changed from amusement to
Bukky stared back at him. Was he pulling her legs? She let go
of his hand and moved away, creating space between them.
“How old are you Bukola?”
She blinked and just stared at him, tongue-tied.
“I like you a lot. It will be my greatest pleasure if you will go
out with me.”
Her lips parted. No words came out. Since she had known
him, he had been good to her. If she could turn back the
hand of time, she would have loved to date him. She liked
him too, but, she was already in a relationship.
“I… I…em…” she dropped her gaze.
He drew closer and reached out for her hands, “I really do
like you.”
She raised her head to meet his intense stare, “I am in a
He pressed his lips together and released her hands. He felt a
tightening in his chest.
“I am sorry.”
He turned away, “It is okay.”
“We can still be friends,” she suggested.
He sighed sadly, “It is not the same thing.”
She stared at him long and hard. She didn’t want to lose him.
He had been a good friend to her.
“How old are you?” he glanced back at her, his facial
expression was emotionless.
“I will be nineteen in August.”
“I see, that’s six months away,” he observed her.
“Yes,” the sad glint in his eyes gnawed at her.
“I will be twenty-five in August.”
Her eyes widedned, “You were born in August too?”
She blinked and sighed heavily. He was six years older than
her. The age-gap wasn’t that wide, but, it didn’t matter
“So, you are a small girl,” he eyed her.
“Oh please, and you think you are old abi?”
He started to laugh. She hissed and faced the television.
“All right. We can still be friends. Maybe in the near future, an
opportunity might create itself.”
She glanced at him. She didn’t know he liked her that much,
“In your dreams.”
He chuckled and got up. He strode to the window and drew
the curtain. Cold air swept past his face. The rain had
“Is it still raining?”
“No,” he watched a group of children playing a game of
soccer on the wet road.
She glanced at the wall clock. It was past seven. Her aunt
should be back from the market. She hoped she didn’t get
caught up in the rain too. She got up and checked the clothes
on the plastic chair. They were still wet.
“You can go home with my sweater. Please return it as soon
as possible.”
She glanced at him, “I am not retuning it.”
He eyed her, “You better return it or else, I will come to your
house and seize all your clothes.”
She chuckled, “I need a polythene bag,” she gathered her
clothes in a heap.
Chike went into the kitchen and returned with a black
polythene bag. She collected it and placed her clothes and
sandals in it.
“Can I borrow your Dunlop slipper too?”
She eyed him, “Do you expect me to walk home bare footed?’
“Not my problem, oya come and go to your house,” he went
to the front door and unlocked it.
She started to laugh, “Are you driving me away?”
“Oya, oya, oya, you are wasting time.”
She hissed, slipped into one of the Dunlop slippers under the
chair and headed to the door.
He blocked her way, “Your boyfriend is a very lucky
She met his gaze.
“I am not giving up on you that easily. He has a competition,
starting today.”
She blinked and opened her mouth but could hardly say a
“See you later,” he leaned forward and pecked her on the
She gasped and looked into his eyes. They shone with desire.
She swallowed hard and took a step back.
“Good night,” he stepped away from the door.
She held the polythene bag against her chest and hurried
out. Her heart hammered against her chest. She trembled
slightly as she quickened her steps and walked home. His
face flashed through her mind’s eye. She blinked and cleared
her thoughts.
Bukky sat on the new mattress she bought a few weeks ago
and perused her notebook. She was preparing for the
general test at the Lecture Centre. The results of the test
would reveal if the students were ready to take the Common
entrance examination. If she passed, she would receive her
First School Leaving Certificate. Her eyes went dreamy. She
would surely feel fulfilled by the time that happened. The
other students ahead of them were preparing for the Junior
Waec examination and a few others the G.C.E. she envied
them. Soonest, they would be admitted into the higher
institution. She had a long way to go. Many of the students at
the Adult Education Centre were older than her. Some were
in their twenties, and most were in their thirties and forties.
