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Bukky Alakara Episode 22

Gbemiga returned home for the Christmas holiday and moved his family into a three-bedroom apartment in the same area. The Phillips’ family were joyous. They thanked God for surprising them and bringing their dreams into fruition. They loved their new apartment. His parents took over the master bedroom, his sisters shared a room, while the last room was turned into a guest room.
On Christmas day, they organized a get-together party and invited their relatives and close friends. Everyone liked their new accommodation. During the party, the lady Gbemiga was dating showed up and he introduced her to his family. Abisoye Da Silva was also serving in USAID.
She informed them that her parents and siblings were home in Ibadan, and she had been living with her uncle in Ikoyi since she got admission into Yabatech. She would have gone home for the holiday, but, she wanted to meet the family of her boyfriend.
Gbemiga’s parents and sisters liked the tall fair skinned and curvy lady. They were happy that he brought an educated girl. They believed that she was from a good family.
Remi convinced her to spend the night with them instead of returning to her uncle’s place on the Island.
The next day, Lola and Kemi took a walk with their brother’s new girlfriend. Their mother had been able to convince her to spend the Boxing Day with them. They stopped when they passed in front of their brother’s ex-girlfriend’s place.
“We need to tell you something,” Lola and her sister giggled.
Abisoye stared at them with curiousity.
“Our brother used to date a girl that lives here,” Kemi pointed at the building.
“Our parents didn’t approve of the relationship,” Lola added quickly.
Abisoye looked at the building, “Why?”
“She was a common illiterate who wanted to reap where she had not sown,” Lola muttered with disdain.
Abisoye narrowed her gaze in wonder, “What was Gbemiga doing with such a person?”
“I think she charmed him,” Kemi snarled.
“Yes, some love portion immersed in her akara,” Lola chipped in.
She looked from one sister to the other, “Akara?”
“She sells akara,” Lola informed her.
Abisoye raised an eyebrow, “What was Gbemiga doing with an akara seller?”
Lola clapped her hands, “Hmmm… we don’t know.”
“If you ask me, na who I go ask?” Kemi placed her hands on her hips.
Abisoye smiled and looked at the house again. She couldn’t imagine her boyfriend with such a low class girl.
“Our parents take no nonsense. They were able to deliver him from her witchcraft sharp, sharp,” Kemi beamed proudly.
“I see,” Abisoye noticed someone coming out through the gate.
“Talk of the devil, that is the witch,” Lola gritted her teeth.
“Bukky alakara,” kemi hissed again and again.
The sisters glared at her.
Abisoye seized up the pretty dark skinned curvy average height lady stepping out of the compound. She halted the moment she saw them.
Bukky eyed Gbemiga’s sisters. It had been a while since she had seen them around. What were they doing outside her house? She noticed the tall fair skinned lady in a pink blouse and blue jeans standing beside them. Who was she? Why was she staring at her like that?
“God has given our brother a better wife. An educated and beautiful woman,” Lola raised her voice.
“Meet Abisoye Da Silva, Gbemiga’s princess,” Kemi said proudly.
Bukky stared at the lady. If her ex-boyfriend was dating again, that was a relief. That means he won’t disturb her again.
“Your spell and charm has been broken. You cannot lay a finger on him anymore.”
She hissed, lifted the basket in her hand and threw the dirt into the big black drum at the gate. “Both of you are jobless,” she eyed Gbemiga’s sisters. “Good luck,” she glanced at the lady and went back into the house.
“So, that is Gbemiga’s ex?”
The girls nodded.
“She doesn’t look or sound like an illiterate,” Abisoye turned to her boyfriend’s sisters.
“Don’t mind her. She is just pretending.”
“She copies everything she watches on the television.”
“I see,” Abisoye raised an eyebrow. The girl was very pretty, but, she believed that she was prettier.
“Let’s go, let’s go,” Lola grabbed her hand and pulled her along.
Kemi hurried after them.
Bukky dropped the basket in the kitchen. She was upset that Gbemiga’s sisters brought his new girlfriend to her house. What were they thinking? What was her business if her ex-boyfriend was now in a new relationship? They didn’t need to rub it in her face. Those girls needed to be spanked. She hissed and walked out of the kitchen. She sat on the bed and picked up her phone. She clicked on the BBM app and saw several pings from her fiancé. She smiled and pinged him back. She lay on the bed and chatted with him.
