Monday, 9 October 2017


The next morning when I woke up,he was not beside me. I tried walking to the bathroom but I could not walk properly. I walked as if I was being raped by three men not that his hood was huge but the force was to the fullest. I sat down on the bed just replaying last night. Someone opened the room it was Miranda. Thank God Preston covered the blood spot.
Miranda:hey babe, how are you?
Me:I am fine. Where is preston?
Miranda:hmmmm. This one you did not even ask about my health and you asked of Preston first. I hope hmmm everything is okay?
Me:(I smiled). Okay how about you? How are you doing?
Miranda:I am also fine. Preston is with Presley they are discussing something
Me:aren’t you going to lecture today?
Miranda:I will go how about you?
Me:(I was now biting my finger. I didn’t wanted to tell her about last night) I won’t go
Miranda:why?abi na love don dey shack you?eh eh that reminds me..why did you shout last night?
Me:uhmmmm….(the door opened and Preston walked in. I was so happy because the minute he entered, he had saved me from questions)
Miranda:oh preston you are here. I have to get ready for class. See you later bar.(she left and preston locked the door and came to sit with me on the bed).
Preston:I hope you are fine now?
Me:yeah. The pain is dying slowly.
Preston:will you be able to go to class?
Me:because I can’t walk properly
Preston:wow! OK then. I will stay with you
Me:really, you will do that for me?
Preston:yeah anything for you!(the pecked me and left the room)
Then miranda walked in with my luggage.
Miranda:see your luggage your things are all inside am off.
Me:thanks love I was starting to wonder what I will wear
Miranda:by the time I come back eh you will explain yourself to me(we both laughed. She winked at me and left)
I finally managed to take my bath and change the bedsheets. I wore my favourite coloured clothes. The colours I used to create THE NOBLES. It was lemon and orange. Almost
all my clothes were orange and lemon. I was weak and hungry. I just laid on the bed. Few minutes later Preston came in(he was already dressed)
Me:where did you go
Preston:I went to get you something to eat
Me:okay….what about the clothes?
Preston:oh, I used the bathroom in the guest room and the clothes are my spare ones I have in the laundry room.
Me:this will be a big house then
Preston:yeah guess you have done your hygiene?
Me:(I wondered how he knew that statement. Back in Europe that was how I and my dad say it) yeah I have taken my bath and brushed my teeth.(I sat up)
He gave me the food. It was jollof rice,egg and two meats with salad. I insisted we both ate the food. After we ate, he took the dishes away and came back. He joined me on the bed. He was sitting and I was lying.
Preston:you know what?
Preston:I want us to act like real couples. Lately we have been acting like best friends
Me:okay but I am trying. I am not that good in relationships
Preston:(laughing) you are just perfect
Me:so tell me about yourself and your cult
Preston:well my name is preston Paul. I am in 200 level in the university studying marine engineering. I am the first child and son of my family. I come from a rich family as my father’s tenor hasn’t expired in the house of assembly. I have two younger sisters Kathleen and Catherine they are both twins 19 of age. About my cult. I have been the leader since 100 level. It is actually a confraternity not a cult. I was made the leader by Pedro park an American person who visited the school last year. He came to create group of boys to fight corruption. I was picked as the leader to choose other people because I am from a rich family. That’s the same story with Brenden. So ever since, we have been in the confraternity and nothing more. We fight against cult groups who are in their hideouts waiting to outnumber us before coming out from their hideouts. But we have information about the white dragons, black birds, dragon cats, depressed tigers, and wild wolves. They have not made any move yet that’s why we are still calm.
Me:what the heck! Those groups must be wicked. I mean look at their names.(sitting on the bed). What about rock angels and sparkle stars?
Preston:those are girls stuff. Only girls confraternity will deal with them. But we have none yet and if they do anything illegal we will act
Me:what’s the WE In it? Preston:its not the P.P or B.B alone there is L.L and U.U and some others
Me:L.L and U.U. what’s their meaning?
