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Preston:who is this master
Martin:too many questions already you wait and see for yourselves (he shifted his gaze from Preston and looked at me smiling) hmmm miss milly you look prettier than they say how about you treat me now(rubbing my cheek)
Preston: get your hand off her
Martin:make me
Preston:(struggling with the rope)
Me:please stop martin stop
Martin:how about I treat you tonight?
Me: but you should know that I don’t do your type!your too cheap and ugly.
I regretted saying those words because it attracted a mighty slap which sent me crashing on Preston’s body
Preston:how dare you!(struggling with the ropes)
Martin:I think that slap isn’t enough for you
He stood me up and pushed me which sent me going down on the floor before I could even sit up properly,he forced me down again
Miranda:aren’t you ashamed?can you beat on of those men over there(pointing at the able bodied men)
Martin:meaning what
Miranda:meaning we know already that you can beat a woman so stop showing your talent already
Martin:I am not beating her. I just want to taste her since she has now become the university s--t
Miranda:do you know that you are a b-----d?
Martin:you can say that again
This time he meant business. He pressed my hands on the floor and lied in between my legs
Preston:what do you think you are doing?(shouting)
Martin:am about playing basketball idiot.
He started using his mouth to open my buttons. miranda tried helping but he slapped her instead. The able bodied guys were sitting at a corner smoking and drinking watching us as if it’s a movie being displayed for them. He has barely opened the fourth when the door opened it was Brenden.
Brenden:what do you think you are doing?
Martin:(zipping up his trouser) uhhh……mmmm…..I w….a…sss dooo…ing…no…nothing.
I stood up and went to preston holding him and crying
Brenden:I saw everything clearly. (He reached for Martin and punched him thrice which made him bled) now get out of here. Martin hurriedly left the room. As soon as Marvin left the room, brenden faced us.
Preston:brenden, you know this is against the confraternity rule. Why are you doing this? What us your plan?
Brenden:(scuffs) to hell with the confraternity rule it hasn’t helped me one bit. Why am I doing all these? First of all I should let you know that you caused all these!
Brenden:well never mind. Now, if I decide to shoot you and Preston and add the p.p to my hmmm……. I forgot to tell you its no longer the b.b. its now the b.w(brand wolves). If I decide to add the p.p to my b.w and then marry Milly what will you do about it?
Preston:you b-----d (struggling with the ropes)
Brenden:easy bro you can’t untie it.
Me:and having me known about yih killing Preston and Presley,I will agree to marry you?
Brenden:you will have no choice by then
Me:hmmm really?
Brenden:in fact I don’t like you sitting with preston there.
He dragged me and stood me up.I tried not to stand but he succeeded.
I stood still while he was walking around the room talking
Brenden:well Preston. You must have heard I had s-x with your girlfriend right?
Preston:oh you mean the rape?
Brenden:rape or s-x its still the same process. Well I slept with her twice in hours do you want to know the reason?
Preston: it for your children
Brenden: oh I do know you want to hear it. Well I slept with her twice in hours and you did once in weeks. Which means I deserve her than you. So you should back off
Preston:oh really? I am scared
Me:Brenden stop all these I wont forgive you if anything worse happens
Brenden:don’t worry tonight you are mine a d nothing will stop it(playing with my hair and rubbing my face)
Me:brenden stop it!.
Brenden: don’t worry. We are gonna do it in the presence of your lovely boyfriend
Brenden:yeah you heard me we will do it right here and now.
Presley:don’t you have shame? You have Cassey the hottest girl in campus and you are here fooling yourself for Milly. Okay if you rape her now what next?
Brenden:hmmm Presley watch how you talk. First of all it is not raoe but s-x as far as her boyfriend approves it. And secondly I will impregnate her
Me,preston,Miranda & presley:What!!!!
Brenden:(laughing) yeah you heard me and it starts now..
He started forcing me to kiss him. I threw my face from right to left. He left my arms and held my face tight so he could kiss me but I slapped him instead a very hot slap.
Brenden: what did you just do?
Me:(I just touched your teeth idiot) I’mmm….I’m sorry it was a mistake
Brenden:it was a mistake, does mistake controls your hand?
