Monday, 9 October 2017


I was still at the floor crying with blood almost at the
reach of my legs I ignored every calls and switched
my phone off. I was still there crying when I heard
Miranda’s voice. Miranda:why haven’t you been picking my calls and
why did you leave the house like this?(she was talking
at the same time walking towards the room. And
when she finally saw me she ran straight to me raised
my head and placed it on her lap)
Miranda:OMG what happened to you? Who did this to you?(crying and at the same time worried)
Me:miranda you are here. Thank God you are here(I
was talking weakly) please don’t leave me here
Miranda:I won’t leave you. Tell me who did this to you
Me:it was Brenden. Brenden raped me Miranda:what? Brenden did what?
Her gaze shifted from me to Preston who stood
quietly at the door. I didn’t even notice he was there.
Miranda:but Brenden was at my party
Me:he came here 10:30pm last night. I thought it was
you so I opened the door and it was brenden(I narrated everything that happened) can you imagine
brenden raped me twice(I cried uncontrollably)
Miranda:that b-----d has to pay for this!have you told
Me:no and please don’t tell her. Please
Miranda:why?she was sent here to protect you Me:I know but if you tell her she will tell my dad and
things won’t go well
Miranda:and your father asked me to take care of you
Me:it wasn’t your fault. Please stop crying
Miranda: okay get up please just try and stand up Me:Miranda I can’t get up. I am weak everywhere. My
waist, b-----s, legs and v----a hurts.
Miranda:please Presley can you carry her?
Presley: alright but stop crying I can’t bear to see both
of you crying like that
Presley carried me to the bathroom and miranda followed behind and Preston left us in the bathroom.
She watched me and wore me back my robe. I was
by then having a little strength so I managed to
walked while miranda supported me
Miranda:where do you want me to take you?
Me:just on the bed I want to lie down. Miranda:okay
She assisted me to the bed and I lied down. She
covered me with the blanket and helped me to clean
the floor and left assuring me she was coming back. I
could hear presley shouting even if miranda closed
the door Miranda:so what are we gonna do now?
Presley: I blame Preston a lot. If he hadn’t left Milly all
these wouldn’t have happened. What kind of evil deed
is that? Raping someone twice in the spaces of five
Miranda:do you think Preston should know about this? Presley:I don’t know. I just can’t think straight. Milly
didn’t deserve any of this. She has been a true friend.
Miranda:I am also confused. Milly has helped me alot
and I can’t bear to watch her suffer
Presley:she must hate Preston so much but I have no
choice. He ran out of the house and drove his car away.
Miranda was shouting his name but he refused to
answer. I slept off.
In Preston’s house
Preston:guy why you leave me for the party na?
Presley:see ermm I nor come here about that party just come with me right now?
Preston:watin dey sup na why all these attitudes?
Presley:abeg you go follow me or not?(shouting)
Preston:okay,okay make we dey go thank God say I
never pull my clothes
Laura:(she walked in) baby what’s going on(in a foreign tone)
Preston:I will be ba…..(presley cuts in)
Presley: what? Can’t you stay on your own? Are you
still a baby? Aren’t you ashamed of following preston
around like honey and bee? Why are you following
him as if you are his car keys? Laura:I didn’t ask you so shut up and tell that to your
Presley:your father! If I slap you one day,your senses
will be intact. Nonsense
Laura:baby you are watching this…..this thing insult
me this way(tears forming in her eyes she ran into the room Preston was about following when presley held
him back)
Presley:u nor go leave that spoilt brat alone?must you
even doe follow her? If you nor maintain now I nor go
hesitate to slap you. Na so foreign people lives be and
the day wen I go slap her eh she go know say naija nor be Australia.
Preston:but joke level down , where are we going?
Presley:if you want to know follow me if not you can
go and meet that butterfly
Back in my house
I was shivering and had a hot temperature by the time Miranda entered the room
Miranda:OMG.please this shouldn’t lead to sickness o.
Melissa would notice in no time and maybe your
father will find out. What are we going to do now?
Me:I don’t know. I have never experienced such in my
entire life. Miranda went into the bathroom and brought out a
bucket of cold water and a towel, she went to the
fridge and brought out ice. She pressed my forehead
with the towel after squeezing out the cold water in it
then she gave me ice to lick. This went on for twenty
minutes until the door opened and I saw preston and presley come in.
Presley:please Milly take it easy font get mad at me
for bringing him here. Put away the anger you have
for him.
