Tuesday, 24 October 2017


The following day.i was thought the work of a gardner.as a fast learner.i was able to learn it faster than expected.
The next morning.i started my work as a gardner.i was watering and triming some of the flowers.i really love the work coz it wasn’t much stressful as i thought.chief simon had gone to his business.while isabella had gone to her school.i was still doing the watering of flowers and other things.when i heard a name.
hey come here.i didn’t answer the person.coz my name is not hey.
Hey.i said come here.the voice repeated again. I decided to check the f##l that was calling me hey.lo and behold.it was no other person than Anabell.(this witch again.what does she want?i asked myself.she came closer to me wearing her nightie rope.and said.
ME.good.good morning.Anabell.
ANABEL.hey just save your nonsence greeting.were you deaf?.
ME.i don’t understand.am not deaf.
ANABEL.if you are not deaf.why didn’t you answered.when i was calling you.eeh f##l.
ME.you didn’t called me by my name.you only said hey.and hey is not my name.
ANABELL.so you even have the guts to exchange words with me huh.you village rat.
ANABELL.any way i don’t have your time for now.i called you to come and wash my car.i want to go out.be fast about it.and wash it clean.i don’t wanna see any sand on it.
ME.sorry which car.
ANABEL.i said my car.(she shouted)when last did you clean you ear.hmm.they are very dirty and smelling.
ME.Anabell.please i have heard enough of your insult. don’t insult me again i beg you.beside i was employed as a gardner.not a driver or your house boy.go and asked the driver or the house maid to wash the car for you.am doing my work here as you can see.excuse me.
ANABELL.how dear you talk back at me.huh.village gardner.(kpoaa kpoaa kpoaa)she gave me three resounding slapp that i won’t and will never forget in a hurry.
ME.chineke mee.(was all i could say.
ANABELL.next time.when i am talking to you.don’t ever talk back at me.do i look like your poor mother?.(she hissed loud) it took me more than 90 seconds to found my voice back.the slapp did alot of damage in my ear and brain.(is this slapp or something else.coz my brain automatically stopped functioning for some seconds.before i finally found me voice.
ME.Anabell.you slapped me. (i manage to said.tears nearly dropped from my eyes.but i held it back.as a man.).
ANABELL.yes.i slapped you.and what are you going to do.slapp back?.*she laugh sarcastically*if you dear me.i will slapp you again.you are nothing but a village tout.gold digger.get out of my sight before i will do more worst to you.(she pushed me out from the way.and left.shaking her ukwu.(waist)). I was speechless.tears was dropping freely from my eyes.since i was born.nobody had ever made me to shead tears.but Anabell has broke the record.Anabell it will never be well with you.(i cursed). What wrong did i do to her.her hatered over me started the first day she set her eyes on me.is it because i came from the village?.you will never go free.God will surely judge you for me.(i said in a tears mood).
Oga sorry o.jumbo the gate man said to me.na so she dey do.she no get respect for any body at all.na so she dey do me.if i no open the gate fast for her.some times she even they pour me spite self.i like her sister anty isabella pass her.he added. So we are in the same category.i said to him.(he nodded).
ME.but she called me a gold digger.wetin that one mean?i asked him.
JUMBO.haah.oga tobe.that one na big english o.i swear i no no weting that one mean o.
ME.(hey. iti plus iti.i even better pass this one.but all i know is that gold digger is not a better grammer.na curse.weting i no know.no go know me.i concluded.) ok i done hear.we go see later.
I left him and went to my room.
I was in my room reading some books.although i don’t really know how to read.but i can try.i better pass jumbo the gate man. When i heard a knock on my door.Anabell why don’t you leave me alone.i shouted. The knock became louder.which made me to check who was knocking.when i open the door.i was suprised to see isabella standing.she was as beautiful as ever.but i compused myself.
ME.hi isabella.you are back.
ISABELLA.yes.why are you shouting my sister’s name.to leave you alone.and what happened to your face.
ME.nothing.am fine.
ISABELLA.come on tobe.talk to me.who did you fight with.that did this to your face.
ME.is your sister Anabell.she slapped me.
ISABELLA.for what.what did you do to him?*she asked loud*.
ME.i did nothing to her. (i narrated everything that happened between Anabell and i.).
ISABELLA.am sorry okay.i will go and talk to her.please.let me get warm water.and massage your cheek.please.
