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I thought maybe it was brenden or Preston but was surprised when I saw Melissa, the assistant of my girls THE NOBLES all dressed in orange and lemon. They were thirteen in number. The moment I opened my eyes to see Melissa, war started. They were no match for my girls they were defeated. I could see surprise in Miranda’s and Preston’s eyes were he stood. Melissa stretched out her right hand to help me up. As soon as I was on my feet, all the girls bowed their heads and said in chorus*MISTRESS WE ARE HERE*. They raised their heads up and u smiled at them. Immediately melissa whispered in my ears
Melissa:your father won!
I couldn’t shout and I also couldn’t cry. I just stood amidst tears and joy. You can call it tears of joy. Miranda was confused she didn’t know what to say.
Miranda:Milly what’s happening? Who are these people?
Melissa:you mean you don’t know Milly brandez?
Miranda:Nope I don’t
Melissa:hmm. That means she came here with a hidden identity (Facing me) princess we also heard that you didn’t use the 20,000 dollars given to you by your dad. You only paid your fees.
Me:yeah. Have you guys been monitoring me?
Melissa:of course not(she now faced miranda). Dear, what’s your name?
Miranda: my name is miranda
Melissa:mine is melissa. As you can see, Milly here is the only child of her parents. Her mother is dead because her father went into politics, protesting for a position which got her mother killed. Milly is the owner and leader of this group of girls you are seeing right here.
Miranda:what!! Milly is that true?(surprised and amazed)
I only nodded my head and shrugged..
I wished Preston heard what Melissa was saying because she had always been loud and vocal. He was surprised that I could see in him. Belinda and her girls stood and ran away. That day Cassey was not with her.
Melissa:we are all foreign people different from you guys because we are Europeans, same with Milly’s father because starting from yesterday Milly’s father is the senate president of Europe.
Miranda:what!!(with both eyes and mouth opened)
Melissa:oh don’t you know she is an outcast? Her father’s from Europe and her mother’s from Nigeria. Her father sent her to Nigeria after her mother’s death so that she won’t also get killed by his rivals. So honey I will advice you not to toy with her if you don’t like your life.
Then my phone rang
Me:hello daddy. You won
Daddy:yes honey, it is over
Me: I am so happy for you. I wish mummy was here.
Daddy:yeah me too. I want you to come back to Europe.
Me:dadI know but I still something’s to take care of.
Daddy: Okay then honey. I hope your girls are with you?
Me:yeah dad. Thank you. I love you
Daddy:love you more(I hung up)
Melissa:mistress, why watch those girls beat you up that way?
Me:just close that topic. Let’s go ti the hostel.
Melissa:mistress actually no! Not the hostel.
Melissa:because your father won ordered you should go stay in his house here in this state. Actually its not a very far distance from this university. According to your father that will be your dwelling place for now
Me: okay lemme go get my things and miranda will come with us
Melissa:leave that for us. Melinda(a girl came forward) follow Miranda and help them with their luggage. You and annabella should do that.
Melinda&annabella:okay senorita.
Few minutes we were ready to leave when someone held me it was Brenden.
Me:what’s all these?please leave my arm. Let me go!
Brenden:why this sudden action? Are you okay?
Me:no because you are always late, always late!
Brenden:for what?
Me:never mind just leave me
Preston was still there looking at us. I wanted him to feel guilty for what he did to me but u still pitied him. I have all these money but I can’t stand IR watch someone I love suffer. I knew there was something behind his actions. If he was poor I would say he was forced to do what he is doing but unfortunately he wasn’t a poor person. I wondered if he loved me or he was just looking for a medium to get in the middle of my legs which he did. In as much as I wanted to suffer him, I wanted to be with him. If he could ask me right away to date him again I won’t think it twice. I was about leaving when brenden dragged me backwards and I faced him. He held my waist with his right hand, his left hand was in his pocket. Before I could say anything he kissed me. Everybody saw the kiss even Preston couldn’t control himself. He held the lady’s hand very tight. I was sure her hand would be red like blood. I enjoyed the kiss and wanted it to last more than ever.
