Tuesday, 24 October 2017


Tobe.can’t you see that i want to be alone.please you can go and don’t disturbe me okay.Isabella said to me.
Shoo!has it gotten to this.what wrong have i committed again?.
ME.i am sorry for disturbing you *sad face*.i made to go she stood and held my hand.i must tell her hands was so soft.she came very close to me as if she wanna kiss me.and said.
ISABELLA.tobe i am very sorry the way i spoke to you.just that i wasn’t myself.
ME.is okay.i understand how you feel but if i may ask.why what happen to you that is making you sad.is it your boyfriend?.
ISABELLA.noo.nothing like that.
ME.then why are you sad.i am your friend so you can always count on me.
ISABELLA.eerm.are you having any affair with Anabell?.please don’t lie to me.
I said it.she is angry because she saw us holding each other.ooh poor Isabella.is not your fault shaa.
ME.lolx.is that why you were dull?.come on Isabella i am not in any affair with your sister.she came into my room and saw me dancing.and she said she like my dancing step.she pleaded with me to teach her the dance step.i had no choice than to teach her.that was why you saw us holding each other o.nothing more.(this girl self.is she jeaulous?).
ISABELLA.are you sure?.(i nodded).i am sorry for my hash attitude towards you.
ME.is okay.we are cool.
ISABELLA.lets take a walk down the street.
We walked down the street.she held my hand lightly.we gisted on so many things.except relationship matter.finally we branched at a restaurant.
ISABELLA.what will you take?.
I wanted to say beer.but i said to myself.tobe why don’t you be a gentle guy for once?make i take soft drink jooh for the sake of this damsel beside me?.like seriously.it’s an honour having Isabell beside me.i feel like i was ontop of the world at that moment.Isabella is beautiful.i will continue to say it.nobody go beat me.lolx.
ME.any soft drink will be fine.i said.
We called the waiter and she brought youghurt for both of us.we settled down and started taking the youghurt.silently.
I was drinking the youghurt but my mind wasn’t there.i was thinking of the lady beside we.like play like play na love i dey feel for this girl o.coz the feeling i was having is so special.i havn’t had this feeling in my entire life except for tochi.but this one is so strong.i wish i was in the same class with her.i would have let my feeling known to her.chai!if wishes were horses.beggars will surely have a beautifull ride.i’m just nobody to her.i am nothing but a village gardner.ooh God why this feeling now.even though i let my feelings known to her.she won’t and will never date a guy like me.i’m too local to her.i’m sure she would even call me names.please this feelings in me should go away o.lets continue to be friends as we are.i don’t want any problem between both of us.
ISABELLA.*clear throat* what happened.what were you thinking?.
ME.i wasn’t thinking anything o.why asking?.
ISABELLING.i asked because.for the pass 60 seconds i have been calling your name.but you were carried away with whatever you are thinking.so talk to me what is bodering you?.(she asked like a caring mother).
ME.eerm.is nothing much just that i was just thinking about my G.mama.you know she is old so i was wondering how she is feeling now.(i lied).
ISABELLA.hmmm.mummy’s pet.don’t worry your G.mama is doing well.don’t let that to border you again.okay.
ME.okay ma’am.
I want to ask you something.can i.i said to her?.yes go ahead.she replied.
ME.eerm.please o don’t be offended.do you have a boyfriend?.(i don’t know why i asked her.the question it just came into my mind.
ISABELLA.hmmm.why asking.do you want to be my boyfriend?.
ME.aah noo.just that i havn’t seen you with any man that why i asked.
ISABELLA.i had a boyfriend when i was in high school. after our high school.he travled to abroad to continue his study.on the process we lost contact.that was five years ago.so since then we havn’t seen each other.and since then.i havn’t gotten another guy.although men always came to me for a relationship.but i always said no to them.
ME.that is strange.but do you miss him?.
ISABELLA.i missed him earlier but not any more.what about you.are you missing tochi?.
ME.i missed her earlier when we broke up.but not any more.i’m moving up with my life.and i hope to love again.
