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I held her hand and said.
ME.anabell.please let stop this biko.
She was sweating already.her nightie off from her body remainin her pant and bra…..
ANABELL.we can’t stop now.i need you now.lets finish what we started.(still ontop me).
ME.no no.we can’t do this..
ANABELL.why do you want us to stop?.you are hard already.
ME.i love Isabella.i can’t do this to her.
ANABELL.i love you too.it’s going to be a secret between us.and remember we have a deal.so lets start from were we stopped.
She drew herself so close for a kiss.nooo.i shouted and pushed her away.to the other side of the bed.i stood u and arranged my trouser.she was shocked for my action.she never believe that i could do such thing to her.i was also suprised.i never knew how i got the courage to pushed her away.i can’t believe that i could reject such thing.anabell of all people.any guy in his right sense will wish to have her.she is every pretty.no dout.and have everything you need in a woman.infact she is every man’s dream.on a very good day.who am i to reject her fresh body.(i dey craze)but for the sake of bella.it wasn’t right.
I wore my trouser properly.and made to go.she stood from the bed and blocked me from going out.
Where do you think you are going?.*she asked*.
ME.please.i have to go.
ANABELL.to were.we havn’t finish what we started.
ME.i know please.next time.(what.next time ke).
You are going no were.*she still insist*
i don’t know what to do again.i deep my hand inside my pocket and brought out my phone.i press the contact key.and saw anabell’s number.i tap the call key.immediately her phone started ringing.from the other side of the room.
Your phone is ringing.*i said to her*
she looks at the direction of the phone.it was closer to her.she stretched her left hand to take the phone….with that little opportunity i saw.with full speed i ran to the door.luckly it was unlock.before she could call my name.i already left the room with the same speed.i was panting so hard.ooh God.thank you.*i said under my breath*
i was juging back to my room.from behinde. i heard my name from close range.i stopped and looked back.
What.who am i seeing.when did she come back.did she see us.for how long?.she walked closer to me.her face wasn’t smiling.this is not the Isabella i use to know.my conscience started judging me.so she caught us.oh God.i told anabell to stop.but she never listen.now see what she did to me.she has suceeded in puting me in trouble.how and what will i tell her now.isabella’s warning started ringing inside me.she said any day she saw me cheating on her.she will kill me and kill herself.chai!i’m dead.*i was almost in tears*.i wanted to kneel down and started begging her for a forgiveness.
ME.please isabella.i’m very sor (she cut me in).
ISABELLA.heey dear.where did you go na.i went to your room but i didn’t see you.i even asked jumbo about you.but he said he havn’t seen you since morning.what happened?.
Ooh God.you are really great.i thought she saw us o.i would have automatically implicate myself now.
ME.*fake smile*hi dear.when did you come back?.you are welcome.how is school na?.
ISABELLA.*still frown face*fine.were are you coming from?.
ME.to anabell’s room.
ISABELLA.*eyes wide open*what.what were you doing there.what did she want.what were you two doing?
ME.(we were kissing)eerm eerm.actually she called me to help her on something.
And what was that she can’t do by herself?
I’m in a very hot sit now.am not good in lieing.
ME.okay.she called and beg me to help her buy an airtime.she was very tired.i was less busy then.so i decided to help her.hope no problem?.
ISABELLA.but jumbo said.he havn’t seen you since morning.how come he didn’t see you when you were going out.or did you fly to get the airtime for her.and why your trouser so rough?
ME.ooh.john wasn’t at the gate then.when i got there.the gate was unlock.so i just go.as for my trouser.i wasn’t in the mood to select trouser.so i just wore the available one and left.
ISABELLA..you were runing and panting so hard. as if you were been chase by a demon.
What i saw inside that room pass demon o.na God just save me.
ME.dear.you ask alot of questions na.take it easy.
ISABELLA.are you calling me a parrot?*smiling for the first time*
ME.lolz.not at all.
ISABELLA.i just want to be sure what you were doing inside my sister’s room.that is all.
ME.okay.are you okay na.
Not really.
ME.so can we go now?
ISABELLA.i want to go and see Anabell.i will see you later.i also have a suprise for you.and one more thing.we have a serious thing to discuse later.
ME.serious ke.hope no problem.
There is a little problem o.but don’t worry.we will see later….she peck me and left.
I became worried.what did she mean by.there is a problem.eeeh.hope is not what i’m thinking.
Chief simon came back the same evening.from his two weeks meeting.i helped him with some of the things he bough.he asked me how was everything.which i gladely answer.he was please with my working.
