Monday, 9 October 2017


Presley: as far as you hate burials, no need knowing about.
We all went inside and met dad watching news again. It was just 2pm.
Dad: so milly all of you stay here?
Me: yes but the rest stays in the duplex its just i,preston,miranda,presley and the girls
Dad: okay. I forgot to ask preston thats your assistant presley right?
Preston: yes dad
Dad: thats good he looks just like you. So milly where is that your other friend that spoke with me the other time?
Me: she is inside I guess she must ne having here bath.
Soon the topic changed to the war..
Dad: so what about the fight in your campus?
Preston: its not good enough we lost a lot of boys and we are not much to face brenden
Dad: dont worry I came here with my full support
Preston: how?
Dad: I bought along some armies with me. No thanks just consider it as a gift.
Preston: wow. Okay but thank you very much. You just eased the stress.(phone rang) sorry dad but I have to pick the call.
Dad: no problem
Preston: hello
Caller: is this Preston paul?
Preston: yes who is this?
Caller: its the dangerous dragons. We want to join you in the fight with brenden. Please allow us.
Preston: why should I do that?
Caller: because he killed the F.F our blood like allies. Please allow us my reasons are much. Tomorrow brenden will be out in campus for battle. It might be the last battle ever because he is in campus right now recruiting members. He will call you sooner to challenge you in campus tomorrow so I wanted to offer help.
Preston: okay if brenden calls I will inform you
Caller: okay. I will be waiting
Preston: whats your name?
Caller: my name is walter but you can call me the angry bird.
Preston: didi you say walter and angry bird?
Caller: yes I did. Do make sure you call back.(he hung up)
Preston: wow. This guy is said to have the deadliest cult group in campus. They stand for both good and bad.
Me: thank God I am sure brenden will be defeated in no time
Dad: of course he will.
Preston: and he is recruiting members am sure they will be no match. (his phone rangs) its brenden
Preston: hello longtime. I haven’t seen you since you ran away
Brenden:i am not in the mood for your jokes lets end this battle tomorrow in campus at 12noon at the dot. If you are brave be ready to enter your grave.
Preston: I will be waiting by 12 pm deal.(brenden hung up) .
Preston called and informed walter and he promised to show up later in the day.
Preston: dad, are the armies around?
Dad: no but they will be later in the day. About ten..
Preston: thanks alot dad.(phone rang)
Preston: hello who is this?
Belinda: so soon you have deleted my number. Give the phone to your so called girlfriend. (preston gave me)
Me: hello
Belinda: I hope you are also ready for the fight tomorrow? Because I and cassey would be there for you.
Me:I will be pleased than ever(i hung up)
Plans were made and later in the day miranda came out and was surprised to see my dad. Both of them.discussed like father and daughter. She volunteered to join the fight. At 6pm the D.D came they were dresses in red and black claiming that a dragon is black but its fire is red.
They planned so Many things. They trained and planned till daybreak. It was 7am where I woke up and I still saw them training.
And My dad was already preparing to leave..
Me: dad are you going so soon?
Dad: yeah. I wouldn’t want mass media to have it that my daughter is in nigeria with the notorious criminal. So I am leaving.
Me:okay dad. I promise to come back two days after my graduation.
Dad: its okay.i am leaving you here because I believe in melissa and preston
Me: I know dad have a safe flight.
Dad: I will (he kissed me)
I didnt know how and when the rest men who followed my dad came in. Preston saw him outside so they hugged and bade each other goodbye before he finally left.
By 9 am all the confras had dressed in their costume even the D.D. By now Charles was more than loyal.
Preston addressed them. He positioned Them and gave them instructions to follow once in campus.
By 11am everyone was positioned on the vehicle. Exactly 11:10am the armies came and apologised for not coming on time.
I,preston,presley and melissa used the lemon jeep while the rest girls fitted the orange jeep. Miranda insisted to go with the armies. We started our journey.
Preston: milly please be safe for me
Me: I will be safe for you trust me you also be safe for me.
