Tuesday, 24 October 2017


I got to the city some hours later.i knocked at the gate and jumbo open the gate for me.
JUMBO.oga tobe.you done come back.how your village na?.
ME.jumbo.village dey fine.
JUMBO.nawao.so weting you bring come back na.
ME.nothing o.i just bring back myself.later we go go drink one bottle for junction.
JUMBO.chai!oga tobe.that is why i like you.eehe.anty isabella ask me whether you done come back.
ME.(make she leave me alone jooh)when did she ask you?.
JUMBO.inever tey.
ME.okay jumbo.we go see later na.
I left jumbo to go and drope my bag.on my way i saw Anabella coming out from there main house.immediately she saw me.she frown her face. hissed out loud and walk pass me.i wanted to laugh but i wasn’t in the mood.i no send her at all.i turn around and looked at her.she was still walking.i don’t know what took my eyes to her back side(ukwu)the waist side was well packeg.chai!see ukwu.na all this things wey that james dey enjoy alone.nawao. I removed my eyes from her waist and went to my room.
I tried calling isabella’s number but it was not going through.then i left her.through out the day.isabella didn’t come back to house.it was only Anabella and her dad was at home.
The next day.i resume my work.after the day work.i took my bath and i was relaxing inside my room.some minutes later isabella walked in without knocking.
ME.who am i seeing.can’t you knock?.
ISABELLA.lols.the door wasn’t lock so i don’t wanna disturb you.
ME.i know.i was just kidding.how are you doing?.
ISABELLA.i am fine.big head.
ME.who is big head?.
ISABELLA.you of course.
ME.look at kettle calling pot black.you don’t know that your head is bigger than mine.see you.look at your face like my grand mother’s face.
ISABELLA.lolx.your own is like chimpanzee’s own.(she said smiling).
ME.chai!who’s face is like chimpanzee’s own?.
ISABELLA.you of course.or do you want to beat me like you did to james?.*smiled*.
ME.how can i beat an angel like you.is not possible na.
ISABELLA.you are flattering me abi.am i an angel?.
ME.you are beautiful isabella.which means you are an angel coz angels are always beautiful.
ISABELLA.i have heard you.i don’t know that you have a sweet tougue like this.any way thanks for the compliment.how did it go in the village hope nothing bad happened?.
I was silent for some seconds.before i finally found my voice.
ME.nothing bad happened.just that…please i don’t wanna talk about it.
ISABELLA.i thought we are friends.why are you hidding something from me tobe.please talk to me.what happen?.
ME.eerm.is about tochi.
ISABELLA.what happen to her.hope is not bad?.
ME.she is pregnant now.
ISABELLA.for you?(i was silent which made her uncomfortable)please talk to me.you got her pregnant right.
ME.i wasn’t the one.she is pregnant for another man.my friend. best friend did it.i trusted him as a brother and as a friend.he paid me back by impregnanting my tochi.i can’t believe that people can be this wicked.
ISABELLA.i am sorry for that tobe.such is life.atleast it has thought you a lesson that nobody is worthy to be trust.except God.so just move on with your life okay. Do you still want her back?.i mean tochi.
ME.we broke up.is over between us.
ISABELLA.i am sorry once again please just cheer up.
ME.thank you.i am greatful to have a friend like you.
ISABELLA.you are welcome.i will always be there for you.i have to go now see you later.*she left*.
The following day.i was washing some of my clothes.when Anabell showed again with her problem. Hey hey tobe or what ever you call yourself.go and remove your clothes on that rope there.i wanna wash.
ME.no problem.if you are ready to wash.i will remove them.
ANABELL.go and remove them now.i am the owner of this house.so you have to follow all my commands.coz i know that you and your generation will never build a house as big as this.*she said with an evil smile*.
ME.Anabell not again.i will not stand here and watch you insult me again.
ANABELL.if i insult you.what will you do?.imbecile like you.