The day being the 30th of the month.chief simon paid me my salary.the sum of twenty five thousand naira.chai!see me see twenty five thousand naira.infact am the richest guy in town.you want try me.i had no bank account to deposit the money.so i kept the money inside my room.i wanted to go and visit my mother and expecially see my tochi.i really missed her alot.but my boss.chief simon didn’t grant me my request to go and see them.well no problem.i will see them soon.doing those period.i avoided Anabell as if she was a mess.and fortunate for me.she didn’t come my way.as for isabella.we only see once in a week.coz of her school.everything was going well with me.i was looking very fresh and handsome .because of the frequent AC in my room.no more the village boy they use to know.i was very happy withing me.
Anabell started her madness again. I was washing some of my dirty clothes one faithful afternoon.when Anabell drove in with her boyfriend.i kept washing my clothe i didn’t talk to them.she shouted my name from were she stood with her boyfriend urgeing me to come.i left the clothe i was washing and went to answer her.heey.her boyfriend called me.i gave him the eyes of don’t call me hey again.
ME.Anabel.you called me.
ANABELL.yes i called you.i want you to take this money and buy cigarret to my boyfriend.understood. Please be fast.her boyfriend added.
ME.(i became quiet.what do this two people take me for.a house boy or what.who they can send message any time the want?.hmm.i have seen mess indeed).
ANABELL.are you deaf.tobe or what ever you call youself.take this money now.and buy what i asked you to buy.and don’t forget to bring the change…she handed me one thousand naira note.
Humbly and quietly i took the money from her.and went away without saying any other word to them.i left the clothe i was washing and zoomed off.jumbo.jumbo.abeg come open the gate for me.i called the gate man.
JUMBO.aah.oge tobe.you dey comot.(he open the gate.).
ME.yes o.make i buy something.shebi you dey drink beer?.i asked him.
JUMBO.yes o.i like beer well well.
ME.ok.i dey come.
I left jumbo there and went away.i strolled to the next street and stopped at one madam kechi’s restaurant.i went inside the restaurant and sat down.customer welcome sir.madam kechi said to me.
ME.madam kechi.good day.
M.KECHI.welcome.weting we go give you.
ME.okay.(i brought out the one thousand naira note Anabell gave me).give me two bottles of beer and a plate of pepper soup for me.(Anabell and her stupid boyfriend.i don’t know what they take me for.maybe a f##l.i must lavish this money here.nonsence people.).
M.kech.is that all?.
ME.yes.for now.
Withing some minutes.she placed my order of two bottles of beer and pepper soup….i took them slowly.till i consumed the beer and the pepper soup.
MADAM KECHI.i called again.come here immediately or… She came as i commanded her.give me another two bottles.one for me and one for my gate man.sorry the gate man jumbo.she brought the two beer as i orderd.i drank one making it three bottles. I became high in spirit.very high.my eyes started showing me many things.if i think another thing.my brain will be calculating another thing.that is the power of beer.
How much is your money.i asked her.she replied one thousand naira.i gave her the one thousand naira.anabell gave me.and asked her to keep the change.*lols*.
An hour later.i managed to reach home.i knocked and jumbo open the gate for me.i handed him the bottle of beer that i bought for him.(beside it’s not my money.why won’t i give him).
JUMBO.oga tobe.thank you.very much.
ME.don’t mention my boy.if you like.you can swallow the bottle.(i said in a drunking mood).
JUMBO.but are you drunk?.
ME.is your father that is drunk not me.do i look like am drunk.
JUMBO.sorry o.
I looked up and saw Anabell’s car.which showed that they were still around.what will be my faith now.i have lavished the money she gave me.taa!they won’t do anything jooh.how can they send a whole grown up man like me to buy cigarret for her boyfriend that looks like chmpazee.is that not crazy?.i even fine pass the boy self.(mitchew)any way.that is not my business let me go and face my faith.
I went and resume the washing of my clothe.in the same drunking mood. Some minutes later.i saw them.anabell and her hubby walking towards me.
ANABELL.what were you doin.what kept you so long?eeh.
B.FRIEND.were is the cigarret.
ME.*clear throat*.what did you guys asked me to buy first.i forgot.
B.FRIEND.you are a bloody f##l.to asked me that question.
ME.what do you guys take me for.a messenger or a house boy.how can you guy expecially you.*pointing at anabell*asked a grown up man like me to buy cigarret for your good for nothing boyfriend here.
ANABELL.don’t ever in your life.insult my hubby again.are you drunk?.
B.FRIEND.i don’t have your time.were is my money?.
ME.which money.
B.FRIEND.the money that i gave you.
ME.ooh that.the money has gone.i bought some beer for my self.
