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Me: yes who is knocking?
Knocker:Milly its me Presley
Miranda:please tell him am not around. I don’t want trouble
Me:(confused) hmmmm,eh, Presley I am sorry but miranda is not here
Presley:don’t you dare lie to me. I know exactly that Miranda is in there
Me:I am serious she is not here
Presley: please stop the lies!(shouting) sh was not in class today and neither has she been seen around and she doesn’t go anywhere without having me informed. So open this door I want to see my girlfriend!
I forgot that the door was not locked with the key. As I was running towards the door to lock it with the keys, I guess he heard my footsteps. He opened the door in full force and anger. I just freezed seeing him this angry. He looked at me and went to miranda. I closed the door and stood there.
Presley:what happened? Who did this to you?
Miranda:(trying to close the topic) come on babe forget about this I am fine
Presley:how can I when your face is no longer your Face? Who did this?
Miranda: uhmmmm, nobody, trust me its okay.
Presley:don’t you dare lie to Mr! I heard it all. I knew all that happened
Miranda:since you know please just let it go. I don’t want trouble please
Presley:don’t tell me you are scared of those bitches
Miranda:am not but I still don’t want trouble
Presley:I know hon. But I won’t let it go not that easily. Preston is out looking for Belinda
Miranda:okay. Thanks
Presley:its nothing yet
I got irritated at the sight of seeing them kissing no not irritated but jealous I guess. I looked again and the kissing turned into something else. I left the room. I couldn’t stay at the doorpost either because I started hearing moans like harder, faster, baby come on. I started feeling uneasy so u strolled out. I walked around until I decided to sit on a bench under a tree. It was a very cool and comfortable spot. Just then a car parked in front of me..
I was wearing a short jean that was down to My knee and a shirt that had loosened ends. I thought it was Preston or Brenden. But just as I checked properly, Cassey and her bunch came out of the car
Me:(inaudibly) why me? Why all these? Oh God I am tired of this rough tackle
Cassey:(talking to her girls) go on. Go and bring her into the car. She has to be taught a lesson.
The fools ran to me, picked me up and put me in the car and they drive off. I regretted so much for not training with My girls back in Europe. I struggled with them but to no avail. Suddenly they hit me with the edge of a pistol and I started loosing consciousness. I woke up in an empty room having my hands and legs tied to a chair but my mouth was free. Cassey walked in with two guys. She had a video camera in hands. Her plan was to video the guys having s-x with me and then expose the video to maybe the entire school or social media. I couldn’t tell what was happening, everything Seemed like a dream. I begged and pleaded with tears. But she only laughed and told the guys to do a good job. I felt the ground should open its mouth and swallow me.
The boys came to me, loosened my legs and hands. I was a little happy about the jean I wore. Then I remembered my mouth was free. I screamed on the top of my voice.
****back in the hostel after I left******
Presley: yeah you are all mine (kissing and taking in her tongue)
Miranda held him so tight in the waist as she was gonna c-m. Presley banged in and out continuously and was near cunning when he came out to avoid shooting the c-m in her stomach. Both of them relaxed on the bed tired and weak.
Presley:not too bad for an injured person.
Miranda:funny (pushing presley off her body)
Knocks at the door..
Miranda: who is there?
Miranda:OMG!(using the bed sheet to cover her nakedness and ran towards the door and opened it)
Brenden:oh hi how are you doing?
Miranda:I am fine. I have not seen you here around before. So anything?(prete
nding not to know him)
Brenden: oh my bad! My name is brenden and I am looking for Milly.
Miranda:I am miranda. Milly’s friend and roommate but am sorry Milly is not around
Brenden: then do you know where she went to. She didn’t come to class today that’s why I came to check on her
Miranda:she just strolled out
Brenden:okay thanks for your time
Miranda:you are welcome. Bye see you around
Brenden:yeah you too(then he left)
She locked the door and turned to see presley with questions written all over his fave
Miranda:what? Didn’t you hear him yourself why that look?
Presley: uh, nothing but brenden actually wants to see Milly what’s going on between them?..
Miranda:according to milly he wants them to be friends
Presley:did she accept?
Miranda:she wanted to before cassey, Brendan’s girlfriend threatened her
Miranda:why that happiness?
Presley:because Preston is actually interested in her
Miranda: please stop that. That’s the reason I am like this. You guys should take your triangle love somewhere else o. I am here to learn not to be used as a bait.
