Monday, 9 October 2017


Me:stop begging okay i will give him another chance. Happy now?
I was smiling at them when the door opened it was Preston. I looked at him he was smiling at me and I also smiled back. Miranda left the bed and Preston came to sit on it. I forgot about being angry with him I was so happy
Preston:I am very sorry for what happened earlier(holding my hands)
Me:its okay I understood what you were going through
Preston:am I really forgiven?
Me:yes I forgive you
Preston:even the harsh reactions and insults I said to you
Me:forgiven and forgotten
Preston:thanks a lot. Does that mean we are still together?
Me:yes we are. You are my boyfriend and I am your girlfriend.
Preston hugged me as if I was a treasure he will never let go off again. Hugging turned into kissing. A tear dropped from my eyes. Preston cleaned my eyes and smiled at me
Preston:am I permitted to take your things back to where they belong?
Me:of course
We both laughed as we we took my things to his room. The room was still how I left it. I arranged my things in his room. Presley and miranda were already in their room. It was 7pm when we all ate like married couple and retired to our respective bedrooms. I and preston was on the bed,he was playing with my hair while my hand was on his chest
Preston:I am so happy right now. I missed you so much
Me:yeah me too. It was very hard for me
Presley:I couldnt bear the fact that Brenden was always kissing you and when I heard he raped you twice I almost wanted to die and take the b-----d down with me
Me:really?but you never showed any sign
Preston:yeah but I was dying inside and that was exactly the reason I kisses you then. Every time I hurt you or avoided you killed me inside
Me:its okay. Let’s talk about your family and fees
Preston:its embarrassing
Me:it’s not embarrassing. It proved you love your family I would also do that for my father
Preston:that reminds me. Who was those girls that wore orange and lemon Dressed like you the other time? They came to your rescue when Belinda attacked you
Me:tell me what you are going through first then I will tell you the truth about me
Preston:okay. My father spent all his money on Laura’s father to help him secure a job by the time his tenor expires in the house of assembly. But instead took the money and travelled to Australia to secure a job for himself. That was years ago. The little my father had was as a result of the little he earned before his tenor finally expired which got him into a fatal accident. Laura’s dad always made false promises of paying back my father in full one day but later on changed his mind and bargained with my father that I should marry his daughter. My father had no choice because he was hospitalized. So that’s it that was how I started dating laura.
Me:then what about your father?
Preston:he is still in the hospital. There is no money yet to give him full medication.
Me:did you get paid when dating laura?
Preston:yes I did and that’s the most embarrassing part
Me:funny. How much does your father needs to be discharged?
Preston:you talk as if you can pay it
Me:just tell me. Miracles can happen you know
Preston:its #1.8 million. And I have only #650,000 for dating laura which I am going to send tomorrow to my dad
Me:why not use that #650,000 to settle your fees and get promoted
Preston: what about the #1.8million? My father will die if not attended to
Me:just leave that for me
Me:just watch..(I took out my phone and called my dad)
Me:hello dad,how are you doing?
Dad:am fine what about you?(I was sure Preston heard our conversation because I increased its volume. He could tell that my father was foreign because of the way he spoke fast and fluently)
Me:I am fine dad just that I really really need your help right now
Dad:anything honey. What is it?
Me:I need # 2million which is $5000 please dad
Dad:what are you using that amount for?
Me:please dad. My project is near and I even need more than that. Just send me the $5000
Dad:alright dear. First thing tomorrow I will send it
Me:okay dad thank you so much. I love you
Dad:I love you more(I hung up)
Me:so you see miracles can happen
Preston:that man with a foreign accent was your dad?(laughing) I don’t think so
Me:(with a serious face) yes he is
Preston:(confused) but you said your dad was out of the state so how come he talks like that?
Me:that’s actually the thing
Preston:what thing?
Me:am an half caste
Me:my father is actually the senate president of Europe
Me:remember that brandez you told me was contesting for election?
Preston:yeah I remember
Me:he is my father. His rivals killed my mum so my dad sent me to Nigeria for protection. I came here with an hidden identity until my father won the election. My mum is from Nigeria. Its was my grandparents I stayed with before gaining an admission into the university. That’s it
Preston:wow! I don’t know what to say
Me:don’t say anything. Just think of what to say to the authorities so they can place you in level 500
Preston:yeah thats right
Me:okay then goodnight (he pecked my forehead)
Preston:goodnight to you also. I love you
Me:I love you too.
I felt happy and better being with Preston. Nothing feels more good being with the one you love and in return loves you back.
It was 7:15am when I woke up. My belly still aching. I didn’t see Preston on the bed but before I stood from the bed, he came into the room
Preston:hey how are you this morning?
