Monday, 9 October 2017


Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months which gave us holiday but we didn’t go home. A lot of things happened during those space of time.
We trained with the spare times we got. Melissa trained us. We were getting prepared because since the last encounter with brenden he hasnt showed up anywhere. So we used it to get prepared.
Miranda refused to join the trainibg she only learnt how to handle a gun and shoot from annabella. She threw up always when we first started training but its been two months now she is getting lean and no longer throw up getting me confused.
I trained hard and overcame the fear in me. I learnt how to do everything. Preston and presley were not left out. Both of them trained more.
Melissa and presley became very close during those times..
We were through with the final exams they do at 500level. Even preston had proved himself worthy of been marine engineer..still brenden was still no where to be found and neither has his gangs been seen around..
Everybody were getting ready for graduation..
Miranda’s case worsened. She cried more and was also more distant from us. She moved out of their room and went to her own separate room. She was different,rude and arrogant. She insulted people both in the campus and in the house. She downgraded anybody who unintentionally hurts her. Nobody understands her now. She hopes out of the house every morning and come home late at night..presley’s attempt to persuade her to stop her doings fell on deaf ears..instead she insults him and call him names.. the worst nobody expected she breaking up with presley.. it made him so angry that he sneaked into Melissa’s room and did the undoable.
I heard someone shouting my name so did Preston so both of us ran to check. We found presley on Melissa’s bed sleeping soundly…
Melissa: what the heck is he doing here?
Me: calm down Melissa look at him.. its obvious he meant no harm.. we all knkw what he has been through earlier..
Melissa: I see. You now act like Nigerians. The fact that you have stayed here for a long time doesnt mean you should act like one okay??
Me:(laughing) yes I know..
Melissa:whats funny?? Why are yoz laughing??
Melissa: continue laughing..if not that he is a friend, I would’ve have taught him a lesson.m he wouldnt forget in his life time.
Me: dont forget he defeated you severally dont you think he can still do that outside training??
Melissa:aaaaarrrrrrrrrgggghhhhh(she left the room)
I and preston went back and continued sleeping till day break.
We woke up in the morning and went to the sitting room to find presley sitting opposite miranda while melissa sat on the chair at preston’s right hand side sharpening he two knives she held with eachother… soon as Miranda saw me she was attempting to go to her room but I blocked her..
Miranda: milly please move aside
Me:no you go back to where your coming from whats your problem lately?
Miranda:i have no problems instead you shouls be the one having problems right now..
Me: what do you mean?
Miranda:well you should think about that yourself because I am not the one who got abandoned by her father..
Me:(my legs were weakened) what! I cant believe you just said that to my face…
Miranda: whatever! She hissed and walked away
Preston:its okay
Presley: I am sorry
Melissa: and who are you supposed to tell that to?(pointing at presley)
Presley:what do you mean?
Melissa: whose room did you wake up in this morning?
Presley:well I am sorry..
Melissa: is that all you can say?
Presley: what do expect me to say anyways huh? Did I hurt you?
Melissa: I can see you are mannerless just like your girlfriend..
Presley:excuse me what did you just say??
Melissa: you heard me right..
Presley: well I dont have your time walking into the passage..
Melissa: me neither!! Aaarrrrggghhh!
Me: Melissa its okay.. its training time
Melissa:if I have to train everybody except presley..
Me: you will have no choice then
Melissa:fine! (Smiling as if she thought of something).
Everyone came out for training including miranda. It was preston against me and Melissa against presley.
Preston out of the so called caring love allowed me defeat him but it was fierce between presley and melissa…
Melissa: you really think you will win this time right?
Presley: why not or do you have a new skill? Please teach me ( drawing his face nearer which attracted a punch from miranda)
Presley:hmmm this is no longer a training but revenge. Dont make me angry..
Melissa: really! Then I am scared..
Presley:then baby watch me.
Melissa: how dare you call me a baby??!
Presley raised her with the aid of the waist and droppes her thinking she will all down but she kicked him from behind as soon as she landed on the floor and presley fell on the floor…and she ran and sat on him.