ISABELLA.hmmm.that is beautiful.have you gotten a new girl or do you have any girl in your mind?.
ME.eerm.i havn’t gotten any girl o.but i wish i am in the same category with you.i would have.i would have eerm.just forget i’m just kidding o.
ISABELLA.you would have what.date me?.
ME.yes.but i’m just kidding.*smiled*.
As usuall.she became silent staring at me.which made my heartbeat increased.i hope my mouth havn’t put me to another problem o.i was only kidding o. She finally said after a long silend.
ISABELLA.do you want to date me?.
ME.*another question i don’t like this question o* eerm yes i mean not really.coz it is impossible.
ISABELLA.why impossible.are you afraid.
ME.i am not afraid.just that ur class.
See Isabella.you are a beautifull.you are every guy dream.but not guys like us.your class.we aren’t in the same class.but i wish i was born in a silver spoon like you.
ISABELLA.stop saying that.we are all equal in the eyes of God.forget about my class or whatever.and stop saying we aren’t in the same class.please always feel free to tell me whatever you wanna tell me okay.
ME.i have heard you.thank you.
ISABELLA.you are welcome. Please lets go home.it’s getting late.
We stood and left the restaurant together silently.we got home and she bade me good bye and left for her apartment.i went inside my room and immediately my phone started ringing.i check the phone and it was an unknown number calling.i picked the call.
ME.hello.who is this?.
CALLER.hello am i speaking with tobechukwu? (the fermine voice said)
ME.yes this is tobechukwu.
CALLER.i am OLA from umuagu village.i’m calling to inform you that your grand mother just collapse this morning.and she has been taking to the hospital.and the doctor said he need to see you before he starts any treatment.
ME.what happened to her.were is she.which hospital?please tell me?.*tears had started dropping from my eyes already*
OLA.calm down tobe.she was taking to the village center hospital.so we are expecting you.
ME.okay thank you.i will be there before dawn.(i hung the call and started sheading tears like a baby).
Not now please God.don’t allow anything bad to happen to her.she is the only one i have now.she must not die o.
I started arranging some of my clothe inside my small bag.atleast i have 30k with me.that will be fine. Chief simon granted my request to go.but asked me to come back soon.i thank him and left.i went to Isabella’s room and knocked.she came and open the door for me.
ISABELLA.tobe.i’m suprised to see you.you are looking worried.what happened.is everything alright?.
ME.i’m travling to village.
ISABELLA.why.what happened?.
ME.i just got a call some minutes ago that my grand mama just collapse.and she has been taking to the hospital.i have to go and see her.
ISABELLA.i’m sorry for that.hope nothing bad happened to her.
ME.i pray so o.i can’t afford to loss her.*i said with tears*.
ISABELLA.tobe please wipe your tears.you are hurting me with it.nothing will happen to her.i strongly believe okay.
ME.okay.thanks for your words.
ISABELLA.you are welcome.please manage this.(she handed me a brown envelope).
ME.*suprised* what is inside the envelope?.
Don’t worry.you will know when you open it.(she smiled).when are you coming back?.
ME.this weekend.thank you.
I left her room.took my bag and left to the village.inside the bus.i wanted to open the envelope.but i decided to go home first. As usuall the journey lasted for some hours before i got to the village.i went inside our house and met only the house help.chinaza by name. Some minutes later i got to the hospital.and one of the nurse directed me to were my G.mama was. I went inside the ward and saw my G.mama laying helplesly on the bed.with more tears in my eyes i left the ward to the doctor’s office.after exchanging pleasantries with him.he asked me to sit down.
DOCTOR.you came for your mother.right.
ME.yes doctor.what happened to her.why did she collapsed?.
DOCTOR.yes.she is suffering from asthma.
ME.eeeh doctor.what is asthma kwa.
DOCTOR.well asthma is a chronic lung disease that inflame and narrows the airways.
ME.*confused* i did not understand a single word you just said.but i don’t want to know whatever you called it.all i want is for her to be fine.so what are we going to do?.