I was in my room waiting for isabella for us to discuse whatever she wanted us to discused.i waited for like two to three hours.she didn’t show up.the room became boring to me.although there was light.but i wasn’t in the mood to sit and watch whatever.my mind was telling me that all is not well with isabella…i left the room to go and see jumbo.atleast for us to discuse one or two things like men.i went to his office (gate)and met him….we exchange pleasantries.
ME.jumbo how far na?.
JUMBO.oga tobe your boy is loyal o.i dey kakaraka.
ME.how body na?.
JUMBO.aaah!body just dey inside clothe o.you nko.anything for your boy.
ME.nna.nothing dey o.i just dey like that.
JUMBO.don’t tell me that.something suppose dey.you wey dey marry big oga pikin any how.something suppose dey na.find something for me at all at all.
What.who told him.how did he knows that.i’m dating oga’s daughter according to him.that mean its not longer a secret again.but i hope that chief simon havn’t heard the news yet o.other wise.hmmm.my case is by the way.
ME.what jumbo.how do you mean by marry oga daughter na.which kind of joke is that.*straight face*
JUMBO.abeg no dey speak grammar for me jooh.why you dey bone your face na.abi you want denie am.
ME.denie what?.
JUMBO.denie sey you dey marry oga pikin.i don dey this house tey tey before you.so everything wey dey happen here i know.so no denie am.
ME.i don’t know what you are talking about.how do you know all this?.
JUMBO.you remember say that day wey you asked me to help you buy beer.say you won use am drink medicine.
ME.yes and wetin come happen.
JUMBO.as i buy the beer finish.i won come give you.i pass through that garden side.i looked inside the garden and i saw you and her kissing muaa muaa muaa.una just dey busy they exchange spite for una mouth.i look una tire eeeh.i no no say you sabi kiss like that o.
ME.*suprised*me and who?
JUMBO.you and anty Isabella na.i saw una with my two korokoro eyes.chai!but that isabella fine well well o.you no deserve am at all.how you take get am na.abi you use that una village jaz(juju)to get her.you be bad boy o (laughs)
ME. Jumbo jumbo jumbo.how many times wey i call you…
JUMBO.e be like say na three or five.
ME..if i say make God punishe you.you go talk say i don curse you.you no go shut up abi.
JUMBO.aaah oga tobe.e never reach to curse me na.na true i talk na.
ME.make oga no hear am o.i dey warn you o.you are on your own o.
JUMBO.hahaha.i no no say so you dey fear like this.shebi you know say.if oga catch you with him pikin.your new name go be sorry.
ME.na you sabi.i’m going. see you later.
JUMBO.aaah.you done dey go aready.
ME.noo.i go wait for you.continue talking you get mouth.
I left jumbo and went back to the room.
The time was 8pm already.still i havn’t seen isabella.8:30pm gone.every were was dark already.i havn’t still seen her.i tried calling her line but the service was bad..i went to the kitchen to eat the remain rice i cook in the afternoon.i dish the rice inside a plate and serve myself.
I was eaten and at the same time waiting for her…kpom kpom kpom…i heard a knock on the door.i went and open the door.and it was Isabella in her nightie.i let her in.she came in and sat on the bed quietly.she was looking so dull.and her mood wasn’t friendly at all.but that those not stop me from finishing my food.i offer her to join me but she declined.saying she wasn’t hungry.after finish eaten.she took the plate to the kitchen.and came back.
ME.dear.you aren’t looking happy tonight.what is wrong.are you okay?
ME.hey dear*held her hands*.please talk to me.what is wrong?
ISABELLA.*clear throat*through out last week.i wasn’t myself.i can’t eat anything.i was vomiting through out.i was sick.
ME.eayah.i’m sorry dear.maybe is malaria.or probably all those nyama nyama sickness that won’t allow person to rest.have you gone for a text.atleast for them to give you some medication.nne odi necessary o.
ISABELLA. i have gone to the hospital.it wasn’t malaria as you predicted.
ME.okay.so tell me.what did the doctor said was wrong with you?
ISABELLA.the doctor did some text on me.after some minutes the result came out.and.(she pause and stared at me.with tears in her eyes)
ME.and what.what was the result all about?(eeeh hope is not what i’m thinking.i hope no be Hiv o.if so that means i’m death already.please God save me o.but why is she sheading tears?that means the sickness is worst.eeeh nne oo.)
ISABELLA.tobe. do you love me as you claimed earlier?.
