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C.SIMON: do you know the reason why i asked for your release?.
ME: eerm eerm!yes sir sorry i mean no sir.
C.SIMON: what is the meaning of that.do you think i’m joking with you?.
ME: yes sir i mean sorry sir.
C.SIMON: i release you because.i don’t want to have anything to do with you again.i want you to stay away with my daughter…take this money.(he handed me some thousands of naira note)
shivering.i took the money from him.
C.SIMON: that is the sum of 50k.i want you to use this money and go back to the village.were you come from.i don’t wanna see you around my house again.we have no business again.use this money to do whatever you want.i won’t warn you again.i brought your clothes with some of your items.they are inside the boot.
I was silent for a while.thinking so many things.
Sir.can i ask you a question?.
C.SIMON: go ahead.but be fast about it.
ME: what about her pregnancy.i mean isabella?.
C.SIMON: so you have the guts to talk about the pregnancy in my presence right.i no blame you at all.any way.about the pregnancy.she will flush it out.(he said.looking mean and was staring at me as if he wanted to swallow me).
ME: but why sir.why will she abort the innocent unborn child?
C.SIMON: my friend.stop asking me nonesence question as if i’m your mate.i don’t want any b-----d in my household.and as for that.she must flush that b-----d out.do you get me now?.
ME: she told me earlier that she doesn’t wanna abort the child.why do you want her to do that.what of if she die in the process?what will you tell the world.
C.SIMON: is better she died than to give birth to that b-----d thing that you put inside her.and if she disobey me.then i will count her out as my child.i will disown her.
ME: what!!
C.SIMON: yes that is my finally word.what are you thinking.you are nobody and an illeterate.
Oh God.this man is a devil.how can he do such thing to his own daughter.is he insane?.i love Isabella.and nothing can make me to forget her.even though we didn’t marry atlast.i will always love her.she was the one that showed me the meaning of love.and true love.so no amount can make me to forget her.not even chief simon’s money.he should go to hell with his money for all i care.
ME: sir with all due respect.i can’t take this money.
ME: i love Isabella your daughter.no amount of money can buy my love for her.i was unfortunate not to come from a well known family like yours.we are not rich.but we never complain of hunger.despite my poor background we always afford what we want.i appreciate the fact that you brought me to the city for my first time in my life.thank you for that.but sir i know i’m nobody and an illeterate like you said earlier.but that doesn’t mean that i don’t know my right.i know my right okay.so take you money back.i’m leaving your life for good.(i throwed the money back to him and made to step down from the car).
Chief simon was shocked for my action.his mouth was wide open.he never expected me to confidently and fearlesly said those words to him.he was still suprised and silent for my out burst.before he finally said.
C.SIMON: so you have the guts to open this your mouth that you used and eat yam and cocoyam and talk to me like that right.i don’t blame you.you even throwed back the money that i gave to you eeeh.is poverty that will kill you.i don’t even know the reason why i release you from that cell.but mark my word.you will regret this.i promise you.you must regret talking to me like that.
ME: *fool* am sorry sir.but you are not my God.poverty will never kill me.i must survive without you.
He became more suprise.he wanted to attack me.but he retreat.my plain was if he try and attack me at that lonely place.i will beat him black and white and ran away.but he should thank his stars that he didn’t attack me.old fool..i was pround of myself for telling him those words.he can’t do more than a dead fly.
I came down from his car. went to the boot and took my bag.after taking them i close the boot and said to him.
ME: thank you sir.and good bye.
He didn’t replied.instead he start his car and zoomed off.leaving me alone to decide my fate.i started soliloquizing on how to start my journey back to the village without any money.i searched in my pocket and all my clothes them whether i could see anything like money.but no way.i started blaming myself why i didn’t collect that money from chief simon.i remove all the clothes in my bag to search whether i could see any money.i searched every were in the bag.still nothing.i finally accept my faith as a loser.tears was dropping from my eyes…slowly.i started packing my clothes back to my bag.i was packing the clothes suddenly.my hand scrached something like a paper inside the other side of the bag.i unzip the tiny side of the bag and dig my hand inside it.i started touching something like a paper they are many.i removed all of them.and behold it was notes of five hundred naira.i counted them and it was 10k.i smiled to myself.and.
Episode 19
I continue my journey back to were i came from from.my home land.were i grew up and started my life.
I searched for my phone.but it wasn’t inside the bag.i didn’t bothered about it.but i later realise that i didn’t have Isabella’s number off skul.i was very sad withing me.i later consoled myself and continue my journey.