I was speechless without knowing the reason.
Preston was looking confused and when I looked at his eyes eyeball to eyeball, I saw tears welled up. He
came to me and sat on the bed
Preston:what happened to you?
Preston: just tel me what happened(I couldn’t help but
cry) Me:I am sorry if this will hurt you but I have no choice
but to tell you. I tried my best but
Preston:just tell me what happened!
Me:I..I..I..was raped
Preston:(eyes opened wide and surprised with anger
in his eyes. His eyes suddenly turned red) what!!! By who?? How?? When and where??????
Me:by Brenden(crying)
Preston:I knew that b-----d was up to something the
way he was kissing you. Tell me how it happened.(I
told him everything) Preston:well I am sorry for all that happened. Accept
my sympathy. I will advice you to stop crying and face
it! This is not the first time someone’s slept with you.
You will pull through but that shouldn’t have made you
used Presley so you can see me.
Me:what??? Preston:you want me to feel guilty for what Brenden
did to you even when you enjoyed it?you want me to
feel guilty right?(he kissed me roughly)there! I just felt
guilty. This should be the last time you will ever call
me to see you. U am a busy person so don’t think I will
have time to spare for you. As far as I know you, you are from my past. I figment of my imagination. I have
to go my girlfriend must be hell bored and waiting for
I was speechless. I didn’t know what to say. He just
worsened the whole issue. I wept uncontrollably until
Miranda broke the silence Miranda:even if she was raped twice in the spaces of
five hours?
Preston:it was even two rounds and you are trying to
convince me you enjoyed none?
Miranda:please stop all these!could you be this
heartless? Preston:heartless is an understatement.
Miranda:even when you broke her virginity taking her
pride away?
Preston:hmmmm, does breaking her virginity makes
me indebted to her?come on we both enjoyed it. Right
Milly? I didn’t know what to say neither did I know where
the strength came from I took my car keys and ran
out of the room crying. I entered into the lemon jeep
and drove out unaware of where I was heading to. I
just needed to be alone at that moment. I hated
preston the more. His words were as if he was also raping me. I was still in my robe. I stopped at a small
boutique luckily my ATM was inside the car. I used it
to pay for the dress and entered into the car again. I
continued driving crying at the same time also
thinking of what both of them have done. I was tired
of driving so I came back home. I parked and came down from the car. That was about when Preston and
Presley were about leaving. They came out of their
car as soon as they saw me.
Preston:Presley come inside and let’s go
Presley:guy free me first
Miranda:(holding my hands)are you okay? I hope you are fine?
Me:yes I am. Miranda I want to tell you something
Miranda:am all ears
Me:you know we both have different fate and destiny
in this life. All what happened were bound to happen.
Even if we separate now, life will still be in favour for us
Miranda:come on you are scaring me. Tell me
Me:I am sorry to say this but i am leaving, I am going
Miranda:(she left my hands)back as in?your
grandparents house or where? Me:I am going back to Europe to continue my life there
Miranda:what! And leave me alone here? You were
the reason I made no other friends. Look I know what
you are going through but please let’s graduate
together first please.
Me:stop it stop begging me. I really want to continue
my life back there. There I will know someone who
will love me for who I am will find me. My endeavors
here in Nigeria is over. Miranda:please now please(crying)
Preston:miranda leave her alone let her go back to
her root. You have presley to take care of you. She is
such a w---e and now she wants to flirt after being
raked. Even Belinda is more better off than her..
Hearing that brought me back to my senses I hated being compared to someone. I lost control and gave
preston the hottest slap my right hand could carry
Preston:what!!did you just slapped me?
Me:no I just rubbed your cheek. Say one more stupid
word out of that useless mouth and I will send wrath
upon you tonight. Yes you are right I enjoyed the rape..oh no my bad it was s-x actually. The moans
and groans were just too exciting. Guess what… His
hangings were just the right pace I needed. His
manhood was even more strong and larger than
yours. He was a great sexist more better than you in
bed. So stop making jest of your pathetic self and go home to meet your spoilt brat.(he was speechless I
could see jealousy and anger in his eyes. I faced
Me:Miranda don’t worry I will stay here till we
She was so happy she hugged Preston:hahahahahha whoooaaah look at your face
preston its going to explode. Man!she got you! What a
blast. Enter the car joor I want to go home or wont
you follow me to go and meet your girlfriend eh?
preston I want to go o.