She missed him. She wished he was around. It’s being six months since he left the country. By next year Christmas, he would be home finally and they could get on with their lives. If wishes were horses, she would have loved to join him in the U.K. she didn’t fancy been away from him. She doesn’t know how she was going to cope for the next one year.
She informed him that she did very well in her GCE. She C’s in all the relevant subjects. She had already enrolled for a JAMB class and she believed that she was going to pass the examination. Her first and second school of choice was going to be Unilag. She doesn’t want to go anywhere else.
At about six in the evening, Gbemiga saw his girlfriend off to the bus-stop. He was happy that she was able to spend time with his family. He was also glad that they really liked her. His parents were proud of him and his sisters believed that they had found a new friend.
“I want you to come to my uncle’s place on New Year day. He organizes a party on the first day of every new year.”
“Okay. I will be there.”
“He likes to meet the guys I go out with. I guess he is kind of protective.”
He placed a hand around her and smiled, “No wahala. I want to meet your uncle and his family too.”
She grinned from ear to ear, “Thanks. Most of the guys I dated in the past always dread meeting him.”
He raised an eyebrow, “Why?”
She shrugged, “I guess they were scared.”
“I see.”
“I have already told them about you.”
“Good. What kind of gift can I bring?”
“Hmmm… my uncle and his wife like fruits a lot. Their kids, my cousins are sweet-tooths.”
He chuckled, “You are the queen of sweet-tooths.”
She started to laugh.
“I will come with a basket of assorted fruits for your uncle and his wife and foreign biscuits, chocolates and candies for your cousins.”
“Cool. They like cake and ice-cream too.”
“Who doesn’t?”
She laughed quietly.
“Okay, cake and ice-cream are on the list.”
“Yipee!” she squeaked.
He gave a shake of head. He hailed a cab, bargain with the driver, once they agreed on a price, he beckoned at his girlfriend.
“See you soon lovely,” he kissed her lightly on the cheek.
“Call me tonight,” she climbed into the vehicle.
“I will,” he waved at her.
The cab nosed back into the busy road.
Gbemiga turned around and headed home feeling happy.
Bukky and her aunt sat on a long bench outside the two-bedroom flat picking beans. The twins ran in circles playing a game of ‘tag’, locally known as ‘Catch-you’. Out of boredom, she decided to spend some time with her aunt. She would have gone to Ikorodu to visit her parents, but, they were always asking after Chike. She didn’t want anyone to remind her how much she missed him.
“You two better go inside, if you come near me again, I will spank your bum-bum!”
The twins stopped running, glanced at their mother and started to run again, in a zig-zag pattern.
“I am warning you,” Kike threatened them.
Her niece laughed quietly.
She eyed the younger woman, “Wait till you give birth to yours.”
Bukky smiled and held her tongue. She knew her little cousins were trouble with a capital ‘T’. The last time they came to the shop, they turned the whole place upside down. Her aunt swore never to bring them to the shop again.
Her phone began to ring. She picked it up and grinned when she saw the caller ID. It was her fiancé. She had not spoken to him in a while. He had been so busy that their Skype nightly hook-up had been suspended for a while. His chats on BBM were also short. His calls always made up for the inconsistent communication.
She placed the tray of beans on the bench and picked the call, “My love.”
“My baby…”
The sound of his voice felt like a soothing balm on her lonely heart, “How are you?”
Kike glanced at her niece and smiled. She hoped the girl’s fiancé would come home soonest and marry her. How long does it take to complete the Masters programme? She heard it was eighteen months, but, it depended on the curriculum of some tertiary institutions.
“I am lonely. I can’t wait to return home to my love.”
She sighed heavily, got up and strode towards the side of the building, “How many months more?”
“Come December this year, I will be home.”
“Plus or minus, nine, ten months, you will be home.”
She leaned against the wall. “I have seen my JAMB result.”
“How was it?” he sounded excited.
She scratched her scalp, “My score was below two hundred.”
“I see. Will you be able to use it?”