ME.i don’t have your time.the best thing that i will do to you is to pay deaf ear to a s##t like you.
ANABELLA.did you just called me a s##t?.yes anabell.i answered her.before i could say any other word.she took the water the water from one of the bucket near me and splash it all over my body.
ME.you splash water on me anabell?.
ANABELL.yes.and what will you do. I couldn’t hold my anger any more.kpooa kpooa kpooa.i gave her hot three resounding slapp.which she never expected from me. She fell down instantly and release a loud moan. Eeeh chimo oo.what have i done.ooh am finishe today.chief simon will not take it easy with me for hitting her daughter.ooh lord what have i done. Two minutes gone.Anabell was still laying flat on the ground. Hope i never kill this girl o*i said to myself* please God don’t allow her to die on my hand o.i started praying.God if you just make her to stand up.i promise you from today henceforth i will start going to church.*hot sweat started dropping from my face.
Anabell anabell anabeeell.i called her.she was still laying lifeless on the ground. Please na stand up abeg.it wasn’t intentional.please don’t die now.oh God am finished today o.why did i slapped her at the first place.i didn’t know when i did it o.i always try to avoid her but she won’t let me be.please anabell.biko nu wake up.i took the water left on the bucket and splash it on her head.face and her body.but there wasn’t any movement. Chai! I was panting very hard.is this how my life will end.had i known i would have continue my stay in the village.than to come to the city and die in jail.
I pulled her head on my lap and fixed my mouth to her own and blow some air in her mouth(free kissing.lols).i did it two more times before she sneeze out loud.(thank you lord.i said to myself).she slowly open her eyes but still laying down.she was very weak to talk nor to look at me. Anabell how are you feeling?.i asked but got no reply.i heard a foot stop coming towards our direction.i looked back and it was Isabella coming.she came closer to us and ask.
ISABELLA.tobe what is happening here.why is Anabell laying on the ground.what happened to her?.
ME.eerm eerm.i was.we were(she cut in).
ISABELLA.you hit her right?.*she asked with a frown.she was boiling in anger.i havn’t seen her in that mood ever since i met her.
ISABELLA.answer me now.you hit my sister with this your hands.how dare you?*she asked with anger* i was very confused.i can’t believe that it was isabella talking to me in that manner.
ME.Isabella calm down.yes i beat her.but it wasn’t intentional.she was the one that look for my trouble.i try to controll myself but she pushed me to do that.i am sorry please.
Before i could say any othe word.she gave me slap. I didn’t say anything to her coz i was at fault.
ME.why did you slapp me?.
ISABELLA.just shut your gutter up.lets take her inside.
I succumb to her.i lifted anabell up with my two hands to her room.although she was a little bit heavy but i didn’t mind.i took her to her room and kept her on her bed.Anabell was looking at me but not an angry look again.she was still weak and she havn’t say anything.
ISABELLA.stay with her let me get some stuffs for her to drink.and pray to your God let nothing bad happen to her.other wise you will get yourself in a worst situation that you will never escape. *she said and left the room for i and anabell*.
Is this Isabella talking to me that way.no i don’t think is her.Isabella that i know will never talk to me like that.she even slapped me.what really came over her.is it because of what happened to her sister.let her go to hell.i hate both of them now.
ME.hi Anabell.how are you feeling.can i get anything for you?.
ANABELL.you b###d.you will regret this.i will make sure you rot in jail f##l.
ME.(you even get the mouth to shout at me.i even thought that you were dead.this girl will never change.i pray they should not tell there dad.coz nobody will deffend me again.no friend again.Isabella is now against me…
ME.i am sorry Anabell.it wasn’t intentional.i didn’t know what came over me.please i am sorry once again.
She was silent for some seconds before she finally said.
ANABELL.sorry for yourself. Immediately Isabella walked in with a tin of milk and othe stuffs which i don’t know.
ISABELLA.sis.thank God that your awake.how are feeling?.