Melissa: you think you can defeat me right? I trained you!
Presley: students sometimes defeats teachers(he forced her lips on his by pushing her head down his face and he kissed her but she forcefully redeemed herself)
Melissa: how dare you!(she punched him)
Presley:really? What was that for?
Melissa: and this is for last night(punching him again)..
She then stood up and angrily went to her room. Miranda was really angry at the sight that she approached presley..
Miranda: we just broke up two days ago and you have started flirting In my presence? Dont you have shame?
Presley:foe your information I dont have shame. Do you expect me to wait for jesus second coming before I can date some one?
Miranda: you really dont have shame! What a shame you are!
Presley:you should be the one with shame here..
Melissa: how dare you(she slapped him)
Presley:hmmmmm it hurts right?(he walked away and left her there)
Me:miranda its okay. I am sure there is nothing between both of them.
Miranda: I didnt ask for your opinion milly and you better warn that servant of yours..
Me:miranda she is not my servant..
Miranda: I dont care you better warn her before I do it my self (she walked into her room as well?
Me:honey I cant stay in ths house lets go to the campus and observe the evirons.
Preston:if you want that then I have no choice…
Me:thank you so much…
We took our baths and dressed up and left the house..
We got to campus strolled around and imagined how graduation would be like. We got fed up and tired of strolling because of the hot sun and the dusty environment…
As we were about entering the car, we heard a loud shout and cars rolling around. There were about six cars rolling and pouring dusts everywhere. The shouts were oye oye oye oye oye oye oye oye oye oye oyeeeeee…….
There were numerous gunshots in the air.. from a car, alighted brenden.. he was wearing a t-shirt which had a person’s photo in it. The person was kinda late..
We didn’t see the photo on the shirt properly but saw it’s on the big poster two of the boys shouting on the top of a car held.. some boys were dancing and performing gymnastics. Others were following brenden behind…altoge
ther as my eyes could court the guys, they were up to sixty..
Me: come on dear lets get away from here
Preston: oh my God that picture is pedrick park’s..
To be continued..
Episode 7
Me: do you think brenden………(he cuts in)
Preston: I dont know I guess I will have to go and ask him
Me: baby stop endangering yourself and me
Preston: stay in the car..
He was filled with anger because according to him and presley he was the. Only loved son of pedrick park.
I held his hand dragging him to come back but as he walked, he dragged me along. We finally got to where brenden was and I hid behind preston..
Preston: whats that picture about?
Brenden: (laughing) its a birthday picture… are you that blind that you cant see your dead beloved father’s picture?
Preston: what!! (his eyes were now red) what happened??
Brenden: I dont know but bro I just fulfilled a promise I have been dying to fulfil yesterday. (he patted preston on his shoulder and walked away with the rest boys still shouting and singing)
Me:its okay baby I guess he might have left you a message before dying all foreigners does that.
Preston: but who killed him?
Me: I am in no position to know that but there’s something fishy about brenden. I mean he left for a very long time and then came back with the picture of Pedrick park claiming he is dead..and with all these kind of boys.. its a little confusing though..
We left campus and went back home in a confused state. As we drove into the compound and came down from the car, what we seem not to surprise preston but it got me more than surprised.
We saw some group of guys there were more than thirty but at minimum of thirty.
Some groups wore red throughout, some wore white throughout. The ones I fell in love with was the ones that wore yellow and black throughout.
Miranda,presley and the nobles were outside too.
The group of boys had sadness written all over their face including presley. They might have also heard of the news. As soon as preston came close all of them bowed their heads and crossed their hand at their backs leaving their legs opened.
Preston: I understand the pain of everyone here I just got the news from brenden and I suspect him a lot for the great loss of our master. I have been hiding my true self and allowing those I love get hurt because master once told me that strength is not show at the beginning of a fight but at the end. Wisdom is only used on the wise when they think you are foolish and same goes with brenden who thinks we are foolish. Now I wont keep the promise I made to our master because his death has killed us already. Brenden the leader of the B.B has deviated from the confraternities and has joined forces with cult groups.he is issue o longer the leader of B.B but B.W. We give blood for..
