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Story continues..

Immediately belinda entered the room. She looked at me with suspicious eyes but I didn’t give her any attention. I just looked away. Facing miranda.
Me: I bumped into him in on the entrance of the library.
Miranda: are you sure?
Me: yeah( rolling my eyeballs) he was wearing a white hustler with a red lace. A red shirt on top a white pencil trouser.
Miranda: and you didn’t feel anything??
Me: hell no!! (Here I go again. I lied!!) Why should I? What’s so special about him?
Miranda: hmmmm, okay oooo but be careful belinda might have caught you with him ooo. Look at the way she looked at you just now(whispering to me)
Me: mtcheeeeew and so?
Miranda: hmmm don’t say I didn’t warn you o. She is d--n rich and can do you anything o
Me: do you know who the hell I am!!? If you knew you wouldn’t have been here saying that rubbish!( I was getting angry I hate it when being compared to someone that’s an insult)
Miranda: who you be?? Na so you rich na you nor go rent motel dey stay?
Me: belinda rich na she still dey here? Well sha I nor fit dey argue with you. Time will come you go know my true identity. Maybe my surname brandez nor ring bell for your ear.
Miranda: na u sabi no matter how you be your papa and belinda papa nor be God. Abeg drop that topic jare. I get party today o and I dey invite you. So will you come?
Me: abeg those parties of a thing don’t interest me. I hate it! Its boring to me! I won’t go.
Miranda: please na I told the celebrant that I will be coming with somebody.
Me: go with prestley am not interested.
Miranda: prestley will be there already na. The P.P and B.B will be there.
Me: oh oh God stop begging I hate it when someone begs me okay I will follow you.(that’s a lie it wasn’t because of the begging I heard B.B and P.P will be there OMG I was happy and smiling in my heart)
Miranda: really?
Me: yes what are friends for?
Miranda: thank you very much let’s just get ready. Belinda will be there too o(whispering)
Me: mtcheeew..
Watch out for episode 10

Episode 10
*******in the party*******
Miranda and I were dressed so charmingly. I dressed her myself because she was zero when it comes to dressing. She always loves dressing like a lawyer. She wore a blue tight gown with red line across it. She wore a blue heel and carried a red small purse. Her lip stick was red and shiny.
I wore a red gown that had an open back it also exposed my b**bs a little. The red gown had white star decorations. I wore a ref heel and my lipstick was red my purse was white. My hair was naturally was like a weavon that Nigerian girls normally fix. It reached my back. I had to pack it in a bowtie form. As we entered the place a lot of eyes gazed at us it almost made me peed.
The place was so free and spacey. It had a pool which a lot of people gathered around. Among some midst of girls that wore black throughout including the lipstick and eye-shadow, I saw belinda in black as well. I was wondering if they came here to mourn somebody. I got irritated at the sight of seeing her. Just immediately someone came close to the spot I and miranda was. It was Prestley.
Prestly: hey baby welcome. You look gorgeous tonight.
Miranda: hmmm thank hon. This is milly my best friend and milly this is prestley my boyfriend. The one I told you about.
Prestley: nice meeting you (shaking my hand. He seems nice but still to me he is also a cultist)
Me: the pleasure is mine. Miranda has told a lot of things about you(I lied. Since I met the B.B and P.P it now seemed as if lying was now my hobby) you are really cute
He smiled and walked us to the P.P table. All dresses in white and red simple and gallant.
Prestley: this is my girlfriend miranda and her friend milly. Can they sit with us?(he asked the leader whom I seem to recognise)
The leader: yeah sure as far as they are close to you yes they can join us. Hope they drink what we have here. (He was with four girls two on his right and two on his left).
Prestley: thanks. Sit down Miranda: thank you.
We sat down and I was irritated at the sight of seeing him with four girls I could sense that belinda was near staring at us and the four girls. She wasn’t happy at all. I avoided looking at the leader’s face to avoid recognition.
The leader: both of you are welcome. My name is preston(that name ringed in my ear. Not because u haven’t heard it but because he said it himself) and I know you have been hearing of me because am the leader of the *presto perfectos*. It is my pleasure knowing the both you.
Miranda: thank you.
Preston: you(he pointed at me as I raised my head) I remember you at the library. Don’t you
Me: I dddddo(stammering)
Preston: are you scared or what? Its okay don’t be if you are(melinda was already nodding her head as in being embarrassed at me).
Me: okay. But I am not scared(this time I had the boldness and miranda whispered in my ears and said now that’s the spirit girl I smiled) preston seems to be looking at me. He smiled when I smiled and and frowned when I frowned until I looked at him and he stopped.
Preston: what course student are you? Milly(miranda smiled at me and hit me with her shoulder signaling me to answer Preston)
Me: biochemistry and you?
He smiled
Preston: I am an engineering student. So you are in the same class with brenden? Hope is a nice guy sha?
Me: uhmmm, yeah he is trying to be.(nodding my head. I can see a slight of jealousy in his eyes)
Preston: talking of that b-----d where is the idiot!??
Presley: who are u referring to?
Preston: Brenden of course!(his hand hit the glass mistakenly and the drink spilled on my legs) oh sh*t am so sorry.
Me: don’t be guess I will just use the ladies. Don’t worry. I will be back I told miranda.
As I stood up and left the seat, on my way to the ladies I saw a group of guys almost nine of them all dresses in black and white at once I knew it was the B.B. my heels bent and I swinged and was about falling down. Miranda shouted my name “Milly”! Then I felt something.
Guess what happened next..
To be continued...


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