Preston:(laughing) Legal Lords and Unique Units
Me:wow!(I just sat there thinking of the T.N too bad mine was not in rhymes)
Presley:what about you? Tell me about yourself.
*Readers please notify that these names aren’t real. Its just a story that needs many stuffs to make it more real. Do not criticize the writer as a fake. At least get the message and learn from the lesson.*
Me:uhmmm. My name is Milly brandez. The only daughter and child of my parents. My mum is late. And I live with my grand parents. My father is out of the state for business.
Preston:hmmmm. Brandez you say? Sorry about your mum
Me:yes brandez. Its okay about my mum I don’t want to cry
Preston:nothing. Its just I have heard that name somewhere
Me:(curious) where?
Preston:oh now I remember in worldwide news
Me:(now relieved). Okay what about him?
Preston: nothing he is a politician in Europe contesting to be the senate president.
Me:(of course its my father I said within me) now we are clear about our identities. What about relationships? I only had two boyfriends. Michael and lex. I broke up with michael because he was a cheat and he accused me of being a boring partner. Same with lex. Is that true?
Preston:nope, its not true and I am very proud of you.
Me: well thanks
Preston:mine is just Belinda. She even forced me to date her
Me:now I see. She worked hard to get you that’s why she does not want to loose you.
Preston:I guess.
Me:so tell me. All the confras I have heard about have terminals that makes them leaves school for Like a month how about you
Preston:yeah right but I chose to leave when I am in 400 level.
Me:okay. So you will graduate before me?
Preston:not at all. Engineers in this university have an extra year to prove themselves worthy of exploiting the country.
Me:great. Then Brenden will before you?
Preston:according to results he had a carryover so he will write again. We all are graduating the same tear and day.
Me:okay then we are clear.
By now I was having the eagerness to s-x. The pain seemed to fade away. We just sat there speechless. Until I thought of a topic
Me:so tell me do you really take this relationship serious because you didn’t express any sign of love
Preston:(laughing) why do you girls like practicals unlike us we just go straight to the point. Well since I bumped into you at the library entrance,I can’t seem to forget your beauty that was why I still remembered you at the birthday party. I really love you. And I can’t stand or bear the sight to see you hurt or cry.
Me:what about the sight of seeing me with Brenden(I asked laughing)
Preston: don’t even mention. I hate it even more so please always avoid him.(I was still laughing)
We discussed more about our likes and dislikes and we saw that we had a lot in common. We also said a lot about our backgrounds. Then he said something
Preston:you look like a foteign. Your beauty in fact should not be compared to another Nigerian. And your accent is like that of a foreigner. You speak pidgin in a twisted way. I am not suspecting anything just that I want to tell you your qualities(holding my hands and putting his fingers in the spaces between mine).
Me:wow thanks. And you also. You look like my dad based on your light complexion.(he looked at me)
Preston: your father?(with a disappointed expression in his face)
Me:(laughing) yes my father(I was laughing we were staring at each other already).
I responded to his glance and in a second we started kissing. The kissing made him press his body on me. I fell on the bed to feel comfortable. I opened my legs to entertain his strength. He kissed me so passionately. I pulled his shirt and he pulled mine. He pulled my skirt and I was only on my pants. He also pulled his boxers. He was so hard.
He was about inserting it when he looked at me
Preston:are you sure?
Me:just go on. Please don’t stop even if it hurts
Preston:okay. But please don’t cry even if it hurts
He slowly and gently inserted it. I gripped the sheets hard. I thought it wouldn’t hurt but it still hurts. I squeezed my face and closed my eyes to bear the pain. He noticed it and he reduced his pace from gentle and slow to more gentle and slow. Then the pain was dying slowly and I opened my eyes
Me:just go on. I am fine
His pace was now fast and that sound like pta pta pta pta was now what I heard. Hr went on faster and faster. I moaned quietly and still closed my eyes. He was about to c-m when he came out of me and cummed on the bed. I was very weak and thought so this is how s-x is and some people want to kill their selves hmmm what a world. I was very weak on the bed. I checked again and saw blood but it was much it just covered a round spot.