I and miranda entered the house and they drove out and left. I felt more like a winner. I and miranda did a
lot of discussing and so on we ate, bathe and went to
I kept having nightmares of the rape but I managed to
sleep that night. The next day I couldn’t go to lecture
so I stayed at home. I had to force miranda to go because she was ready and determined to stay with
me that day.
Miranda:are you sure of this?
Me:yes I am so stop bothering yourself and leave
Miranda:okay o but don’t run away o! Me:funny but I won’t do that I gave you my word
when I said I was staying
Miranda:okay. See you later.
She pecked me and left. I went straight to bed and
dozed off. Soon the door was shaking because some
one was knocking the life out of it. I was scared now but I still decided to open if. I opened the door and I
heard a female voice
Cassey: what a nice hideout you have got here.
Me:what are you doing here and how did you know
my House?
Cassey: hmmm forget about that jamb question. As far as the p.p and b.b knows this house, then the entire
campus knows it as well(she slapped me)
Me:how dare you! What was that for?
Cassey:for letting my boyfriend break up with me and
for sleeping with him as well
Me:your boyfriend actually raped me so what are you saying?
Cassey:stop lying you s--t!I know you seduced him
with your tiny evil Satan dedicated body and you are
going to pay for it!
Cassey:just watch us those girls who saved you before aren’t here remember?
Me:now let’s see about that(I quickly reached out for
the button and presses it).
In not more than 20secs Melissa and the girls were
walking towards us gallantly from my behind and
finally stood at my front facing cassey and her group
Melissa:sorry miss. Are you lost?or do you have a problem with our mistress?
Cassey:if you don’t want to get hurt then leave this
Melissa:are you scared? If you don’t want to die then I
would advice you to leave this premises but if you
insist on staying then you have to deal with us first before our mistress
Cassey: it will be our pleasure. Girls let the fight begin.
Fight any soul standing before us!!.
The fight start started. Melissa really did a good job in
punching Cassey’s face which got her mouth bleeding.
The rest girls were just like skeletons in front of my girls. Only cassey had the strength to fight off four lazy
girls at once but melissa was no lazy girl. She was
more stronger than four girls together. My girls won
over them and they lied helplessly on the floor.
Melissa:hmmm I hope you are alright?
Me:yeah I am fine and you Melissa:always fine. You haven’t been checking or
calling us to check up on you or to check up on us. I
hope you haven’t in any way forgotten about us?
Me:of course not. I switched off my phone because
someone was disturbing me
Melissa:okay but are you really fine? Me:yeah why?
Melissa:you look pale(she examined me)you look like
someone who suffered under something and cried a
lot but since you said you are fine, its okay.
As they were about carrying cassey’s girls out of the
sitting room, we heard a gunshot and the last thing I heard was “you b---h” as I landed on the floor. The
gunshot was directed at me and it went straight into
my belly.I saw blank as I fell down.
I was lucky to have opened my eyes but in the
hospital weak. I saw Miranda sitting on the bed with
me with a swollen eyes next to her was melissa who stood Like a vigilante. At the chair almost at the door I
saw Presley sitting
Me:hi (in a low and weak tone)
Miranda:OMG she’s awake(calling everyone’s
attention in the room) Milly are you okay?do you feel
pains? Me:I am fine miranda. You cry too much
Miranda:why won’t I worry about when you have
been in this room for three days without putting
anything in your mouth and without moving your
Me:three days? But its okay I am fine. Melissa what about you?
Melissa:yeah I am fine. As for cassey she is also
battling with her life right now and I haven’t told your
dad so save your energy I guess I have answered
your questions.
Me:thanks and please don’t inform my dad Melissa:of course not I won’t
Presley:are you sure your house is safe for you?
Me:why not presley?
Presley:because bad things have been happening to
you lately in that house
Me:so what are you suggesting I do? Presley:I want you and miranda to stay in the p.p
Me:hell no!Preston will think I used it as a medium to
see him everyday. I don’t want to
Presley:forget about Presley. Forget he even exist. He
is so obsessed with that girl. Me: and I don’t want to get hurt everyday
Presley:just pretend to be happy always and move on
with your life it will make him more jealous since he is
the jealous type
Me:what about my sisters?
Presley:as for the nobles,they can come visit you anytime and you can call them anytime.
Me:okay but…
Presley:no buts will you stop being stubborn for once?
I can’t watch Miranda suffer like this and its all
because of you. I can’t also watch you be like this
when I know its because of Preston and I also supported you date Preston. So please for once make
yourself a good choice that will benefit you and those
around you.