The kiss only lasted for 1 minute. He looked at me eyeball to eyeball and said…
Brenden:I really love you. Lately I figured out that I didn’t only like you because my feelings for you was more than like and I didn’t only wanted you to be my friend but my girlfriend. So please I am begging you stop shutting me out like that. I really mean well for you. Please.
Me:I am sorry for being rude. I was just angry and bitter.
Brenden:don’t apologise. I understand what you are going to through(smiling)
Me:how? What exactly do you understand am going through?
Brenden: do you actually think I will sit back and watch you and Preston being like that? Of course not! I got you monitored.
Me:what?!! Do you have any idea how much I hate being monitored?
Brenden:sorry if you do but what Preston did was unforgivable. I mean deflowering you and then leaving you just like that like a used trophy…….. Its very unforgivable. It was as if he planned it (smiling wickedly). Me:do you think it’s a joke?(I freed myself from his grip with tears in my eyes). Just leave me alone!
I went to my girls. All of them stood until I passed them stayed in the front followed by Miranda. Brenden was still coming towards me when Anita and Vanessa blocked him. The girls brought alongside two hummer jeep classic. An orange coloured and lemon coloured jeep. I and Miranda entered the orange coloured jeep with Cassey driving and carley,Joan and Bernita. The rest girls entered the other I had no idea on how they sized the car.
Soon we got to the house. It was like a family house. It was very big and beautiful. Unknown to me that brenden followed us to the house. He didn’t show his face but I do know his car. It stopped ant the gate and then sped off. Miranda was smiling and felt as if I didn’t trust her by not telling her all these things about me. I could see questions written all over her face. As soon as we entered into the house, Melissa turned and looked at me
Melissa: Well this is your house(giving me the keys)
Me:then where are you guys gonna stay?
Melissa:we will just stay in the duplex at the back. That’s your father’s instruction SK we won’t disturb your privacy as you hate it very much.
Me:okay. Really, thank you very much
Melissa:don’t mention we should be the ones thanking you. If you need us just press this button(showing me a lemon and orange coloured button on the wall). If you press it, we will hear the sound in our apartment.
Me:wow okay
Melissa:okay then. We will only follow you to the university if you want us to. But call us when you need our assistance in the university.
Me:of course.(I hugged her and pecked her cheek same I did with the rest girls and they left leaving me and question lady alone in the big house).
Miranda:wow. Mistress. You are also a cultist? I can’t believe it you acted so genuine.(feeling betrayed almost crying).
Me:no Miranda not the way you take it. I created the group for my protection when my mum died. Please believe me. I never dreamt of coming to Nigeria one day
Miranda:but you should have at least told me. We kept no secrets
Me:you have to believe me. It was for our own good. Telling you all these was also risking your life in the long run. Please forgive me and try to forget all of these.
Miranda:why are you begging me? You have a lot of girls out there
Me:because I cherish our friendship. I love you. Please
Miranda: (she started crying and ran to hug me) I’m sorry for being like that
Me:its okay. Have you forgiven me?
Miranda:of course yes.(she wiped her tears smiled at me, I also smiled back). So we will be staying in this big house. The house is d--n big.we are gonna stay in one room
We laughed and went to the last room on the right. There was a lot of room in the long passage. We arranged our things. The room was bigger than three hostels in the university. We did everything that was supposed to be done. We went to the kitchen, we saw different provisions and foodstuffs but we insisted we prepare noodles. After eating, we went to bed together. Then my phone rang:
Me:hello,who is this?
Caller: its me melissa, this is my number just call it if you need help in school like I said
Melissa:I know we won’t be that close like we were in Europe. I understand and I won’t get jealous. This is Nigeria not Europe so don’t feel guilty. I am only called when needed in Nigeria but things will change in Europe right?
Me:yeah of course. Thanks for understanding
Melissa:its okay. Goodnight.
