Tuesday, 24 October 2017


I and Isabella slept in my room.we ate the food that my G.mama prepared for us.we layed on the bed holding each other.we talked.charted and joke.including some romancing and other stuffs.i also told her my experience in the prison.but no s-x o.before we finally slept off.
Around 8am.i woke up and couldn’t find her.i searched the who room but she wasn’t still there.but her hand bag and her clothe was in the room.maybe she is outside.(i concluded)i went out side and saw her and chinaza sweeping the compound.i left them to go and brush my teeth.when i came back.they were still sweeping.quitely.i went and held her waist from behind.
She turned immeditely and faced me.
ISABELLA: hmmm.you are awake.good morning dear.
ME: good morning love.how was your night?.
ISABELLA: my night was fine.but you just scared me.
ME: *tougue out*
ISABELLA: me abi.big head like you.*laugh*.
ME: me big head abi.
ISABELLA: *tongue out too*yes na.
ME: okay na.you won’t eat anything from this house today.you will see it.unless you tell me sorry.
ISABELLA: okay sorry na.but you were the one that first look for my trouble.
ME: *tougue out*
ISABELLA: you have started again abi.i will still call you big head again o.lolz.
We laugh and laughs till i excused myself from her to continue her sweeping..we ate that morning and started preparing to our journey to the city.
Some hours later.we were through preparing.i took my bag and told my mama that we were leaving.in tears.she gave us her blessing to go well.i promise her that i will be back soon.she hugged us and we left.
On our way…
ISABELLA: dear.i like this your grand mama o.she is nice.friendly.educative understandable.*smiled*.
ME: yea.thats my grand mama for you.and that is why i like her too.
ISABELLA: yea dear.i will like to see her again sooner or later.
ME: hmmm.i wish so. she didn’t come with her car.so we walked to the village park to board a cap.we got there.luckly we got a cap heading to the city..some hours later.we got to the city and we got another cap heading to her house.we got there.and together we went to the gate to knock.we knocked.and jumbo open the gate for us.immediately he saw.he shouted my name happily.we exchange pleasantries as long time friends.before he finally said.
JUMBO: oga tobe.thank God say you don come back o.
ME: thank you jumbo.how you dey na?
JUMBO.fine o.i even think say you done die o(immediately.isabella cut him in).
ISABELLA: jumbo you better shout up your mouth if you don’t have any better thing to say.
JUMBO: sorry anty isabella.but..
ISABELLA: no but.sorry for yourself.baby please lets go inside jooh.
Na only God go punishe this jumbo for me.so him dey wish me dead abi.isi ewu like him(goat head) i and Isabella.went inside there parlour.immediately we step in.i looked up and saw chief simon with Anabell having some drinks.i started shivering as if i have fever.cold from no were started catching me.i wish to run back but it was too late.fear has already take over me.i stood still at that point.
Isabella noticed my sudden change and told me to be strong.that her father won’t do any thing to me.we walked majestically hand to hand inside the sitting room.Anabell saw me.she wink and smiled at me.which i returned shly.her dad chief simon looked at us and smiled to himself.isabella went and greeted him with a pek.after that.she went and greeted Anabell with a hug.they hugged and disengaged there self.
I gathered some courage and greeted my boss.he looked at me and said.
C.SIMON: please sit down tobechukwu.
I sat down and Isabella came and sat beside me.
ME: eeerm sir.i’m deeply sorry.if i have offended you in any way.please forgive me.i beg you.(wanted to kneel down)
i wanted to kneel down.but he called me up and asked me to sit down.
C.SIMON: tobechukwu.there is no need kneeling down for me.you havn’t done anything wrong.it was just my ignorance that made me acted the way i did.and i have come to realise it.
ME: thank you sir.
C.SIMON: you see.my daughter here said he loves you so much.she nearly lost her life because of you.i love her so much and all i care for is her happiness.that was why i gave her the chance to go and call you.and thank God that you are here.so i want to ask you.what plain do you both have.expecially you.
ME: sir.honestly speaking.i love your daughter Isabella.and she is caring my baby.if i’m giving the opportunity by you.i will like to marry her.
C.SIMON: you both have already have my blessing.you can go ahead and get married coz i don’t want any fatherless (b-----d)child in my house hold. i want everything to be done before her belle will grow up.i want us to do an introduction with your people by next two weeks ASAP.hope that will be okay.
