Tuesday, 24 October 2017


I and uche walked inside the duplex.the house is one of the best in our community.we walked majestically inside the compound.i looked around and saw two cars packed at the garage.there was grases all over the compound.we walked and stopped at the door post that lead to the his sitting room.i knocked at the glass door lightly. there was no respond.i knocked again.still no reply.i wanted to knock for the third time.before we heard a deep voice.that said he was coming. We waited for some seconds before the glass door open.and here stand is chief simon with his long beads.
Good afternoun.we greeted him.
CHIEF SIMON.yes how may i help you.(won’t you ask us to come in first.this rich men self.mitchew.
ME.sir.my name is tobechukwu and here is my friend uche.
CHIEF SIMON.you still havn’t answerd my question.how may i help you.
UCHE.sir.we hear say u dey find person.wey go help you clear the grases wey dey for your compound.so i bring my friend here to you.he is very hard working.am sure he can help you clear the grases.
ME.yes sir.i can do it.
CHIEF SIMON.are you sure this your friend that you bring brought here to me is not a thief.coz i will lock him up.if any of my property lost.(i no blame you.i was the one that came to help you clear your compound.that why you are insulting me.this is one of the reason why i hate rich men.they like insulting person.if my parents was still alive.i won’t be standing here with you.i would have been in university by now.well beggers gat no choice.mitchew.).
ME.aah.sir am not a thief o.ask my friend here.or anybody in this community.am pure.
UCHE.yes sir.he is not a thief sir.
CHIEF SIMON.okay.come in.if your sure of yourself.
We went inside the large sitting room and stood.he ordered us to sit down at the cursion.we sat down quietly.
CHIEF SIMON.so what are your names again.
ME.iam tobechukwu.and he is uche.
CHIEF SIMON.as you can see.i just came back from the city yesterday evening.and my compound is very unkept.i need someone that will help me.clear and weed the grases away.are you ready to do it.(pointing at me).
ME.yes sir.i will do it very well.
CHIEF SIMON.when are you starting work.
ME.tomorrow morning sir.i will start the work.
CHIEF SIMON.let me offer you boys something.what will you like to take.
ME.anything.will be fine sir.
UCHE.me i want beer sir.(na drink go kill this boy.longer throat).
CHIEF SIMON.okay. Isabella.isabella.he called.(who is isabella.what kind of a name is that.i asked myself). Yes daddy.she answer from the inner side of the room. Please bring one bottle of red wine with two glases for me.(he commanded).okay.daddy am coming.she replied.
Some minutes later.i looked up and saw one of the most beautiful creature that i have ever seen.wow is this a human being or mermaid.she is fair in complexion.tall.and she has a perfect body.i don’t even know how to describe her.all i know is that she is very beautiful.
I was looking at her till she came closer to us and droped the tray she was holding.which contain the red wine and the glases.
CHIEF SIMON.boys.meet my lovely daughter isabella.(we waved at her shyly).my dear.this is the boy that will help us clear those grases at the compound.(pointing at me).you are welcome.she said to me.in her angelic voice.(chai!oboy see voice.see the kind english wey she just speak now.to go school dey good o.i said to myself.
CHIEF SIMON.boys enjoye your selfs.i have something to do up stair.if you are through with the wine you can take them home.or you can take it here.and one more thing.i want you to start the work very early tomorrow morning.okay.
ME.okay sir.i will come early. He left with his daughter isabella to the up stair. Money is good o.see as this girl they shine.i said to uche.
UCHE.tobe.are you seeing what am seeing.
ME.yes o.infact i dey see more than you self.
UCHE.chai!this girl fine no be small.you sure say she no be maami water.
ME.na waiting me self they think o.how can she fine like this.only her.i thought that tochi is fine.but i don’t know that there are girls who are more beautiful than her.e.g isabella.
I and uche went home with the red wine that isabella brought to us.let me go and rest.i have a long way to go tomorrow.but before then.i have to see my tochi.