Me: I’m sorry
Brenden:that’s not enough don’t think I will go easy on you this time
He slapped and I landed on the floor(OMG how many slaps have I received since my stay in Nigeria?I heard it is the sun that darkens the skin but they want to darken mine with slaps). He went down in his knees opening my button
Me:brenden:please stop all these. I am begging you
Brenden:its too late maybe when you are carrying someone else’s child you won’t have to date anyone else
He opened the last button when the door opened and a gunshot was released in the air. All of us turned to see the shooter.
Melissa:get off her right now
Brenden:look at this little foreign girl commanding me and what will you do if I don’t?
Melissa:then watch me make you
Brenden:it will be my pleasure(he told the able bodied men not to interfere in the fight from the start to the end)
Brenden stood up prepared his fists and was ready to fight. Melissa smiled and also prepared. There was so many punches and kicks and dodges and shamefully melissa worn brenden. She fought like a Chinese because she grew up in China though she was an European. She was in charge of training the rest girls and my assistant as well.
Me:oh thank God you are here melissa.
Before she could raise me up the able bodied men came to fight her. Their strength was greater than hers.
To be continued..
Episode 3
First time in my life I saw melissa fall on the floor when fighting that was as a result of the kick one of them gave her on her stomach. Because of that the rest girls came in. Melissa,Annabella, Vanessa,Melinda, Linda, Nyssa, Carley, Nikky,Nora,Bernita,Zoe,Joan and Anita, fought so well and defeated them
Me:that was tough uh? I am so so sorry
Melissa:yeah it was. Theres nothing to be sorry about.
Me:are you okay?
Melissa:yes(raising me up then whispered something in my ears”why didn’t you tell me that this b-----d raped you twice in hours?”)
Me:how did you find out?
Melissa:just forget about it. Vanessa and Annabella untied Preston and Presley.
As soon as Preston was untied he ran to hug me
Preston:thank God brenden didn’t succeed. Thank you Melissa
Melissa:its just my duty.(smiling)
Presley and Miranda were not left out. They kissed and hugged over and over again. We went out of the warehouse and saw that the guys who took us there were beaten up. Me:melissa how did you know we were here?
Melissa:I knew his stubborn you were so I placed a tracking device on your hair.
Melissa:when Cassey shot you and was in the hospital(flashback to when I and she alone was in the room and placed it in the bottom of my hair. It was like a tape)
Me:wow I don’t know whether to get angry or say thank you but thank you
Melissa:its okay
Me:wait a minute does that mean you have been listening and seeing me all these while? Did you see when Brenden tried kissing me which resulted in bleeding and I was taken to the hospital to the bank to withdrew money an…
Melissa:and you arguing with the accountant and running even when your life was at stake and you following Preston to his parents house during the holiday and how you went about spending your father’s money save your strength girl I saw everything.(giving us our phones then left with the rest girls)
Me:what a girl!.
We left the place and arrive home 11pm at night. Thank God what we Left in the car was still how we came to meet it. We didn’t celebrate what we bought home we only took our baths and went straight to bed.
The next day we decided to go to the campus fellowship.
We for ready and left. Immediately we entered inside the church, everybody stared at us for some minutes as if we were wanted criminals. Soon we sat down and a man stood at the altar and introduced himself as pastor Clinton. Before he could say praise the lord, the door opened wide someone must have pushed it with force. Immediately the door sprang wide we saw it was Brenden who had pushed it. They were eleven in number and Brenden stood at the middle. They wore black throughout except for the white wolf design and the back of their shirts. Immediately fear gripped me. Preston noticed this and placed his fingers in the spaces of mine
Preston:its okay. Nothing will happen
Miranda:are you sure?they are eleven and we are just four
Preston:I am sure.
They all came inside and sat behind us. The preacher started preaching but my mind wasn’t settled at all. Preston’s phone beeped it was a message he checked it and it was from Brenden. The message was
Brenden:I should let you know that you are sighing your death warrant
Preston: really? Then show me the documents
Brenden: you think this is a joke right?
Preston:are you a comedian?if it was a joke I would love to be your audience and laugh at your stupid joke.
