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Some minutes later.the waiter placed my order before me.to my suprise.Anabell ordered the same thing with me.hmmm.see this Ajeboter girl wey they do as if she no dey swallow garri.she was consuming the food more than me self.
ME:*clear throat*is like you like the food?.
ANABELL:hmmm.not like that.i’m just managing it.for eaten sake.eba isn’t my favourite.
ME:hmmm.(pretender.eba isn’t your favourite but you have consume a plate of eba.).
ANABELL:what did you said?.
ANABELL.i ordered it because of you.*smiling*.
ANABELL.never mind.
ME.*na you sabi*.
After the meal.we started gisting again.ring ring ring.
My phone started ringing again for the second time.and it was Isabella again. I didn’t pick the call.
ANABELL.why don’t you answer your call.who is that?.
ME.never mind.
ANABELL.she was the one calling.right?.
ME.*suprised* who?.
ANABELL.your girlfriend na.or are you denying her.
ANABELL.you havn’t told me about her.who is she?.
ME.eerm.your funny o.
ANABELL.so how am i funny?
ME.how did you know it was a girl that called me.
Before she could answer.james from no were bang in.i was suprised to see him.coz he was the last person i wish to see.ever since we had that fight.that i beat him black and blue.i havn’t seen him again.
He came closer to our table.and stood like a tiger ready to attack.i wasn’t afraid of him.if he try me again.i will still beat him again.na one of those boys wey them use indomie and golden morn train.although we might be in the same age.but but but.any way.
ANABELL.hi james.how did you know that we are here?.
ME.*silent and staring at him*.
JAMES.baby what are you doing here with this thing?*angry tone*.
ANABELL.excuse me.
JAMES.*loud tone* i said what are you doing here with this village imbecile.in the same table.
ME. *still silent*
ANABELL.baby take it easy okay.people are watching us.
JAMES.i won’t take it easy untill you tell me.what this smelly thing is doing here with you.oh gosh.
I was boiling in anger gradually.this boy want to see the part two of the last beat i gave him last time.i won’t take the insult from him again.
ME.please.james or whatever you call your self.enough of the insult.
JAMES.oh what.you wanna fight me again right.
ME.i won’t fight you.rather i will beat you.
JAMES.i have no time to a fool like you.*spite out*.
JAMES.Anabell.i hope is not what i’m thinking.
ANABELL.and what are you thinking.*stood up*
JAMES.i hope you are not flirting with this village parasite here.
ANABELL.*frown face*excuse me james.when did that one start.eeh tell me.this is my privacy.i have my life to leave.you can’t come into my life and command me on what to do.i need privacy please.i’m sick and tired of all this nonsence.it won’t lead us to any were.tobem here is my friend.is it a crime to go out with him?.
JAMES.Anabell.are you talking to me like that because of this animal here you call your friend?.
ANABELL.*silent staring at me*
JAMES.don’t forget that you are my girlfriend.
ANABELL.i’m your girlfriend right?then behave like a matured man for once.stop following me every were i go.
JAMES.i can’t believe that you are talking to me this way.because of a common gardner.
ANABELL.hmmm.you called him a gardner.but he is more than a gardner to me.so stop it.
ME.*how do she mean by that*.
JAMES.this is crazy.i’m taking you out from here right now.(he tried to pull her hand away).
ANABELL.leave me alone.i’m not going any were with you.you are embrassing me.*she shouted*.
JAMES.is a lie.you must come with me.or i will take you by force.
He was forcing her away from the restaurant.people gathered to watch the scene that was going on.Anabell was fighting to free herself from him.but her strenght wasn’t enought.i couldn’t take it any longer.this james is really crazy.he don’t have respect for women.is it force to follow him?.i stood up and went closer to them.
ME.james.can’t you see she don’t wanna come with you.leave her alone now.
JAMES.*laugh sarcastically* see who is talking.
ME.i said leave her alone.
JAMES.or what.fool. what are you gonna do?.*still holding anabell*
Dis boy dey try me o. I went closer to them.and with force i pulled Anabell away from him.(you want try).kpoaa! He gave me a blow on my jaw. I couldn’t endure the pain which made me to give him double blow on his jaw too.immediately.he fell down and groan in pain. I turn arround and saw Anabell on the floor.i went closer to her and held her hand.
ME. Are you okay?.