I went to tochi’s house to see her.i went in and greeted her father.her mother wasn’t around.he welcome me with an open arm.he even called me his in-law.na green light be that.
ME.papa good day.
PAPA TOCHI.good day my son.welecomu.(welcome).
ME.thank you papa.
P.TOCHI.what of your grand mother.hope she is fine.
ME.yes.she is fine thank you.
P.TOCHI.my daughter told me.that you are her boyfriend.i hope you won’t use and dump her o.she is the only daughter i have.
ME.aaah.no papa.i love tochi very much.i have no bad intention over her.infact very soon.i want to marry her.
P.TOCHI.you want to marry her?.
ME.yes papa.
P.TOCHI.okay.no problem.you know.tochi is a good girl.she will make a very good wife for you.and you.you are strong and hard working boy.am very sure that you can take good care of her.abi.
ME.very well sir.yes papa.i will take good care of her.all i need is your support.
P.TOCHI.you already have my support my son.when you are ready.you can come with your people and marry her.my in-law.(smiled).
ME.thank you papa.what of her.i mean tochi?.
P.TOCHI.she is in her room.
ME.ok papa.let me go and see her.(i left papa tochi.to go meet my tobaby.i went inside her room and i saw her.laying down. She greeted me immediately she saw me.we went to the ukwuu mango together.to spend some quality time as lovers.(are you jeaulous?.lols.).
ME.tobaby m.my tom tom milky milky.the sugar in my tea.my quadratic equation.the onion in my stew.the egusi in my soup.(she was busy blushing).how are you na?.
TOCHI.am fime(fine).this names wey you dey call me.dey do me some how for body o.(she said smiling).
ME.*laughs*how im dey do you.
TOCHI.the names they sweet me.(she said shyly).
ME.don’t worry.if we get married.i will be calling you the names.you hear.
TOCHI.okay.i don hear.
ME.so if we get married now. What name will you be calling me?.
TOCHI.i will be calring you tobechukwu na.
ME.aaah.noo.you will be calling me romantic names na.
TOCHI.haa.which one be lomantic again.(romantic).
ME.romantic means sweet.
TOCHI.sweet.the one wey them they sell for shope.wey we dey leak.
ME.noo.not that one.
TOCHI.so you want me to be calring(calling) you sweet names.
ME.yes na. tobechukwu is not romantic.
TOCHI.okay.i will be calring you.erm erm.tobem or nkem.
ME.i like nkem.
TOCHI.ok i will be calring(callin)you nkem.
ME.okay.erm erm.tobaby m.i want to tell you something.
TOCHI.what na.
ME.i want us to do jigida.(s#x)
TOCHI.you have come again.what is jigida?.
ME.okay.i want to i want to.erm.will you give me?.
TOCHI.tell na.i fit give you.
ME.i want us to have erm s#x.
TOCHI.we never marry na.if we marry.we will be doing it every day.so wait.
ME.(chai!bad market).tochi please na.i want to do it now.shebi na me go marry you.lets start now.
TOCHI.if we get marry.i will give you.what of if i get belle?.
ME.if you get belle.na me go still marry you.or if you no want.i go go buy condome for one of the shopes now.
TOCHI.what is condome again.
ME.don’t worry.i will tell you.if we use condome do the thing.you no go get belle.
TOCHI.eehe.are you sure?.
ME.yes na.am sure.
TOCHI.okay. Lets go to your house and do the thing.but your thing dey very long o.
ME.(this girl self).it’s not too long like that.beside it won’t hurt you.
TOCHI.okay lets go.(chai!i don hammer today).
I and tochi left to my house.holding hands together.love is sweet o.on our way.we saw a car that drove and stopped near us.i became suprise.who must be this that is driving this fine car.i was still in my though.when a young lady came down from the car.lo and behold.it was ISABELLA.i looked at her shining skin.and said to myself.money is good o. She came closer to us and greeted us.