Brenden: you just watch out for your future
Preston: I hope you know you don’t have one(future)
Brenden:we shall see
Preston: I can’t wait for you to show me what to see.(brenden stopped texting)
I managed to be myself until the end of the service. I was surprised and happy when brenden left first. That means he didn’t meant harm. I hurried prepared myself and held Preston’s hand tight and hurriedly ran out of the fellowship arena dragging Preston along
Preston:calm down. They are all gone
Me:how can I calm down when someone wants to rape me for the third time.
Preston:look at me (He held my face eyes to eyes) he won’t hurt you I will protect you
Me:(where were you when he has been hurting me) okay
We went to were Preston’s car was. It was in the centre of the campus
Me:baby why don’t you leave this car and use the lemon jeep?
Preston: this Camry is fast in times if protection and emergencies
Me:just use the lemon jeep
Preston a but
Me:(blocking his mouth with my index finger) shhhh just accept it
Preston:okay. I hope your no longer scared?
Me:I am gradually getting over it
As we were about entering the car, a car with speed parked in front of us pouring dust on us. I thought it was brenden I quickly went behind preston and watched from his shoulders but it was melissa. They wore normal dresscode except they still wore trousers
Melissa:Milly where is your phone?
Me:its in my bag
Melissa:are you sure
Me:yes(I dipped my hand in searching for my phone then i realised I dropped it on the chair when bringing out my bible) I forgot it in there(pointing at the fellowship place) wait lemme go get it
Melissa:no need (giving me my phone)
Me:why the missed calls
Melissa:I wanted to warn you not to enter inside this car because the moment you would have entered that was the moment the car would have exploded.
Me: How?
Melissa:you still don’t get it?
Me:no I don’t
Melissa:brenden intentionally entered inside that church like that because he knows you will be scared and that fear might allow you forget something.I mean who enters into Gods house like that do you even do it in your house.
Me:I get it now. Then when i realise I forgot something went back to get it maybe preston,miranda and Presley would wait for me in the car and it would have exploded.
Melissa: Exactly! that’s the reason you don’t have to show your fear else it will be used against you.
Me:ohh melissa thank you so much your such a life saver
Melissa:its just my responsibility to protect you and those you love
Me:but how are we gonna get home?
Melissa:you have to sort that out yourself at least Milly you need some exercise.(she and the rest girls left)
Prestob:so brenden will go this really far?
Me:don’t you think its time you inform pedrick park?
Preston:yes its time.
As we were contemplating the car exploded and the force at which it exploded sent us all crashing on the floor.
To be continued ...
Episode 4

We woke up in a building I dont even know. It wasnt like the first warehouse And again preston and presley tied but I and miranda was free.
Preston: thank God you are awake. Are you okay?
Me: I am fine but just feeling pains. Miranda how about you?
Miranda:i am just feeling pains. Presley?
Presley:i am fine bae I am just worried about you.
I went to preston to try and loosen the rope….
Miranda:it wont untie I have tried severally but it wont untie…
Me: dont worry I will try harder..(as I was struggling a member entered the room)
Member: milly I dont think thats a good idea unless you wanna get hurt..
Me: who are you?
Member: miranda I hope you do remember me?
Miranda:oh my God! You are dead aren’t you?
Member: you think that gunshot will kill me?? Hell no!! I survived it..
Me:miranda who is he?
Miranda:he is the guy that slapped me because I didn’t reply his request back in campus(eyes opened in shock)
Me:are you telling me its the same guy that caused the fight back then?
Member: well my name is matrix a member of the B.W. Miranda we meet here again I was only expecting to see milly and preston here but I am so happy that both of you joined the party. The two of you will pay for leaving me half dead in campus.
Preston: please dont touch her have your revenge on me I beg you
Presley really loved miranda he was begging matrix like a baby with tears forming in his eyes.
Matrix:please stop behaving like turned an adolescent….. its disgusting. No matter what you do I will pay my revenge right now and here.
He smiled at miranda wickedly which made her got her self very close to presley. He still dragged her but he couldnt separate her from presley because she hugged him very tight.
Miranda:presley please dont allow him take me please dont….(crying)
Presley was touched but still couldn’t do anything as he was tied..