ANABELL.what did you just say?.
ME:you heard me right.
ANABELL.you are kidding right.
B.FRIEND.this boy need a little beaten.am sure he gonna get it now.
He came forward.and gave me one of the best blow that i have ever got.before i could fight back.he doubled the blow and Anabell supported it with a hot slap.oh gosh.i started seeing strong things.i saw my late parents smiling at me.oh all thanks to the blow mostly the beer.i nearly lost balance but i manage to stand.i was still suffering from the blow he gave me.when he took a near by plank and landed it on my head.blood started oozing slowly from my mouth and head.Anabell was busy smiling.her hand akimbo on her waist.upon all the beaten i was still standing film.but my eyes wasn’t helping the matter at all.he lifted the plank again for the second time to hit me.(this guy seriously want to send me to the hospital because of just one thousand naira).before the plank could land on my head.i blocked it with my left hand on the air.immediately the plank fell down.i took it before him. He wanted to run away but it was two late for him.i landed the plank on his head.he shouted out loud.but i didn’t give up on him(quitters never win na.).i landed another one at his back.he fell down instantly.i kept the plank and landed a powerful blow on his mouth.his mouth teared out.blood from no were started forming on his mouth.you want try village nigga.i thought him that all the akpu(fufu) i ate at the village.no be for waste(lols) still i didn’t give up.i went closer to his neck and bit him deeply with my teeth.all my teeth went deeply inside his flesh.(he cried and moan out loud)baby he has killed me.baby he has killed me o(reffairing to Anabell).
ANABELL.you beast.do you want to kill him.you blood sucker.i don’t know that you are a vampire.you will regret this.i will make sure you rot in jail.imbecile.
I beat my chest and smiled.when he was beaten me you were busy smiling.you did care nor ask him to stop hitting me.but now that i fought back.you are now shouting.atleast i have show him what i am made off.next time he won’t try such thing.he nearly disfigured my fine face with his blow.do me i do you no be crime.i concluded.
The soo called boyfriend was busy moaning in pain.threaten to lock me up at the same time.but the damage has been done already.Anabell drove him to the near by chemist for him to have some treating.expecially for the bit. I smiled to myself.TOBE you have done well.i said to myself.
I was in my room the same day.playing game with my phone.when a police van drove in.i peep through the glass and saw three police men came down from the van.
I already knew that i was the one they came to arrest.so i wasn’t much suprise.but i was afraid to go to nigeria prison.the story i have heard so far with nigeria prison wasn’t impressive.
Were is this foolish boy.tobe.tobe were are you.come out now.idiot were are you.village boy were are you. That was the voice of no other person than Anabell.
I came out from the room and immediately she shouted.
ANABELL.officer.this is the f##l that nearly kill my boyfriend.arrest him.and make sure you tutored him mercilessly.
OFFICER.young man.you are under arrest for attempting murder.i will advice you to be silent.coz anything you say will be use against you in the court of law.
ME.murder kwa.officer.i didn’t attemp to kill him o.i only deffended myself ANABELL.shup up.officer take him away.
OFFICER.young man.get inside the van.they pushed me inside the van and wanted to drive away.and immediately chief simon drove in. he was suprise to see police men in his compound.he was also suprise to see me with handcuff.
C.SIMON.what is happening here.anabell.why is police men here.
ANABELL.dad.i am the one that called them to arrest this good for nothing boy you brought from the village.(pointing at me).
C.SIMON.what happen.why did you arrest him.what did he do?.
ANABELL.he nearly killed james.my boyfriend.you need to see what he did to him.
C.SIMON.Tobe.is that true?.
ME.no sir.he was the one that first attacked me.look at what he did to me.(showing him my head)he wanted to brake my head.so i deffended myself.
ANABELL.keep quiet.you bloody liar.you will regret this.
C.SIMON.you should have inform me first.before calling the police.eerm.officer please release him okay.this is a family case.we will settle it please.
He brought out some naira notes from his pocket and handed them to the officer.and i was release.immediately they drove away.
C.SIMON.tobe.you can go back to your room.and don’t fight again.do you get me?.
ME.yes sir.thank you.
ANABELL.dad.what did you just do now.i don’t like it o.
C.SIMON.i just did the right thing as a father.so don’t question me. He left her and went away.
I smiled to myself.anabell saw me smiling and gave me the eyes of.we shall see.i laugh out loud and ran to my room.she stood giving me a devilish look.but i no send her.who is the winner now.atleast i gave the boy the beating of his life.
