Tuesday, 24 October 2017


The cops took me to there van and they zoomed off.i looked back and saw isabella runing after the van.but the gate closed i never saw her again.
We got to the station.the D.p.o ordered one of the cop to take me to the cell.he led me inside the cell.we got in and he removed the handcuffe and through me inside the cell..i looked around and found three more prisoners in the same cell.immediately i became afraid.coz i havn’t been in prison before.i looked at each of there faces.mehn there weren’t smiling at all.two out of the three were very huge.while one was like my size..i stood and stared at them.and said.
ME: una weldone.
FIRST GUY:who be you.
ME: i be human being.
The other guy rose from were he stood and gave me two resounding slap.you think say we dey joke with you.you dey craze.the guy said to me..i fell down and moan in pain.the pain was much.i couldn’t bear it much longer.i can’t allow my follow man to intimidate me any how.with full speed.i rose up and landed him my own sounding slap.he held his cheek and fell back..he gave me a deadly look and said..you slapped me abi.shey you no dey fear.you know who i be.you want show me say you get moral abi?before i could answer him.the three of them descended on me.the kicked.punched.hit.infact i was beating mercilesly.they gave me a beating of my life..after the beating.the searched my pocket and took the only five hundred naira left in my pocket..b-----d.next time you try me.i go personally kill you here.you dey craze.
I was groaning in pain.blood was gushing out from my mouth and nose.i layed helplesly on the ground.i wanted to say something but i can’t open my mouth coz the pain was much.i was only moping at them..some minutes later.i regain myself and sat down at the other edge in the cell like a rejected son.i didn’t talk to them again neither did they talk to me again…night finally came.the gave us our dinner.the food they served us cannot even feed a lizard not to talk of human being.the taste of the food can murder a new born baby.it was as if they didn’t cook the food at all.not only that.the food was watering..chai!this is poison not food.i started cursing the person that cooked this fuel and called it food.mitcheew.na this thing i go chop.God forbid.is better i die of hunger than to eat this food.beside if i eat this food i go still die.so what is the need.i was staring at the ugly food.i couldn’t bear it any longer.i lifted the plate and pour it away.unfortunately.some of the food went and splash on one of my prisonmate’s face.(wetin dem they call them self)which coursed me another round of beating.but i bit one of them hard at his neck.trust me na.after the beating.i made to sleep.but all my body was in great pain.those b------s has disfigured my body with there beating.and again the night soldiers (mosquitoe)won’t allow me.i couldn’t sleep.that night was the worst night of my life..chai!naija prison is not a place to go.na no go area.if you mistakenly go there.hmmm.you body no go know you again.your brain will format automatically.so better abstain from anything that will lead you to prison.
I was awake through out the night.the other guys were confidently sleeping.they didn’t even cared about the mosquitos.i was praying for morning to come.i waited and waited to what seems like enternity.before morning finally came..
I was weeping inside my mind.i started asking myself on how long i will continue like this.what about my G.mama.i was very hungry and tasty.i was crying inside of me…GUY U DEY CRY?one of the guys asked me.i looked at him and touched my eyes.i found out that i was sheading tears..i wanted to curse him.but before i could say any word.two police guys came and dragged me away from the cell.i followed them like zombie.they lead me to a dark room and gave me the beating of my life.i was asking them what my offense was.the paid deaf ear to me.instead they hit me more harder.i tried to deffend myself.but i was very weak and tired.i cried and cried in many languages.those monsters never gave up.they beat me to there satisfaction.before they lead me back to jail.they kept me and left.i layed helplesly on the flour.every part of my body swolled up.i added weight on my face.i layed at that position for an hour before i started to regain concious again.i looked myself and i regretted the day i came to the city.
30 minutes later.one of the police guy came inside the cell and asked.WHO AMONG YOU HERE IS TOBE.i weakly raised my hand.he said.somebody want to see me.he ordered me to come with him.which i did.he lead me to a table and behold it was Anabell that stood with a food flask on her hand.ANABELL.i shouted.i was suprised to see her.i was staring at the food flask in her hand.immediately she saw me.she kept the food flask and hugged me passionately.what!!i said to myself..i felt love again.even though it doesn’t come with the right person.we were staring at each other before she finally said.
