Monday, 9 October 2017


The journey took about 3 hours. I and Miranda was already sleeping because of how we cried.
We were still sleeping until they shouted at us to get down from the Volvo. The place they took us to was a very big house it wasn’t painted but it was roofed and widowed. It was located in a hidden place with bushes surrounding the building. They dragged us inside and placed us in a dark room. They switched on the light and left. That was when we realised it was an empty warehouse. Five able bodied guys were already waiting for us. They talk rudely and made mockery of us. One of them received a phone call
Guy1:yes we don receive the package……they be four…… Okay..okay…..okay….I don hear…okay….we go see later
Guy2:wetin oga con talk na
Guy1:oya go bring ropes come here. He say make we tie the boys make we nor touch the girls at all
Guy2:okay na.
They tied Preston and Presley. We all sat on the floor. I rested my head on Preston’s shoulder so did Miranda on Presley’s shoulder. The idiots were Still there watching us.
Me:who do you think is behind all these?
Miranda:who else if not that b-----d who raped you
Me:I am also suspecting him but will he go this far?
Preston:are you defending him or what?
Me:of course not I am just surprised
Presley:Milly,Nigerians are desperate they can do anything to get everything and everything to get anything. They can even murder their family just to do it. So am not surprised if its that b-----d because this is even more than what he can do
Preston:now I can’t even touch your face
Me:(sniffing) don’t worry(I kissed him) at least you can feel my lips
Guy1:see make una nor do that love for here o here nor resemble garden or hotel room look around na die una wan die so make una dey feel lips well well
Me:guys please tell me who sent you to do this to us?
Guy1:and who you think say you be? Queen if England? For your case right now na only Jesus can save
Me:please I will pay you # 6million naira if you just let us go
Leader:miss Milly do you really have that kind of amount of money?seem you are a very rich spoilt girl
I have never seen the guy before but Preston and Presley seems to know him
Preston:martin why are you doing this?
Martin:dont you think you have have to pay for what you did to my boys in campus?
Preston:but if we have to pay Brenden also must pay
Martin:I choose whom to pay for my boys and I choose you the p.p not the b.b(laughing evilly)
Preston:so what next now? Are you gonna leave us like this?
Martin:of course not you will have to wait for the master to come sentence you.
Preston: what master aren’t you the leader?
Martin:not anymore. You see I have backed up with some confras so I am no longer the master
Preston:why give your position to someone else?
Martin:look I am tired of you guys chasing us out of campus simply because we are cultists. I want freedom for My boys I want freedom for myself which I got even if it caused me giving out my position to someone.
To be Continued..


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