Confraternities(chorusly): blood
Preston: life for..
Confraternities(chorusly) : life
Preston: jugdement for
Confraternities(chorusly): judgement
All of them: if na heaven you run go we go follow, if na hell fire you run go we go follow, anywhere you run go our shadow go hunt you down o. Abeg our master support our fight confras oh oh oh confras, confras oh oh oh confras, we know whar we stamd for o confras we know what we live for o confras….
Preston: iron for
All: iron
Preston: steel for
All: steel
Preston: fire for
All: fire.
We all went inside. Thank God that my house was big enough for them except for the rooms which made the boys stayed in the duplex since they insisted they can not be separated.
That night as I came out of my room to go meet preston in his meeting with the rest, I saw melissa in fury..
Me: melissa whats wrong?
Melissa: I swear to God I will so kill preston that he will beg for death but see none.
Me: funny what again this time?
Melissa:(showing me two of her favourite clothes her father gave to her before his death. Presley had use a sharp object to design P and M on the two shirts)
Me: wow that harsh.
I walked past her and she followed me. I got to meet preston who smiled at me and adjusted for me to sit. I sat on a stool it was a very low stool. I rested my head on his chest…
Preston: this is my girlfriend milly and milly these are members of the confraternities. Like I told you its not only the P.P and B.B. Those wearing red throughout are also called the B.B MEANING BLOOD BROTHERS, the ones wearing white throughout are called L.L MEANING LEGAL LORDS. And the ones wearing yellow and black are called U.U MEANING UNIQUE UNIT.
Me: wow I like the names and dresscodes. Nice knowing all of you.
Shadow(member of B.B): the pleasure is ours
Smith(member of L.L): we have heard news about the way brenden has been dying to have you.
Me: but he didnt succeed just forget about it(closing the topic)
Smith was just about to say something when we heard a loud shout. We turned to look it was melissa.
Melissa: pressssslllllleeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy
Preston: you and this girl. What again this time?
Presley: please leave her alone. Its madness time for her
Me: but presley how can you do that to her clothes. Those clothes were her favourites. Her late father gave them to her. You designed P and M in it. You are the P now who own the M in it? Melissa or miranda?
Presley: its okay I can’t think straight
Me: why will you think straight when you are acting like a woman do women think straight?
Melissa sighted presley and came to him.
Melissa: (breathing) oh! There you are. You little teeny tiny fool. Now explain these shirts you designed.
Presley: look Melissa I dont have time for this mama iyabo and papa iyabo type of quarrel.
Melissa: whats mama iyabo and paba iyabo? Well I am not talking about that I am talking about my clothes(dont forget she’s foreign)
Presley: please leave me alone
Melissa: really? You just watch me leave you alone
She dragged him from the shade we were into the pool. The B.B, L.L, and U.U stood up at once and looked angrily at her.
Melissa:what! What’s the look? We are both now even.
Smith: I hope you know presley dont know how to swim and he is already in there for two minutes?
Presley was also struggling in the pool.
Melissa:then why dont you go inside and bring him out? (going to the main house)
Smith:remember you threw him in yourself. If he dies will your kalag be able to take that?
Melissa: whats kalag?
smith: it’s a confraternity language it means conscience.
As she heard it she froze, and flipped from the ground and twice in the air and landed in the pool exactly the position presley was and she brought him out.
The confras were surprised. She placed him on the tiled floor and started pressing his chest to bring out the water he drank in the pool. The chest pumping wasnt working either so she decided to give him the mouth to mouth technique…
To be continued..
Episode 8
She placed her mouth but nothing happened she placed it again and nothing happened she did it again and he poured out water and again forced her lips on his and kissed her.
Melissa: what was that for?
Presley: for pushing me into the pool if I had died how on earth will I be able to revenge my master.
Melissa: oh really? Now you kissed me what will I do to pay back?