Presley: (coming close to her) don’t worry I will protect you.
Miranda:how? You couldn’t protect yourself from the B.B and that was the reason you joined the P.P
Presley:yeah that’s right that’s the reason I am tell you I will protect you
Miranda:you want to also make me a cultist?
Presley:of course not I am simply saying you should come stay with with me in the P.P house that way I can protect you
Miranda:wow sounds great. I like it but you will s-x me till I die
Presley:(laughing)of course not. We will do it, but not all the time
Miranda:must you do it at all?
Presley:yeah definitely
Miranda:what about milly? Belinda will kill her
Presley: don’t worry if she agrees to come then she can come
Miranda:okay I like that much better. I will pack my things right away
Presley: by the way where is Milly? Its 11:12am and she left since 9am
Miranda:don’t worry I am sure she will be back soon.(now heading to the bathroom to take her bath Preston followed her)
***back in the room I was***
Cassey: guys hold on I have a phone call. Hello honey, how are you?
Brenden:stop calling me honey. I want to see you.
I felt at once it was brenden because she won’t call someone else HONEY. So I shouted on the top of my voice HELP ME HELP ME
Cassey: (off phone’s background) guys shut that b---h up(in phone’s background)hey honey. Where?
Brenden:what’s that shout?
Cassey:its just my girls
Brenden:that was a single person’s shout voice not your girls. Now tell me who is it!!
Cassey:nobody trust me
Brenden: okay then let’s meet in your house
Cassey:of course not let’s meet in campus
Brenden: no in your house I say!
Cassey: no please let’s meet in campus
Brenden:okay if I get to campus I will call you(already in campus now heading to cassey’s house)
After the call, cassey came to me and slapped me. My hands were held by those two guys if not ehnn.
Cassey:do to her anything. Even if f-----g her till death
Guy1:our pleasure I shouted and screamed. But to Jo avail. The guys rushed me like hungry lions. They torr my shirt and exposed my bra. One of the unbuttoned my jean while the other one held my legs open. Whenever he dragged my jean down I will drag it up with my hands and whenever the other comes for my hands leaving my legs, I will shake off my legs kicking the one pulling of my jean.
I screamed until I couldn’t scream. My voice skipped. Just suddenly the door opened. It was brenden
Brenden:what’s the meaning of all these?
Cassey:uhmm I told you to meet at the campus
Brenden:so this is the reason you said that right?(he was now vexed) he slapped cassey and she fainted. The two guys went to fight him I quickly use that medium to button my jean and wear it more properly. After beating the guys he took the video camera and destroyed it also with the SD card he broke it. I was crying. I fondled my self around my legs sitting on the floor.
Brenden:sorry for all these. Are you okay?
Me:thank you but leave me alone! If not for you I wouldn’t be in this mess right now
Brenden:I understand but still am sorry
Me:please leave me be.
I stood up. Holy s--t! I was just on my bra,hungry,weak and tired. Before I could get to the door I fainted. In Europe,I have never been done this Kind of evil since u was born and I was sure it really took effects on me.
To be continued
Episode 22
I opened my eyes I was not in the hospital but somewhere else. The European man contesting for the position of Senate president would not believe his daughter I’d going through all these. Yes, my name is Milly brandez. I am the only child of my parents. U came to Nigeria because of my father’s elections. He was contesting for the position of the senate president. His rivals got my mum killed and he didn’t want to loose me so he sent me to Nigeria instead. He could have sent me to other countries but whites man’s resource would be useful in fishing someone out. Instead he sent me to Nigeria because its a black man’s nation. Nobody would believe I was actually in Nigeria and Nigeria is my mum’s origin. I stayed with my mother’s parents before I entered the university and am facing all these. I am actually an outcast.
As I opened my eyes I found myself in a tastefully satisfying designed room. Then I saw Brenden.
Me: what am I doing here? By the way where am?
Brenden:take it easy. You are in my house. Actually in my room.(Then I noticed I was wearing a white sleeve). I didn’t bother asking as far as I was clothed.
Me:you should have saved your girlfriend and left me alone
Brenden:she is strong. She will be able to survive a slap. You should rest okay?
Me: rest In a make cultist’s house? Hell no! That’s even worse than to get beaten by a female cultist
Brenden:cultist or no cultist that’s for you. I just want us to be friends and that’s all
Just then my phone rang. I was using a blackberry passport.