Me:okay. I hope everything works out fine.
To be continued..
Episode 28
The next day I was discharged from the hospital. The
area I was shot was treated and bandaged. Around
my tommy was bandaged I couldn’t even bend down
to pock something. Miranda arranged my things and hers and left for the p.P’s house. On our way,the
nobles drove behind me, miranda also drove behind
me while Presley was in front of us. In my car, I
thought of various ways to make Preston jealous but
found none. Five days now I haven’t been to class. I
didn’t wanted to see Brenden either the thought of him seeing my nakedness irritated me. I couldn’t bear
the fact he raped me twice. Soon I drew my thoughts
from Brenden and thought about my life ahead. I just
hope the rape and shot had no bad effects that will
affect me afterwards.
We got to the p.p house and we all alighted from the cars. The nobles went back to my I gave them
instructions to live in the main house not in the duplex
again. We entered inside the house and saw Preston
and laura sitting like couples watching TV. Preston put
on an angry face on seeing me
Preston:what’s the meaning of this?Presley why did you bring this s--t here?
Presley: e be like body dey shack you
Preston:if you don’t leave here with this prostitute
right now trust me I will do something nasty
Presley: I hold you go ahead na show your madness
Me:look presley inasmuch as this idiot don’t want to see me I also don’t want to see him. Hr irritates me. So
please I told you at first that I didnt want to come here
Preston:did you just call me an idiot?
Me:no I didn’t it was your twin brother behind you
Laura:baby who is this thing? Me:you must be a foreigner so am I. As you can see I
have the qualities you also have so you better check
both of us who is worthy to be called a thing before
you roll that rotating cubic dice you call a mouth.
Laura:are you talking to me?
Me:please shut up. Who else am I talking to? Preston:you just shut up. I won’t watch you talk to my
girlfriend that way Respect
Me:oh sorry I didn’t know that this overgrown doll
was your girlfriend
Laura:what!!who are you??do you know me??
Me:my dear save your breath I don’t wanna know the freak you are
Preston:leave my house before I drag you out myself
Me:it will be my pleasure..
Presley:please guys stop all these. You can take your
love triangle elsewhere. Preston you brought laura
into this house, I didn’t complain at all. So please I will
appreciate it if you don’t complain in my bringing Milly and miranda here. All is in my treat. We won’t bother
both of you. And we can achieve this if you stop
calling her a s--t. We all know that you started it with
Preston was speechless. He stood up and left the
sitting room heading for his room so did the toy Me:thanks a lot presley. It seems he is afraid of you
Presley:he knows what we’ve been through
Me:hmmmm. Its 7pm already. Today was a stressful
Presley:you are really strong. You survived a gunshot
in three days not all girls can do that some even die in the process
Me:I guess. Where will I be sleeping
Presley:the room opposite Preston’s. Don’t worry
everything’s inside
Me:okay. Thank you so much. Goodnight
Miranda:are you sure you don’t need help?you are wounded
Me:never mind I will survive
Miranda:(she wasaughing because prestley was
tinkling her their love play have started again).
I went inside the room and Locked the door. I
arranged everything that belonged to me in the room. I took my bath still with my bandage on. I called to
check up on everyone and there were good except
for miranda who was busy having her usual and
normal meal from Presley.
I slept like a baby that night and woke up early the
next morning. As soon as I woke up, I had this eagerness to open my door which I did. As I opened
my door I saw preston walking out out his room and
stopped on seeing me. On seeing him I eyed him and
hissed then flung my hair and went inside my room
locking the door. I could see want and love in his eyes.
At least k felt happy making him like that. I won’t let anybody step on me now not even that foreign tiny
tweeny brat.
I got dressed up first so I went to the sitting room to
wait for miranda. Looking at the sofas in the
sittingroom,I remembered preston and thought of his
first attempt of wanting to s-x me and later he told me if was because of Brenden. I couldn’t help the
tears dropping from my eyes freely. I still loved him I
knew he was doing the wrong thing but I still felt
there was something behind this relationship with
that laura. Something about connection. I was still
thinking until miranda interrupted me Miranda:babes how far?