Presley: you might as well kiss me also
Melissa: oh really (smiling )
Melissa: I like it. It sounds nice. What a p-----t you are (punched him and left)
Presley: you punched me wait for my revenge
Melissa: I will feel more than privileged. Trust me
Presley: ahhh.. that punch was too hard(he said after she left)
Me:you better stop crossing lines with melissa except you want to die young
Preston: if you like her just tell her and stop bullying her
Presley: far from that I dont like her
Preston: now come and sit let’s discuss
They all sat down and I joined them as well..
Preston: brothers what made you all come to mourn our master with me?
Shadow: master left message that I should join my group with yours in case of his death. He told me of how brenden went there to threaten him. That was when brenden first left campus. He said brenden threatened him to register other cult groups that brenden found favour in like the WILD WOLVES,DEPRESSED TIGERS AND THE OBSESSED DEMONS but he refused and brenden gave him two years to think about it if not it will cost him his life and that of the P.P then brenden will be the overall beloved son and our leader as well then he will register the cult groups himself……….
Smith: same goes with me
Preston: but he never told me any of these
Shadow: because he knew you would break your promise.
Preston: whats the difference? I will be breaking that promise in no time…..
Me: baby do you mind if I insist?
Preston: how?
Me: my girls are available and dont forget brenden still has a lot of cult groups with him
Preston: and do yourself think girls can resolve that?
Me:what a man can do a woman can do it even better
Preston: this is not girls stuff
Smith: milly you will have to reserve your girls for cassey and belinda. They have joined forces together with brenden to bring you down
Me: really??
Smith: thats the information I got
Presley: yours girls are too lazy expecially Melissa.
Me: you wish! Can you go into a duel with her to prove your point?
Presley: why not?? I can (shouting)
Melissa: really? Why not now because when I am in this dress I have the spirit of fighting (everybody turned to see the direction of where the voice came from. It was melissa and the rest of the girls, dressed in full orange.
Smith: wow they are really fighters
Presley: well I wasnt talking about you
Melissa: you better not except you want to empty that pool(they stood near me)
Presley: whatever!
Smith: preston where are the other members? Its just you and preston here..
Preston: they are in the general house.
Smith: why did you abandon them? They are suppose to be with you all the time…
Preston: those guys are rogues they rebelled against me to give them freedom and they got the freedom only preston stood by me and joined me to fight against them. That fight went on for two weeks. I got shot during that period preston was the one who saved me. Thats why I owe preston a lot.
Presley: anytime
Melissa: (scoffs) it baffles me how tigers fight like cats and still win battles…
Presley: and it makes me wonder how a cow behaves like a lioness in the jungle…
Melissa: you so just crossed the line
Preston: you too! Whatever..
The night went deeper it was 2am and they were still discussing. I love my sleep so much that I had to sleep like a baby on preston’s chest. I woke up to see them still discussing, it was just 5am and the nobles were not left out…
Me: I am sorry I slept. Good morning all… did I miss anything?
Melissa: yeah you sure did especially the part I punched presley out of that stool…
Presley: I let you do it if I was to get back at you you would have been dead by now
Melissa: all you know how to do is to rattle that little mouth of yours!
Preston: good morning also.
Me: there is someone at the gate( looking at the light which was in the shade)
There was a particular light at the shade that turns green to red whenever someone was at the gate…
Preston: how did you know?
Me:this is my house remember??
Preston: of course!
Melissa: I will go and get it. I don’t like looking at weaklings…
Presley: are you referring to me?
Melissa: (scoffs) who are you??!
She left and came back with a group of boys wearing red and white about fidteen in number…
Melissa: they came to look for preston
Preston: yeah sure! Baby I hope you don’t mind?
Me: of course not.. anything for you..
Preston:thanks.. so how have you guys been?
Charles:(a member of the P.P): we have been fine except for the fact that ebuka joined the B.W.
Preston: I knew that one day that guy was going to betray me. It was obvious when he shot me…
Charles: I heard the news about master so I guess we would be joining the confraternities.
Preston: you also know?