ANABELL.yea.am fine thanks. Watch your back.(she shouted).
I turn arround. lo and behold James was very close to me.holding a small knife.he raise his hand to stab me with the knife.i was fast enough to force back. but unfortunately the knife stab my left shoulder.blood started oozing out.immediately.James dropped the knife and ran away.i feel down and moan in pain.Jesus!! Anabell shouted.
ANABELL.please baby i’m sorry. he use her hand to cover the blood that was oozing out.
Please.somebody should help us*she shouted.
Two guys from the restaurant came and help me to Anabell’s car.the white shirt that i wore instantly turn to red because of the much blood that was oozing out from the wound.the pain was much.all i could do was to moan in pain.
Anabell drove as fast as she could to a near by chemist for the treatment.dear is okay .you will be fine.i’m taking you to a near by chemist were they will help us a treat the would.i pray the wound won’t be deep.*she said to me*she help me inside the chemist.
Immediately we got inside.without wasting much time.she explain what happened to me.to the person.they started the treatment.
I was just enduring the pain all alone.Anabell was giving me the eyes of.i’m sorry..45 minutes later.they were done with the treatment.
Sister are you through with the treatment.(Anabell asked the young lady.that attended to me).
LADY.yes. i’m almost through.thank God that the wound wasn’t that deep.as i thought earlier.other wise it would had been worst.
She gave me some medication and instructed me on how to use it.
How much is your money.i asked for the first time since i came in.
#3.500.she replied.
I was only holding 3.000 naira.so i wanted to give her the money.when Anabell brought out 4.000 naira from her purse and gave the lady.she asked her to keep the change (for her mind.big girl things).
She lead me inside the car again.and we zoomed off again.*silently*.
After a long silent more than 20 minutes.she stopped the car away from the main road.
ME.*suprised*why did you stop the car.
ANABELL.eerm tobe.
ME.yes.what is that.why stopped the car?.
ANABELL.i’m very sorry for what james did to you.i apologise for everything that happened today.thank you for standing by my side.i’m speechless on what to say.thank you.
She held my left shoulder.the particular place that i was stabbed.i couldn’t help but shouted in pain.
ME.aaaaaaaaaarh.Anabell.you have wound me.
ANABELL.(she removed her hand)ooh. i’m sorry dear.i never knew that.it was that place that you were hurt.is it paining you?.
ME.no in dey sweet me.before nko.you don’t know that it’s hurt.*frown face*.
ANABELL.i’m sorry.*staring at me*
ME.please stop staring at me and start the car.i want to home and rest.i had suffered enough today.
She paid deaf ear and was still staring at me.which made me unconfortable..
ME.Anabell.what is it?.
ME.you are staring at me and you said nothing.
ANABELL.eerm.you are handsome.
ME.(na you sabi)thank you.please can we go now?.
I wonder what my Isabella would be thinking why i didn’t pick her call.expecially if she see the wound.i’m sure i have enought explaination to give to her.
Anabell didn’t say anyother word.she start the care and we drove away.
Some minutes later.we drove inside the compound.and she kill the the car engine.we came down from the car.
I looked up lo and behold.Isabella was walking closer to the car.my heart was beating faster for no just reason.Anabell was holding and leading me to my room.she didn’t even care at all.she came closer.we stopped.she saw Anabell holding me to herself.*her face change and she said.
ISABELLA.hi sis.*frown face*
ANABELL.hello bella.what’s up.
ISABELLA.i’m fine.
She looked at my shoulder.and saw the bandage that was on my shoulder .and said.
ISABELLA.tobe.what happened to you.why the bandage..
ME.ooh i was injured.
ISABELLA.OMG!what happened.how.who did this to you.please talk to me. let me take you to your room first.
She asked Anabell not to worry that she will take me to the room.
But Anabell declined saying she will take me by herself.
ANABELL.don’t worry dear sis.i will take him by myself.*smiled*
Isabell was suprised and sad.that her sister was holding me.she felt jealousy
ANABELL.dear lets go.”he said to me.
I followed her to my room.i turn and saw Isabella looking at us. mouth open.she felt diggected and sad.that i didn’t greet her as usuall.i too.i wasn’t happy to see her in sad.Anabell was smiling all throught.but i gat no choice.i unlocked the door and Anabell came in.i look ouside and Isabella was still staring at us.almost in tears.i wanted to go and meet her.but i don’t want Anabell to know that.there is something going on between me and her sister.so i concluded that i will see her later and tell her everything she need to know.