Me:I am fine (I finally understood pidgin)
Miranda:why the tears na?you want to make me cry o
Me:its okay. I just thought of something
Miranda:okay o. Are you ready? Because I am ready
for class o or you are not going? Me:of course I will. I have been waiting for you to
come out from that room
Miranda:oya let’s go…
We left for class and soon we departed to our various
departments. I was afraid of entering my department
but soon, I summoned the courage. As soon as I
entered, Brenden was there in his seat. I just felt uneasy that moment. I didnt look at him. I went
straight to my seat and sat down
Brenden:hey there how are you?
Me:(no response)
Brenden:don’t tell me you are still angry over that little
thing we both enjoyed? Me:(no answer but his word made me cry silently)
Brenden:I know you still want more but
Me:(I couldn’t take it anymore) will you just shut up! I
don’t know how to explain the hatred I have for you
right now but shut up. I don’t want to see or talk to
you again. I hate you!! Brenden:you hate me huh? You know making your life
in this university a nice stay or a dead one depends on
me. I can make this place a living hell for you
Me:(chuckling) good for you then. When your done
bragging and fooling around,let your sick head know.
The lecturer came and taught. His lessons entered and stayed in my head some how . lessons was over and
it was time to go home since I had no other class.
Miranda and presley went out together. I drove to the
p.p house instead.
When I got there,I heard screams and shouts. They
were fighting. I didn’t go inside instantly I decided to eavesdrop
Laura:I am tired of this d--n relationship without s-x.
Back in Australia I had s-x more than j wanted
Preston:then go back to your d--n Australia. I don’t
love you and can never love you
Laura:I hate you and your mannerless friends!!. D--n you and your family you are no real man!!
Preston:to hell with you,your father and your
goddamn money we don’t need it!
Laura:really??your father needed it. That was exactly
the reason he called my father and begged him.
Hearing your wretched father begged that way made me had pity on your deformed and devastated family
Preston:and you think your family is any better. Have
you forgotten that my dad placed your f-----g dad in
Position he is right now?do you have any f-----g idea?
Laura:I don’t give a bullshit!I think I am fed up and I
Want to leave this boring and stupid house! I am going back to Australia. I have called both fathers and I
have withdraw from the plan I am no longer
Preston:to hell with you. I don’t need your stupid
assistance from your hopeless family
Laura:look there little boy!my family and yours who has more hope? Come on answer me. Your family has
1% over 100% hope left. Don’t forget that with the
snap of my fingers and twinkle of an eye, your family
can be s----d out of the little money they have to
brag with
Preston:I just hate you and your ugly family. I don’t want to ever see you.
Laura: (laughing) oh my dear don’t also forget that you
aren’t attending classes because your goddamn
family can no longer afford your fees
Preston:if you don’t leave here I will kill you!.
Laura:wow!painful right? I also pity you. Your father’s medication might have stopped by now. And that’s.
Because you are not man enough
Preston: you know what if you don’t leave right now,I
will leave this house for you (I was dying to see his
face by now)
Laura: never mind stay in your ugly house I am leaving already.
I just imagined in my mind laura is leaving just like
that? I was happy but I still needed to teach Preston a
serious lesson. Even both of them arguing, I had more
than enough to shut their mouths when it comes to
money. I heard footsteps approaching the door. I ran from the doorpost to the corner of the house. Soon I
saw laura dressed up with a luggage and entered her
car. She left at once. As I went to the door about
opening it I heard…
Preston: hello dad
Preston:yes we broke up. I can’t stand her anymore. I
am tired of being the one always used in this family to
provide money. What did you do with all your money? You see the mistake you have done? You invested
your own money on Laura’s dad. Now look at Laura’s
dad if he is willing to help you. Laura and I have been
quarrelling for days now(I was surprised)
Preston:I am tired of all these. I don’t care anymore
ask h to pay you back your money. Right now,I have to work so I can afford my fees.
Preston:wealth is nothing to me dad. I am fed up!
Because of you I lost track of my academics and at the
same time the woman I love. I can’t afford to loose
anything again. Please I will appreciate it if you all
leave me alone for a while. Preston:you won’t die. You better fight for your life. At
least the money I worked as a result of dating laura is
in my account I will send it in no time.I will sort out
something before the money gets finished I will
appreciate it now if you all don’t bother my life again
and let me think straight(he hung up) I didn’t wanted him to suspect maybe I was
eavesdropping on him so I went to the car and blew
the horn as if I was just arriving. I went to the door an
opened it but it was locked but when laura came out it
wasn’t locked I reasoned or maybe he heard my horn
and locked it? I decided to knock. I knocked thrice before he opened the door. I avoided eye contact with
him and walked into the sitting room. I was about
going inside my room when he dragged me and
kissed me I didnt respond. I forced myself out of his
grip but he held me strongly and continued kissing
me. He pushed me on the sofa and laid on me. There I felt the pain of the bandaged area
Me:Preston please stop it you are hurting me(I said
when he was staring at my face)
He didn’t listen he still continued kissing me. I was
fighting with him to stop but he won’t then the door
opened knocker.Presley and Miranda. They saw me struggling me struggling with preston an they saw
Preston forcing himself on me
Presley:OMG Preston what do you think you are doing?