ANABELL.dear i am getting better.
ISABELLA.please take this so that you can regain your strenght.(she gave her the stuffs she brought and Anabell drank them all.)
ANABELL.thanks dear.please tell this thin here to get out from here.i don’t wanna see him again.(pointing at me. She is calling me a thin. a whole me.).
Isabella gave me an evil eye.and said.
ISABELLA.am sure you heard her.leave us now and never come back.
I nodded to her and left the room.i finally made up my mind to go back to the village the next day.i can’t stay here again were i will not have peace of mind.the two sisters are now against me.and beside i know that chief simon will sacked me if he heard that i beat her daughter.so what is the need staying here.
It was in the evening the same day.i was packing my clothes in my bag.tomorrow morning i am going back to my village atleast i have some money with me.
I heard a knock on my door.i commanded the person to come in.and it was jumbo standing.
JUMBO.oga tobe.big oga dey call you.him talk say make you come now now.
Sweat started dropping from my body.i know why he was calling me.so i wasn’t much supprised.and i am ready to face my faith.Anabell has finally suceeded by sending me back to my village.my God will judge her.
ME.eerm jumbo.dey go i dey come.
He left.i wore my clothe and started heading to the main house.to know what the future hold for me.
I got to the sitting room.and saw everybody facing me.chief simon.Isabella and Anabell.they frown there faces immediately the saw me.including Isabella. Good evening sir.i greeted him.he didn’t replied me .instead he ordered me to sit down.TODAY NA TODAY.
As i settled down.all eyes were on me.
C.SIMON. Tobe Tobe Tobe.how many times did i called you?.
ME.(i no count am).three times sir.
C.SIMON.is it true of what am hearing?.
ME.sir i don’t understand please.
C.SIMON.i was told that you beat up my daughter here Anabell.is that true?.
ME.eerm eerm sir.not really.i was i was (Anabell cut in).
ANABELL.you was what.dad.this imbecile here hit me on my chest (my people.did i hit her on her chest?.no be just slap i give her).
C.SIMON.so you are trying to lie to me right.
ME.no sir o.i didn’t hit her o.is just slap.but it was intentional sir please believe me.she pushed me.
C.SIMON. Just shut up my friend.upon everything that i am doing for.i brought you out from the village.i gave you a new life to leave.i employed you as my gardner not for free.i was paying you handsomely.
ME.sir please. (shup up let me finish.he cut in. C.SIMON.so you turn my daughter to a punching bag right.havn’t they told you that i don’t use my children to joke.you dare raise this your hand on my daughter.i don’t know what to said to you right now.i feel like killing you with my own hands.i feel like locking you up for the rest of your life.do you want to kill her eeeh.did you know the damage you have coursed me.
ME.sir with due respect.i didn’t hit your Anabell.i only slappee her.it wasn’t my fault.she was always looking for my trouble ever since i came into this house.i don’t know what wrong i did to her.she hate me with no reason.she called me names she insulted my family because we are poor.is that fair?.i always tried to avoid her but today.she splash a full bucket of water on me with no reason.i couldn’t held my anger any more. that was why i slapped her.which made her to loss concious.sir i regretted my action and am sorry to that.
I went close to Anabell.and held her hands.but she pushed me away.still i didn’t give up.rather i went more closer to her.and said.
ME.Anabella.i am sorry if i had done any wrong against you.forgive me.i apologise.i am sorry for hitting you.
ANABELL.apology not accepted.get out from my sight..(i quetly left her sight to my sit).
C.SIMON.well tobe.i wanted to lock you up in police cell.but i have change my mind to that.i won’t sack you by myself but by the victim you hit.Anabell will decide your faith whether you will continue working here or not.if she say you should continue then fine.but if she said you should be sacked then you have no choice than to go back to your village.
C.SIMON.so Anabell.do you want tobe to continue working or do you want him to go back to the village.just make your choice and it will be done.