Thank God that we are finally home.Anabell said to me.
I and Anabell settled down inside my room.she helped me to removed my shirt she wanted to remove the trouser.but i told her not to worry that i will do that to myself.she remove the the singlet that i wore and take them to the bath room to wash. minutes later.after washing the blood stain shirt and the singlet.she went into the kitchen and made jollof rice for us.we ate together silently.after eaten she. wanted to help me and bath.aaah this girl self.(wetin she won see self).i refused.told her i will bath by myself.she pleaded again to help me that i’m hurt.but i still refused.
She stayed with me for another 30 minutes.before she said.
ANABELL.tobe.i want to go to my apartment.to shower and catch some nap.i will see you later.
ME.alright.thanks for the food and everything you did to me.
ANABELL.you are welcome.once again i’m sorry for what james did to you.please don’t fight him again.to avoid more injury.that guy is crazy.
ME.hmmm.please don’t remind me of that again.before i will do something crazy.is he not your boyfriend?.look at who you called your boyfriend.a mad man.with no brain.
ME.no problem.i have heard you.
ME.that guy don’t deserve you.you are a beautiful lady.and you deserve guys that will respect and cherish you.not that james of a boy.that smooker.look at how he nearly embrass you at the public.every woman needs respect from there guy.but james own is vice-versa.sorry to say this.i hate him now.if i may ask. do you love him.or you are just keeping him for boyfriend sake?.(i asked her)
ANABELL.tobe.i loved him before.but with this his action.i’m afraid my relationship with him will have to go on a brake.james is always like this.i have giving him more time to change.but he doesn’t wanna change.don’t worry i know what to do.
ANABELL.i have to go now.see you later.and please take care of yourself for me please.
I nodded.she came closer to me and gave me a soft kiss on my lips.it lasted for like 5 seconds before she broke free from the kiss. I was very shocked and suprised at same time.i was looking at her.(mouth open)what did she just did?.i asked myself.she smiled at me and left the room without any other word.i was still thinking on what just happened.i couldn’t get an answer.then
I removed my trouser that i wore.remaining only pant.i took my towel and left for the bathroom for a shower.the bath lasted for like 20 minutes.the bandage was still tying on my shoulder.after the shower.i wore only the towel and came out from the bathroom.i went back inside my room.i looked up and saw no othe person but Isabella laying on my bed.probably waiting for me.i was afraid to face her.coz she like asking questions which i’m not ready to answer.how long has she been here.when did she come in?(i was asking myself) i summon the courage to face her on whatever question she would ask.*heartbeating*.i went closer to the bed and said.
ME.hi Isabella.you are here.
ISABELLA.yea.i came in 15 minutes ago.you were bathing.so i decided to wait for you.
ME.okay thanks.eerm eerm.how are you.
ISABELLA.i’m not fine.Anabell had told me everything that happened to you.i’m sorry baby.
ME.suprised* what did she told you?.
ISABELLA.she said that some armed robber came into the restaurant and robbed.when you guys were together.but unfortunately you were among the people that were attacked.and one of the robbers got you injured.by stabbing you..thank God that they didn’t kill you for me.
Eeeeh.so Anabell can lie like this.nawao.so james was the armed robber now abi.or is she ashamed to tell her that i had another fight with her boyfriend.any way is good sha.coz i don’t know how i would have tell her by myself.bad girl.
ME.yes o.they attacked us.but i was one of the victims that got hurt.but i’m getting better.thank you.
ISABELLA.yea.but what were you guys doing at the restaurant together?.i called your line so many times.but you didn’t pick…
What am i going to tell her.what i was doing with Anabell at the restaurant na.
ME.i was strolling down to the restaurant to have some food coz i was hungry. when i saw Anabell driving.she stopped and asked me were i was going.i told her.then she said lets go together coz she was hungry too.that was how we got to the restaurant.(i said with confident.)
ISABELLA. hmmm.so Anabell have finally change for good.no more fighting between you guys.well that is good shaa.but i’m still suprise for her sudden change on you.
ME.me too.i’m suprise o.
ISABELLA.i missed you tobe.*she stood up from the bed and came closer to me.
ME.i missed you too.