DOCTOR.she will be fine.but you have to pay the sum of 30k before we start any treatment.
Thank God i came with exactly 30k.but how will i raise the remaining balance eeh. I paid the money to him.and immediately they get to work.
It was getting late.so i decided to go home and freshen up.
I got home.after freshen up.the house help brought some food for me.i ate.the food was very delicious.i started wondering if she was the one that cooked the food.no it can be her.she is too small to cook such delicious food na.then i ask her.
ME.chinaza.are you the one that made this food?.
CHINAZA.noo uncle tobe.it was anty uzoma that cooked the food.
ME.uzoma ke.when?.
CHINAZA.this afternoon sir.she said that she made the food special for you.she was amoung those that took mama to the hospital.and she said that you are..ssssh.(i cut in).
ME.is okay.i have heard you.you can go back to your room.(parrot).
She left to her room. What is this girl uzoma up to na.haa.she is on her own o.but the food sweet no be small.it has been long i ate this kind food last o.she done try but still she is on her own.
I went inside my bag and took the envelope that Isabella gave me.i open it and i saw some thousand notes and a sheet of paper.wow.see money. I counted the money and it was 40k.chimo o.see me see money o.thank you God.i took the sheet of paper and open it.it was a letter.what did she write here?.i started reading the letter.it says.
The letter was confuse but i will try and read it.
It says.
My heart speaks softly through reminiscing of past time.your essence rampages like a wild horse.galloping to find a fresh stream of water to a scorching summer day.my love triumphs because of you encompass my heart everyday.
I want to give you the key to my heart. and when you enter.please irrigate the veins with all your heart.maintain it with fidelity.take care of it with all the tenderness.and it will be the begining of our enternal love.
At first.i thought we will just be friends.but little did i know that my heart would bend for a village boy like you.
Anytime i’m with you.i always have this feeling to hold you to myself.but i can’t coz i was afraid.
True love had finally knocked me down.i want to be with that special one that leaves me breathless which is you tobe.
My heart always beat for you.i want you to take me to a place where we will have no pain.nor tears.
It sounds craze for me to fall inlove with our village gardner.but it wasn’t my fault.i try to kill this feeling earlier.but i can’t.i was hurt when i saw you holding my sister.but don’t blame me for that.coy i’m inlove.
I know it’s childish for me to write this piece for you.i always has the urge to let you know my feelings. but i’m so afraid to do that.i don’t want you to see me as cheap or desperate girl.but i can’t hold it any longer that why i wrote this piece to tell you what i feel for you.and i hope you understand it.and lastly.please don’t take me so cheap after reading this.
I LOVE YOU TOBECHUKWU.and i wish you have the same for me.
Manage this 40k in the envelop.take it and do what ever you want.
After reading the letter.i became speechless.chai! Na only me get this big grammer wey full hear.nawao is good shaa.ISABELLA.were ever you are.always remember that i TOBECHUKWU loves you.nothing can change that not even chief simon.(what did i just said.unless i want die for jail).i was very happy that atlast i have found love again.but how am i going to cope with her dad now.ooh God i’m confuse.i was still on my though when sleep from no were came and took me away to the wonderland.i had a dream that night.i propose to Isabella and we got married.on the night of our wedding.i took her to our large bedroom.took all her nightie off.and before i could spell my name.she stood naked in front of me.chai!see fresh body.i go die here o.she said.my love i am all yours.come here i want you to make me feel like a woman.
On hearing those words.the b###d under my leg started nodding.it became as hard as nine inches nail.i went closer to her and took her to the bed.(devil is a liar.if na dream i dey dream.i will never wake up.i better die here than to wake up without me doing this sweet thing.God forbid.i pray this is not a dream o)i was licking my lips like lollipop sweet.
After a hot romance.she begged me to take her away. I raised her legs up and i was ready to penetrate her with my hard d--k.today na today. Uncle tobe.uncle tobe.uncle tobe.immediately i woke up.so na dream i dey dream since.but who be this witch/wizard wey no go allow me to finish this dream na.person no fit sleep again.mitcheew.i manage to looked up and here stand is no other person but chinaza.i became very angry with her.