Every were went silent like a grave yard.Anabell was looking at me quietly.while Isabella was giving her the eyes of.don’t sack him please. I divited my eyes to Isabella and our eyes met instantly.she was looking at me while i was looking back at her.Anabell was still silent.i wasn’t afraid to be sacked but i was afraid that i will miss the city and expecially Isabella.i strongly believe that Anabell will surely want me to go back to were i come from.she hate me with passion so the result has already been called.but what is she waiting for na.why don’t she say it once and for all.let me go and pack my things and go.
Three(3) minutes gone.Anabell was still silent staring at me..
C.SIMOM.*clear throa*.Anabell.we are still waiting for you.
ANABELL.dad.i am not in the mood to talk.lets prosponed it till tomorrow please.
C.SIMON.are you sure of that?.
ANABELL.yes dad.tomorrow am gonna make my finally decision.
C.SIMON.okay!if you say so. Tobe.for now you can go back to your room till tomorrow.
ME.alright sir thank you.
I left the room without looking back nor said any other word to them.tomorrow i will try and make peace with Isabella before my finall depature.i said to myself.
I went to my bed and slept off comfortably.maybe this gonna be my last time to sleep here again.
THE FOLLOWING DAY.i was triming some of the flowers down.i was through with the triming and i was going back to my room to freshen up.i looked up and saw Anabell coming.she came closer to me and said.
ANABELLA.Tobe good morning.how was your night?*she asked.staring at me*
Heeeh. i shouted.hope am not dreaming.Anabell is greeting me for the first time.wonders shall never end.maybe is a good bye greeting.who knows.
I walked pass her.without replying her greeting.she should go to hell. when did she start to care.i hate her..
Episode 9
After relaxing for a while.i went to see jumbo at the gate.isabella and co are now against me.so jumbo is my only friend for now.i bought two bottles of beer for ourselves.we were gisting on difference things.i told him i might be going back today.he pleaded with me not to go.i told him my stay depends on Anabell’s hands.we were still gisting when isabella walked closer to us.i saw her and hissed loud.you and your sister are d same.
ISABELLA.*clear throat* hi guys.(i kept silence and started looking at the gate).
JUMBO.aah.anty isabella.good morning o.
ISABELLA.good morning.how you dey today?.
JUMBO.anty anty i dey fine o.
ISABELLA.hi tobem.
I kept silent and looked away.jumbo just looked at me and say.
JUMBO.oga tobe. Anty isabella dey greet you.
ME.i done hear.tell am make she no disturbe me.
Isabella was disappointed with my hash reply.which made her to walked away almost in tears.i didn’t regret my action towards her.she deserve it.when she slapped me nko.*mitchew*.
JUMBO.una dey quarrel? I mean you and Isabella.
ME.no.we dey fight.why u dey ask?.
JUMBO.see the way you take talk to her.it was hash na.
ME.jumbo forget that okay.
We gisted for some minutes before i decided to take a walk around the street.coz it has been long i did that. On my way.i started hungry so i branched at one of the restaurant to feed myself.some minutes later i looked up and saw Anabell with two of her friends walked inside the restaurant.she looked towards my direction and saw me.(what is this pharaoh’s daughter doing here).they went and settled down far away from me.they ordered for what they want.i was still eaten my own food.Anabell didn’t looked at my side again.they concetrated on there food.like wise me.
Some minutes later.the waiter brought another plate of fried rice and chicken for me.i was suprised coz i didn’t ordered for any othe food except the one i was eaten.
WAITER.excuse me sir.here is your food.
ME.food ke.please i didn’t order any other food na.this one am eaten is what i ordered.beside this food you brought is very expensive.maybe it was a mistake.
WAITER.*smile*actually.someone has already paid for the food.she said i should give you.she has also paid for the one you are just eaten now.so feel free and enjoy yourself.
ME.*confuse*.she ke.sorry miss.who is she.i mean the one that asked you to give me the food.