Me:hello miranda
Miranda: hello Milly where are you? I have searched all over for you and have gone to the p.p for help
Me:I will tell you everything when I get home
Miranda:I am no longer at home. I am with the preston.
Me: I can understand what you went through because of me. I promise to….(she cuts in)
Miranda: stop apologising. It wasn’t your fault. I just went to stay with them because my boyfriend wanted it for me. So tell me, where are you?
Me: I happened to be in Brenden’s house
Miranda:brenden’s what?
Me:I will explain everything later.(then I hung up)
Brenden: don’t tell me you are leaving now
Me:definitely. Thanks for your care.
I stood up from the bed and walked to the door but he blocked the door
Brenden:(he held my hands) I hope we are friends from today. I promise to be of good behaviour. Because since I met you I have not been myself. So please be my friend.
We were eyes to eyes and in those few seconds I got lost. He kissed me which I responded. We were still kissing until we heard a car horn outside. Then we stopped.
Brenden:oh I am sorry I didn’t mean to take advantage of you being vulnerable
Me:I am also sorry
I left his room and went to the sitting room which I find impeccable. It was designed with black and white. I just passed and opened the door only to find the p.p outside. Six of them dressed in red and white resting their backs on their SUV car parked inside the compound. Miranda immediately ran to me and hugged me. Just then Brenden came out he stood behind me. I thank God he was fully dressed
Miranda:I hope you are fine
Me: yeah I am
Preston walked towards us. He held my left wrist always fond of doing that whenever he wants me to follow him. As he was about dragging me, brenden held my right wrist and held me back preventing preston from moving.
Preston:what’s all these? Why holding her? Didn’t you discuss everything you wanted to inside before coming outside?(my mind flashed back to the kiss)
Brenden:yes I did. But she hasnt answered my question
Preston:what question is that?
Brenden:stop being nosy. Milly answer me yes or no?
Else you are not leaving here
Preston:says who?
Brenden:says me. This is my house remember?
Preston:so what! If its your house doesn’t mean we can’t go
Brenden:then try me!
Preston was about dragging me until I screamed
Me: its okay boys! Please. Stop. Brenden my answer is yes
Brenden:it wasn’t hard was it?
Me:no please let me go
Brenden:of course. See you around.
Preston held me and walked me to his car miranda followed behind. Four boys walked outside the gate. They entered a Camry and first left. Preston drove while I sat next to him. Presley and Miranda sat behind
Nobody made a sound until we got to our destination. We got inside the house. Its was designed with red and white I couldn’t tell the difference between Preston’s house and brenden’s house. I came out if the house with miranda
Me:miranda what’s happening?this is not our hostel
Miranda:yeah I know but we will be staying here.
Me:but why?
Miranda:because we are not safe in the hostel. By the way what’s the design in your face?
Me:its just an accident.
Preston and presley were the only ones inside I wonder where the other four went to
Miranda:just an accident eh?come on tell me joor
Me:it was ehmmm rock angels. Cassey did this to me. I narrated everything to her she was so happy for me
Miranda:you are really lucky o are you a virgin?
Me: yes strange right?
Miranda:not too bad for someone like you. So brenden’s question was for you to be his friend right?
Miranda:and you gave him a yes. Is there something you are not telling me?
Me:I dunno. Do you think so?
Miranda:come on no secrets bae tell me
Me: uhmm okat. Brenden kissed me
Miranda: what??(panicking) so fast
Me: I know it all happened suddenly. Please don’t say anything
Miranda: I won’t but make sure you don’t break Preston’s heart o
Me: mtcheeeew break heart keh
The door opened and it was Presley
Presley:now ladies its time to come inside
Miranda:okay we will be inside soon.(presley left) why are you acting so distant from him
Me:look at you. Wasn’t he the reason you got beaten?
Me: yeah I know but we are safe now okay? So please stop the act as if you don’t like him and let’s go in. We went inside. It was 7pm. We took our baths and ate dinner. We watched TV till 9pm. Presley and miranda went inside. I wasn’t sure of where to stay so I came back to the sitting room. It was like they planned it because Preston came to meet me there.
Preston:now that you are friends with brenden I hope I am not left out?
Me:I don’t know
Preston:(he sat near me) why? Because of belinda?