I was still with the towel.she was staring at my body.the next thing was her lips locked up with mine.i was lost coz i didn’t expect that to happen.her hand was all over my body.we kissed for some minutes.before she pushed me on the bed.the towel that i wore made way for my angry erected d--k.she saw it and smile.next thing she did was she went to the door and locked it very well.she came back smiling.
Episode 13
After locking the door.she came back smiling at me.she came closer to me.i was shy seeing my d--k exposed.she joined me on the bed.and i said.
Why did you lock the door?she smiled again and said.
ISABELLA.you wanna know right.
ME.ye yes.
ISABELLA.okay.i will tell you.
Before i could spell my surname.her lips locked with mine.we kissed and kissed for some minutes.before i could say any other thing.her clothes she wore. were off from her body.immediately i saw her two twins staring at me.my d--k became more hard.my left hand located her upper chamber.while my right hand located lower champer.i handed them very well.i was even suprised.i started asking myself.Tobe are you the one doing this?it was like a magic to me.i never knew that i was an expect in handling those things.
She was busy moaning in pleasure.(you never see anything.the romantic movies wey i dey watch no be wast of time.shebi you want try tobechukwu)she was also handling my erected d--k.i kissed and suck her for like thirty minutes.she couldn’t take it any longer.then she said.
ISABELLA.baby.i want you inside me.make me feel like a woman.please make love to me.
The dream that i had before was coming to pass through.but i hope this is not a dream again.coz i will personally bite and fight whoever that wake me up.even though is my G.mama.i won’t fight her.but i will bite her at her ear.lolz.if it is my boss.i will brake his head and run away.if it is jumbo.hmmm.na die him go die o.i no send him for now.so for peace to rain.make nobody wake me up.
After hearing those words from her.my d--k started nodding up and down.(devil you are a liar o.today na today).
I kissed her more and i was ready to penetrate her.when sudden i pause staring at her. She notice my sudden change and asked.
ISABELLA.baby what happened.why did you stop?.
ME.eerm.i don’t have any condom with me.
She was silent for some seconds.i was looking at her like a player that missed penalty at the world cup final.i was feeling like a loser.condom why did you do this to me.eeh why now.(i started blaming condom for not been available when needed.mitcheew this life self)she finally said.
ISABELLA.don’t worry dear.just do it like that.
ME.what.are you sure?.
ISABELLA.yes dear.i really want you now.
I wanted to ask her.what if you get pregnant..but it was to late for that question.coz delay can be dangerious.slowly.i entered her with my hard d--k.immediately.she moan in pleasure.(her eyes were close).i rode her slowly.coz i wasn’t in a hurry.(i no dey go market).
The s-x lasted for 20 minutes before i finally c-m inside her.we did that again for another two rounds.before we finally called it a day.
Together we went to the bathroom and took our bath.(but i must confess.s-x is sweet sha.but is not advisable for those wey never marry.take not.).
After the bath.we went back to the bedroom and layed down together staring at each other.i never knew when this word came out from my mouth.
ME.i love you Isabella.
ISABELLA.i love you too my heartbeat.thank you.
ME.for what.why thanking me?.
ISABELLA.for making me to feel like a woman once again.it has been very long.like six years ago. i did this last.*smiling*
ME.you are welcome.like wise me.*smiled*
ISABELLA.you know.the first day that i saw you at the village is the day i started liking you.but when you told me that you had a girlfriend.i was heartbroken so i decided to stay away from you.coz i don’t wanna bring problem to your relationship with eerm tochi.i never knew we will finally be together again.
ME.hmmm.i’m happy to be with u.
She stared into my eyes as if she was looking for something and said.
ISABELLA.if rose were red and violets could be blue.we would take us away to a place just two of us will leave forever.i want you to always be by side.please believe me whenever i said i love u.it’s true.i will never leave you.when i say goodbye.promise me that you won’t cry coz the day i will be saying that will be the day i will past out.
Tobe i love you with all my heart.my soul and my body.i’m inlove with you.more than words can say. I don’t know why.i don’t know what you did to me.i never felt this way to any other guy before.
tears was dropping from her eyes.i was deeply touched by her words.i never knew that Isabella could be bold to said those words.but why me.a common village boy from no were.i’m nobody.but this girl had made me to feel like a special being.i’m just short of words.i love her will be an understatement.