Me:goodnight (she hung up)
As I was about dropping my phone it rang again
Me:hey dad. How are you?
Dad:am fine and you?
Me:u am doing perfectly alright
Dad:please go on skype I want to talk to you face to face I miss seeing your face. I want to see it again.
Me:ohhhh. That’s so sweet dad. Okay give me just 5mins I will get back to you on Skype.(I hung up)
Miranda: that was your dad?
Me:yes it was
Miranda:hmmmm. I really want to see him
Me:don’t worry you will see him
Miranda:but how? Is he coming to Nigeria?
Me:no of course.(I brought my laptop in plugged a modem and entered Skype immediately. It seemed he has been waiting for me)
Dad:wow. You no longer look like before and I am responsible I shouldn’t have sent you to Nigeria.
Me:dad don’t blame yourself I believe everything happened for a reason. By the way i am beginning to like my stay here.
Dad:hope life is not difficult over there
Me:nope dad everything’s just fine
Dad:okay. I wish I could touch you right now. Ever since your mum died I felt guilty
She warned me at first not to go into politics but I insisted and now she is dead and I am regretting it now. Because of that my daughter is not with me. There is nothing in political positions except for the money. I just confirmed that. A these was as a result of my greed.
Me:oh dad stop. You want to make me cry. Its okay.
I know she forgave you before she died. And also I will come back to Europe when I am done. Its just a year awaiting me to graduate and I will definitely come back dad. By the way thanks for the house and the button (we both laughed)
Dad:(tears amidst joy) you just stay strong. Be brave. Is your girls with you?
Me:I will dad. No they are In the duplex. Melissa said it was your instruction.
Dad:yeah it was
Me:dad, I have a friend who has been wishing to see your face. The friend is right here with me.(I looked at Miranda she was also teary in the eyes she could feel our pain. She looked surprised because of what I said).
Dad: tell me its your boyfriend.
Me:oh come on dad you didn’t send me here to flirt
Dad:okay. Let her talk to me (Miranda was now on)
Miranda:good day Sir
Dad:good day to you also how are you doing?
Miranda: I am fine Sir thanks to Milly here
Dad:oh she has always been like that so kind and sweet. So what’s your name?
Miranda:my name is Miranda
Dad:what a nice name. It was good knowing you and seeing your beautiful face. Take care of Mt daughter for me.
Miranda:I will sir
Dad:thank you. What a lovely person you are. Its my pleasure speaking.
Miranda:thank you sir for your time
Dad:anytime.(I was now on)
Me:dad its late already I think its bed time
Dad:of course my angel. Goodnight
Me:goodnight dad. I love you
Dad:I love you more.
I shut down my laptop and lied on the bed so did miranda.
Miranda:your dad is so handsome. Look at his hair.
Me:thank you miranda. What about your parents?
Miranda:my parents are late. I stayed with my monstrous aunt before I got admission. All of my things I couldn’t afford if it wasn’t for Presley. I owe him my life and education.
Me:don’t worry. Tomorrow will be a shopping day.
Me:yeah. With the 7 million naira in my account
Miranda: (crying) thanks a lot I really appreciate. You are indeed a friend
Me:stop crying. I cherish this friendship more than my relationship with Preston years ago. I wondered how days turned into years so quick.
Miranda:yeah me too. I love shopping
Me:yeah likewise me. I will buy you a lot of things including a laptop and a new phone.
Miranda:thanks a lot.
Me:its nothing. Your fees is now under control.
Miranda:I am short of words.(she kissed me, it was the first time a female was kissing my lips).
Me:hmmm that was huge I hope you are not a lesbian.
Miranda:of course not (we both laughed).
To be continued
Episode 26
We slept like couples. We curdled each other as if we were long lost sisters. It was in the morning around 6:25am. Both of us got up from bed and went straight to the kitchen. We prepared jollof rice and salad. Then we went to the bathroom and came out together. We dressed up together. I gave her orange and lemon clothes to put on. I called to check on my girls they were fine and still training.