I got to the park.and waited for a while luckly for me.i got a taxi that was heading to my side.i got in and waited for other passengers to come in.some minutes later.we zoomed off.as usuall.the journey lasted for some hours and finally.i landed in my village.i paid the taxi driver and left.i got to the village park.and with the small money left with me.i bought some items.provisions and bread for my G.mama…i no won carry last..everything cost 3k.i paid for the things and left.atleast i still have about 5k with me.(i said to myself).i stroll and got a bike at the village park..VILLAGE HERE I COME AGAIN.from grace to grass.which kind life be this self.
The bike man got to my compound as directed by me.i paid him and he left.i took my back and went inside our compound.chinaza was the first to see me.she rushed and greeted me before taking my bag.
Where is mama?i asked her.
CHINAZA: uncle she is in the kitchen cooking.
ME: alright.go and drope my bag inside my room. let me go and see her.
CHINAZA: okay uncle.
she left while i went to the kitchen side to see my mama.i got there and saw her.murmering some local traditional song.
Mama.i called out.
G.MAMA: onye bu ifa(who is that)
ME: mama is me tobechukwu.
Immediately she heard my name.she left what she was cooking and rushed out from the kitchen.she saw me and hugged me.
G.MAMA: tobem.is this you?.(she asked in a suprised tone).
ME: aaah mama is me o.how are you doing and your health?.
G.MAMA: my son.i’m not fine o.since last week .i have been calling your phone.but they said switched off.i became afraid whether something bad have happened to you o.thank God that you are fine o.
ME: eayaa mama.i lost my phone since last week.so that was why it was off.
G.MAMA: okay.so how is your oga.hope he is fine.
ME: eerm mama.i’m hungry.what are you cooking?( she should not ask me about that man again)
G.MAMA: i’m cooking ugu soup.just go inside and remove your clothe.i will serve you your food.you hear?
ME: okay mama.i bought some provision for u too.
G.MAMA: thank you my son.may God bless you my son.
ME: amen o.
I left to my room i removed my clothe and went to the bathroom to freshen up.i came back and my food was ready.i ate the food like an angry lion that havn’t eaten for some days.my G.mama was watching me like a movie.but i no send her.if she knew what i went through eeeh.she will bring the whole pot of soup for me to eat…i finished the first plate of eba and i requested for an extra one.she brought another eba for me. i ate to my satisfaction before i finally gave up.after i was through with the food.my mama finally said.
G.MAMA: what happen?.
ME: (suprised)at were?
G.MAMA: you were eaten as if you havn’t eaten for days.and you look so ill.
ME: aaah!mama.nothing happened.i was just very hungry that is all.
G.MAMA: my son.i know when you are fine and when you are not.since you came back from the city.i have been observing you.and something is telling me that all is not well.tobem what happen?biko don’t lie to me.
This woman self.wetin be her own na.what am i going to tell her now.should i tell her the truth?even though i lie to her.she will later know the truth.so no need to lie to her.
ME: *clear throat*mama.all is not well as you predicted.
G.MAMA: i said it.so what happen?talk to me my son.
I narrated to her everything that happened.including that of the pregnancy.and my experience in prison. and how chief simon depoted me back to the village..after i was through.my grand mother burst into a loud cry..i tried my best and consoled her.before she finally calm down.she said.
G.MAMA: so my son.that was what you went through.
ME: yes o mama.
G.MAMA: you see what i was telling you.i have begged you to find a girl in this village and marry.but you refused.instead you went and impregnant your oga daughter.now look at your life.where will you start from now.eeeh.tell me.
ME: mama.is not my fault.we love each other but everything happened for a reason.if fate want us to marry in future.fine.if no.fine too.
We concluded our discusion for the day.thank God that she understood me.
THREE DAYS LATER.i was in my room.when chinaza walked in.and said.
CHINAZA: uncle tobe.someone is looking for you.
ME: who is that?.
CHINAZA: one fine anty.came with her bag.she said she is looking for tobechukwu.
ME:*suprised* how is she?.
CHINAZA: she fine well well.and she is fair too.
ME: okay.tell her that i’m coming:
immediately she left.i started asking questions upon questions to no one in particular.WHO MUST BE THAT.WHAT DO THE PERSON WANT.DO I KNOW HER?.hope is not what i ‘m thinking o.