ISABELLA.hi guys.
TOCHI.wetin she talk (she asked me).
ME.she said.how are we doing.
TOCHI.ooh.oyibo.we are fime o.(fine).
ME.(see how this girl dey disgrace me in front of isabella.mumu.).hi isabella.
ISABELLA.you even know my name.
ME.yes.i came to your house early hours of today.i am the one that will clear the grases on your compound.you even gave i and my friend wine.
ISABELLA.oh oh oh.i remember.so you are the one.
ME.yes.am the one.
ISABELLA.okay.i want to get to the market and buy some stuffs.but i don’t know the road that lead to the market.please dear can you show me the road.or better.we can go to the market together.i will drope you home.if am through with what i wanna buy.please.
ME.(chai!she even called me dear.my own done better.of course why won’t i follow her.who no like better thing.atleast i go enter that her fine car.but what of tochi?i don’t want to miss this opportunity to jigida her.what i have been praying for all this while.and now that God have finally answer my prayer.isabella carry her own wahala come.mitchew.devil is a liar.
ME.okay.no problem.lets go. I told tochi to wait for me at home.if i come back we will continue were we stop.she agreed and started goin home.i and isabella zoomed off to the market.
On our way to the market.inside the car.the AC wasn’t help the matter.i became cold and uncomfortable instantly.don’t blame me abeg.i havn’t been in AC before.so it’s not my fault.isabella notice that i was uncomfortable with the AC.i can see that you havn’t been in AC before. should i off the AC.she asked.
ME.what did you say.
ISABELLA.i said should i switch off the AC.
ME.erm.sorry o.what is AC?.i asked as an illiterate.
ISABELLA.*laughs*i mean.the air condition.this thing that is blowing air on you.
ME.ooh.erm.yes switch it off.it’s cold.
ISABELLA.oh gosh.you are indeed are typical village boy.she switch it off.
ME.(hey.this girl.don’t even insult me o.i senior you with many years.immediately.i looked down and saw her laps.she was wearing a short skirt.so her laps were visible.chai!see fresh laps.na one person go dey enjoy this thing alone.her boyfriend is very lucky o.if only i could touch this her laps alone.i swear i will be satisfy.only a touche will be okay for me.i don’t need much.but who am i to touch her.unless i want to spend my entire life in jail.coz her rich father will surely deal with me.abeg let her go jooh.my tochi is waiting for me.i will use her and console my self.i said to myself.
What is your name?.her voice brought me back from my thought.
ME.eeh.what did you say?.
ISABELLA.what were you thinking.coz i saw you staring at me.more than a minute now.
ME.nothing.am not staring at you.(i lied).
ISABELLA.sssh.you are.tell me what were you thinking.
ME.erm.i was just looking at your face.
ISABELLA.what happen to my face.
ME.erm.nothing happened to your face.just that you are fine.(am a village boy doesn’t mean i don’t know something that is beautiful).
ISABELLA.(Smiled).thank you.what is your name.
ME.tobechukwu.but you can call me tobe.
ISABELLA.nice name.you already know my name right.
ME.yes.but what is the meaning of isabella.
ISABELLA.well let me say.is an english name.
ME.okay.(she is friendly.i said to myself.
ISABELLA.is she your sister.i mean the girl that i saw you with.
ME.noo.she is my girlfriend.
ISABELLA.you even have a girlfriend.village love indeed.
ME.(i no blame you.city girl).stop here.we are already at the market.
We came down from the car.and started walking towards the market.she bought all the stuffs she wanted to buy.i was busy following her like a body guard.
ISABELLA.what will you like to buy.just take anything you want.i will pay.
ME.are you sure.
ISABELLA.come on.do i look like am kidding?.
ME.ok i want to buy.erm.chocolet.milo.bread and sweet.
ISABELLA.is that all. Yes i answerd her.
She bought them for me.plus other things that i didn’t asked her to buy. Thank you.i said to her.