Me:I am fine except for my belly I still feel pains
Preston: sorry my love
Me:I have heard you
Preston:just go and get ready for class
Me:okay but please I really need to take this bandage off me its three days now and the doctor asked me to remove It on the third day of not it will smell
Preston:okay anything for you
He helped me removed the bandage. The injury was still deep,clean and fresh.
Preston:are you sure you can go to class today?
Me:yeah I can.
Both of us took our baths together and got ready together. We got to the sitting room and met Presley and miranda there. Miranda stood up and hugged me
Me:oouchh!easy girl.
Me:the bandage is off
Miranda:sorry oo
Me:its okay
We ate breakfast and went to class together. I and Preston went to settle his promotion with the authorities first and they promoted him after we gave lots of excuse and bribes and after passing the test they gave him. He escorted me to my department and left for his. As always the lecturer was not around yet. I walked past brenden and went to my seat
Brenden:are you that foolish huh? You still went back to Preston. Don’t you have shame or integrity? After what he did to you?can’t you see he is a player. Can’t you see he is using you?are you that blind to see it?
Me:look brenden. I don’t want to talk to you as my boyfriend don’t like me talking to you or seeing me around you so please stop talking to me. As for your question…yes am still blind. Blinded with love that unfortunately you can’t have. Get over it and date someone else. You are not my type. To me you are just a pest trying to gain food from the host and then leave when the host dies I hope you understand that in biology? So please leave me alone
Brenden:what did you just say?
Me:you heard me right
He looked at me with disbelief amidst anger but I looked away and avoided his face and eyes. 20mins later the lecturer came in and did his thing and went out. We all left the class as class was over. I left the class and was going to meet preston on where we agreed on meeting before somebody drew me backwards placed one hand on my waist the other on my back and pressed me close to his body. It was brenden.
Brenden:come on tell me what you see in Preston that you don’t see in me.
My books and my hand bag fell off my hand. I was struggling with him to set me free but he wouldn’ wound was still aching, u felt dizzy and saw blank but I still struggled with him
Me:stop! Brenden please leave me alone you are hurting me!
Brenden:answer me!(he was angry he drew my hair downwards and my face was now facing the sky. He looked at me searching for my lips. I moved my face to and fro to avoid his lips from touching mine)
Me:stop brenden!please leave me alone let me go you are hurting me(I was screaming on the top of my voice crying as well)no,no,no,no stop it please let me go.
I was still screaming until Preston,Miranda and Presley showed up
Preston:what the f--k!
He ran to brenden and hit him. That was when brenden left me. Miranda quickly ran and held me. Brenden fought back but soon could not fight when presley joined in the fight. They left brenden on the floor when he was bleeding and defenseless. My shirt was stained with blood. As Preston ran to me, I saw blank and I was bleeding from my wound. In no time I fainted.
I woke up in the hospital. I opened my eyes to see preston. He was holding my hand
Me:hey babe(forcing out a smile)
Preston:are yoy okay? Do you feel pains?
Me:I am fine I only feel pains on my belly
Preston:what exactly do I need to do?why does that b-----d seem not to leave you alone?
Me:forget about that preston
Preston:how can I? When both of you are in the same department. He won’t stop hurting you
Me:don’t worry henceforth he will stop
Me:Melissa. My girls
Preston:who is Melissa?
Me:those group of girls who rescued me from the hands of Belinda back then. They are called the nobles. They are my girls I am officially their leader.
Preston:you won’t stop surprising me first your father,now your girls I wonder what next.
He kissed me which I responded to. The door opened
Miranda:finally you are awake. I was starting to get worried.(Presley followed behind)
Presley:I think its time to call the nobles to start following you.
To be continued..
Last Episode 30
Me:yeah that was exactly what I told Preston. Now I get to wear orange and lemon everyday
Preston:even you the leader?
Me:its our dress code. A rule none must break
My phone rang wasn’t a call but a message. Then I remembered the money
Miranda:take your phone its a message.
Me:okay lemme see. It was a bank message alert from my father. I called my dad and thanked him. He told me it was nothing that if I needed anything all I am to do is to make a SHOUT OUT. I told preston the news I could see tears welled up in his eyes but he didn’t let them drop I just smiled at him and rubbed his cheek.
Preston:you don’t know what you’ve just done for me. You are the best(he hugged me)
Me:its okay. As far as its for you. Anything for you.
Preston:(still worried) what exactly does brenden wants from you?
Me:he said we shouldn’t just be friends but I should be his girlfriend
Preston:didn’t you tell him you have a boyfriend already?
Me:I did but he always gets. angry when I tell him that and he does crazy things to me
Preston:wow!what a boy
The Doctor came in
Doctor:hmmm you are awake so soon. I wasn’t expecting you to be awake so soon but now you are its alright.
Me:so am I free to go?