Charles: yeah. Master sent me the message
Presley: hmmm finally. So where is that girl that wanted to join us then?
Charles: and you where is miranda?
Presley: she is inside
Charles: why?? I thought you guys were inseparable? Honey and bee
Presley: are you mocking or insulting me?
Charles: what if I am?
Presley: then you are nothing
Charles: that doesnt mean anything bro..
Presley: at least charles show some respect and not this your rebellious attitude….
Everybody heard a voice and turned to see the person..
To be continued..
Episode 9
Miranda: mind if I join??
Me: you can join us…
Miranda: aren’t you gonna invite me over to your seat?
Presley: if I don’t invite you,
You can’t! come over by yourself right?
Melissa: invite her already. You and I both know you are dying to have her near you
Presley: alright you can come sit with me
Miranda: okay thanks..
Presley: so you see charles she is already here
Charles: as if I care!
Preston: there is still one group remaining so where are they?
Smith: you mean the freedom fighters?
Preston: exactly the F.F
Smith: I called the leader already he is on his way.
Me: thats Huge
Preston:am sorry but we will leave this place
Me: no problem
All the groups trained and fought with each other getting ready for the fight brenden had threatened them with.. yet the freedom fighters were nowhere to be found.
Preston: now we are all ready for the fight. Lets together wipe out brenden and his evil cult groups. They shall be put to justice and in all our master must be avenged….brenden is a threat to the confras as far as he knows our weaknesses and skills we must help one another…kill those who kills your brother and……….(phone rings )
Preston: hello
Caller: I have beem watching you lately bro.. I would really want you to come to campus and see for yourself. You can wait for eternity for the freedom fighters by the grace of your master you may se one member…(phone cuts)
Smith: whats happening? That must be brenden
Preston: I am sure. We need to get to campus right now
Me: I am coming with you..
Preston: no you are not. Just stay here
Me: but promise me you will be safe…
Preston: I promise(he kissed me and left with all the confras)…
************IN THE CAMPUS*************
When all the confras landed on campus, the F.F were seen. Some hanged infront of the university’s main hall. Some were beheaded and their heads placed on every signboard in the university……
Smith: this is horror!
Preston: cant believe our brothers suffered this fate…
Shadow: its time to move a pawn…
Brenden: well well well..look what we’ve got here(hitting a knife on his hand)
Preston: why do this to the F.F? Are you that heartless?
Brenden: you should be glad the rest went into their hideouts
Preston: hmmm. Why didnt you come to the hideout and see if your bone will be seen?
Brenden: that was exactly the reason I did this. I killed these weaklings to bring all of you out of that place, and guess what! It actually works.
by now I think milly will be in a state of emergency..( smiling wickedly)
Preston: you know not the rule of chess
Brenden: you know it more better so make a move..
As preston turned too go back
Brenden: oh brother not too fast…(preston turned)..
Groups of boys came out. It was as if they were invincible earlier…
Brenden: won’t you wait for the fight??
Preston: what the heck!!!!
Brenden boys were more than fifty in number. Preston’s boys were just forty. The fight Started and it was horror. Students who didnt stay in their hostels died of stray bullets. They were numerous gunshots. Campus turned into a battle field boys died a lot. Preston’s boys were winning Over brenden’s. It was like thirty against twenty as my eyes could count.
Brenden noticed his men were getting fewer he started running backwards heading to their car and at the same time shooting. All his boys entered brenden followed and entered the car. As they sped past preston’s boy ebuka shot shadow and matrix shot Smith and they sped off. Preston at once went to attend to them but before he could do anything, both gave up. Preston came back with their corpse and that of some of his boys. They were not happy at all. If they were to be happy it will be because they killed brenden’s majority and maybe because brenden ran away. I came out immediately I heard the horn of their car.
Preston: oh thank God you are here and alive(hugging me tightly)
Preston: brenden killed the F.F because he wanted me and the boys to come out so he can come for you.
Me: he could have succeeded……(avoiding his gaze)
Preston: what do you mean he would have succeeded?