ISABELLA.your are welcome.can we go now.
ME.yes.but hold on am coming. I went to see one of my friend that sells drugs.
ME.chidi.how far.
CHIDI.nna i dey o.who be that girl wey resemble oyibo.wey you dey follow for back like house fly.
ME.na one girl like that o.chief simon’s daughter.she asked me to show her our market.
CHIDI.haa.she is very fine o.
ME.so you too sabi better thing.
CHIDI.before nko.who no like better thing.
ME.i want buy something o.
CHIDI.wetin you want buy.
CHIDI.what is con.
ME.i mean. dom.
CHIDI.i still don’t understand.(this guy no be correct guy at all.
ME.okay.i mean condom.
CHIDI.wetin you want use do.how many you want.
ME.give me.150 naira own. He handed them to me.immediately i slide them inside my pocket.
CHIDI.but weting you want use am do.
ME.i want use am cook ogbono soup.(mumu).don’t ask me again.shebi i pay you.before wetin dem them use am dey do.(tochi. i am coming for you)
I left his shope.isabella.drove us back home.she stopped me at the front of our house.
ISABELLA.so this is were you are leaving.
ME.yes.i am leaving with my grand mother.
ISABELLA.alright.do you have phone?.
ME.noo.i don’t have. She open her hand bag.and brought out a brand new phone.
ISABELLA.take. i knew that you don’t have phone.just take this.(she handed the phone to me.)i bought it for you.
ME.(wow.see me see brand new camera phone.with Mtn sim card.chai i done hammer). Thank you very much.may God bless you.
ISABELLA.you are welcome. I have to go now see you tomorrow.
I bade her good bye.and she drove away.i was very happy.at last.i have gotten a brand new camera phone.for free.tochi must hear this.
I went inside the house.i couldn’t find tochi.i asked my grand mother were she is.she told me that she ha gone to her house.after she waited for me.and i didn’t show up.
Plain failed.what is the need of buying those condoms nah.tochi is wicked.what am i going to do now.
I took my working materials and headed to chief simon’s house.to start my work.
I went inside the large compound and saw isabella’s car at the garage.which means that she is around.should i go and greet her.i said to myself.no let me start work.before the sun will start scorching.
Episode 5
I started the work.with all the strenght i have in my body.withing three days.i was through with the work.with the help of tochi.
The following day.i went to collect my money from chief simon. I knocked at his glass door.as usuall.they open the door but this time around.it was isabella.that open the door.
ISABELLA.hi tobe.come in.
I went inside there large sitting room.she orderd me to sit down.i sat down.
ISABELLA.you are a very hard working guy.really strong.withing three days.you have clear the whole compound.(she said).
ME.thank you.
ISABELLA.please make your self comfortable.let me tell my dad that you are hear. She left.I was looking around the sitting room.when chief simon entered the sitting room but without her daughter…..i stood up and greet him.
CHIEF SIMON.you came for your money right.
ME.yes sir.
C.SIMON.i must said.you are a very strong and hard working.withing few day.your have already clear the whole compound….he shook de.
ME. Thank you sir.(i said smiling).
How much is your money.he asked. Sir my money is five thousand naira.bu anything that your heart asked you to give me.is okay by me. Are you serious?Yes sir.am serious..i like your spirit.
ME.thank you sir. He handed me a small envelope.
C.SIMON.there is 12 thousand naira.just take it.you deserve it.i like strong and hard working young boys like you.
ME.(wow i’m twelve thousand naira richer).thank you sir.may almighty God bless you.
C.SIMON.so what is your name again.and how old are you.
ME.my name is tobechukwu.and i’m twenty five years old.sir.
C.SIMON.what about your parent.and your education.
ME.my parents died when i was 10 years old.and my grand mother who i am leaving with. was unable to sponsored me in school.so i dropped at ss1.
C.SIMON.is a pity my dear.but do you wish to work.
ME.yes sir.if i see any work that will give me money of course i will work.