She was encouraged by their never-give-up attitude. The
music playing from the twenty-inch flat screen television
drifted to her ears. She groaned inwardly. Since she bought
the T.V set, her aunt came home early every day and sat in
front of it. The ringtone of her cell phone got her attention.
She turned her head, saw the Nokia 3310 phone on the
pillow and reached out for it.
She recognized her boyfriend’s voice, “Gbemiga…” she
dropped the book on the bed and got up immediately, “Are
you through with your first semester examination?”
She headed for the door, “Are you coming home for the
Easter break?”
“Yes. The holiday is just four weeks.”
She broke into a smile, “I can’t wait to see you,” she let herself
out of the room.
“I miss you so much.”
“I miss you more,” she leaned against the closed door.
“Come to the back of the house.”
She raised an eyebrow, “Why?”
“Just come.”
Her heart missed a beat. Why did he want her to go to their
hideout spot? She looked towards the back of the house. It
was dark, except for the light coming from the bulb hanging
above the kitchen entrance. She walked briskly, looked
around, and went behind the kitchen.
“I am here.”
Unexpectedly, Gbemiga came up behind her and wrapped
his arms around her slim frame. She almost jumped out of
her skin in fear.
“Hello love.”
She wriggled out of his embrace, turned around and
punched him on the chest.
“Don’t ever scare me like that again!” her dark pretty eyes
blazed with annoyance.
He started to laugh, “I didn’t mean to spook you.”
“Indeed,” she eyed him.
“I intended to surprise you,” he grinned at her.
“That was no surprise, that was an intentional act to scare the
daylight out of my…”
He drew her close in a firm hug, “I have missed you so
She leaned into him and basked in the warmth of his
embrace, “I am glad that you are home.”
“Can I kiss you?”
She panicked and pulled away immediately.
“Just one small kiss…” he met her skeptic gaze.
“I don’t know,” she turned away and started thinking of an
escape plan.
“How is your lectures?” he felt bad that she didn’t want to get
intimate with him.
She glanced at him, “Okay. We had a general test. I didn’t do
so well.”
“It’s okay. It takes time. Put your trust in God, okay?”
She nodded in agreement, “How is school?”
He smiled, “It’s fun. Crazy lecturers, weird students, my first
semester results were very good.”
She grinned with pride.
“I believe I am going to be one of the best students in my
class,” he said with confidence.
“I am proud of you,” she reached out for his hand.
“Thanks,” he met her pleased gaze, “What’s being happening
in this neighbourhood?”
“Same old routine. My akara business is booming though.”
“I saw the wooden shed and long benches. Business woman.”
She chuckled, “God has really been faithful. I have two girls
helping me now.”
“Wow!” his face brightened.
She beamed with joy, “By the end of the year, I will be able to
make a bigger shed and expand. I am thinking of adding puff
puff and buns to the menu.”
His head bobbed, “I am impressed, thanks for the money you
sent to my account. It helped.”
She blushed, “Don’t mention. When you graduate, it will be
your turn to take care of me.”
He started to laugh, “I know my responsibilities.”
She raised her head and observed the stars. They seemed to
shine brighter.
“Can I kiss you now?”
She blinked, swallowed hard and dropped her head.
“Please, I miss you. Just one kiss. Nothing more.”
She stared at her feet. The Dunlop slippers belonged to Chike.
She didn’t return it. The brown over-size sweat shirt was still
with her. He stopped asking for it when he realized that she
wasn’t giving them back. She had to compensate him with a
daily portion of akara and bread for three days.
“Bukky, don’t you love me anymore?”
She raised her head to meet his sad face, “I do, but, each
time we kiss, we… you… things gets out of hand.”
He drew her close, “I promise you, I will exercise self-
“No, let’s just…”
“Bukky now, don’t do this to me. You don’t know how hard it
is for me in school to avoid other girls.”
Her heart missed a beat.
“There are several girls in my class that flock around me, I
have a good number at home and in church that wants me,
but, I told them all that I am in a relationship.”