We nodded happily(me and Isabella)
everything was happening like a miracle to me.i can’t bellieve that it was chief simon that was saying those words.oh God.hope am not dreaming again.i can’t wait to have Isabella as my wife.
Everything was done according to our plain.the arragement of the introduction was done.i travled back to the village to informed my people about our introduction.although i and Isabella came from the same village.we made an arrangement and other important stuffs.
TWO WEEKS LATER.it was a bright saturday afternoun.my people and Isabella’s people came together including my beautiful Anabell.we did our introduction.all thanks to chief simon for his financial assistant.after the intro.we agreed that the traditional marriege and wedding we come up after isabella put to bed.we ate and drank to our satisfaction.my G.mama’s happiness was undiscribable.she was very happy to the extend she sang almost all the traditional song she knew.
5:30pm.the introduction came to an end.isabella’s people including her dad started going to there respective home.after they have gone.isabella stayed behind..i led her to one of the cool place in our compound.and we sat down in one of the wooden chair.
I stared at her.and said
ME: today is one of my happiest day in my life.thank you for making me a happy man.(smiled)
ISABELLA: thank you too.i’m very happy that our dream has finally come to pass.
ME: i want to tell you something.
ISABELLA: what is that dear?.
ME: i want to further my studies.
ISABELLA:*suprised*you mean you want to go to school.
ME: yes dear.i wish to go.so that after my study i would be able to get a job and take very good care of you.how do you see it?.(i asked).
ISABELLA: wow!!this is a perfect idear.i have thought of this earlier.i wanted to tell you about it.but thank God you brought the topic now.
ME: wow!!thanks dear.so how are we gonna go about it?.
ISABELLA: don’t worry baby.i will work everything out for you.i have many connections in many universities.i have a very good friend who will help you with admission before the year will runs out.which university would you like to go?.
ME: i don’t know one in particular
ISABELLA: alright.don’t worry.i guess the state university will be cool with you..which course do you want to study?or should we chose.
ME: eerm eerm i like that one they called accountant.
ISABELLA: you mean accounting?
ME: yes.that one is fine well well.i like it.
ISABELLA: *smiled*alright don’t worry.we will work towards it.
We were still discusing when Anabell walked to us.and said.
ANABELL: hi guys.mr/mrs tobechukwu.congratulations.happy for you guys.*smiling*
thank you.(we chorused with a smile too).
We and Anabell talked for a while before she took her leave and left us to continue our discussion with Isabella.
A WEEK LATER.i returned back to the city with chief simon.SEVEN MONTHS LATER.isabella gave birth to a baby boy.that perfectly look like me.i was very happy that atlast.i’m now a proundly father.my grand mother wasn’t exceptionall.she was very happy when she got the news that Isabella had put to bed.chief simon too was very happy that her daughter delivered successfully.like wise Anabell.
Six months later.we finally did our traditionall marriege.it was one of the best in our entire community.my dear tochi also came with her husband uche.my long time friend.including there baby girl.who is now almost a year.there was enough to eat and drink that day..everything just happened like a dream to me.i knelt down and give thanks to God for everything he did to me.
After the wedding.we travled back to the city to our new house that we rented.a three bed room flat.
On our wedding night.i held Isabella stared into her eyes and said.
When i look into your eyes.i wish the clock could stop ticking so that i could just see your beauty from each angle and saw how beautiful you are.loving you is the best thing that ever happened to me.love never ages but i can see myself growing old with u.your sweet memory is like the blood and breath in my body.
Dear.you are part of me now that i can’t do without u.you have seen me take a fall.you have seen me make mistakes.upon my poor background and my illiteracy.you still stood by me.you gave me your love.your body and soul.what else can i ask for.thank u my love…i will never be president or a romantic book cover.but one thing you can bet on me is.i’m gonna love you forever.
After my speech.i looked up and saw tears dropping from her eyes.she drew my neck to herself and gave me a passionate kiss.that i won’t forget in a hurry..we broke from the kiss and she said.
ISABELLA: tobem my heartbeat.i don’t know that u are this romantic.I LOVE U my husband.
ME: *smiled*i love u too my wife.
We both smiled at each other.
SOME MONTHS LATER.i got an admission to our state university.all thanks to my wife Isabella.i resume school immediately.
FIVE YEARS LATER.i graduated from the university and my NYSC.as a proundly accountancy.i was able to acquire a job in few months.all thanks to Chief simon with his connection.
I started my work as a banker and as a proundly father of two kids.my monthly salary was something to write home about.
I give all thanks to God.


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