Presley: matrix please stop have mercy on her have your revenge on me and leave her out of the issue. Please…
Matrix: why should I leave her out of the issue when she was the cause of the issue??
Miranda: please let go of me matrix please..
Matrix finally dragged her from presley to the middle of the room. He pulled his trouser to his knee length and smiled wickedly at presley.
I remembered miranda helping me out with brenden so I also went to matrix but before I could say or do anything, brenden held me preventing me from moving..
Brenden: we’ll get your revenge back matrix. I have always thought of how to get my revenge on presley but I will be hurting milly if I had used miranda…
Miranda: please leave me alone….. dont do this to me(shouting and crying)
Me : please matrix, please leave her out of this she dont deserve it….
Brenden: will you shut up (yelling at me) instead of you to be concerned about yourself you are worrying over that worthless friend..
Me: well I forgive you if your stupid brain has been playing tricks on you making you say nonsense..
Preston: brenden seriously tell me the reason..
Brenden: you want to know the reason.. I will tell you everything,,, you always get everything. It was presley first oh no it was pedrick park’s love at first then presley and now miranda. Since you have those things I want to end you so as to have access to those things. Do you know how it feels to stand alone? To feel neglected and abandoned by those you love? (crying) please tell matrix to leave her alone
Brenden:will you shut up! I am talking about something affectionate and you are disturbing with that worthless thing..
Matrix finally unbuttoned her short after raising her skirt. He slept with her in the presence of her boyfriend. She cried her eyes out. Presley eyes turned red all of a sudden and tears dropped down his cheeks. The sight of seeing his girlfriend raped made him angrier than ever. He threw away gis face not wanting to see the scene. Tears dropped from my eyes being unable to do anything for her.
Everything happened so fast. Matrix fulfilled his mission and left miranda on the floor who fondled herself and was crying. I wanted to go to her but brenden drew me back again..
Brenden: presley did you enjoy that show?
Presley: just pray I dont make it out here alive
Brenden:oh you wont of course
Preston: why dont you kill is already?
Brenden:oh no,,, not now its a gradual process…
Me: brenden leave me alone
Brenden: why should I do that?
Me: you are such an heartless being you should be in your grave not in the land of the living…
Brenden: how dare you! What did you just say??
Me: (I gathered courage this time ready for the worst) you heard me right!
He raised his hand to slap me but instead he dropped it
Brenden: it will be a waste to slap you…
He kissed me infront of preston. After he kissed me he slapped me and I landed on the floor…
Preston: if you are that brave untie me lets make it out,, if I lose she will be yours but if you lose yoz will have to leave us alone.
Brenden: I like how that sound but its too late
Preston: you b-----d (brenden laughed)
I stood up and ran to meet miranda
Me:are you okay?
Miranda: how will I manage to live with this shame?
Me: I am sure presley will understand
Miranda: I feel like dying (crying bitterly)
Me: please stay alive we all want you alive. Do not take this mistake too personal I was once raped you know and I know how exactly it feels and you have presley and us. I assure you everything will be fine.
The door opened and a gunshot was released. Everybody was shocked because some one fell which meant the gun hit someone. We checked our serves and discovered it was brenden.
Me: you came late today and my friend was raped…
Melissa: we came early but the war we experienced outside made us late I sorry we lost melinda and nyssa.
Me: (shaking) lost them asin?
Melissa: they died due to the war we faced outside they were hit by bullets..
Me:oh my God! What will I tell my father what will I tell their father?
Melissa: mistress I think its high time you let your father know everything. I cant bring myself to tell him so please do taht yourself..
Me: I am dead!
Melissa raised me up while anita loosed preston and presley. Presley helped miranda up and held her on her shoulder telling her he still loves her which made her smile.on getting outside the building what I saw almost got me shouting. There were about forty men. Five were able bodied and the rest were just ordinary guys. I soon walked to where melissa and nyssa were killed. Melissa was shot in her her belly the direction of her naval while nyssa was shot in her chest. Tears rolled down my cheeks when I remembered the childhood memories we shared together. Two sisters dead on the same day. I cant affors to loose anyone else. Now I know Nigeria is not a place to joke with. Melissa and the other girls bought three cars theirs and mine. I, miranda, preston and presley and anita and bernita entered mine while the other girls and the corpse fitted in the two cars and we left. We wnt home to preston’s house but the nobles went to my house instead. We ate quietly and went to our rooms quietly. I called my dad and told him everything including two deceased. He got angry and yelled for the first time at me for lying all these while to him. He angrily hung up. I was scared nothing bad should happen to him.