Episode 17
Anabell what are you doing here?(staring at the flask she was holding).
ANABELL: hi tobe.what happened to you.why are you like this.what did they do to you.what happened to your face?(she asked with care).
she caught me staring at the food flask.then she said..
ANABELL: is like you are hungry.(i nodded like a 2years old baby)i brought the food for u.you can have it.
She handed the flask over to me.without any delay.coz delay can be dangerious.i open the flask and wow!!it was a jollof spaghetti.(devil is a liar)before Anabell could spell my name.the food had gone half flask.i was eaten the meal like a hungry lion.Anabell was busy staring and smiling for the little drammer i was displaying.i didn’t even send her.i ate everything and drink the pack of 5alive she brought.not even a single thing left inside the flask.after i was through with the food.i smiled to myself.and looked up.Anabell was busy laughing..i became confused and i was wondering why she was laughing like a hen (female chicken).
ME: why are you laughing na?.
ANABELL: *laughs*…..
i became more confused.i sure say this girl no poison the food i just chop?.eeeh chineke biko o.i don’t want to die now.no weapon form against me shall prosper(i prayed silently).she laughed and laughed to her satisfaction before she finally said..
ANABELL: please tobe don’t mind me jooh.i just cant stop laughing for the drama you just displayed.
ME: which drama?
ANABELL: i mean the way you eat the food.you eat as if you havn’t eaten for days.
ME: yea.i havn’t eaten since yesterday.the food they serve us hear is nothing to write home about.the food was tasteless no ingredient.nothing at all.thank God you brough the food.other wise i don’t know what i would have done.thank you.
ANABELL: you are welcome.you know i still care for you.i like you that was why i came to see how you are doing.you are looking rough.(touch my face).
ME: hear is not a place to be.since yesterday i came here.i tell you the kind of beating i have receive eeeh.you won’t believe it.look at me.look at my face.(showing her my face)see what they have done to me.i don’t think i can survive here.
ANABELL: i’m sorry dear.i know that you mess up by impregnating my sis.but i didn’t expect my dad to react this way.he went too far.locking you up hear will not solve the problem.don’t worry.i will talk to my dad.am sure he will change his mind and free you.(touch my face).
ME: eerm.what about Isabella.how is she doing?.
ANABELL: Isabella has been locked up by my dad.she doesn’t want her to visit you here.that was one of the reason i came here.she begged me to come and see how you are doing.she has been crying since yesterday you left.my dad even threaten to disown her if she try to disobey him.
ME: jesus!!!.
ANABELLA: i tell you.its not a small case.
ME: please what am i going to do?.please i’m confuse.please help me abeg you.
ANABELL: do you know that you were the one that brought this upon yourself?(sad face).
ME: yea i know.and i’m ready to take my responsibilities if giving a chance.please help me beg your dad.biko nu.
ANABELL: alright.i will talk to my dad.hopefuly he would listen to me.
ME: (held her hand)thank you so much Anabell.you are a good person.i won’t forget this.
ANABELL: you are welcome.maybe if i’m less busy.later in the day.i will check on you.
ME: thanks dear.
ANABELL: i have to go now.i have a date by 4pm.
ME: wow!!you and james are back together.
ANABELL: not james.i broke up with james that same day he stabbed you.so i have another guy in my life now.(smiled)
ME: that is good.congrate dear.(smiled)
ANABELL: thanks dear.
She left immediately.after dropping some cash for me.i stood and went back to that boring smelly cell..my prison mate them suddenly became friendly with me.i don’t know why.who knows maybe because the saw me with some cash that Anabell gave to me.
They apologise for there rude attitude towards me.and i forgive them.that was how we became friends..we gist and they told me what brough each and everyone one of them in the cell.they asked me about mine.i narrated everything that happened to me to them.they felt pity on me.and was cursing chief simon.