WAITER.the lady over there.(pointing at Anabell.)
ME.*hope am not dreaming* are you sure of what you just said now?.
WAITER.yes sir.am very sure.
I wasn’t feeling hungry any more so i asked the waiter to help me with take away.she package the food for me and i started heading home.Anabell and her friends were still gisting only God knows.i looked at her for the last time.i don’t know what to say or do again.i took the takeway and left the restaurant.
On my way .a car drove and stopped very closer to me. who be this mumu wey no sabi drive.you dey craze.you want hit me.nonsence.i was still shouting at the stupid driver that near knocked me down.when a lady walked down from the car. I looked up and saw no other person than Anabell.i became speechless instantly.(i must confess.Anabell is very beautiful like her sister.just that she is black but very pretty.while Isabella is fair.that was the only difference between them).i finally found my lost voice.
ME.Anabell do you want to hit me.eeh.are you blind.has it gotten to this?so you want to kill me abi.you won’t suceed this time around.*i poured my anger on her*.
ANABELL.*clear throat* Hi tobe.i am very sorry for my reckles driving.i wanted to stop beside you.but it went very close.did the car touched you?.
ME.*angry tone* before nko.you don’t know that i am the only son of my mother.you want to kill me for her abi?.
ANABELL.*smiled* you are very funny tobe.why will i kill you.please get inside the car lets go home.
ME.(i don’t need your help f##l) eerm don’t bother yourself.i will find my way.*i made to go away*.
ANABELL.i am heading home.come on lets me drope you.okay please lets go.
I started asking myself some questions.is this truely Anabell behaving this way or is this her photo copy.Anabell of all people.why the sudden change.today is the deadline day that she will make her finall decission.if this is a dream.please nobody should wake me up other wise i will fight the person.
We drove silent through out the journey we didn’t talk to each other till we get home.she killed the car engine and we came down.
I made to go without any word to her.but she called me back.
ANABELL.are you walking away without even thanking me for the ride.
ME.eerm.thanks for the food.
ANABELL.what about the ride?.
ME.no thanks.*frown*.
ANABELL.naught you.i will catch you.*smiling*(you and who dey smile.mitchew).
I left her to my room.she stood there looking at me.
I went closer to the door that lead to my room and saw another shocke.Isabella was sitting at the only plastic chair beside my door.waiting for me.Isabella.what are you doing here?.i asked her.
Isabella.what are you doing here? I asked her.
ISABELLA.can we go in first.before you kill me with your questions.
ME.inside here? (pointing at my door).
ISABELLA.no.inside there.please unlock the door jooh.
ME.is it by force?.
ISABELLA.no sir.or aren’t you happy to see me?.i have been waiting for you here more than 30 minutes.but but(i cut her in.ME.lets go inside madam.
We went inside and settle down.she became quiet and was staring at me.like wise me.some minutes later.she was still silent and the staring was getting much.i could bear it any longer.and i said.
ME.hey Isabella.are we here to do staring competition.why are you here?i though you don’t wanna see me again.
ISABELLA.*clear throat* eerm tobem.have i done anything wrong to you.why you don’t wanna talk or see me again.you have been avoiding me recently.what have i done na?.
ME.eeehe.you don’t know what you did abi?.you didn’t even asked what happen between Anabell and i.you just came and started insulting me for hitting her.you even slapped me for no reason.and you are here asking me what wrong you did.*mitchew*
ISABELLA.is that all?.alright i’m sorry for my hash attitude.you know Anabell is my sister so it’s my responsibility to protect her no matter what.so i’m sorry for the slap.lets be friends again.
ME.i have heard you.we are cool.but you have to appease the gods.
ISABELLA.alright anything for you baby.how can i appease the gods?.
ME.(baby ke.a grown man like me you are calling me baby.you are not serious) i need two packet of chin chin and sweet.
ISABELLA.lolx.tobem you are funny shaa.but i will make it up to you.tomorrow afternoon i’m gonna take you out.