She is wounded for crying out loud
Miranda:preston what’s wrong with you why do you
intend hurting her all the time? Preston stopped and sat on the sofa burying his head
on his palms. I managed to run into my room I locked
it and went to lie on the bed. I thought of what just
happened. I was wondering maybe he missed me
that’s why he kissed me or maybe he was depressed
about what conspired between him and laura. I didn’t feel bitterness about what happened like I did with
brenden. I felt happy I was more happy that miranda
and Preston caught him like that. Knocks came at the
door I didn’t open neither did I respond to the knocker..
In Preston’s room
Presley: what did you think you were doing?do you
know your reactions could have turned to rape? Do
you know you the kind of suffering she’s suffered in the hands of you and brenden?after all what you did
toher insulting her and showing her hatred? Do you
even think she loves you after hurting her?what about
laura why didnt you kiss her like that?
Preston:I broke up with laura. She might probably be
in an hotel booking a flight to Australia Presley:why? Sbebi you loved her before?
Preston:I don’t love her. Remember when we went to
my parents house when my father had a fatal
accident, be made a bargain with Laura’s dad so he
could assist us with money to take care of his hospital
bills and to raise out family back to it’s standards. Because my father has been giving his money to
Laura’s dad in helping him to maintain a job when he
leaves the house of assembly
Presley:and that bargain was for you to marry laura?
Preston yes(tear fully) I couldn’t disappoint my father
let alone watch him die. I felt guilty for all that happened to Milly but was too scared to show it
because if laura had suspected something that would
be the end of the bargain leaving my father to die.
Presley:and you thought kissing her against her wish
will show the guilt you felt
Preston:I don’t know I was confused. I also missed her badly. I really love her. But I don’t know where to
start now I really don’t want her suffer again. Presley
help me with this one please
Preey:bro. I can’t I would love to but I just can’t you
had your first chance with my assistance but you
blew it up. I don’t want to risk this again she has suffered enough
Preston:please believe me I would never hurt her
again. I have made everything clear to my father.
There won’t be a barrier or destruction
Presley:look you have to make the moves and I will
only encourage her. That’s the least I can do Preston:thank you. I only hope she takes me back.
Presley:she would have but you Just worsened issues
by doing what you just did.
Preston:I am so stupid
Presley: are you just knowing that? Guy abeg I need to
go see miranda. Back in my room
Miranda:come on Milly please open the door na.
Me:miranda go am fine
Miranda:please na please. If you don’t open this door
and you later do I will not talk to you and I will give you everything you have given to me.
Me:is that a threat?
Miranda:I am serious
I opened the door and she entered inside. She sat with
me on the bed
Miranda:I hope you are not hurt?is your lips injured? Me:I am Fine nothing to worry about. I just hate him
Miranda:haha. Its too early to hate someone I am sure
he did it for a reason. Preston is not like that
I told her all what happened between him and laura
Miranda:no wonder I have not seen the witch around.
Hmm Preston’s family must be hell in need right noe Me:what are you suggesting?
Miranda:well I suggest you go back to him an sort
things out since we know the reason now. Please
Me:I don’t know I will think about it. But I am not sure
he has hurt me enough
Miranda:forgive him and everything would be fine sooner than you think.
Presley came in
Presley:how are you doing?
Me:I am better its as if nothing happened
Presley:uhmmmm. I just wanted to plead on Preston’s
behalf he already told me the reason Me:about Laura’s family and his family?
Presley: how did you know that?
Me:I eavesdropped on them before Laura left
Presley:wow!now we all know the reason can’t you
give him a second chance? We both know you can
help him out and his family Me:yeah I can. But he almost raped me. I feel like I am
being used here to settle their s-x thirst
Presley:he loves you very much. Please just give him
a second chance. He missed you that was why he did
what he did earlier. Please forgive him he isnt like that
Miranda:please please and please…
To be continued..


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