ME.bia chinaza.na wetin.why are you shouting my name.can’t you see am sleeping?.*sad face*(i shouted to her).
CHINAZA.good morning uncle.
ME.you good morning.what do you want?.
CHINAZA.i’m sorry.anty Uzoma said that she want to see you.
ME.this early morning?.haa.okay tell her to come in.and one more thing.next time if you see me sleeping don’t wake me up.okay.
She nodded and left.wetin this girl want again this morning na.person no fit rest again?mitcheew. I stood up to wear my trouser coz i was wearing just pant.immediately Uzoma walked in smiling.she came closer to my bed and pause.she started looking under my leg.haa.why is she looking at me like that?.i looked down and lo uzoma was busy looking at my hard d--k.chai!spoilt girl.she was still looking at the thing.but i wore my trouser instantly.
ME.*clear throat* uzoma what do you want?.
UZOMA.sorry.good morning. i came to greet you.and to check how you are doing.i also brought some food for you.and to help you wash some of your clothes.
ME.thank you for the food and for your care.i’m fine.my clothes are not dirty. go and give the food to chinaza to keep.we will see later okay.
She left with a smile.mitcheew na she sabi.
THREE DAYS LATER.i was in my room.when chinaza came in.
CHINAZA.uncle tobe.one big anty with a fine car is looking for you.
ME.*suprise*big anty ke.who must be that.it can’t be Isabella.coz she would have called me that she was coming.who else.Anabell.no it can’t be her na.
I went out from my room to go and see the anty.chim o.am i dreaming.what is she doing here.who told her were i live.she was busy smiling at me.ooh God not now.what do she want?.i went closer to comfirm what i saw.
Episode 11
Anabell.i shouted *mouth open*.she was silent staring at me with a smile.i went more closer.she was looking as beautiful as ever.
ANABELL.hi dear.
ME.how did you no my address.who told you to come.i mean how and(she cut me in).
ANABELL.you ask alot of question. aren’t you happy to see me.or won’t you welcome me to your house?.
I got no choice than to ushered her to our poor home.i was still suprise to see Anabell of all people in my home.wonders shall never end indeed.God my life is in your hand o.i gave her one of our plastic chair to sit.at the compound.coz no sitting room.
ME.Anabell.welcome to my poor home.
ANABELL.thanks dear. (this dear dear she dey call me go cause small wahala o.when that one start now).
ME.so what can i get for you.
ANABELL.don’t worry dear.i’m fine for now.(another dear.hmmm).
ME.noo.i insist.atleast you are my visitor.i need to offer you something.
ANABELL.i’m okay but if you insist.just get me water.
I went inside and fetch a glass of water for her.she drank and and said.
ANABELL.please tobe.please take me to your room.the sun is much here.
My room ke!i stood for a while before leading to the room.atleast i swept it this morning.and is very neat. When we got in i offered her the only plastic chair in my room.but she refused.she prefere to sit on the bed.coz is very soft. After she settled down on the bed.
ANABELL.you have a nice room here.(continue mocking me.this thing you called nice).
ME.thanks.*straight face*
ANABELL.i know you are suprise to see me here. Arent you?.
ME.suprise is an understatement.i must say.
ANABELL.yea i know.i came back yesterday and i couldn’t found you.i asked Isabella about you and she said you travled down to the village.i was suprised coz you didn’t told me that you were travling.i wanted to see you again so i asked jumbo to give me your address.he did and today i decided to visit you and at same time to know your house.
ME.hmmm.thanks for coming.but did you tell Isabella that you were coming to visit me.(i pray she will say no.coz Isabella is the jeaulous type).
ANABELL.why did you asked.(nothing) any way i didn’t tell her.not even my dad.coz he won’t let me come.any other question?.
ANABELL.so tell me. Were are your parent and siblings or are you leaving here alone?.
ME.my parents died long time ago and i have no siblings.i only stay here with my grand mama.
ANABELL.i’m very sorry for that. you never told me that your dad and mom are dead.what about your grandy.