Me:uhmm, Melissa can I take one of the cars along?
Melissa: oh I forgot to tell you. Both are yours
Melissa:yeah. Its your choice on which one to use. Today we will be getting extra cars for ourselves.
Me:okay. Thank you
Melissa:its okay. Take care of yourself and miranda
Me:I will.(I hung up).
I and miranda dressed up and left for class with the orange jeep. We got to campus. It was a new beginning I said to myself. Preston will suffer for suffering me then again I thought can I really stand to see preston suffer? I hugged miranda as she left for her department. I entered and went straight to my seat.
Brenden:oh hi. Sorry about yesterday. I couldn’t help it
Me:for cry out loud brenden… Awwww… Leave me alone! I don’t like you and I don’t think I can ever like you. Our relationship cannot exceed friendship. We can only be friends and nothing more(raising my tone on him)
Brenden:tell me what can I do to earn your love?just tell me(before I could say a word he snatched my face and kissed me deeply in front of those nosy classmates I couldn’t help but to close my eyes and respond to the kiss. Just as I opened my eyes when brenden was done kissing me, I saw Preston looking at me. He was standing with that foreign idiot. I looked away and looked at brenden. I smiled at brenden to simply make preston jealous. Brenden Smiled back unaware of the reason I was smiling. Preston eyes turned red all of a sudden. He didn’t even notice when the lady was calling his attention. I just continued smiling at brenden as if I was happy being with him or as if I was brenden’s girlfriend but I don’t know how Preston pictured it. As for me it was to make him jealous which I succeeded in doing).
Brenden:so is that a yes?
Me:(smiling) hell no!(putted on a serious look)
Me:(preston left the doorpost with the lady. I wondered if he takes the idiot everywhere he goes). Look brenden the fact you get the slightest and little opportunity to kiss me doesn’t mean I will like you. Get that into your head. And please stop kissing me I don’t like it.
Brenden:so you can never love me?
Me:look you are a sweet guy and all that. I can’t love you so please go and stick with Cassey. She loves you very much.
He didn’t say anything I could see betrayal and anger in his eyes. He didn’t say anything until lecture was dismissed. He silently and angrily walked out of the class without saying a word to me. I walked out to where my car was. I called miranda so we could go out for the shopping. Soon she came and we left. We bought many things. Clothes,Makeup kits,shoes,jeweleries name it. We bought things worth laying a foundation in the village. I bought her new Apple laptop and a tablet phone, We got home tired but had fun. I saw three SUV cars as we got home. I smiled and went inside with miranda.
Before we slept I called on everyone to check up on
them including my dad. They were all good. We didn’t
eat that night as we had already eaten in a fast food
before coming home. I and Miranda did some playing,joking and laughing before we fell asleep.
The next day we did as usual. We went to class there
was no difference from the other days except it was
September 14 Miranda’s birthday. I did t wish her
happy birthday in the morning so as to let her think I
had forgotten. I had my own surprise for her. I went to the university authorities, I paid her fees and
everything till the end of her stay in the university. Her
project fees was as well taken care of. Everything
was done. I bought her a pink coloured hummer jeep
classic like mine. Money talking if course. Later that
day she was called by the authorities that a helper had taken care of her university bills. She came out of
the authority’s office with tears in her eyes amidst joy.
I was behind her. held her shoulders from behind. She
quickly wiped her tears.
Miranda:oh you scared me(sniffing)
Me:come on I want to show you something. I took her with me to where I parked the two cars.
Miranda:yes this is your car. Do you want to take me
home?(showing a bit of anger maybe because I didn’t
wish her a happy birthday)
Me:of course not. What do you see close to my car?
Miranda:a pink coloured car like yours. As she turned to face me I was already holding the
keys and shaking it in the air.
Me:happy birthday. You thought o forgot right?