Preston:(still on the bed) are you okay?
Me:yeah but weird
Preston:everybody feels that way after breaking their virginity
Preston:and I am happy I broke yours. Am so proud of you
Me:(smiling) thanks
We left the bed and went to the bathroom. I was able to walk like before by now. We took our bath together and dressed together. He wore red and white and I wore orange and lemon. I finished dressing before him so I took a leg of his shoes and ran out of the room so he would chase me
Predton:hey! Bring back my shoe. Be careful you might fall down
Me:catch me if you can!
Preston:alright then
He ran after me and caught me when I was already standing near his car
Me:(breathing heavily) so you were running with a pair of shoe on huhhhh dirty dirty boy(I laughed)
Preston:and all thanks to you
I gave him his shoe and he wore it. As I was about going back to the house,he drew my left hand and I twirled and fell on body. My body was on him and his was on the car.
Preston:do you know I love you?
Me:hmmmm, really? How much?
Preston:enough to make me die for you
Me:and leave this beautiful life?
Preston:yes. What about you?
Me:as a truthful person I love you enough to make me disown my father but can never die.(I laughed)
Preston:funny. Okay then. I am very sure you will also die for me.
He kissed me which I responded to. We were still kissing until somebody opened the gate. It was Miranda. She was crying and breathing heavily.(I ran to her)
Me:what’s the matter Miranda?
Miranda:(she looked at me and at the same time looked at Preston) Presley is battling in campus and he sent me to call you since you haven’t been picking up
Miranda: their clothes had wolves at the back
Preston:okay. Get into the car.
He went inside to bring the car keys while I consoled miranda. He came out and we all entered into the car and sped off.
We got to campus and saw Presley and other p.p members shooting at other people. They wore black entirely except from the white wolves at the back of their shirts. Immediately Preston took out a gum from the locker inside the car. The campus was rough students everywhere hiding. Some crying and running helter skelter.
Me:please be careful
Preston:I will be safe for you(he kissed me and left the car)
I and Miranda stayed in the car. Immediately preston got there he shot one of their rivals. It was five against three now. The p.p was five and the wolves were just three. There was enormous gunshots and dodges until the remaining three were shot from the behind. It was the b.b who had shot them from behind. Brenden had a raffle on his right shoulder with right hand supporting it. And his left hand was in his pocket. He was in front of the rest boys. His boys had pistols tucked in their pencil trousers. They were so cute and gallant. The way they walk and expressed themselves was kind of unique.
I and Miranda came out of the car to meet the p.p as soon as the gunshots stopped and the school became calm once again. As soon as Miranda got to Presley she kissed him as if her life depended on it.
Miranda:thank God you are safe
Presley:you worry too much
Presley walked to preston who was smiling at them
Presley:DON na where you put your phone I don call am almost sixteen times yet no response
Preston:abeg nor vex me nor know where I put the phone self. And it is on silent
Presley:just get luck say nothing do my bae if not I for sue you personally
Me: what happened?
Presley: well a member of w.w came to woo miranda while I went to bring her books from the class she didn’t talk to him instead he slapped her. Seeing that made me angry. I went to him and punched him. He raised his shirt showing me his gun u also raised mine showing him my gun. So he decided to control his gang here
I Also called mine but Preston didn’t pick my call so I called the ones I could reach. Thankfully none of us got shot.
Me:hmmm so miranda you are the cause of all these. Hmmm your level is now floating on the sea o it will not sink again. Well thank God all of you are okay. If something had happened I don’t know how I would have comforted miranda.(we all laughed).
Then brenden walked in.
Brenden:presley I hope the leader of the w.w followed them here?
Presley:no he didn’t. Why?
Brenden:if I catch him I will divide him
Brenden:he has been telling Cassey my movements. I wondered how both of them got so close
Presley: she is your girlfriend na so she is supposed to know your movements
Brenden:yeah she is suppose to but not telling someone to monitor me. Milly we meet again. Today you were absent in class. Anything happpend?