ME.take me out kwa.to were exactly?.
ISABELLA.many places.like beach.mr bigs and so on.just relaxe till tomorrow.okay.
ME.alright but i might be going today.you know that Anabell will make her finall decission today.and you know she hate me and she might ask me to go.
ISABELLA.*smiled* don’t worry about that dear.you are going no were okay.
ME.how.are you Anabell?.
ISABELL.everything has been settled.so get ready for tomorrow.
We gisted happily for a while before she left.and promise to check on me later.
Me wey never go beach or mr bigs before.why won’t i go with her.i dey craze.atleast i can swimm so i won’t carry last…..knock knock knock.
ME.who be that person na.you want brake the door?. Oga tobe na me jumbo.
ME.jumbo na wetin na.
JUMBO.oga dey call you.him say make you come now now.
ME.okay i dey come.
Oga is calling me.for what na. I wore my clothe and left.i went inside there sitting room.as usual Anabell.Isabella and chief simon was there already waiting for me.
ME.good day sir. *i greeted him*
C.SIMON.sit down tobe.hope you are ready to hear the finall decission of Anabell.(i nodded).
So Anabell go ahead and make your finall decission on him.
Every were went silent as usuall.i looked at both Anabell and Isabella’s face.they weren’t smiling nor frown.
ANABELL.eerm dad.i have concluded my finall decission on him.
C.SIMON.and which is..
ANABELL.let him stay.let him continue working for us.
C.SIMON.are you sure of what you just said?.
ANABELL.yes dad. (i was smiling through out.Isabella caught me smiling and she couldn’t help but smiled back.
C.SIMON.alright tobechukwu.just thank your stars.other wise you would have been in the village right this moment.but let me warn you.don’t ever in your life lay this your strong hands in any of my daughters again.if you try it next time.i will lock you up in jail and nobody i mean nobody will save you.hope i’m understood.
ME.*smiling* yes sir.thank you for giving me a second chance.it won’t happen again i promise.
C.SIMON.you are even smiling abi?.
ME.no sir.sorry sir.(why won’t i smile).
C.SIMON.sorry for yourself. And one more thing.i will be travling for a business meeting tomorrow.i will be away for a week so i want you to take care of the compound till when i will come back.
ME.okay sir no problem.i will do just that.
C.SIMON.you can go now.
I stood up and left without looking at the girls faces.victory at last.Anabell really suprised me.only God knows why she change her mind.well is good shaa.i am not ready to go back to that boring village.
I was in my room dancing and celebrating for the victory i just got.i was playing the song of our nigeria artist duro by Tekno.the music was in the highest volume.i like the song so much and i was carried away with the lyrics of the song.i didn’t know that someone was knocking at the door.i was still dancing with a bottle of one man squared that i bought last time.the person knocked and got no replied.she pushed the door open and came in.the next thing that i heard was. So you can dance well like this.immediately i heard the voice i pause the music to see who owns the voice.and it was no other person than Anabell.(what is she doing inside my room).
ME.Anabell.what are you doing here.how long have you been here?.
ANABELL.i jus came in now.who thought you how to dance.can you teach me?.
I just came in now.who thought you how to dance.can you teach me.Anabell said.
ME.eerm.i wish i can teach.but i don’t know how to dance.
ANABELL.but i saw you dancing now.your dancing step is what i like.who thought you?.
ME.my grand mama.lolx.
ANABELL.lolx.you are very funny dear.can you grand mama dance hip hop song?.
ME.yes na.dey dia..
ANABELL.you are a liar.please teach me.
ME.how much will you pay? coz everything in our country now is money.
ANABELL.you wanna collect money from me?alright i will pay you (i cut her in).
ME.i was just kidding o.don’t pay me anything.