C.SIMON.okay.i want you to come to the city.
ME.you want me to come to the city?.me city.
C.SIMON.yes.i want you to be the gardner in my house at city.i will be paying you.monthly.
ME.but sir.what is gardner?.i don’t understand.
C.SIMON.lols.you mean you don’t know what is gardner.
ME.sir.i wish i know.
C.SIMON.ok i will tell you.a gardner is a person or someone like you that care or cultivate a garden’s law.
ME.ooh sir.you are going too far.please break it down for me to understand.
C.SIMON.ooh God.you still have a long way to go.don’t worry if you are interested.i will take you to the city and teach you the work of a gardner.then you can start.
ME.sir i am interested to do the job.but sir how about my grand mother.how is she going to cope without me.you know.she is old.and please sir.how much will you be paying me.
C.SIMON.i will be paying you 25 thousand naira.montly.and as for your grand mother.you should find a helper that will be helping her to do some house choir.maybe ones in a month.you can come and visit them.how did you see it.
ME.you are right sir.i will do just that.when are we leaving?.
C.SIMON.in three days time.but isabella will be going tomorrow because of her school.
ME.okay.sir.thank you.sir can i go now.so that i can be preparing for the journey gradually.(i said happly.finally.this is an opportunity for me.to go the city.and start a new life.am tired of village life.i will save enough money.which will be enough for me to pay my tochi’s bride price.yes
C.SIMON.of course you can go.see you later.
I looked for isabella to bade her good bye.but i did’nt see her.then I went home happily.i was like God has finally answerd my prayers.to go to the city.how will my life in the city be.is it going to be difference from the life in the village?well only time will tell.
On my way.i branched at uche’s house to break the news for him.he was happy with me and at the same time sad.he was sad that he was going to miss me and my company.i gave him some of the money that chief gave me.and left his house.and again i branched at tochi’s house to tell her about the news.
ME.Tobaby m.you are looking good and happy today.
TOCHI.yes o.am very very happy.
ME.why are you happy nah.
TOCHI.because am geting married very soon.with you.(smiling).
ME.me too.am happy.how many children.do you want to born.if we finally get married.
TOCHI.erm.erm.10 or 11.
ME.(Suprised).jesus.God forbid.
TOCHI.why are you shouting Jesus.is 11 too small.
ME.heeh.(this girl want to kill me.you and who will born 10.)see tochi.ten is too much.we will born like five or six.
TOCHI.okay.if you said so.
ME.erm tobaby.i have something to tell you.i will be going to the city in three days time.
TOCHI.city.which city na.do you know any body in the city.please don’t go any city o.i don’t want anything to happen to you.
ME.come on.tobaby.am not a small boy na.i want to go and do better work.so that i can raise enough money to pay your bride prize.okay.chief simon said he will help me with a job.
TOCHI.(started crying)so you want to leave me and go to the city abi.you want to be following city girls.abi.
My son.so you want to leave old woman like me to die while you go to the city.you are not going any were o.unless you want me to die.you are the only thing that your late parents left for me.and now you want to go away.who will be fetching water.fire wood.and other things for me.tell me. My grand mother lamented after i told her that i will going to city.
ME.mama.please i will find a house help for you.you won’t die.i’m going to the city to work.this village has no future for me.beside i will be leaving with chief simon.i have to go mama please.i’m a grown up man now.nothing bad will happen to me.
G.MAMA.what about tochi.will you leave her?.
ME.yes.if i save enough money.i will come and pay her bride prize.
G.MAMA.but my son.i don’t want you to go the city o.hope you won’t leave tochi and follow city girls.coz i heard that city girls are beautiful.and you are handsome too.
ME.aah.mama.tochi is my one and only girl.infact she is my wife already.i won’t and will never leave her for any other girl.
G.MAMA.i will miss you so much my son.*sobing*.please always visit home.