Me: uhmmm. Nothing happened never mind
Brenden:then I hope you will accept my offer to take you home?
Me:No. I came with preston. So goodbye. I waved my hands at him.
To be continued
Episode 24
I left with preston leaving brenden behind. I felt so guilty. The other members entered a Volvo and left
Me:why does those members enters into another car and leave why not your car? Why not your house?
Preston:because they live in the main house. I sometes go there. I will take you there with me next time.
Me: okay(we entered into the car and drove out of campus)
Preston: miranda hope you are fine?(still driving)
Miranda:yeah I am okay.
Presley:chaiii! Look at how that idiot designed your face for me
Miranda:(crying) so you are telling me I am ugly for you
Presley: why the tears? No I was just joking okay
Miranda:(crying increased) but you said it
Presley: okay fine I am sorry.
Miranda:(suddenly changed into a happy mood) now that’s better.
I just looked at them laughed. We got to the house and everybody alighted from car.
Miranda:please you guys should go on I want to talk to Milly.
She dragged me from Preston’s side and pushed Presley to take my
My position.
Me:what is it?
Miranda: what’s all these drama?are you now Preston’s girlfriend?
Miranda:wow tell me nothing but everything. Did he do it?
Me:do what?
Miranda:you know na. Did he sleep with you
Me:uhmmm yes
Miranda: I knew it! That night you shouted I just felt it was it. So you are no longer a virgin?
Me: yes
Miranda: good you tried. So what about the girlfriend part?
I explained everything to her
Miranda:hmm brenden go cry tire.
We both laughed and went into the house. Miranda went straight and sat with Presley. It was as if their love was unbreakable. I also went to sit with preston. She exchanged glances with me smiling, I also did the same thing to her. It was it was 7pm already we all went into our bedrooms, took our baths and came back to the sitting room again. I rested my head on Preston’s shoulder and soon Presley and miranda walked into their room.
Preston:so tomorrow you will be going to class right?
Me:yeah. What about you?
Preston: yes I will. Am I
permitted to come pick you up?
Me:of course yes. That’s what boyfriends do right?
Preston:OK ma
Me:goodnight. I love you
Preston: sweet dreams. I love you too
I fell asleep on his shoulders as he played with my hairs.
It was 6:12am when I woke up. I didn’t see preston against I decided to look for him. I found him in the kitchen. I wrapped my hands around his waist and he turned back at me. I kissed him.
Me:good morning sunshine(we called ourselves funny names)
Preston:and also to you lollipop.
Me:wow this smells nice.(he was preparing toasted bread and orande fried eggs alongside with orange juice)
I didn’t bother to join him I left the kitchen and went back to the room. I rearranged the room and went to the bathroom to take my bath.
Just as I came out of the bathroom I saw miranda.
Miranda:girl you are bad o. Why did you leave preston alone in the kitchen
Me:hahahah he started it so he will finish it.
Miranda:okay o. Let me go an take my bath. Wait for me o
Me: no problem.
I was drying the hair with my towel when Preston came in.
Preston:so you didn’t wait for me(he came close to me held my waist and kissed me)
Me:oopps. I am so so sorry I wanted to get ready before you.(I sticked my tongue out at him to tease him)
Preston:what’s that look huh?(still coming close to me)
Me:(I ran around the room) go and take your bath.
He pursued me and caught me. We laughed over this little play.
Preston:let me go take my bath
Me:better(he still kissed me before he left).
I wore a lemon jean, an Orange tight turtle neck sleeves top. I tucked in and used an orange belt. I wore orange hustlers and a lemon shore. I packed my hair a donut style and tied it with a lemon coloured band. I tied a coloured mixed lemon sweater around my waist. Just then preston walked in. He looked flabbergasted when he saw me.
Preston:wow! Are you a leader of some cult or what?
Me:(smiling) why do you say so?
Preston:seriously you look like one.(he came close to me and kissed me)
Me: I am going to serve what you prepared on the dinning.