Preston: I will and please know that no matter what happens I will always love you.
Me: stop talking as if you are going to die
Preston: no matter how careful we may be if destiny wants us dead we have no choice
Me: stop it. I am sure the only popular person dying today is brenden
Preston: alright. Then.
We got to campus 11:53am. We all alighted and scanned the avenue. The armies were not to show up until the battle gets fierce. That was part of the plan.12:00pm, we heard gunshots from different angles but didnt take action until five men were hit before we took action. All brenden’s men were out of their hiding place even belinda and Casey were coming to my direction with their girls. I was in front of the nobles but as soon as they got near the nobles came in front.
Belinda: why wont you girls mind your business?
Melissa: what! Are you scared?
Belinda: never! Let the fight begin..
The fight started and we won over them. They were nothing compared to us after all the training. After defeating them we joined in the shooting. Several shots and the shooting continued. Blood everywhere. Matrix was behind presley wanting to shot him when he was shot from behind and the shooter was miranda. She stood near matrix and continued shooting until presley held her. The armies weapons finished brenden’s men. Charles shot mavins before he was shot by ebuka and preston shot ebuka. I couldn’t believe how hundreds turned into units. I was shooting with two guns in my hands when brenden held me from behind on my neck.
Brenden: drop your weapons. Looks like you really trained and reinforced. You have drained my men to the extent they are now nine remaining. Well done preston but I will take the prize with me. Come on shoot me.
Preston: leave milly stop using her as your shield and fight like a real man
Brenden: a real man indeed. Watch me.
He brought out a sharp knife. He was about to cut my face with it when we heard a gunshot. Everybody was shocked and there was a moment of pause until we looked at the shooter. It was…..
To be continued ..
Last Episode 12
The shooter was my father. I wasnt so surprised because he was a military man. And of course he shot the remaining nine members of brenden….
Me: dad I thought you would be gone by now
Dad: not without killing who raped my daughter.
Me surprised) how did you find out?
Dad: I did a lot of investigation. I have to go now my trip is 2:12 and its just 1:50. So see you in europe.(pecking me) bye
Me: bye..
The dangerous dragons came and thanked Preston for bringing peace back to the university though they lost a lot of boys. They took their members corpse and left. The armies followed my dad already none of them were shot…
I,preston,presley and miranda were holding hands creating a circle so happy for defeating brenden at last. Miranda smiled at me and I smiled back not knowing the reason but I could see that her eyes were teary. Immediately she came to my front and suddenly we heard a gunshot.
Brenden: I must take someone with me I dont care who that bullet hit but i pray it be it milly someone must go down with me….
With that anger preston shot brenden on his forehead and went to him..
Preston: no matter how strong and mighty evil may be, good will always prevail over it..
He closed his eyes and came to us we all walked few steps happy until we realised miranda was behind. We all turned to see miranda with a faint and weak smile with teary eyes. Then our eyes met a spot in her tommy that she covered with her hands. She was the one the bullet met.melissa quickly ran to meet us.
We all ran to meet her she weakly fell on floor. Presley with tears ran to meet her and raised her head placed it on his lap and sat on the floor….
Presley: please stay alive dont die on me…baby, baby, I am sorry for not being with you lately please stay awake….
Me: miranda please dont die now. Remember our plans after graduation. (crying and holding her hands which was already getting cold)
Miranda: (struggling to talk) I am sorry for dying but I have to because I will die sooner. You see I lost you guys the day I was raped. That incident got me affected with AIDs and unwanted pregnancy. I managed to terminate the pregnancy because I couldnt bring up a child I will hate. My going out at night and coming in was as a result of getting treatment for my disease but I only got treatments that would expand my lifespan. This is the reason I have been so distant lately I wanted presley to move on so my death wouldn’t be a blow to him..(coughing blood) .