ME.i will miss you too mama.expecially that your ukazi soup.don’t worry i will be coming home.once or twice a month.okay.please stop crying.
That was how i was able to convince my mother.
The following day.i was washing some of my clothes and my old bag that i will take to the city.when a care drove inside our compound.i was looking for the person that drove in.when isabella came down from the car.i was suprised to see her.coz i never expected her to come to my poor home.
ME.isabella.what are you doing around here.
ISABELLA.i came to visit you. aren’t you happy to see me.
ME.of course am happy to see you.just that am suprised.
ISABELLA.yea.i was bored at home. doing nothing i have no friend around here execpt you.so i dicided to pay you a visit.hope am welcome?.
ME.yea of course.you are welcome.please sit down.(i offered her the only plastic chair we have at home).
ME.what can i offer you.
ISABELLA.ooh.don’t worry thanks.i don’t feel like taking anything. What are you doing?.
ME.am washing.you look good today?.
ISABELLA.you are teasing me right.
ME.am not teasing you.am just telling you the truth.
ISABELLA.thank you.what of that your girl?.
ME.you mean tochi.(she nodded)she is fine.
ISABELLA.how long have you guys been together.
ME.four(4) months now.
ISABELLA.hmm.okay.my dad told me that you will be coming to city in two days time.
ME.yes o.that is why am washing some of my clothes.please tell me about city.
ISABELLA.well.city is very big.you will meet difference kind of people.the good.the bad. the ugly ones and the fine ones.and even ghost in human form.you will see all of them.all you have to do is to becareful with those that you will associate with.no dulling time at city.everybody is a hustler.that is it my dear.
ME.okay.i have heard you.please one more thing.tell me more about your self.
ISABELLA.nothing much about me to tell you.i am isabella by name.but friends call me bella.i am 22 years old.i am in my finall year in the university.that is all for now.
ME.do you have another siblings?.
ISABELLA.oh gosh.you ask so much question.i have an elder sister.she is 24 years old.(i senior both of una self).
ME.okay. That reminds me.i bought some clothes for you.(she handed me a small bag which contains the clothes and a shoe).
ME.thank you very much.how did you know my size?.
ISABELLA.well.i always have you in my mind.that was how i got your size.
ME.how did you have me in mind.
ISABELLA.*smiled*dear.don’t worry.you will know soon.okay.
We gist for a while. before she took her leave to her house.i really enjoyed her company.coz she is very friendly.she doesn’t pampad herself like other city girls use to do.
The following day came.i helped my old mother to fetch water fire wood and other things she will be needing for the main time.i was able to found a helper for her.chizaram by name. a female.i only have a day left to travle to the city.chai i can’t wait o.my dream is coming to pass through.
In the evening.the same day.i went to visit tochi.to bade her good bye for the main time.
ME.tochi.since i came here you have been crying.why na.
TOCHI.*sobing*i want to follow you to the city.i no fit leave without you.
ME.tobaby m.please stop crying.if you follow me to the city.were are you going to stay na.please let me go.i will still come back for you.if i save enough money.i will come and pay your bride prize.then we can go to the city together.so stop crying.
TOCHI.plomise(promise) me that you will not leave me for fine city girls.
ME.i promise.
TOCHI.and again.plomise(promise) that you will be fine.
ME.aah tochi.i will be fine.
TOCHI.and please don’t follow bad people o.i love you vely vely(very)much.
ME.thank you.and i love you too.you hear.
I stayed with her for some minutes before i left her.(she cried bitterly.but i was able to console her.tochi really loves me.no dout.
I left her to my house.coz I have a long way to go tomorrow.
The following day.i took my lugage and kept them at chief simon’s boot.isabella had already gone back to the city last day.my mother.i mean grand mother was busy shedding tears as if am not gona come back again.she prayed for me.before chief simon zoomed off. The journey from the village to the city lasted four(4) hours and 30minutes.it wasn’t easy for me coz i havn’t travled such long distance before.including the AC that was not helping matter at all.