I walked out and he was still looking at me until I shut the door. I smiled at him as I closed the door. I arranged everything on the table. Soon everybody came out of the rooms. Preston and Presley wore the same coloured dress as usual red and white. The difference was that Presley wore a red hustler while preston wore a white hustler with red lace.
Miranda:wow!Milly are you a cultist?
Me:nope(laughing) why?
Presley:you look enticing I must say.
Me:thank you
Preston:my girlfriend is the beauty of today.
Presley:not near my miranda
Preston:I don’t want to argue with you. You know the truth within you.
We all laughed and fed each other. We gisted and laughed more. Soon we were all ready to go. I was so happy that I was with someone I loved and the someone loves me back. But I never knew all these things was going to end sooner than I thought.
We left for 9:00 class but left the house 8:25am. Preston played Celine Dion I drove all night as we were heading for school.
We got to the parking lot and preston parked the car and we all alighted from the car. Students in campus admired my dress especially the girls. To be truthful I was a very bad girl in Europe. I was just calm in Nigeria so I won’t cause trouble that would lead to exposing my real identity and putting my father in a state if jeopardy. Preston threw his arm around my neck and mine was around his waist. We soon departed and he pecked me
We all headed to our various departments. As I entered into mine a log of eyes stared at me including brenden. He stared at me until I sat down on my seat.
Brenden:wow you look beautiful today
Me:(no answer)
Brenden:what’s your problem?why avoiding me?
Me:please,please and please!its not by force to talk to someone who is being loquacious all the time.
Brenden:wow!interesting so you are now turning me into the bad guy right?
Me:I don’t care how you classify yourself in my life please just leave me be!
He was about to say something else before the lecturer came in. In 45mins lecture was over. Brenden kept disturbing me.
Brenden:you should be conceited that someone like me is interacting with you(shouting)
Me:huh!really? Then cease your words!I never asked for your interaction or companionship.
I left the class and went under a tree to wait for Preston. I waited over one hour but he didn’t show up. I switched on my phone to call him and j saw a message he had sent to me. The message went like this:
*my love I am deeply and sincerely sorry for not picking you up today. I had a message from my sister that my my father had a fatal accident and my presence was needed because nobody knows if he will be able to surviving the accident. I will make up to you when I come back. Please keep your love for me. I will always call you. I love you.*
After reading this message, tears rolled down my cheeks. I started crying uncontrollably under that tree not wanting to go anywhere at that point in time. 20mins later Miranda came to me.
Miranda:bae I have been looking for all over for you. What’s up why are you crying?
Me:Preston is gone he left me miranda, he left me
Miranda:even Presley. But don’t worry he will come back. according to Presley they will be back sooner than you think. Stop crying
We went to Preston’s house and stayed there for a week but nothing happened even class was boring and I had no story to say about the things being taught as brenden no longer came to class. We moved back to the hostel. Belinda derided and insulted us but we didn’t pay any attention to her. Life in the university was unbearable for me I thought of going back to Europe but it still wasn’t safe enough for me. I cried each day I thought of Preston. News flew by that brenden was out of school. According to some people he went to see pedrick park. Only I and Miranda were alone. Preston never called at all. Only Presley called miranda and also checked up on me with that medium. In whatsapp and other social medias I saw that Preston had blocked me. Presley one day called to tell us about Preston. According to him Preston now have a new girlfriend who came to visit his family all the way from Australia. She and Preston were childhood friends and both parents are planning for their wedding.