Presley: save your strength you will be fine(crying)
Me: miranda please(crying like a baby)
Miranda: I am so sorry for dying. Presley thank you for the love, you are the only one who truly loved me I felt loved around you. Milly thanks for the friendship I will forever cherish it till judgement day. Preston thank you so much for everything and melissa dont forget what I told you to do. I have fulfilled my reason for living this long which is to kill matrix and write my final exams else I would have committed suicide . Please presley and milly make sure my certificates gets to my aunt.. I need to go( she breathed her last closed her eyes which made tears rolled down her cheeks. Her last word were I love you all.)
I cried and cried.
The fact that miranda is dead was still unbelievable.
I didnt wanted to leave the spot. Melissa carried me but she couldn’t preston had to carry me but I still struggled with him.
Presley carried miranda’s lifeless body on his arms with tears in his eyes. I got to realise that I would have been the dead one.
Since she saw brenden’s hand raised first, she smiled at me and stood in front of me and got hit by the bullet. What a true friend she is…..sacrificing her life in place of mine…
The drive was silent. I cried my eyes out already. We got home and placed miranda on her room and covered her, She was already cold.
That night preston received unstoppable calls thanking him for bringing the threat in campus to an end.
I regretted coming to Nigeria for the first time. Preston tried to comfort me but I couldn’t be comforted.
I kept asking him “who will be my chief bridesmaid on our wedding day?”
Melissa was comforting and mourning with presley which got both of them to be together all the time.
On graduation day, miranda’s aunt came she only recognised presley who later broke the news to her.
On hearing it she threw herself to the ground and wept.
This got me crying again.
I couldnt help but imagined how a woman who maltreated her niece would cry like this.
We wept so much that our eyes were bloody red. Even preston’s parent came and presley’s parent also.
Both mothers were the only ones who could hold miranda’s aunt when she cried. Presley’s dad comforted presley who rested his head on his shoulders like a baby. Soon they left having looking at how we graduated and how well our scores came out.
Later in the day they left after preston briefed both parents about our going to overseas in the next two days.
They prayed for presley and preston and I wondered how well and far the prayer would go I guess maybe because my dad never prayed for me that was why I faced so much tragedies…
Her aunt started crying again when we got home after graduation and showed her miranda’s lifeless body on the bed. I joined her once more in crying.
Preston helped us packed our things while we were busy wailing. If miranda dont go to Europe alive at least she has to be buried there and her aunt had to follow us as well.
My dad sent the private jet back since I told him the day we will be leaving.
We got to Europe. My dad felt pity for us expecially miranda’s aunt and he took care of her specially…
Miranda was finally buried. As she was placed in the coffin, memories of how we first met in the hostel, then in the birthday party and so many things flashed through my head. I couldnt help but cry……
6 weeks later……
Mass media had it that brenden was killed by preston and he got a business from my dad and both brenden’s dad to replace brenden in one of the companies he had given to brenden. Melissa resigned from the Nobles. Presley continued being assistant with Preston even in all the companies..
I was all dressed in my best cloth with so many pulling and wearing of clothes just because I was going on a date with preston and I thought it wouldn’t be so difficult if miranda was here. I got to my car and was about opening it when I suddenly felt dizzy and my eyes were blurry and I fell down.
I woke up in the hospital with everyone smiling at me. My father told me I was five weeks pregnant. Preston proposed marriage to me in the hospital which I accepted.
Two months later we got married at last. Not quite long I gave birth to a beautiful girl.
Oh my God it was miranda I gave birth to the resemblance were strikingly identical. The eyes,lips and mouth were all the same even the aunt was there to testify. This made me name her miranda.. after miranda’s birth melissa and presley got married. Then we found out the ‘thing’ miranda told melissa was to make sure presley falls in love a second time.
I was so happy miranda came back to life as my daughter now I believe in reincarnation… but what saddened me more was that I will die before my daughter but I was still very happy. To prove that miranda my daughter was miranda herself is that she always kissed presley and smiled at miranda whenever they come visiting…………
“Friends are hard to find and when you finally see one make sure you keep him/her because there are some things your parent can’t do but a friend will definitely do them” so says milly brandez (me).


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