We are in the city.welcome to the city.chief simon’s voice brought me back.
ME.wow.it’s beautiful.
C.SIMON.yea.you havn’t seen anything.what will you like to eat?.
ME.sir.anything will be okay for me. He stopped at one of the restaurant for us to eat.before the journey will commens.i took rice and plantain while he just took rice and chicken.30minutes later.we continue the journey to his residence.
ME.wow.see houses.see cars of difference type.see girls of difference sizes.chai this is city indeed.city here i comes.finally.anybody wey talk say.i no go come city.him go die for village.anybody wey talk say my coconut no go dry.him own no go get water.i said to myself.
Chief simon drove inside a very big mansion.and killed the car engine in the garage.were are we.i said to myself.
CHIEF SIMON.welcome to my home.tobe.
ME.wow.thank you sir.you house is beautiful.how many people are leaving here with you.
C.SIMON.just i and my two daughter alone.
ME.alone in this big house?what of your wife.
C.SIMON.my wife.is in abroad.doing her business.please come let me show you to your room. Immediately i saw isabella coming.with another lady.which lookes like her sister.coz they really has the same face.but isabella is more beautiful than her Good afternoun dad.you are welcome.they chorused.
CHIEF.my daughters.how are you guys doing?. Fine dad.they chorused.my daughters.meet Tobe.the new gardner.and tobe.meet my daughters.this is isabella which you know.and this is Anabell my first daughter.
ISABELLA.Tobe.you are welcome to the city.am sure you are gona enjoy your stay.*smiling*.
ME.thank you.hi.i said to Anabel.she didn’t reply instead.she keep a straight face.
Please isabella help me bring my back inside.and Anabell.please show tobe his room at the quaters. Follow me.she commanded me.without wasting time i followed her like a zombie. After a few silent walk.she pointed at the room and said to me.
ANABELL.hey.there is your room.i wonder how you will cope here.with this your village mentality.
ME.erm sorry.how do you mean?.
ANABELL.will you shut up.don’t ever in your local life talk when i’m taking.village illiterate.
ME.Anabell.what wrong have i done to you.which warant you to insult me this way.we havn’t met before o.am just seeing you for the first time.
ANABELL.you even knows my name.dog.for the first time i saw you some minutes ago.you are too local.to work here.i don’t know why my dad will employ a boy like you as a gardner.mehn you are not just good for my liking.i will advice you to go back to your village and continue your suffering with your poor rechel mother over there.she finally called me a f##l and went away.
Immediately she left.i felt dumped and dejected.i started blaming myself.why i came to the city at the first place.look at this girl that i just met now.i did nothing wrong to her.she has started insulting me.calling me names.this is hate at the first sight. not love any more.i still have some money with me here.maybe i will start going back to the village were i can have peace of mind.than to stay here and watch this girl insult me. I was still in my though.when isabella walked closer to me.
ISABELLA.were are you standing out side.havn’t she showed you your room?.
ME.she have showed me my room.
ISABELLA.why are you still out side.beside you are not looking happy.what happen.did you miss your girlfriend.
ME.not really.is your sister.
ISABELLA.what happen to my sister.
ME.it seems that she doesn’t like me.some minutes ago.she was busy.insulting and calling me names.
ISABELLA.are you serious.what did you do to her?.
ME.nothing o.i did nothing to her.
ISABELLA.don’t worry okay.i will talk to her.just get inside and fresh up.hope you can use the shower.
ME.no what is shower?.
ISABELLA.oh gosh.you have a lot to learn.come inside let me teach you how to use the shower. After she was through with her teaching.i am a fast learner.so i was able to learn how to on and off the shower and other things in the room.
City life is very interesting.than village life. If only Anabell or what ever she called herself.will allow me to leave here in peace.am sure i will enjoy my stay here.but if she want trouble.i will surely give her double.i’m a village boy doesn’t mean i don’t know my right.


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