Me: I am sorry I followed you to campus
Preston: you did what!! How?
Me: the girls, miranda and I had to follow you. I just felt like it..
Preston: do you know how dangerous it might be? What if you were shot?
Me: but nothing haopened. If I had been here maybe the worst would have literally happened.
Preston: but…..
Me:(cuts in. Crossing my index finger on his lips) just take it like that. I wasn’t shot and am safe……(melissa came out)
Miranda: oh they are back…hmmm I wonder how this weakling (eyeing presley) managed to escape.. looks like I trained him well..
Presley: please be serious for once and stop acting like a kid. Cant you be reasonable for once? This is no time to play around or joke or insult. We lost brothers,,if there should be anything to do, we should give them their respect and mourn them and revenge them.(crying)
Melissa:(feeling guilty so she hugged him) I am very sorry. I said that because I thought it will put you back in a joking mode.. i am really the
tried Presley: its okay. I want to be alone(going inside the girlfriend
Me: melissa if you like him just tell him. Remember he dont have a girlfriend (smiling at her)
Melissa: I dont like him. I was just trying to be sympathetic…..
Me: sympathetic huh? I see… good luck with being ‘sympathetic’.
The boys were done bringing the dead bodies from the the car and we all entrted into the house. Preston’s plan was to go bury them in school at the university’s premises because there was a big field meant for burying confras so they will be remembered..
Everyone of us had gone to our rooms. I and preston had gone to ours and tried sleeping but we I turned on the TV then we saw something on TV it was worldwide news. They announced the death of pedrick park in conjunction with the war that happened in campus. According to the newscaster, there was always a bad egg among the children of a father and they commended brenden whisley as the bad egg in the confraternities. He was proclaimed as the youngest terrorist having killed pedrick park who was heavily guarded single handedly.. the newscaster further said that whisley mark brenden’s father denied brenden as not being his son because her e has brought nothing but shame and disgrace upon him so he has disowned him and banned him from stepping his feets on Los Angeles else he will personally hand him to justice.
To be continued..
Episode 10
The news turned to an entertainment news..
Preston: when did brenden become a notorious criminal?
Me:(I was in a deep thought so I didnt heard what preston said i was thinking since the news is a worldwide news, maybey dad must have heard of it also.. he doesnt for any reason miss news)
Preston: hey are you okay?(tapping me)
Me: yeah I am. I was just surprused at the news..
Preston: me also. I just couldnt imagine the nice brenden of yesterday becoming the greatest criminal today??(my phone rang)
Me: oh my God! Its my dad calling(happy and worried)
Preston: that’s good pick it up.
then I picked it up and turned on the speaker out,
Me: hello, dad, look am so so sorry. I didnt mean to keep anything from you I was just trying as much as possible not to get you worried. I am also sorry for the two girls. Please dad forgive me( I wasn’t lamenting and not wanting to stop)
Dad: its okay. If it’s the death of the girls I am not mad at you I found out that their father was involved in your mother’s death and he dared not questioned me about them. The only reason I am mad at you was because you lied. You even lied about you being fine when you are suffering in the hands of those cruel Nigerians. That’s the reason I am mad at you because you I didnt bring you up as a liar.
Me: I am sorry. I promise not to lie to you again but dad Nigerians are great..
Dad: excuse me?
Me: I mean some of them
Dad: I dont agree to that if they are so nice then who is brenden whisley?
Me: uhmmm dad how did you find out about that name?
Dad: dont forget I am a news lover. I also learnt from my investigators that he attends the same university as you.. I also saw what your campus has turned into..
Me: but dad I am fine..
Dad: you will be more than fine tomorrow
Me: how do you know?
Dad: I just know. Go to bed now and be expecting a big surprise from me tomorrow..
Me: okay dad. I cant wait to see this ‘big surprise’. Goodnight dad I love you.
Dad: good night honey I love you more. (I hung up)
Preston: whoaa news do travel far.
Me: I am surprised myself well I will wait for the surprise tomorrow..lets get some sleep.