Preston: I am sure your father wont bear to loose you after loosing your mom. He will come around. Do not get yourself worked up already.
Me:(crying) but I have never lied to my father I dont know since I came to Nigeria lying has now become what I feel my father with. Thank God I didnt tell him I was raped.
Preston: its okay. Everything happened because of me. I have been too nice lately but that will change as from tomorrow.
Me: (sniffing) I hope so..
We didnt read for the day’s exams.
The next day early in the morning I sent the bodies to Europe with the private jet I used in coming to Nigeria along with vanessa she knows what to do.
To be continued ..
Episode 5
My mind wasn’t settled at all.
Throughout the examination, brenden was not seen around. We didnt even hear any news about him being shot and because of the tensions in the room that day, no one knew where matrix entered. Life went on till the exams were done and during the holiday I followed preston to his house while miranda followed presley refusing to go meet her aunt.
My stay with preston’s family was cool. They were nice and treated me likewise. His father was already treated and was now a business man and no longer in politics. They were doing alright. During my stay I was still unable to differentiate kathleen and cathrine. I was in the sitting room with the two sisters when mr and mrs paul came in
Mrs paul: hmmm. Milly looks like you are enjoying yourself
Me: yes ma
Mrs paul: so tell me about your parents where are they?
Preston came into the sitting room,he sat with me and threw his right hand across my shoulders drawing me close to himself. He whispered in my ears to tell his parents the truth about myself that it wouldnt be cool lying to them.
Me: well my mum is late and my father is not in this country
Mrs paul: sorry to hear that,, which country did your father travelled to?
Me:actually my dad is an European I am an half caste.
Mrs paul: wow thats good to know. Ho about your father’s business?
Me: my father is the senate president of Europe.
Mr,mrs paul&sisters: what!!!!
Mrs paul: tell me you are joking,,,, please tell me
Me: I am serious ma
Mrs paul: an European senate’s daughter In my house? Wonderful! My dear you are extremely welcomed.
Preston: yes thats true.. she is the one who helped me out with your hospital bills dad…
mr paul: thank you my dear. I dont know how to thank you. You are welcomed here anytime..
Me: thank you sir, thank you ma.
Mrs paul: not at all you can call us mum and dad okay?
Me:yes m…. sorry yes mum
Mrs paul: dont worry you will get used to it dear.
We discussed more about our family backgrounds and how laura’s dad extorted their money.
They were very nice I wasnt surprised how preston got his kindness from…
Two days later we left because holiday was over. Before I left I had to give my future mom and dad and sisters a little token which got thanking me unending.
As we were in the car,,, preston caught my attention..
Preston: you do know how to pretend..
Me: how?
Preston: you cant hide that from me. All the while you were at my house, you weren’t yourself..your mind wasnt there..why is that?
Me: honey look its not that easy. My father hasn’t been picking my calls and neither has he been returning any of my calls. I dont know what he is up to.
Preston: I understand. I know he wont abandon you like that. He’s just getting over the situation…
Me: but I cant be myself when my father acts like he has disowned me.
Preston: he hasnt okay,,,,stop thinking about it and remember it will be used as your weakness.
Me:okay I will try.
We got to the campus and met miranda and presley waiting for us. We earlier discussed on phone to meet at the parking lot. We greeted eachother hugged and emphasised ourselves…
Miranda was getting fat. At once I suspected something was wrong somewhere.
Me:miranda how are you? Look at you you are now getting fleshy
Miranda: I am fine. Your not looking bad yourself
Me:hmmmm are you okay
Miranda: yes I am fine… I will be right back…
Presley: where are you going to(he didnt get any reply)
Me: presley whats wrong with her?
Presley: I dont know. She has been so distant from me since we got tp my parent’s house. She usually lock herslef and cry all the time. I dont know whats wrong with her and she has been avoiding me lately…
Preston: maybe she is still angry at herself about the rape..