Doctor:you might seem fine to yourself and may want to leave but no. You are not yet ready to go home. Its advisable you stay here and take necessary treatments because you didn’t only bleed externally but also internally. If you were not hurriedly brought here,the gunshot that turned to a wound would be worse than that by now
Me:but doctor I have class tomorrow and its very important as it relates to my exams
Doctor:hmm. I will see what I can do but you know without money we can’t start any treatment
Me:okay I will do that now
Doctor:okay then(he left)
Preston:what now?
Me:don’t worry my father sent more than I asked him to. He sent # 3million
Preston:what about your project?
Me:don’t worry I have #4million in my account.
Preston:tell me you are joking
Me:am Serious my dad gave me $16000 when I was coming to Nigeria
Preston:your dad,your girls and noe your account
Me:just take my ATM card and withdraw #3million
Presley:Milly they don’t withdraw such amount with an ATM card you alone can collect the money from the cashier
Preston&Presley: yes
Me:I will go myself then(standing up but Preston quickly made me sit down)
Preston:what do you think you are doing?
Me:I want to go to the bank
Preston: but you are not yet strong to do that
Me:trust me I am strong.
Preston:why are you so desperate to go to the bank
Me:baby,I don’t like hospitals I hate it here ever since my mum died I hate it and I don’t want to spend the night here
Preston:what!why?but you came here when you got shot why didn’t you leave?
Me:that was because I was unconscious had it been I was conscious I would have ran away. So please come with me and stop asking questions.(crying. Pretending tears of course)
Preston:okay stop crying lemme go talk with the doctor
He left and came back few minutes later
Me:so what did the doctor said?
Preston:he said you can go but you are not expected to stand long or walk long distances. For your freedom to be done,presley and Miranda have to say behind.
Me:thanks guys for staying let’s go baby.
Preston:but know am not in support of this
Me:trust me nothing will happen to me.
We left the hospital and entered the car and drove off to the bank called First bank. Thank God the Queue wasn’t long just three women was standing. I managed to stand until my turn was up. I was not given the money at first even when I pleaded and said it was urgent. She refused to give me the money until I called my father and he spoke to her. We withdrew the money and went outside the bank with the money in two briefcases.
Me:baby what about your father?
Preston:we will just come back tomorrow
Me:no way!that’s d--n too long
Preston:but we have no choice
Me:then let’s do transfer. From my account to your dad’s
Preston:that would make sense
Me:okay then
I ran into the bank once again not minding my predicament when preston out of fear ran after me.
He soon caught my arm and took the briefcase with me
Preston:stop this you are endangering yourself already
Me:please I just can’t help it(I ran to the accountant leaving preston standing defeated)
Accountant:you again?
Me:yes me again so?
Accountant:please tell me the reason you are here
Me:I want to transfer # 2million to an account
Accountant:give me the details
Me:thank God you didn’t behave like you did earlier
Accountant:excuse me
Me:hold it there! Wait lemme give you the details
I signalled Preston to come over which he did and he gave he the account details and the money was transferred. We left the bank for the hospital. Having paid the bills and having being treated,we left the hospital and went home. The remaining money I plan on using it shopping. We got home and did our hygiene and ate dinner. Everyone went to their respective rooms. I and Preston laid on the bed
Me:so what next?
Preston:next as in
Me:that reminds me what about the upcoming Holiday?
Preston: don’t you want to go visit your grandparents?
Me:no I don’t want to.
Preston:don’t you Want to go to Europe
Me:(laughing) the moment I leave that airport for Europe that’s the last time you will set your eyes on me my dad won’t risk letting me come here again
Preston:then don’t go. I have plans already that’s if you will agree
Me:tell me already
Preston:I want to take you with me home
Me:are you sure your parents will like me? Because am not used to doing house chores o
Preston:I am sure they will
Me:what about Laura?
Preston:please that’s a closed chapter in my life. And if she’s a closed chapter in mg life,she is in my family’s life
Me:(smiling) I like that sound. I just hope its the way you have said it
Preston:trust me. It is
Me:okay. (Resting my head on his chest)
I thought I and Preston were back to real love. Yes we were actually back to real love but thats just when the war began.
The next day was Saturday nobody had classes that day. The four of us got Prepared because I told them to do so. We were going shopping.
Me:come on guys hurry up. Everything’s on I and Preston’s treat.
We left. We went shopping bought different things. We really had fun and everything. We were heading back home when something happened.
A big bus blocked us ahead and a Volvo was at out behind. Preston stooped the car and came down from it. He didn’t bring his gun because he couldn’t afford explaining at every checkpoints to the police. Guys about six came down from the big bus and four came down from the Volvo. We were attacked and kept in the Volvo with the four guys while another two from the six guts went into Preston’s car and the other four went back to the big bus and drove us away. I and Miranda were already crying Preston and Presley comforted us like babies.
The four boys kept shouting at us to keep shut. I was crying because nobody knew the fate ahead of us we were being kidnapped for crying out loud. Even our phones were seized from us.


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