I ordered her to come forward.which she did.i placed my left hand on her shoulder and my right hand on her waist tightly.(chai!see fresh body.free touching things activated.na me be this?look at how i dey touch this girl freely without any hinderance.with abeg.oh God you are great.beside who no like better tin)
she was moving her body expecially her waist according to my instruction.i wasn’t concentrating with the dance any more.all my attention instantly divited to her chest.*the thing fresh no be small*my evil hand on her waist wasn’t helping the matter at all.not me actually but my hand was squeezing her ukwu gently.(abeg don’t blame me.i was carried away on what i saw.chai!what i been dey find for up just dey ground dey wait for me.i like better thing well well.beside is she not the one that pleaded with me to teach her how to dance?so i am teaching her the new dance step of mine.)
i was praying for the music not to end so soon.coz i can’t afford to remove my hands on that position.(God punishe devil).
She was enjoying the song like wise me.she was all smiling.she looked up and caught me staring at her b##st.before she could say anything.the door to my room open and Isabella walked in.immediately we saw her.we disengaged ourselves but it was too late coz she has seen us already.i pretended as if nothing happened.i said.
ME.hi Isabella.
ISABELLA.eerm i don’t know that you guys are busy.i should just take my leave now.(she made to go but i held her back).
ME.come on.we aren’t any busy.we are just dancing that is it.nothing more okay.
Isabella’s face wasn’t smiling at all.why is she angry na?.beside we are only dancing and nothing more.i hope she won’t tell her dad that she caught i and Anabell holding each other.other wise hmmm my case will end in my village o.all this while Anabell was silent.staring at both of us as if she doesn’t care.
ISABELLA.don’t worry tobe.i just came to check on you.maybe if you are less busy.i will come back.
She didn’t allow me to say any other word.she just left the room.i strongly believe that Isabella wasn’t happy.it was writting on her face.beside why would she be angry na.? I am not her boyfriend or lover. We are not dating then why is she angry when she saw Anabell and i holding each other.what am i saying self.will she like to date a village boy like me?no it can’t be possible na.i am too locall for her.we are just friends and nothing more.
Anabell voice brought me back from my thought.
ANABELL.so can we continue from were we stop.
ME.eerm Anabell.see i am tierd alrieady.
ANABELL.please one more.i love the dance step.
ME.maybe next time we will continue.(Isabella has made me to lost interest with the dance.i wasn’t happy to see her sad.i like her very much.beside i have enjoyed myself already with the free touching.lols).
ANABELL.you think that i don’t know what you did.
ME.*suprised*how do you mean.what did i do?.
ANABELL.look at you.i caught you staring at my b##st.
ME.*confused*eerm.i wasn’t staring at your tin.i was just i was just eerm.(i doesn’t know what to say again.chai!i don’t fall my own hand.)
ANABELL.you was just what?.naughty boy.*smiling*
ME.it wasn’t my fault na.how did u expect me not to look at your tin or b##st when you were standing in front of me?.come on i am not an impotent na.
She burst out an uncontrollable loud laughter.it lasted for some seconds and she said.
ANABELL.tobe i don’t know that you are funny this way.so if you were giving an opportunity to touch it.will you touch it?.
ME.(see me see question o.i will not only touch it but i will also squeez it very hard).yes na i will touched it.
ANABELL.you are not serious.make james catch you.
Mitchew.that good for nothing boy.i hate him and i hate hearing his name.nonsence.
ME.i don hear you.no be only james.
She staye for a while before she left.make this people no put me for wahala o.coz if there papa catch me.hmmm
I went out from my room and stroll to the garden side i moved closer and saw Isabella.she was sitting down at one of the empty chairs at the garden. I went closer to her.
ME.hi Isabella.what are you doing alone here?.
She kept silent looking away.i asked her again and she finally said.
ISABELLA..tobe.can’t you see that i want to be alone.please you can go and don’t disturbe me okay.
Shoo! has it gotten to this.what wrong have i committed again?
ME.i am sorry for disturbing you.*sad face* i made to go


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