Presley: but I have told her times without number not to worry about it. Milly whats your idea?
Me: hmmm maybe she is stressed out…(I pulled out a fake smile.miranda is pregnant,no no she isnt, she is, she isnt I kept fighting the answer in my head)
We waited for miranda but she refused to come so we went to search for her. She searched and searched and we found her in the library crying…..
Presley: you see what I mean? Now what will you call that??
Me: wait here lemme go talk to her
I went to meet miranda she had cried her cries out already…..
Me:miranda whats wrong please tell me
Miranda:(shocked and cleaning her eyes) nothing is wrong with me. I think and I feel that I am deceiving presley.
Me: how? Are you talking about the rape or something else?
Miranda: what something else? I am talking about the rape…
Me:(i could see the fear in her eyes when I asked about the “something else”) presley has forgot about it already and he has forgiven you ready to give you a second chance and here you are suffering the poor boy almost at the verge of killing him. Everything will be fine so stop killing yourself slowly please.
Miranda: okay I will stop my attitude now….
She stood up wipes her tears and went to meet presley..
Miranda: baby I am sorry for my attitude lately you dont deserve any of it..
(she started crying again. Presley hugged her)
Everything was settled and we went to preston’s house to find a shocking site.. the house was burnt only the ash was seen around… suddenly fear gripped me.
Preston: whats wrong?
Me: brenden’s still alive
Preston: so? Come on pull yourself together its not the end of the world…
Me: what if my father decides to make peace with me and finds out I am dead.
Preston: nobody’s gonna kill you look at what your doing to yourself please stop it…
Me: I hope everything will be fine.
We had no choice than to go to my house…I was happy to see my orange jeep in the house. I parked it at preston’s before going with him to his parents house. We got inside to find the girls training, they stopped seeing us..
Melissa: welcome back mistress(the ither girls still welcomed me)
Me: thank you. Where is linda,carey and nora?
Melissa: you still recognised us to know the missing ones…
Me:why wont i?
Melissa:they resigned due to the war we fought during the holiday with brenden which got preston’s house burnt down…. brenden is still alive..
Me:(i was weak so I sat down slowly) where are they right now?
Melissa: brenden’s gang or the girls?
Me:the girls
Melissa: they might have arrived at Europe and may be possibly telling your father everything…
Me: what about you? Wont you all leave me before it gets too late?
Melissa:(holding my hands) of course we will
Me: really?(crying)
Melissa: and that can only be possible when death takes us…
Me:(crying) thank you very much…please remove the tracker because I knew you were watching me ever since.
Melissa:hahahahah of course…
She removed it. Preston,presley and miranda watched us silently..
Melissa: are we to go to the duplex?
Me:of course not there are more than enough rooms here….
Melissa: thank you then…
Presley and miranda entered into one of the rooms…while presley came into mine….there twenty four rooms in the passage… miranda’s room was opposite miranda and presley’s room. While annabella’s room was opposite I and preston’s….the other girls were opposite empty room. We slept peacefully…
The next day we all went to campus. This time I didnt refuse the nobles following me. As we alighted from the car, someone pinched me me from behind as I turned to see the person…
Brenden: what a long time milly (smiling) I screamed and went to the other side and hid behind preston and watched from his shoulders.
Brenden was still coming forward, six feets away from us when Melissa walked info the middle….
Melissa: stay away!
Brenden thank God i get to see you properly now. Who are you by the way?
Melissa: I have too many personalities but in your case I am your worse nightmare…
Brenden: little girl leave here right now if you dont want to det hurt…
Melissa:(laughing) think aback little boy since my encounter with you who has been getting hurt?
Brenden:how dare you?
Melissa: nothing dares me. Leave our mistress alone if you want peace….
Brenden: your mistress?
Melissa: what! Havent you heard of that word before? Well I dont blame you you look like a dull one indeed and you better close that mouth of yours of you dont want to host a fly..
We left him there. I wasnt comfortable at all. I was scared in class. My mind wasnt settled but I had hope because the nobles was just outside my department.
I was happy when brenden didnt come to class. We all left and went home after classes.
To be continued..


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