ME.at the hospital.she is sick.that was why i came back.to take care of her.
ANABELL.is a pity dear.i wish i could see her.but i wish her quick recovery.
ME.thanks for your care and thanks for coming.is my pleasure having you in my poor home.
ANABELL.thanks.you know what?.i missed you.*smiling* (haa.missed me ke.when did that one start na.for how many days. Chai!i wish that Isabella was the one telling me i missed you).
ANABELL.aah tobe.you are not romantic o.didn’t you miss me?.any way i got some new clothes for you.
She went inside her car and brought out a small bag.she came back and handed the bag over to me.i collected it and thank her.
ME.thanks for the clothes.*fake smile*
ANABELL.you are welcome.i’m glade that you like them.*smiled*.
Some minutes later we became silent staring at each other.i wondering what was going on in her mind.hope is not what am thinking o.i looked into her eyes and found out that Anabell is a damsel.she was beautiful was just a word.(i must tell.this girl fine no be small). She came very closer to me and held my hand and the same time she was looking into my eyes.(abeg.make this girl no charm me o).she smiled at me.and said.
ANABELL.tobe.please i’m very sorry the way i treated you earlier.i don’t no what came over me then..forgive me.(she wanted to kneel down but i pulled her up).
ME.please don’t kneel down for me.i’m not God.beside i have nothing against you.i forgive you.we are cool.*smiling*(is this truly the Anabell of all people that i use to know.beging me to forgive her.haa i’m suprise o and afraid).
ANABELL.*smiling*thank you dear. I don’t know what has been happening to me.you are always on my mind.i think i like you tobe.(no be only like.)do you have a girl friend?.
ME.*yes your sister*eerm not really.i mean yes.
ANABELL.*straight face*who is she.i mean were is she leaving at.do you love her?.
Many questions that i hate to answer.but before i could answer her.her phone started ringing.she excused herself to answer the call.after the call.she told me that she will be leaving now.she beg me to come back soon.bla bla bla.finally she left.but what shocked me most was she peck me before leaving .i was asking myself.tobe what was the meaning of that na?.i became afraid to go back to the city.
TWO DAYS LATER.my G.mama was discharged from the hospital.i paid the balance and the doctor gave her some medication and how she will take it.
Weekend finally came.i started preaparing for my journey back to the city.
Mama.i will be returning to the city today.so that i can resume my work*i said to my G.mama* throught out this period.i haven’t spoken with Isabella.coz my phone was off through out..so no way to communicate with her.
G.MAMA.my son.why do you want to go today.you know i was just been discharged from the hospital yesterday.so why do you want to leave me and go again?*she said almost in tears*.
ME.aah mama.today is the deadline day my oga gave me to come back.so mama.i wish i could stay and take care of you.but i have to go.i promise to be checking on you every month okay.mean while.i bought enough of provisions that will last for you like two months.and i kept some money in your room.chinaza will take care of you mama.just take care of yourself for me.
G.MAMA.tobem.you have done enough for me my son.if not you.i don’t know what would have happened to me.may God bless you.you will never lack.evil eyes shall not see you.*blessing continue*
ME.amen mama.thank you too.and please don’t sick again o.i will miss you o.
G.MAMA.i will miss you too my son.please take care of yourself.(she hug and bade me good bye)
i called chinaza and gave her some naira note.(big boy things na.you won try)she was very happy.she also bade me good bye.i took my hp bag and left.on my way to the village park.i saw uzoma coming back from the market.she saw me and she ran and hug me.to my greatest suprise.haa nawao.
ME.uzoma.how you dey?.
UZOMA.my tobe.i dey fine.were are you going with your bag?.
ME.(i want to go and fetch firewood).i’m going bag to the city.
UZOMA.*sad face* why do you want to leave me and go.why you don’t like me.am i not beautiful like those city girls?.(she asked almost in tears).
After hearing those words from her.i became speechless.truely i wasn’t treating her right.she likes me alot no dout.but i don’t have any feelings for her.it wasn’t my fault na.