Miranda:yeah and I was getting angry with you. OMG
thank you(hugging me over and over again crying)
Me:its okay. You are welcome Miranda:wait a minute,,,,,don’t tell me you are the
helper that took Care of my fees?
Me:well I don’t know what to say. Its just a token of
my love for you. Don’t even mention.
She stared at me with tears dropping from her eyes
making me cry also. Miranda:I don’t know what to say
Me:you don’t have to say anything
She hugged me tightly. I gave her the keys and she
insisted I entered the car with her. She drove to and
fro and came down from it.
Miranda:you even processed my papers Me:yeah of course. You couldn’t be driving without a
Miranda:God bless you
Me:Amen ooo
Miranda:I won’t be staying home tonight.
Me:why? Miranda:Presley decided to host a party without my
notice and a party can’t be done without the reason.
So I am inviting you.
Me:you know I can’t go. I don’t like parties and I don’t
want to see the p.p
Miranda: yeah I know. I am sorry for leaving you alone tonight
Me:its okay I will survive
Miranda:but I will follow you home oo. Preston will
come pick me up later
Me:that’s great then.
I entered my car she entered hers and we left
together and went home. When I was in my car I
thought of how preston deflowered me and all he did
to me. Instead of me to cry I smiled I didn’t know the reason for the smile.
We got home together went inside freshened up and
cooked. Soon we ate and started plating music
dancing together until we were tired. It was a
memorable birthday indeed. At about 8pm Presley
came to pick miranda. She was dressed up like a princess.
Presley:so you are not coming?
Me:nah. Just enjoy yourselves okay?
Miranda:we will. Thank you and take care of yourself.
Me:I will
Presley:are you sure you are not coming? Me:presley I am not coming okay?
Presley:okay ooo
They left and I locked the door and went to bed. I
forgot to turn the music off but I didn’t care after all it
was my house. I lied on the bed and thought of
brenden. Was I being rude to him? He didn’t come to class that day. Was it because of what I told him? I
became guilty but my thoughts dragged me to sleep.
I woke up when I heard a loud long knock on the
door. I went to the sitting room and the music tracks
already finished playing and it stopped.
Me:who is there? I thought may be it was Miranda then I looked at the
time it was 10:30pm. Miranda’s birthday party won’t
be quick like this I thought. Even if it closed early I am
sure presley took her with him. But who can this be? I
was still thinking until the knock came again louder
than before I was shocked on hearing the knock. Me:who is there?
Still no response. I couldn’t allow the knocking
continue so I opened brenden. Alas I saw brenden in a
drunk state. He entered into the house by himself, be
was looking dangerous I guess being in a drunk state
makes a man reveal his real self. He saw the plasma TV on the wall and the stop symbol. He took the
remote from the table at the centre of the sitting room
and pressed play button. The music started all over
again. He was so angry seeing me at that moment
that I didn’t even dared asked him how he passed the
gate. I was so dumbstruck and lost in thoughts like what was he planning on doing and why did he turn
on the music. I was still thinking until his loud voice
came crashing on my ears like ice.
Brenden:how dare you!in all I have done for you to
make you like me. I came early to class,I try my best
to look friendly. But you turned me down even without a second thought. You so much looked down
on me to the extent you even embarrassed me the
other day. You gave preston everything even your
pride without him going through all these. What
exactly do you want me to do? Since the day I saw
you I can’t help but to think of you always. What exactly do you want?(he was shaking my shoulders
with his two hands)
Me:Brenden look calm down. I only said we can be
friends okay?so please stop this you are scaring me
Brenden:don’t you get I don’t want you to just be my
friend but my girlfriend(shouting) Me:please stop all these. I can’t force my heart to love
you. So please stop this drama
Brenden:exactly. Maybe I know what will make this
relationship work.(he smiled wickedly)
Me:please you better stop what you have in your
mind. I was scared because I was wearing just my night
robe and nothing else not even a bra or pant.
Brenden:what? Are you scared? You you weren’t
scared when you did it with Preston.