Episode 7
I was in my room.playing game with my phone again.when i heard another knock.and i shouted.
ME.Anabell leave me alone o.i will report you to your dad o. The knock became consistence.i wanted to ingnore the knock.because i strongly believe it was no othe person than that daughter of pharoah(ANABELL) with her another problem. I went and unlocked the door.lo and behold here stand is no other person than ISABELLA.wow what a suprise.when did you return from school.i asked her.
ISABELLA.some minutes ago.i just came to check on you.how are you and how is work?.
ME.am fine thank you.you are looking good.i missed you.(heey.what did i just said.is a mistake o.the word just came out.).
ISABELLA.wow!really.i missed you to.i even bought this for you.(she gave me a beautiful neck chain.and a wrist chain too.)ME.all this for me? Yes.they are all for you.do you like it? she asked with a smiled.
ME.yea.they are beautiful.i like it.thank you.
ISABELLA.you are welcome.that reminds me.i heard you shouting Anabell’s name.telling her to leave you alone.when i was at the door.what happend.do you guys had another fight?.
ME.yes o.she and her good for nothing boyfriend fought with me.
ISABELLA.are you serious.how and why did they fight you?.
I narrated all the whole scene that happened between me and them.from the begining they asked me to buy cigarret.the fight between me and james and lastly the how she called the police to arrest me.before her dad save me.
ISABELLA.this is serious.so james is a smooker.and my sister is still with him.i can’t believe this.thank God they didn’t arrest you o.
ME.yes o.your sister is dating a smooker.infact i hate him self.he is even ugly.
ISABELLA.lols.you are funny.what about Anabell.do you hate her too.
ME.i don’t hate Anabell.but her behaviour towards me is making me to hate her gradually.if not that she is my boss daughter eeh.i would have giving her the beaten of her life with this my strong hand.trust me.
ISABELLA.abeg o.don’t kill my sister for me. What about me.do you hate me too?.
ME.aah.how can i hate you.you havn’t done anything wrong to me na.i can’t hate you.infact i like you.
ISABELLA.are you sure that you like me.
ME.yea.i like you as a sister and a friend.you have been good to me from the day one i met you.
ISABELLA.i like you too tobe.but how much do you like me.
ME.(oh my.this girl should leave me alone na.why the questions.).well i just like you.just normal liking.
ISABELLA.you know there is a difference between like and love.like is when you just like the person.no feeling.and love is when you have feeling for the person.your heart beat and sing for the person always.you will never go a day without thinking of the person. So which one do you have for me.like or love.(she asked me without smiling nor a straight face).
ME.(this is serious.who will save me from this mess.of course i am having some funny feelings for her o.i won’t lie.some times i think of her but not always.but i can’t tell whether what i have for her is like or love.i became very confuse.she was busy staring at me.while i was battling with my thought.
ME.*clear throat*you see isabella i really don’t know what to say.but i…..before i could complete the word.my phone started ringing.excuse me.i said to her. I looked at the phone screen and it was unknown number calling.i wanted to abort the call but my mind came against it.i picked the call and it was a woman’s voice.an old woman.
ME.hello.who is this?.
WOMAN.hello.am i speaking with my tobechukwu?.
ME.yes.mama.(i recognise the voice as my grand mother’s voice).
G.MAMA.yes.is me your grand mother.how are you my son.and how is city?.
ME.oh mama.am fine and city is fine too.hope you are strong.who own’s this number?.
G.MAMA.is a call center number.am fine my son.
ME.and how is my tochi m.hope she is fine and beautiful as usuall.i will come and see you people soon.
G.MAMA.okay my son.tochi is fine o.but there is a problem.
ME.*suprised* problem.what happened.hope my tobaby is okay.mama talk to me.(i said.panting very hard).
G.MAMA.my son.i can’t tell you on phone.i want you to come home first.it’s very serious.
ME.okay mama.you know what.i am coming back home this weekend.don’t worry if i come we can talk what the problem is.
G.MAMA.okay my son.i will be expecting you.take care of yourself.bye bye.
I hung the call.and fell back at my seat.what must be the problem.that my mama don’t want to discuse with me on phone.is that serious.?hope my tobaby is fine.something is telling me all is not well.well only time will tell.weekend is around the corner.
Isabella notice my sudden change and she ask.
ISABELLA.tobe what happened.why are you restless after the call.hope all is well.
ME.not really.my grand mother was the one that called me.she said there is a problem at home.that i should come ASAP.am going to see her this weekend.
ISABELLA.can i come with you?.