ME.uzoma see.i don’t hate you okay.you are a beautiful girl and i don’t know what to say again.
UZOMA.i love you tobem.please love me back na.biko.
Nawaothis one na serious case o.wahala dey o. this girl dey serious no be small.
ME.hmmm.eerm uzoma.i have to go now.when next i come back we will talk. you hear.
UZOMA.okay tobem.i bought sometin for you at the market.
She made to open her bag.but i held her hand.
ME.don’t worry.am fine maybe next time.i have to go now.
UZOMA.okay.i love you tobem.bye bye.
She bade me good bye and left.i couldn’t help but stood and looked at her.chai!poor girl.
I resume my journey to the park.i got to the motor park and boarded a bus.it took some minutes before the bus took off.some hours later.i got to the city.and 30 minutes later.i was face to face with chief simon’s large gate.suddenly i became afraid to go inside.i just don’t know why.i stood at the gate for more than ten(10)minutes.finally i gatthered the courage to knock.i moved closer and knock.seconds later.jumbo open the gate.he saw me and shouted my name loud.(wetin the worry this guy na.why shouting my name).
JUMBO.chai!oga tobe.na you be this?.
ME.noo.no be me. na your papa ghost.
JUMBO.oga tobe.you funny o.longest time.na now you dey come back?(mitcheew.why is it that we nigerians like asking funny questions.you see me coming in with my bag you still dey ask me.na now you dey come back.nawao).
ME.jumbo.nawa for this your question o.how you dey na).
JUMBO.oga tobe.i dey fine o.see how you dey shine.hmmm.your wife dey take care of you o.
ME.na you sabi.na you marry wife give me.oga don come back.and what of anty Isabella?.
JUMBO.oga never come back o.and anty Isabella talk say your number no dey go.she dey wory o.
ME.hmmm.she dey inside abi?.
JUMBO.no she just comot now now with anty Anabell too.
ME.okay na.see you later. I gave him one of the coconut i brought.
He thank me.and i left to my apartment.my room was untiedy.i did some clean up.and cook small rice coz i was hungry.i ate and was relaxing.it was 7pm in the evening.and Isabella not back yet.i was still relaxing when sleep came and took me away.it was a hard knock from the door that woke me up.
I wanted to ignore the knock.but the person never gave up on knocking.i stood up and went to the bath room to wash my face and mouth.i came back and the person was still knocking.i went and unlock the door.and here stood was my dear Isabella.
Immediately she saw.she smiled and jump on me.(it is good to be strong o.other wise i for fall down like….)i carried isabella for some seconds before dropping her.(i no be john cena or batista of wwe).
She held my lips and dropped a soft kiss on it.(chai!omo my brain scarter for the kiss.idon tey wey i kiss last na.so no be my fault.her lips soft no be small.if she try the kissing again.i swear i’m ready to forget my G.mama name.lols).
ME.hi Isabella.you are looking great.
ISABELLA.thanks dear.i missed you so much.
ME.*chai!oboy.na me be this* i.i.i missed you too baby.(to be honest.i was shy calling her that name.baby)
ISABELLA.wow.you called me baby.hmmm.i love it.
After Isabella had left that night.i was very happy withing me.she truely inlove with me .no dout it was writting all over her face.but what i don’t understand was what made her to bring herself so low to me.a whole millionare’s daughter falling inlove with nobody like me.a village illiterate.a gardner.though i’m handsome (i fine small.no be moi moi.lols) i can’t tell. love is blind indeed.but how will i raise enough money to take care of her.coz i hate girls to controll me.is abnormal to every guy.she told me not to worry about that. that she will take care of it.but still not normal.well lets wait and see.
I slept peacefuly that night.i woke up the following morning.i went to the bathroom and freshen up.then i went to my garden work.i did alot of work that morning.triming and watering the flowers and so on.by 12pm i was done with the work.
Oga tobe weldone o.Jumbo greeted.
ME.aah jumbo the jumbo.*i hail him*
JUMBO.oga mi.good morning.
