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Me: wow, I finally got an admission into that said indigenous university. Well I hope it treat me nice unlike the way it treats others.
My name is Milly. Milly brandez I am 23 years old and I come from a filthily rich family. As you can see I have gotten an admission and this is how and where my story began.
Me: hey my name is Milly and I am your roommate (hoping to get a handshake but was turned down)
Belinda: nice to meet you.(she weighed me with her eyes and left the doorpost to her bed).
Me: (I didn't like her one bit because she looked rugged and more like a proustite) is it the two of us or are there still others?
Belinda: you waited here before I came in or were you talking to the walls? So I would appreciate it if you just shut up and wait to see for yourself. This is a room and not who wants to be a millionaire hot seat. So stop questioning me like i am your answering machine!.
Me: well I am sorry(I felt like slapping her makeover fave but nah it was just my first day).
To be continued
Episode 2..
Not too long another girl entered.
Miranda: hey, hi you must be the new girl here right?
Me: (feeling bored and uncomfortable around belinda but was glad to see someone else) yes I am, my name is milly and you?
Miranda: mine is miranda, meeting you is my pleasure. Wow I must say you look beautiful even beautiful than all the girls I have seen in campus.
Me: thank you( I was surprised she said that. I know I am beautiful but I didn't expect a girl to tell me that. Before then I heard belinda hissed and looked away. This was my chance to ask all my questions since she was more nicer than belinda) how many of us will be staying in this room?
Miranda: oh, it's just the three of us. We all are level 100. But what course are you?
Me: biochemistry and you
Miranda: I am a law student.
Me: what about that girl(pointing at belinda with my face because I didn't know her name by then) she seems weird.(I whispered to her)
Miranda:oh! That's belinda she is an accounting student. She is in level 200 she will be graduating the same year with us because she added an additional year for herself here in campus to learn other things like entrepreneurship.(also whispering to me)
Me: why is she like that I mean rude?(the whispering continues)
Miranda: well she has been like that ever since, she is rich, quite intelligent and her boyfriend is the leader of "presto perfectos."
To be continued
Episode 3
Me: (surprised). Hmmm. Prestos perfectos. Who are they(raising by browns)
Miranda: they are the most influential and populous group of handsome dudes. They are rich and a RIGHT fighting guys whom I find charming.
Me: so you mean they are cultists?
Miranda: of course not! Far from that. They help students a lot especially girls from being molested by some cultists and illegal lecturers. And I love them for it.
Me: so if Belinda is the gf of that kind of a person why is she like this? I mean like someone who suffered under loss and brain tumor?
Miranda: well all of these I told you were in the past about the prestos. But now they are now rude and mean. But they still dey help people sha. Miranda has been like that according to what I heard that Preston broke up with her. Mhennn she too like clubbing. Such a demanding and careless tag.
Me: you mean she was dating prestos leader and at the same time dating Preston?
Miranda: na so you dull? Preston is the leader and founder of the prestos perfectos.
Me: OK I get it now. Boy break up with her nai she dey do like rogue. Mcheeeeew, make she nor focus for wetin her parents send her come do for here. Na because say her parents rich na. Spoilt brat.
Miranda: go tell her for front na. Na slap she go take teleport you come back. See let me tell you you yourself will kill by the time you see presto.
Me: Miranda that is the impossible na. You know it can never happen.
Miranda: OK we shall see!..
To be continued
Episode 4
Me: we shall see not. By the way did Belinda agreed? I mean did she accepted the fact that they were no more?
Miranda: I pray o! Belinda sometimes don’t attend classes. She will be weaving off her time monitoring preston to see if he has hooked up with another chick. She can do almost anything for him. If na to kill self she ready.
Me: unbelievable! Is this one love or madness?
Miranda: you can call it whatever you like. Have you heard of the other team?
Me: another team!? And who can these facades be?
( I do have a problem in the way I talk I talk like as if people offended me and I must say I talk anyhow)
Miranda: this your mouth will land you in trouble. Have you forgotten you are in the university not in the secondary school?
(She was quite right and I was having a problem in controlling how I talk but its as if the words elected to come out of my mouth on their own).
Me: it’s okay na. So the ll me about these other teams
Miranda: they are called the brand bellers.
Me:hmmmmm are they doing it rhythmically? I mean P.P and B.B
Miranda: na you sabi just dey there they bla .
Me: wait a minute! But how come you know All these things?
Miranda: who come university come loss?? Someone putted me through just like I am putting you through now. It pays to be friendly.
Me: yeah exactly that’s right. Thanks for keeping me company.
Miranda: you are welcome. I have been bored for two weeks. Don’t know whom to talk to. Belinda is such a boring and uninteresting pseudo finally I get to talk to someone.
Me: okay if you feel the same.
Miranda: good night dear
Me: same bae…
what will happen next?
To be continued
Episode 5
******next day*********
( getting read for lecture. Putting on my bra and panties)
Me: Miranda stand up na. Go and put on something you can't just take your bath and lie down again.
Miranda: hmmmmmm I want to sleep more(stretching )
Me: sleep more keh. Shebi I told you to stop pinging last night but you refused.
Miranda: don't blame me ooo. Or do you think I subscribed for nothing? Abeg leave me ooo. Life is meant to enjoy not to suffer.
Me: madam, I have heard you. So please take your tiny body out of the bed and put on some clothes. I am waiting( done with my clothes and now over to my makeup) don't make me go late to class. Belinda has gone since.
Miranda: and for your mind na lecture she go? Mtcheeeeew.
Me: you get boyfriend wey dey handle you for bed?
Miranda: yes but he nor dey bed me oo.
Me: no wonder if not you for nor still dey here by now.
Melinda: what of you na who be your boyfriend?
Me: I don't have. I am still single. I broke up with my boyfriend. Could you imagine the idiot got angry because I didn't get an admission into the university he is attending? So I broke up.
Miranda: hahahhah you get mind o. But dat kind if guy foolish o.(putting on some makeups I was already done with mine) if you don't have a boyfriend here, you never jand be that ooo.
Me: who band don help na jand I come here to do?
Miranda: you said you were a biochemist right?
Me: yes, why?
Miranda: because Brenden, the leader of B.B is in your department.(shouting and holding my cheeks)
Me: whoa whoa stop your shouting. What so special about him?
Miranda: you will fall for him I bet you(winking her eyes at me)
Me: God forbid. Fall for a guy?? Hell no!!
Miranda: you are acting cool. You said you won't fall for preston and now you are telling me you won't for brenden. You are just kidding me. Well I don't blame you its because you haven't seen them.
Me: why am I the one to fall for them?? Why can't they fall for me??. And did you also fell for them when you saw them??
Miranda: they can't fall for you because they won't notice you( sticking out her tongue at me). And yes, I fell for them but did not get noticed. So I gave up. I can't be fooling myself for them instead I got over it.(picking up her hand bag from her bed and dusting her jean both of us were set to go).
Me: whatever!! We shall see! (We both left for class but we departed when I got to my department).
To be continued


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