Why asking me such question at this time of the day.i said it.i told her lets use condom but she refused.now she done carry disease come give me.no wonder my piss no dey rush like before.which kind wahala be this na.
ME.i love you so much isabella.please talk to me.what did the doctor said?
ISABELLA.*still in tears* I’M TWO WEEKS PREGNANT for you.
ME.*mouth wide open* you are preg what?
ISABELLA.baby.i’m caring your child.
Eeeh!i’m death.how and when did it happened?
Episode 15
On hearing those words from her.i became silent.my mouth couldn’t move.i was dumpfolded.i was staring at her as if i havn’t seen her before.upon the AC in side the room. i was sweating like a chrismass he goat. like seriously.the news caught me unaware.if not that i love Isabella so much.i would have pack my things and run back to were i came from ASAP.coz i was not ready to be papa junior.and i wasn’t financially balance..i can hear chief simon’s voice ringing on my head.the voice wasn’t fair at all.oh jehovah shama.what have i done to myself.eeeh.i could see the devil smiling at me.(holy ghost fire…)
i have been calling your name for more than 90seconds.but you weren’t responding.tell me what were you thinking?…that was the voice of Isabella.
ME.eeerm.sorry i was lost.
ISABELLA.is it about the pregnancy?
ME.no.is not about the pregnancy.but about your papa(dad).i’m afraid of what will be his reaction.and what he will do if he finally get the news about the pregnancy..
ME.dear.what do you think we should do about the pregnancy?.
ISABELLA. i hope you are not plaining an abortion.coz i’m afraid of it.many young girls has died in it.and i don’t wanna die.
ME.noo dear.i’m not asking you to abort the baby.i’m only saying what are we going to do now?
ISABELLA.don’t worry.before i go to bed this night.i will talk to my dad about it..
Those words made my body temperature to raise at the highest level..eeeh!i don die.
ME.(shaking voice) okay.no wahala.
ISABELLA.are you afraid?.
I nearly gave her a slap because of this question she asked.how can she asked me such question at this time of the night.is she not the one that coursed it.why won’t i be afraid.*mitcheew*.
ME.afraid?i’m afraid is an understatement dear.
She came closer to and gave me a passionate kiss.which lasted for a minutes.the kiss made me to forget some of my worries..after we disengaged from the kiss.i started licking my lips as if i took ice cream..her lips was so…..(i will tell you later).she then said.
ISABELLA..my dear.my love.my heartbeat.my prince charming…
As she was calling me those sweet sweet names eeeh.my head nearly burst.i was smiling and at the same time blushing (although i’m black.but not that black oo.i fair small.lolz).
ISABELLA.please my love don’t be afraid.all i want you to do is for you to be by my side through this period.i would have done an abortion the day i was confirmed pregnant.but i thought about it and found out it wasn’t the right thing to do.God is against it.and is against my believe.i might die at the process.what am i going to tell God?.i know it will affect my studies coz i suppose to serve this year.and my dad will surely be disappointed at me.but i don’t care.the deal has been done.i will give birth to the baby.and after nursing the baby for a year.i will then go back to my study.after my NYSC we can then get married officially.how do you see it?.
ME.hmmm bella.your ideal is perfect.is the best.i will go with it.*smiled*.
ISABELLA.*smiled*thank you my dear..i have to go now to see my dad.tomorrow we shall see again.
Check the time.it was 11:59pm.that means we have discused for like three(3)hours.she kissed and bade me good night.she left and immediately i fell back on the bed to sleep.but the sleep forgot my address.i was awake till 3am doing nothing but thinking.3:30am still sleep wasn’t coming.i started begging the sleep to come and take me away. coz it was getting out of hand.finally.some minutes later.i was able to catch some sleep.i slept off without any lagos traffic on the way.*lolz*.
A hard knock on my door was what woke me up the following morning.the knock was so loud as if the person was using hammer to knock.it nearly broke the door.i lazily stood up from my bed.check the time and it was 11am in the morning.eeeh.which kind sleep be this na.i havn’t slept so long like this before.since i was born.i hurried stood up from the bed.went and open the door.and here stand in jumbo..mitcheew.na you want brake my door.wetin the worry you?i said to him.
JUMBO.so na sleep you dey sleep since by this time of the day abi.wetin you go do last night?.
ME.you dey always like to ask me nonsence questions..why are you here?.*frown face*.