ME.good morning jumbo.how you dey na.how your tin dey?.
JUMBO.i dey fine o.my tin just dey.hamathan don freez am finish….lols.
ME.hahahahaha.chai! I don die.go put am near fire na.
JUMBO.chai!na now i no say you no like me.how you won make i put am near fire.the tin fit burn.abeg i never marry o.hahahaha.
ME.i don hear you.so anything for me?.
JUMBO.bros nothing dey o.but don’t worry later we go go shark one one bottle.
ME.dat is my guy.i trust you na….abeg i want go cook.later we go see na.
JUMBO.okay oga mi.later.
I left jumbo to my room to prepare something to eat.
Isabella has gone to her school earlier. Later in the day.chief simon called me to check how work was going.
C.SIMON.tobe.how are you doin.and how is work.?.
ME.i’m fine sir.work is fine too.
C.SIMON.alright.i called to inform you that i won’t be coming next week as i promise.i will spend extra one week.making it two weeks.so just as i told you earlier.take care of the compound.
ME.okay sir.i will do just that sir.take care sir.bye bye sir..(the line went off).
After the call.i called my isabella’s number.but it wasn’t recheable.i went to the garden to relaxe a little bit.i was relaxing when i suddenly fell asleep.all thanks to the fresh air.i woke up some minutes later.but i was shocked to found someone sitting beside me.a lady.i though it was Isabella.with a smile. i stood up to hug her.but i looked up and it wasn’t isabella. Anabell.i called her.*suprised*.
ANABELL.hi dear.you are awake.
ME.(no i’m still sleeping).i’m suprise to see you.how long have you been here?.
ANABELL.more than 20 minutes.you were sleeping when i got here.i don’t wanna disturbe your sleep.so i decided to wait for you to wake up.*smiling*.
ANABELL.so tell me.how are you.do you miss me.?.
ANABELL.i missed you too.(did i said i miss you before?.).
ME.so were did you go yesterday?.i didn’t see you through out.ooh i forgot.you went to see your james*smiled*.
ANABELL.*straight face* noo.i went to see a friend.beside why are you talking about james.are you jeaulous?.
ME.(jeaulous ke.no be only jeaulous).why will i be jeaulous.when you are not my girlfriend or lover.
ANABELL.hmmm.then what am i to you?.(she asked staring at me).
ME.eerm.you are my boss daughter na.
ANABELL.is that all?.
ME.and Isabella’s sister.thats all.
She became silent.
Can i ask you something.she asked…yea go ahead.
ANABELL.i want us to go out together.
ME.eerm were too.
ANABELL.to that restaurant i saw you last time.i think there will be cool.what do you think?.
As long as no be me go pay.why i no go go.who no like better tin.awoof thing dey sweet na.i no come dis world to suffer jooh.but i go do small shakara for her first.
ME.eerm.i don’t feel like going out today.(i pray make she beg me again o.)
ANABELL.ooh poor you.is just to relaxe and have fun.come on.please lets go.we won’t waste much time.
I don fear whether you no go beg me.
ME.alright if you say so.let me go inside and change to something better.
We left the garden together.i went inside my room .and wore one of the new clothes she brought for me when i was in the village.minutes later.i was through with the dressing.i went and join her in her car.
Wow tobe.you are looking good and handsome.*she complimented*.
ME.*okay na* thanks you.*smiling*.
ANABELL.hmmm.alright shall we go now?.
ME.yea.of course.
ANABELL.can you drive?.
This girl use style dey mock me o.she don see me drive before.me wey no sabi drive bike.she is talking about car.unless she no won leave again.
ME.eerm not really.
ANABELL.no problem.one of this days.i will teach you..(i nodded)
she drove to the restaurant.and stopped.we came down.and she held my hand together.and we walked to the restaurant.
Good day.welcome to our restaurant.we have this we have that. please what can i get for you guys.the waiter asked.
ME.eerm.just get me vegetable soup with chicken with goat meat and fish(i no send anybody)
Anabell was shocked with my order.immediately my phone started ringing.i check the caller and it was bella.


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