Preston: baby I know we haven’t been having time for ourselves lately but I promise to make it up to you after the battle ends.
Me: dont worry I understand now lets get some sleep.
Preston: thanks. I love you (kissing me)
The kissing turned something else…. we had s-x that night.
I woke up tired and weak. Preston was not in the room. I was happy for no reason. I went to have my bath. I came out dressed up before preston came in dressed up and holding a tray of bread and tea. I dressed up, settled down and ate the bread and tea.
Me: have you eaten?
Preston: yeah I have I am about taking the corpse to campus. Mind joining?
Me: yeah of course..
I finished eating and kept the dishes in the kitchen. Then I came to meet preston and the rest boys outside the house. Miranda and the girls were outside the house as well.
Me: miranda are you not coming?
Miranda: never mind I will stay behind
Melissa: me too. I will stay here. I hate burials.
Presley: melissa are you sure? You are supposed to be with milly all the time right? (I was surprised)
Melissa: I know but I dont feel like
Presley: Alright if you say so…
The boys, preston and I arrived at campus. We went to the field where the burials were done and respects were given. We spent three hours in all. The deceased family,friends and girlfriends came crying I felt pity for them but what can I do?.
We were coming back to campus, we were already on the stairs when I saw the greatest shock and surprise of my life. I saw some flashy cars sight in number all shiny and clean and classy as well. Everybody that was around were all surprised and were looking at the cars. All the cars stopped as the soon as soon as the first stopped. Five men came out of the first car likewise the second.. two men came out of the third and one of them opened the back door and a man came out. I was shocked. I stood still with my mouth agape. I didnt know when I shouted JESUS.
Preston:what is it? What’s wrong?
Me:(i couldn’t say anything I just kept pointing to the man that came out).
Preston: why pointing? I can also see him. I am surprised myself.
Me: oh my God. I dont know if am in trouble or if am safe.
Preston:(looking at me in disbelief) whats wrong with you come on tell me…
Me: thats my father!
I quickly ran in a hurry down the stairs and hugged my dad. I know many students Were surprised some might even think he was my sugar daddy..
Me: wow dad am so happy to see you
Dad: me too.. so are you surprised?
Me: I am more than surprised (I hugged him again)
Dad: thank God you are ok. This is the surprise I told you last night..
Me: but how come you were in europe last night and in Nigeria today?
Dad: I used the private jet
Me: hmmm I see(just then preston and the boys walked up to us)
Me: please dad I want to introduce someone to you. Please don’t freak out or get mad at me.
Dad: what is it? Go on tell me
Me: (holding preston) dad this is my boyfriend, preston..
Dad: its nice knowing you preston Paul
Preston: the pleasure is mine sir I am sorry to ask but how did you know my other name?
Dad: you are quite popular in America.
Dad: you are quite popular in America. My last visit there was to visit pedrick park. He was my childhood friend. He encouraged me not to go into politics but I didn’t listen. He was so engrossed in making lives of youths better free from crimes. He always told me about you and that brenden. I am happy you have been here with my daughter.
Preston: thank you sir
Dad: no, no, no,no, call me dad. I have longed for a son no offence milly. I will consider you as my future son-in-law.
Preston: okay. Thank you, si.sorry dad.
(Thank you dad).
Dad: I want both of you to sit with me in the car.
Me and preston: of course no problem..
Me dad entered first and Preston told the rest to occupy the rest cars. The rest buses that brought the corpse had left already.
We drove silently maybe I didnt hear anything because I fell asleep all through.
I woke up when we got home. By now the house was filled with car. We came out and melissa immediately came out but stood still in shock when she my dad.
Melissa: oh my God! What a surprise sir. I wanted to follow but she refused. I really tried all my best sir.
Dad: dont worry. As far as she is with Preston no harm will befall her.
Melissa:oh thank you(he went inside)
Me: melissa you are such a liar
Melissa: you can say whatever you want to say I have vindicated myself already.
Presley: a big liar indeed.
Melissa: how did the burial go?
To be continued..


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