GUY1: those rich people self.them no they get sense some times.na him go marry her daughter?infact the man na idiot.
ME: na so.i take see o.if i just comot here now.na my village i go go straight
GUY2: aaar!!you go leave the girl and go?i thought you said the girl get belle for you.
ME: i never know o.make i just comot first.
I gave them some note on the money she gave to me.they thank and hailed me.
THE NEXT DAY.one of the cop came in as usuall to inform me that someone was looking for me.who is that?i asked.
Na chief simon want to see you..he answered.
WHAT!!!.i became afraid instantly.i was shivering as if they want to sentence me..hope is not want i’m thinking.my room mate for cell*lolz* asked me to go that he won’t do anything.i gathered a little courage and left with the police guy.to face my fate.
Getting left behind.not being born with a silver spoon was what brought me to this ugly cell.wishing i could change.wishing i could make my life better.wishing for another chance.wishing for someone who would come and save me from this prison.my fears not being left behind by chief simon.no being understood nor care.i hide this pain in my heart making sure no one sees my hurt.pretending to be happy while i’m not.
To be in a cell is not a place to be.and is not advisable.everything about it is ugly.abstain from anything that will lead you there.
The police guy lead me to were chief simon was.withing some seconds.we got there.immediately i saw him.i froze and stood like a stature.fear was writting all over my body.i open my mouth to greet him.but the word refuse to come out.i just stood looking at him.as if i havn’t seen him before.
He saw me and stood like a lion that was ready to attack.he wasn’t smiling at all.his face alone could chase devil away.i became scared.i would have run away if i was giving an opportunity.he gave me a scarey look.before i manage to said.
ME: go go go good day sir(stammering).
C.SIMON: may God punish u and that your greetings..
ME: eerm!okay sir.(i replied).
C.SIMON: i came to warn you.if anything bad happen to my Isabella eeeh?hehee!just consider yourself as a dead man.
ME: i’m sorry sir.
C.SIMON: sorry for yourself.fool.as u decided to pay me back by impregnanting my daughter.i will make sure you rot here in jail.i swear.
ME: *silent*.
C.SIMON: pray that nothing bad should happen to her.since two days ago.she has refuse to eat nor talk to me his father.all thanks to u.God will judge u for me.if i have offended u in any way.
I wanted to speak but he pushed me away with full force and left angrly.not without giving me his last horreble look.
With shocked.i stood there for some seconds before the same cop came and lead me inside the cell room.i got to the cell and my prison mate them were trowing me with alot of questions on how it went.what did he do to u.wetin him talk.and so on.i answered some and left some.
THE FOLLOWING DAY.i was still in the cell.when one of the cop came and inform me to get ready.
ME: i no understand.get ready for what?.
POLICE: just shut up and get ready.you are leaving today.
ME: (suprised and confused)leaving to were sir?
POLICE: you an idiot o.well just thank your God that chief na better person.he has balled you.
ME: *happy*chimo o.hope i’m not dreaming.how come chief decided to release me.hope all is well.
POLICE: just thank God say no be me.coz if na me eeeh!you for die for this station.as u get mind to give him daughter belle.
ME: (anoyed)thank God say u no be him.you wicked soul.na your papa God die here not me.fool.
POLICE: you better don’t insult me.shebi you done get mouth now because you done dey free abi.i no blame you at all.idiot.next time go give another man daughter belle.ewu.
I was very happy that atlast.i have been release.after almost five days.my skin done change colour.to wetin i no now.but i never mind as long as i’m free atlast.its well.
I shook the guys in the prison.i bade them good bye and left the cell.i went to the counter and i was giving a sheet of paper to feel.i did according to the instruction.and gave them back the piece after i was through.i looked up and saw chief simon standing.his face was still tough but not like the last time.i went closer to him to say some words to him.but he gave me a look of.don’t talk to me…he commanded me to get inside the car.i did as he commanded and he said to me..


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