I couldn’t help it but cry all day. What Pained me most was that he took away my pride. Preston later sent me a text that I should leave him alone because I texted him a lot and called him uncountably. He insulted me ad being a fake and a s--t. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I cried always. Miranda was always there for me. My eyes was now red and I was becoming thinner. I fainted every hour and 30mins and being stressed out like that for the first time In my life…
As if Preston’s side was not enough, Cassey and Belinda joined cults together and dealt with me seriously. They left miranda out of the issue. There was a day both of the cults attacked me. They beat me up to the extent I fainted. I was saved by some students who took me to the hospital because miranda was not near me. I couldn’t imagine that the senate President’s daughter was going through all these. In a week I received three days beatings. They stopped the beating when I was hospitalized for a week. They thought they had taught me enough lesson. Two years passed Brenden and preston were no where to be found around campus. We all were in level 400 when something happened a fateful day. As usual I went to class and sat down. I was waiting for the lecturer when a person’s shadow appeared at the doorpost. At first I thought it was the lecturer but I raised my head and saw Brenden looking at me smiling. I looked away on seeing him. He came close to me. Brenden:wow you have really changed a lot. What happened?
Me:nothing happened(with a harsh tone)
Brenden:you might be wondering why I wasn’t around these last years. Well I went to see pedrick park. And secondly I visited my family in las Vegas because I was needed at my father’s company
Me:that’s where your father works?
Brenden:no. He owns a company there which he gave me as inheritance.
Brenden:wow seems you have been lonely
Me:(as he said those words I cried because I thought of preston)
Brenden:why the tears? Did you missed me?
Me:nothing(I cleaned my eyes and pulled out a fake smile).
Then the lecturer came in. My mind was not concentrating in what he taught. I just looked at him blankly until he left.
Brenden:now you will agree about me taking you home?
Me:nope never mind am back in the hostel.
Brenden:I haven’t heard of presley have you? I heard he went to see pedrick park.
Me:(silent a while) nope I haven’t.
Brenden:then I guess I should walk you to your hostel.
On our way, behold I saw what almost had me like dying. I saw preston coming out of a hummer jeep classic. And behind the hummer jeep classic were two SUV black cars. He came down from the car with a lady who was light in complexion, had the same qualities as a foreigner. He held her as if they were married. From where I saw miranda running towards presley. She hugged him tight and kissed him. Presley was so happy to see her. I was shocked I just stood at the spot I was when Preston walked passed me acting as if he hasn’t seen me in his life. He didn’t even look at me. Immediately he passed with the lady, tears dropped from my eyes and I felt weak in my legs. I fainted but luckily brenden was behind me. I woke up in the hospital and saw miranda next to me.
Miranda:I understand your pain but you still have to stay strong
Me:(I was feeling better) I know Miranda. And I will start that now.(I laughed)
Miranda:what do you mean? Why are you acting this strange? Are u okay?
Me:you don’t know me miranda. You know my name and my course and I happen to be in the same room with you but you don’t know me.
Miranda:please calm down
Me:soon you will know miranda soon
Miranda:are you sure you are fine?
Me:yes I am but soon you will know the real me.
I was discharged that day and I went to the hostel. I slept alone that day in the hostel. The next day early in the morning when all students were already in the campus Belinda barged into the room looking angrier than ever. I was wearing an orange trouser with a lemon sleeveless shirt. I didn’t pack my hair. Belinda was shouting at me
Belinda:I hate you Milly, I hate you. I will never forgive you. You have made Preston to finally abandon me and now he is dating another girl. I will kill you
Me:please belinda please. I am not the one who made him date another girl.
She was now coming towards me, her girls was at the doorpost. And all I could shout was *belinda no no no belinda please!* She dragged me outside by my hair and threw me on the floor in the centre of campus. It began to rain but not heavily. She and her girls were beating me seriously when I saw Preston with the same Lady under an umbrella held by some boys. He felt unconcerned about me even if I was to be killed. Miranda came into campus and saw the girls still beating me. I started loosing strength. But I was still strong and still wanted the beating to go on. Miranda was running towards me when two of Belinda’s girls held her arms. She was already crying. The beating stopped for a while and she dragged my hair downward while I was still sitting on the floor.
Belinda: do you still want to live or die? Don’t forget you can always beg me for your life.(laughing)
Me:never! At least not from a lowlife like you.
She was about to punch me. I closed my eyes prepared for the worst. I waited for the punch but it didn’t come. I opened my eyes to see that Belinda’s hand was held by another person…
To be continued


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