Me:(I was alarmed). Brenden please no,no,no,no, not
that please I beg you. If you really love me don’t do what you what you have in mind.
Brenden:yes I love you and that’s what am about to
prove.(the music was still playing and I remembered
the button)
Brenden: I know after this night you will want me
badly. Me:no Brenden you are drunk and if you do this to me
I will hate you for the rest of my life.
Brenden:don’t worry I am sure you will love me and
one more thing,, I am not drunk.
He chuckled and was walking towards me. Whenever
he takes a step ahead I take two steps behind. Suddenly he dragged me into the passage.
He locked the door. He threw the key to someone I
didn’t bother checking. My hope of the button was
now gone as it was in the sitting room. It was just
me,brenden,and the rooms. All the rooms were locked except I and Miranda’s room. He walked up to
me and I ran into the room and was about locking it
when brenden pushed it and the door moved against
me and I fell on the floor. He locked the door himself
and threw the key away.
Brenden:you can’t run from me. Don’t you get we are meant for each other.
Me:brenden no,no,no,no,no, you are drunk understand
your condition first please.
Brenden:of course baby. I am fine and not drunk.
I was crawling with my back on the floor. My plan
was to enter the bathroom and lock it. As I was crawling, he dragged me back with my legs and he
quickly knelt in the middle of my legs. He was already
pulling his clothes. He didn’t pull his boxers. He was
loosening my robe. I struggled with him disallowing
him to. He couldn’t loosen it because if the struggles
he slapped me hard with his back of his hand and I felt paralysed. The slap was just too hard on my face. He
loosened my robe and saw my b----t looking at him
and my v****a open at him. He smoked seeing them
and licked his lips. I was helpless and hopeless. I
couldn’t control the years that were running down my
cheeks uncontrollably. I still begged him to leave me Alone. I wasnt ready for s-x at all and it could have its
Me:brenden,please, no,no,no,no,please I beg if
you,forgive me if I wronged you but please just leave
me alone I promise to be your girlfriend afterwards
please,brenden please. All my pleads fell into deaf ears. I was about talking to
him when I felt something enter me with force. The
pain I felt was undescribable. I shouted for help. I
screamed on the top of my voice but no one was
there to help me. The music was still playing and the
duplex my girls was, was still far from the main house I was. His pace at which he went in and out of me was
fast and rough. I could hear him moan pleasurably. I
cried and cried. He just kept banging me harder and
faster. I tried to push him off but instead he pressed
my hands against the floor. I couldn’t even catch a
breath. He wanted to kiss me but I threw my face away. I hated him from that moment. I felt being used.
He s----d my n-----s and bit the tips. I felt pains
everywhere not pleasure. He continued until he came
out and cummed. He smiled at me and entered my
bathroom and did whatsoever I didn’t care to know
and came out. I couldn’t walk neither could I stand I lied there and tied my robe again. I hate him to the
Brenden:you are so much better than other girls I
have tasted even cassey.
Me:I hate you. I pray you perish in hell.
Brenden:come on babe don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy anything
Me:I cause the day I met you. Get out of my house. I
hate you. You b-----d. Leave me alone.
Brenden:you called me a b-----d?
Me:you are even more worse than that. Leave me
alone. He came to me slapped me the the same way he did
earlier and entered me again widened my kegs and
entered me again. He banged harder and faster. He
didnt c-m on time. He continued and soon he came
out of me and c-m on the floor. He stood up and wore
his clothes ready to leave Brenden:whoa. Now don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy one
of those two rounds(he checked his watch) oh its 4
am already looks like i used hours in banging you but
to be honest you are worth being banged the whole
day. He laughed as he left leaving me on the floor
crying and bleeding. I couldn’t stand so I laid in the floor and tied my robe to cover my nakedness. Soon
the day was brightening up gradually. My hair was
very rough. I cried bitterly my phone rang but I
ignored the call as it was far from me. I can never
Forgive brenden not in this generation. I laid on the
floor thinking.
To be continued


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