ME.but why me.why do you choose to love me among those rich guys that always come around you.
ISABELLA.*smiled*i just don’t know why.is like you cast a love spell on me.lolz.
ME.lolz.i’m not a sorcerer na.but i feel the same way too.
ISABELLA.promise me that you won’t break my hear some day.coz i will kill you and kill myself.the day you try it.i’m serious now.
ME.you have my word.your heart is so precious to me.i swear i won’t and i will never play any game with it.but the problem now is ur dad.i’m afraid of him.
I walked majestically inside her room.i looked at the bed side.and saw anabell laying down.she wore her nightie and was operating her system.she saw me and close the system.
To my suprised.she stood up.smiled and hugged me passionately as if she havn’t seen me for years….after we discharged from the hug.she asked me to sit on her bed.i didn’t hesitate to sit down.i sat close to her.silently..
ANABELL.*smiling*hi dear.
ME.hi anabell.
ANABELL.you are welcome to my room.
ME.thank you.you have a nice room here.(looking around the room).
ANABELL.thanks dear.have you been hear before.i mean my room.
ANABELL.alright.so what can i offer you.i have orange juice 5alive.pineaple juice.red wine.bla bla bla.but i don’t have beer o.coz i know that you like beer.lolz.
ME.hahahaha.(u no well)red wine will be fine.
ANABELL.woow.i’m glade i made you laugh for the first time.
ANABELL.just give me a minute.i will be back.
She stood up.smiled at me and went closer to the fridge in her room.she open it and brought out the red wine and two tumbler.she kept them on top of the table beside her bed.she open the wine and filled the two glasses.
Please lets drink.*she said*she took hers and i took mine.
ME.thank you.*sip*.
ANABELL.*sip*you are welcome dear.do you like the drink?.
ME.aaah.very well na.i like it.
we were siping the drink silently.i finish mine in a jiffy and filled my cup once more.she didn’t said anything.she just stared at me and smiled.beside what will she say.is she not the one that asked me to drink as i like.so nothing concern me.if i finish this present one.i will still take more.*oloshi*
we were still taking our drink silently.before she finally said.she kept her drink and stared at me.
Do you know why i called you here?.
ME.i don’t know till you tell me.*sips*.
ANABELL.alright.i called you here to ask you.why you have been avoiding me of recently.
I sip more drink.i didn’t even care for her question.all in my mind was to finish that drink.and take more.
She looked and saw that i wasn’t answering her question.she repeated it again.
ANABELL.i said.why are you avoiding me of recently?you never talk to me like before.what happened.what did i do to you?
ME.i don’t understand you o.me avoiding you.(pointing to myself)
ANABELL.yes you.
ME.haaah!am not o.why will i avoid you.abi you get disease for body?*still siping my drink*.
ANABELL.i no no na.na wetin i want ask you o.whether i don get any disease.(she responded in pigin.for the first time)
ME.no dear.am not avoiding you.it’s just that i’m always busy at work.some times.you will be busy.while some times you are not always around.thats why.
ANABELL.hmmm.you know you can’t fool me.
ME.*suprised*fool you?.nne i don’t understand.
ANABELL.you know that this is my house.although we are living in the same compound.but i know this house more than you.i know every movement you make.both indoor and outdoor.so you can’t hide anything from me.
ME.*confused*am still lost.i don’t get you.
ANABELL.ssssh! relaxe lover boy.i know that
you are having an affair with her.don’t worry your secret is safe with me.*laughs*
i kept the drink and faced her.
ANABELL.you are still playing game right.don’t worry let me make it clear to you.
ME.*silent. siping slowly*
ANABELL.you are dating Isabella.that why you always avoid me.isn’t it?
*cough cough cough*i started coughing and vomiting some of the drink i took.i cough to the extends tears was dropping from my eyes.i was caught unaware.instead of Anabell to help me with water or beer(sorry any drink)she was busy laughing her a-s out.who told her
ANABELL.poor boy.i told you..
Finally. I was able to controll myself and the cough.i was sheading tears.my eyes started showing me many things i didn’t expect.everything became double to me.the wine was havn’t an effect on me.i thought the wine was non alcoholic drink.but my thought was wrong.i managed to controll myself.for her not to notice my new self.after some seconds.i stared at anabell and said.
ME.who told you.i mean how did you know about it?.