ME.no.don’t worry dear i will go alone.is not a good idea for you to come.hope you understand.thanks.
Weekend finally came.i took permision from my boss.and he granted me.i took my hp bag which contain some of my clothes.and left for the village.i spent the sum of one thousand naira from the city to umuagu my village.it was just six hours journey.i stop at one of the supermarket and bought some stuffs for my granny and my tochi.
Finally.i got to my village.i took another bike from the village square to my house.i got home and every were was dry and quiet.were is everybody?.i looked at the kitchen side and saw my old mother coming out.
Mama.i called.immediately she saw me.she came forward and gave me a hug.
G.MAMA.my son.is this you?.
ME.(noo.is my ghost)yes mama is me.how are you doing?.
G.MAMA.my son.am strong o.just that i missed you alot.
ME.ooh mama.you looks strong indeed.i missed you too.*smiled*.
G.MAMA.you are looking very fine o.you are really taking care of yourself.your skin is now shining.*smiling*.
ME.thank you mama.lets go inside.
I went inside and took my bath.she brought out a well cook vegetable soup with hot fufu for me.i ate them as if i havn’t eaten for days.the food was delicious no dout.i really missed her cooking.after the food.
ME.mama thank you for the food. i really missed your food.it’s very delicious.
G.MAMA.you are welcome my son.i made the food special for you.you can eat as much as you like.
I gave her what i bought for her…
ME.mama.this is for you.(i handed the nylon to her).
G.MAMA.all this for me?thank you my son.may God bless you.you will never lack.
ME.amen mama.and this is for tochi.my wife to be.
Immediately i mention tochi’s name.my mama’s expression changed to sad mood. Ehee.that remind me.how is she doing.and what is the problem you were talking about when we spoke last time?
G.MAMA.hmmm.my son.i called you here so that we can talk about tochi.
ME.mama.what are you talking about.hope nothing bad happened to my tochi?.
G.MAMA.tobechukwu.there is a problem.tochi is pregnant.
ME.how.i mean what are you talking about.how is she pregnant?.
G.MAMA.she is two months pregnant.i called you here to ask you whether you are responsible for the pregnancy.so that we can hurry and pay her bride prize.before her stormach becomes bigger.
I was confused and supprise at the same time.how is tochi pregnant na.i havn’t done any jigida with her so far.how is this possible.or is she pregnant for another man?.noo. tochi don’t do this to me.
G.MAMA.tobechukwu.you are not saying anything.
ME.mama i don’t know what to say.i havn’t done any jigida with her.since we met each other.
G.MAMA.i don’t understand.what is jigida?.
ME.eerm.i mean s#x.
G.MAMA.you mean that you didn’t had any s#x with her.when both of you are together?.ME.yes mama.
G.MAMA.that means you are not the one responsible for her pregnancy.she is carring another person’s child.and she has been cheating on you for all this while.but are you sure that you are not the…(i cut her in).
ME.yes mama am not the one.so tochi my tobaby.has been cheating on me at my back.ooh tochi.why did she do this to me.i trusted her very well.mama why.(i started crying like a three years old child.tears was dropping freely from my eyes.i didn’t know that i was good in crying till that moment.chai!tochi my tobaby why.
G.MAMA.my son biko stop crying eeh.you are hurting me with this your tears.i don’t like seeing you this way.what has happen has happen tobe.what you will do now is to concentrate on your work in city.just move on with your life.better girl will come at the right time.ooh nwam.don’t cry again unless you want me to start my own cry.(she threaten).
ME.mama.try to understand me.tochi mean alot to me.i can’t forget her just like that.she was my first girlfriend.my first love.tochi have betrayed me mama.(more tears found there way out from my eyes).
G.MAMA.and then.do you want to kill youself.answer me.i have told you to forget her and move on.what else do you want me to do.if you want to kill yourself because of her then go ahead.what is your own self.(she said in a sad mood).please my son don’t kill your self.you are the only one i have please oo.
ME.i have heard you mama. I stood up and made to go.she called me back.
G.MAMA.were are you going now.
ME.mama am coming.i want to go and see her.and ask her some questions.i will be back.
I left our house and headed to her house. In 15 minutes time.i got to there compound and found nobody at home.i called toch’s name but got no reply.i decided to check at there back yard. i saw her washing clothes.i was shocked to see her and i don’t know why.it wasn’t my first nor second time to see her.but i was shocked.she didn’t see me.untill i called out her name.she looked up and saw me standing.she stood still like a stature.shock confusion guilty and fear was writting all over her body.am sure she wish the ground should open and swallow her once and for all.i called her name again.still she didn’t move an inch were she was standing.the next thing i saw was tears dropping from her eyes.