She smiled with relief.
“Memories of our kisses helps me to get through school and
avoid temptation.”
She sighed heavily. Maybe she should allow him. After all, he
was asking for one kiss. She wanted him to kiss her, but, was
afraid of what it might lead to.
“Just one kiss,” she stared at him.
He brightened, “Yes, one kiss,” he felt elated by her
“Okay. Kiss me,” she looked into his eyes.
He made her lean against the kitchen wall, wrapped his arms
around her and claimed her lips. She placed her arms
around his neck and responded. His hands slid down her
back till it settled on her buttocks. The kiss intensified. He felt
like touching every part of her, but, he was afraid, she might
pull away and distrust him again.
She felt the hardening of his g---n as it rubbed against her.
Fear gripped her, what if he lost control again? The night he
deflowered her was still fresh on her mind. She tried to block
the negative thoughts and enjoy the pleasure initiated by his
Desire built up inside him, when he couldn’t take it anymore,
he dropped his hands and stepped back, “I think we should
call it a night.”
She looked up at him. He was sweating and seemed a bit
dissatisfied. “Okay,” she adjusted her wrapper and started
towards the entrance.
He placed both hands on the head and gritted his teeth. He
wasn’t sure how possible it was going to be to spend the next
four weeks with his girlfriend without sleeping with her. It
was against their faith and belief, but, he was consumed by
the desire to be physically intimate with her without
Bukky bumped into one of Gbemiga’s sisters at the back of
the house. It was her fault. She was lost in thoughts, instead
of watching where she was going.
“Are you blind? Don’t you have eyes? Can’t you see?” Kemi
snarled at her.
“I am sorry,” she apologized quickly.
“Sorry for yourself. Look at this short devil! Do you want to
injure me?” she checked her elbow and knee.
Bukky frowned in annoyance. She wasn’t short. She was
average height. The girl was just a little bit taller than she was
and she didn’t appreciate been insulted by someone who
wasn’t her age mate.
“All these church rats,” she hissed in disdain, “You better go
to the eye specialist and get yourself a pair of glasses.”
“I said I was sorry,” Bukky eyed her and walked away.
Kemi clapped her hands together, “Look at this thing, come
back here,” she hurried after her and grabbed her by the
“Get your hands off me!” Bukky slapped her hand off.
“Look here, I am not in your level at all. When you see people
like me, you should address us with ‘yes sir’ ‘yes ma’.”
Bukky bursted out in laughter, “You must be high on
“You are the one who is drunk. You are the blind bat who
bumped into me.”
“Watch your tongue, I am not your mate,” her dark eyes
flashed with anger.
Kemi started to laugh, “Mate ko, mate ni. The Phillips family is
above everyone in this compound. None of you is in our
level, please, show some respect.”
“You are definitely high on something. You think because
your elder brother is in the university, we must all run
around your family. Is he the only one in school? Several
guys and girls in this neighbourhood are also in school.”
“How many? How many of them?” she clapped in her face.
Bukky backed away, infuriated.
“You! Did you even go to school at all? At least I have my First
School Leaving Certificate.”
“And so what? Abeg park well.”
“Come bean cake seller. Alakara!”
Bukky smiled, “At least I have a bubbling business. What are
you? A common cleaner at a local factory. I am my own
madam and I have two girls like you working for me.”
“God punish you!” she poked her forehead with her finger.
Bukky slapped the finger away, “Back to sender!”
Gbemiga came out of his hiding place, “That is enough you
Kemi turned to him, then glanced back at her neighbour in
anger, “The day is coming, if I don’t beat you up, call me a
Bukky started to laugh, “Beat who? Ten of you cannot handle
“I said it’s enough!” he came inbetween them.
Kemi hissed and headed to the toilet.
“Your sister is…”
“Just go to your room,” he cut in, voice firm, face
She eyed him and went back into the building.
Gbemiga placed both hands on his hips and muttered in
frustration, “Girls! Hian!”
To be Continued..


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