ANABELL.that is not the question i asked.you are dating her.isn’t it?.
ME.eerm.ye ye yes.(my voice was shaking.but don’t blame me for that)
ANABELL.hmmm.so why did you hide such thing from me.or you think i won’t be in a support right.
ME.*i nodded* and i again.i was afraid of your dad.
ANABELL.hahahaha.coward.you are afraid of my dad.well you have to be afraid coz if he eventually finds out about it.am sorry.your condition will never remain the same.trust me sweetheart.
ME.am sorry for not telling you earlier.is just that.*i pause*
ANABELL.is just that what.i can’t believe that Isabella of all people. brought herself so low on you.did she tell you the kind of men that always came to her for a relationship?.men with high class.clasic guys that drives expensive cars.ministers sons. And so on.did she tell you?.
ME.yes she told me everything.
ANABELL.so why did she brought herself so low.with nobody like you.how did she even fell for you.are you sure you are not using black magic on my sister.?
ME.*confused*i don’t understand.which one is black magic?
ANABELL.how will you understand?i mean juju.may be you used that your village juju on her.abi.coz you can’t tell me that the Isabella that i know.will leave all those rich dude that were begging her.to succumbe to a local village guy like you.
ME.(na only God go punish you for me.i no blame you.fool)please anabell i beg you.stop accusing me for using black magic or whatever you call it. on your sister.i don’t no anything about juju.i didn’t use any juju on her o.biko kwa.
ANABELL.shut up.if you didn’t use anything like that on her.why did she fell for you.ooh gosh.
ME.maybe is love.she love me and i love her.that is it.
ANABELL.love ke.i know that love is blind.but not on this one.this is stupid inlove.
ME.hmmm.na you sabi.eerm.please can you do me a favour?.
what is the favour?..
Please i don’t want your dad to know about this for now.coz if he finds out.like you said before.my condition will never remain the same.he will be mad at me.and surely.i will loss my job.please i beg u.
ANABELL.lolz.you are nothing but a coward.you can’t even stand before my dad and deffend youself.and your girl.you are so annoying..any way.your secret will be safe with me.
ME.ooh thanks.
ANABELL.but on one condition.*smiling*.
ME.which is.
ANABELL.firstly.have you guys have something together before?you know what i mean.
ME.eeeh.i don’t know what you mean.something as in?.
ANABELL.(move closer to me)i mean s-x.ha you guys has s-x before?.
Immediately she mention the word s-x.my head sparked as if i was shocked by an electric .my month was wide open.i was staring at her as if i havn’t seen her before.while she was busy smiling to herself.i was lost.why did she asked me such question?.i was battling with my thought.plus the drink that i took.that wasn’t helping matter on me.
ME.why.why asking me such question?.
ANABELL.remember we have a deal.so are you ready to answer me or not.my dad will soon be back o.
This girl. is she threatening me?
ME.eerm.anabell please ask another question.this one is so hard to answere now.
NO no.u must answere this one first.
ME.uuum.ye yes..are you okay now.
ANABELL.now you come.so did you guys enjoyed it.i mean how did you do it?.*seducely smiling*.
ME.*mitcheew*if you don’t have any better thing to ask.i’m going out.
I wanted to stand up.but she held my hand tight.and pulled me back to the bed.and said.
You don’t ever walk away from me next time.
Anabell what do you want?.
ANABELL.this is what i want now.*in a commanding tone*.
ME.what is that?.
Before i could spell tonto..her lips locked with mine.(my eyes were wide open.for the suprise packeg i just got).i couldn’t resist the kiss.coz the pleasure was much.i gladely receive her lips to mine.we kissed for like 70seconds.i wanted to free my lips and catch some air.but she pushed her lips more deeply.and pushed my back on the bed.(the kiss sweet die.i won’t lie.the girl sabi kiss)i managed to look at her.behold her b----t were exposed.i transfered my hands to them.and was handling them perpetually.lolz.they were very soft which made my thing to be more harder.she took her hands to my trouser and started removing my bed and trouser.(this girl is over serious o. if i didn’t stop her right now.am sure it not gonna end well.althought i wish we won’t stop.but i have to stop it.what of if Isabella came in now and see us.what explanation will i give to her.no no.its no fair.
Anabell had succeded in removing my belt.she wanted to bring the b-----d out.but i held her hand.and.


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