Tochi what happened.why did you do this to me.eeh.just two months i was away and you are already pregnant.is that fair?i thought you say you love me.(i asked her after we finally settled down).
TOCHI.*in tears*i dey sorry.i love you well well tobem.
ME.who got you pregnant?.
She was silent for some minutes.she was ashamed to look at my face.she open her mouth to speak but no word came out.instead she knelt down and started begging all over again….tochi see i have forgiving you.i have nothing against you.just that i am heart broken right now.and i feel like to skin you alive and bury you.for betraying me and the trust i have for you.who got you pregnant?.i asked one more time.*in an angry tone*.
TOCHI.is is eerm…(i cut her in) is who?.
TOCHI.UCHE is uche.
ME.*confused* which uche are you talking about.
TOCHI.uche your friend.
Chim oo.*i shouted* you mean uche my friend got you pregnant?.(she nodded).you open your leg for uche.tochi you are a disgrace to woman hood.chai!uche has sold me at my back.i trusted him as a friend.uche why.is it a crime to have a friend again?.*tears started dropping from my eyes*.both of you have betrayed me. If i may ask.how did he do it?.(i ask one of the most stupid question).
TOCHI.he asked me to come to his house that he want to show me something.i went to his house.then he said lets do it.that he won’t tell you.he started touching me all over my body.i told he to stop but he did not stop.then we we do it.
ME.just like that.
ME.why didn’t you run the time he was touching you.eeh you just open your leg for him just like that.infact tochi i don’t know what to say to you now.you should go and marry him.coz i won’t have anothe person’s child.
TOCHI.i am sorry.you are the one i love o.not uche.
ME.you said you love me.and you have the guts to sleep with him.with no other person but uche of all people.well i have forgiving you already.goodluck with you both. I bought this for you(i handed her the nylon) that is for you.
TOCHI.thank you.please don’t hate me.i still love you tobe.
ME.i am not God. i won’t hate you.we will still be friends but not like before.i have to go now.am going back to the city tomorrow take care of yourself and uche’s baby.
I stood up and left.she tried calling me back but it was too late.i headed to uche’s house to congratulate him for what he did to my tochi. When he saw me.he wanted to run away he never expected to see me at that time. but i called him back.he stopped runing and stood.i went closer to him without any frown on my face.heey uche how far?.i gave him my hand for a shake.he was standing his body was shaking. Shake me na.*i said to him* or is your mind judging you for your evil act?
UCHE.eerm tobe.am sorry abeg forgive me.i don’t know what lead me to that act.i have betrayed you as a friend.i don’t deserve to be your friend any more.but i beg you no use am against me.
ME.uche.i don’t know what to say to your.you didn’t see any other girl in this village to sleep with.na my tochi wey you come see.you are very wicked and evil.did i offend you in any way through out my stay in the village?which made you to pay me back by impregnanting my tochi.is only God that will judge you.
UCHE.you didn’t offend me in any way.na devil’s work.i dey sorry abeg.(he knelt down).
ME.i have forgiven you f##l.God always forgives us our sin so why won’t i forgive you.stand up.
UCHE.thank you tobe.God bless you.
ME.what plain do you have for her now.coz am no longer interested in the relationship again.
UCHE.if you are not interested with her any more.i will marry her.
ME.hmmm.so you are happy now abi.thank your stars that i am in a good mood.you would have seen the worst side of me. b###d.you can go ahead and marry her.but from today henceforth.our friendship will not be strong as before.good day.
I left his house to mine.he tried all his best to call me back but i paid deaf ear to him.i have lost two best friends i have in a day.WHAT A LIFE SELF.
Mama i will be going today.
G.MAMA.so soon.i thought you will stay till next week.
ME.no mama.i want to go and continue my work.
G.MAMA.now that tochi is out of your life.what is your next plain.why don’t you marry UZOMA now.i have told you before that she is a good girl.she is not like tochi that betrayed you.she will make a good wife to your.her parents are good people too.
ME.ooh mama not again.okay i have heard you.i will think about it.but for now i have to go.
G.MAMA.okay my son.take care of yourself.
ME.alright.bye bye.*i gave her some money and left*.
I took my bag and left for the city.NOW I AM SINGLE AGAIN.on my way my phone started ringing.i check the screen and it was no other person than Isabella.i rejected her call and switch of my phone.


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