I wore my clothe and left the room.to go and see the fine anty that was looking for me.i step out from the room and went out side.i looked around the compound.i didn’t see anybody.mitcheew.e be like say this small girl want to use me and play o.i resemble im papa ni..chinaza chinaza.i shouted out her name..yes uncle..she answered from the other side of the compound.
ME: were is the fine anty you said was looking for me?*frown face*
CHINAZA: uncle she is discusing with mama at the kitchen side.
I left her and walked to the kitchen side.i got there in a jiffy lo and behold it was no other person but my long time Isabella.
Immediately i saw her.i frozed and stood like a stature.*mouth wide open*i wanted to move but something pin me down.i can’t move nor talk.she was the last person i wish to see..for some seconds.i was still standing in suprised manner.for all this while.she havn’t see me nor notice my present.i finally managed to get myself.
Isabella…i called out her name.she heard her name and turned to my direction.she saw me and shouted my name.immediately.she throw her hand bag away with all her force.she ran and hugged me passionately.i spread my hand and held her tight to myself.tears was dropping from her eyes.(i guess tears of joy).my G.mama was just watching us with a smile..we held each other for complete 3minutes.before we finally disengaged ourselves.(still in tears)she stared at me passionately and said.
ISABELLA: ooh tobem.my love.i missed you baby.
ME: *in tears*my dear.i missed you more.
ISABELLA: i’m very sorry for what you went through because of me.forgive me my love.
ME: is okay dear.you don’t have to apologive.everything happened for a reason.all thanks to God that no one was hurt.
ISABELLA: thank you.how are you faring.how is life treating you.how is everything going with you?(she asked with care).
ME: dear.my life had not been fair enough.all thanks to your dad.but i thank God for my life.i’m getting better now.
ISABELLA: i’m sorry for what my dad did to you.i will make it up to you.
She drew my neck down and gave me a deep passionate kiss..i became shy because my G.mama was there watching us.her face was all smiling.(naughty woman.lolz)
ME: so how did you get here.i thought that your dad doesn’t(she cut me in).
ISABELLA: *smiled*sssssh.(placed her finger on my lips)can we go inside?please.i have a goodnews for you.
ME: goodnews?
ISABELLA: yes darling.*smiling*
ME: okay na.lets go inside.
I turned to my G.mama and told her that we are going inside.she already knew who Isabella was to me.so there was no need for further intro.she said she will join us later.that she want to prepare some food for our vistor(isabella)then she went to the kitchen.
i held her by her waist and led her to my room.she was all smiling.i started wondering why she was always smiling since..we got to the sitting room.and she sat on my bed.i sat closer to her.i started observing her body.my isabella is now adding some wealth on her stomarch.gradually.her stomarch is growing.chai!i respect all the ladies all around the world.you guys are trying in terms of pregnancy.eno easy at all una too much..i respect my follow guys too.atleast eno easy to give woman belle.*lolz*
i was lost and carried away in my observation.that i didn’t knew that Isabella had already caught me.
ISABELLA: *clear throat*hey what are you looking at?.
ME: eerm.you mean me?.(funny me)
ISABELLA: yes i mean you.since we came inside here.you have been staring at me as if you want to eat me up.what do you want?*wink*.
ME: you have change a little bit.
ME: you have add wealth on your stomarch.what type of food are you eaten?*laughs*.
ISABELLA:*laughs* naughty you.is the seed that you planted in me that is making my stomarch to be growing.all thanks to you.my God will judge you for doing this to me.*laughing*
ME and ISABELLA burst into a loud laugh.
ME: God will judge us.not only me.coz we did it together.(smiled)
she hit me playfull.her hand is so soft to hurt.
ME: so how is the little baby doing?.(touched her stomarch).
ISABELLA: fine dear.
ME: so what is the goodnews all about?.
ISABELLA: guess what.(smiled).
ME: what.please tell me.
ISABELLA: i have finally reconciled with my dad about the pregnancy.
ME: (figeting)and what did he said.did she asked you to abort it?.as he threatened earlier.
ISABELLA: no not at all.i threatened him to take my life if he ever force me to abort the baby.i nearly hang myself.i refused to eat nor talk to him again.it was yesterday night that he called and said that.i can go ahead and have the baby.that he won’t force me to do anything against my wish.again he said he want to see you first.to make up with you for what he did to you.and talk about us.so i decided to come to informed you about the new development..we are leaving tomorrow morning.*smiling*
ME: (very happy)that means you are sleeping here.
ISABELLA: yes dear.*wink*
I was very happy was an understatement.but i hope is not a trap


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