JUMBO.no vex na.oga dey call you.him sey make you no waste time o..
yegba.e don happen.so this is how my stay in the city will just be over just like that.chai!mama oo.wetin i go tell this man na.who knowns what he is plaining for me.God please lead me to this journey o.
ME.where is he?i mean oga.
JUMBO.inside there parlour na.i won ask you.wetin you do oga?
ME.i didn’t do anything to him.why asking?.
JUMBO.oga dey vex well well for you o.infact as i dey talk to you now.five police men dey inside the parlour with him.all of them carry gun dey wait for you o.there van dey out too.
ME.*figetting*jesus!!(i shouted)jumbo you mean am.
JUMBO.i swear.oga say make you no waste him time o.bye bye.(he left)
after he left.i started crying.eeeh.police ke.
Jumbo left after the message.i went inside the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth.after that i came back to the room.wore my trouser and left to chief simon’s apartment.on my way i saw the police van and two police men inside.as describe by jumbo.the fear in me increased.i got to the door that lead to the parlour.i stood there for like two minutes.coz i was very afraid to go inside.my mind was telling me that all is not gonna go well.i said a little prayer and pushed the door open.immediately.i looked up and saw three more cops….i don die today.(i said to myself)i looked to the direction of chief simon and saw him.mehn!!come see face.his face was as strong as ever.he wasn’t smiling at all.his face alone can chase demon away.any fly that mistakenly touch his face.will die instantly.i wanted to greet him.but his face discouraged me.so i keep the greeting to myself.he was very angry.his face says it all.i stood at the door post looking at there faces.Isabella nor Anabell wasn’t there…the next thing i heard was.
C.SIMON.officer.look at the b-----d that rape my daughter.arrest him right now..
What.me rape her daughter.what did Isabella told him.did she told him that i rape her.God.i’m gone.
The D.P.O.faced me and said.
D.P.O.young man.you are under arrest for (i cut him in)
ME.*shaking voice* officer abeg.i didn’t rape her daughter.i didn’t.i swear with…(C.simon cut me in)
C.SIMON.will you shut up.you imbecile.tobe upon everything that i’m doing for you.you have the guts to rape my daughter and got her pregnant.did i offend you in any way?i brought you out from the village and gave you a job.without any stress.i gave you free house to leave.if not for me.you would have die in the village.i gave you anything you want.i took you as my own son.and at the end.you decided to reward me back with evil..tell me.what wrong did i do to you?.*saddest face*.
ME.*voice shaking* sir.you did nothing wrong to me.
C.SIMON.then why did you rape my Isabella and got her pregnant.
ME.sir please.i didn’t rape Isabella.we are into a relationship sir.we did it together.i didn’t force her.
Kpoaaa kpoaaa!two heavy hot slape landed on my left cheek.by chief simon..i nearly lost balance coz the slape was very powerful.i held my cheek and looked at him.
C.SIMON.you are a fool to say such thing.my daughter can’t bring herself so low on you.coz you are nothing but a nobody.i will make sure you rot in jail for molesting her.
ME.*in hot tears*sir please.i didn’t rape her o.abeg you don’t send me to jail..call Isabella and ask her whether i rape her.i didn’t sir biko i beg u.*knelt down*
C.SIMON.i have nothing to say again.DPO please take this boy away from my sight before i kill him by myself.
D.P.O.please i will advice you to remain silent coz anything you said will be use against you in the court of law.
ME.which law.what did i do.is it because i wasn’t born in a high class family?i’m nobody dosen’t mean i don’t know my right.i know my right.why don’t you guys hear from the lady first.i didn’t rape her.infact she is my girlfriend.call her now lets comfirm from her.
Another hot slap landed on my cheek again.from the D.p.o.i was tempted to slape her back but i held my hand back.he came and handcuffed me.and wanted to take me away.immediately.Isabella appeared from her room with tears.she looked at me and turn to her dad.
ISABELLA.dad.i have told you before.he didn’t rape me.we love each other and we did it together.why do you want to punishe him for what he didn’t do.*in tears*
kpooaa kpooaa!he gave her two resounding slape.Isabella fell on the cursion and held her cheek.
C.SIMON.you are a disgrace to woman hold.
Isabella in tears said.
ISABELLA.dad.you slapped me.*holding her cheek*.
C.SIMON.i will slape you again.if you repeat that rubbish you just said..what kind of nonsence love is that.
C.SIMON.Dpo.please take this b-----d away from my house.make sure you deal with him mercilessly.i will pay you any amount you want.fool.
Immediately.they took me away to there van and zoomed off.


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