She shook her head, “No, it is below 150.”
“Bukky! How low is your score?”
“Very low,” she sounded sad.
“Tell me.”
“No, I feel ashamed.”
“Come on love. It is your first JAMB.”
“I thought I studied hard.”
“Have you heard of people who wrote the examination ten times?”
She frowned, “I do not want that to be my story.”
“It wouldn’t, but, the point is that they never gave up until they passed.”
She sighed, “I won’t give up.”
“Good. Don’t worry. We will study together when I get home.”
“I can’t wait.”
“Me neither. Send me your recent pictures.”
She blinked, “I sent one this morning.”
“Send more. I want you in different attires, postures, environment…”
“What are you using my pictures for?”
“It keeps me sane and away from the likes of Beyonce, Shakira and who else now?”
She started to laugh. “Okay, I will send you more pictures.”
“Good girl.”
“I miss your sweet kisses.”
“I wish I can fly to you right now.”
“Nine months more love.”
“And we will be together.”
“I like the sound of that.”
“Same here. I got to go.”
“Come me later.”
“Okay love. Maybe we can Skype tonight.”
“I will love that.”
“Later love.”
The line went off. She closed her eyes and pressed her lips together. A tear drop rolled down her dark smooth face. She sniffled, opened her eyes and cleaned her face with the back of her hand.
She heard her aunt’s husband’s voice.
“Sir…” she hurried into the flat. She found him seated in the sitting room, watching the television.
“Please, help me to buy MTN and GLO credit at the kiosk down the street.”
“Okay sir,” she collected the money from him and counted it. It was three thousand five hundred naira.
“MTN one-five, GLO one-five. Use the change to buy yourself credit too.”
She beamed, “Thank you sir,” she walked out of the flat and met her aunt scolding and spanking the twins. She shook her head and walked
towards the gate.
The kiosk was four houses away. The lady that owned the place sold provisions, drinks and snacks. She would use the change to buy a set of cupcakes. There were six in a pack, small, but, totally delicious. One bite and it would melt in your mouth.
She heard her name and looked around. She saw a tall, dark young man walking towards her. It was her ex-boyfriend.
“Gbemiga?” she stared at him in surprise.
“How now?” he smiled at her.
“Am good.”
“What are you doing in this area?” he seized her up. He liked the way the blue short-sleeve knee length fish-tail chiffon dress cradled her curvy
“My aunt lives on this street.”
“How is aunt Kike and the twins?” he observed her smooth dark face.
“They are fine.”
“A friend of mine lives on this street. We served together in Abuja.”
“Oh…” she looked towards the Kiosk. There were a group of girls seated under the big umbrella outside the store.
“We are done with our service year.”
“Oh really…” her eyes flew back to his happy face.
“Yes o. Thank God for us.”
“Hmm… congrats.”
“I was retained at USAID.”
“Wow!” shocked.
“My parents, siblings, the whole family have been jubilating since I got back.”
She nodded with understanding, “I can imagine. I am happy for you.”
He looked straight into her eyes, “Thank you,” he noticed how pretty she looked. Her relaxed black hair was in a pony-tail behind her neck. Her
chest seemed fuller and her backside was bigger than the last time he saw her.
“I am running an errand for my brother in-law,” the way he was looking at her made her uneasy.
“Oh…” his gaze flew back to her face, “Okay. Em… I am relocating to Abuja next month, after my introduction.”
She blinked.
“I am dating a wonderful girl and we will be getting married in August.”
She remembered the lady his sisters brought to her place. “Congrats.”
“It would have been you,” he eyed her.
She shook her head, “You and I know that, that is impossible. Your family won’t allow it.”
He dipped both hands into his pockets, “You don’t know that.”
She looked towards the Kiosk again, “I wish you all the best. Take care,” she brushed past him and hurried towards the store.
He watched her till she went into the kiosk. He turned around and walked on. He was getting married to a prettier girl. She was a born-again Christian, an educated and responsible girl from a good family who was head over heels in love with him. He had been able to love again and move on. Everything was working out for his good. What more could he ask for?
Nevertheless, a part of him would have wanted it to be Bukky Folorunsho. If only wishes were horses.
To be continued..


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