Me:yes. I don’t want to be in any trouble with her
Presley:life is full of barriers but if you know your after what’s right and good for you. Those barriers won’t prevent you. Stop being a weakling and step on it girl! You are stronger than this
“Stop being a weakling and step on it girl” rang in my head. Those words were my dad’s favourite words when he wants me to do something I am scared of doing
Me: (looking at his eyeballs) yes of course I will try my best. Looking at each other brought our faces together. My heart beat increased its pace. Preston adjusted from where he sat so he could meet with My lips. He kissed me passionately and I responded. The kissing lasted for 3 minutes. He heightened himself and made me lie on the sofa slowly with my back. Finally I was on the sofa while preston was on me still kissing me. He was licking my tongue and I was sucking his lips. He opened my buttons one by one. I opened my legs so I can be comfortable on the sofa. He pulled off his shirt and was left with his boxers. He finished opening my shirt I was remained with bra and skirt. I have not done it before but I heard and knee it was painful and I was ready to bear the pain. The kissing went from my lips to my neck down to my chest. And when he kissed my navel I shivered. I felt I was wet in my panties. As he was about pulling my skirt off I held his hand and he raised his head.
Preston: what’s the problem? Did I hurt you?
Me: no you didn’t (sitting upright and buttoned my shirt I mistakenly used my leg to touch his joystick but it wasn’t erect at all) just that I am not yet ready
Preston: neither was I
Me:then why were you like that all of a sudden?
Preston: just in case you and brenden were together. And if he tries having s-x with you. I was just doing that to see your reaction. And u passed
Me:hahahahahha. You are such a cute jealous boy.(holding his cheek) but guess what?
Preston: what?
Me: am feeling sleepy(I fell back on the sofa and rested my head on his legs)
Preston:ok. Its bed time already.
I slept off as he played with my hair. I woke up 3am on the bed. I checked and saw preston on the chair inside the room. He was rolling and rolling till he fell from it. I laughed and went to him
Me:what’s the problem. Come sleep on the bed if you are not comfortable here.
Preston: not that I am not comfortable here. I just hate hearing noise when sleeping(truly there was noise, noise of s-x moans made by Miranda and presley)
Suddenly preston walked out of the room and went to Presley’s room and knocked
Presley:ye…e….esss, Who is th…
Preston:guy abeg reduce your volume nor turn me on abi u ready to borrow me your girlfriend?
Presley:OK sorry.
He came back inside and locked the door. I was just laughing.
Preston:why are you laughing uh?(he playfully ran to me and used his body to push me we both fell on the bed and he was on me again)
Me:I am laughing because its funny
Preston:really?(kissing me)
I didn’t respond because I could hardly catch a breath through my mouth. The kissing led to something else. This time he pulls of his shirt he also pulledy shirt once more exposing my bra. He moved from my lips to my chest down to my stomach and navel. This was not out of jealousy because he was strong and hard. His hood was already searching for my v----a.
Me:I hope your girlfriend won’t be angry about you having an affair?(I knew he had no girlfriend but I wanted him to ask me to be his girlfriend before we had s-x I am not a s--t).
Preston:I don’t have a girlfriend (he was kissing my tummy he then stopped and faced me). Will you be mine?
Me:(I was glad within me finally I have been waiting for this moment) yours? As how?
Preston:(he laughed) you always like pretending. Will you be my girlfriend?
Me:yes I will(laughing) I could see the happiness and sign of victory in his eyes. He kissed me. I held his neck and his hands were on the bed supporting him. I had to open my legs to entertain his strength
Preston:now you are my girlfriend its normal to do this right? If you are not ready I can resist you know
Me:of course its normal AMD I am ready.
He continued kissing me and at the same time he was pulling my pants and in no time he finished pulling them. And he pulled his boxers
Me: I hate v----a licking and d--k sucking so please don’t do that
Preston: I hate it more of course I won’t do it
He was still kissing me when I felt something hard inside of me almost up to my waist region. Seemed he had used force to push himself inside of me. The pain made me screamed. I shouted and at the same time tears dropped from my eyes. I held my breath to bear the pain and I gripped the sheets strongly in my hands. He came out of me he looked so worried
Preston:what’s wrong did I hurt you?
Me:yes you did (still crying)
Miranda and Presley ran to the door I guess they must have heard my shout
Miranda:Milly are you okay? What’s going on?
Preston: she is fine. Nothing is going on
Presley: OK then let’s go
They left AMD Preston faced me again. I covered my fave with my two hands
Preston:talk to me. How did I hurt you?
Me:I am a virgin and you forced yourself in
Preston:what? (He was so happy at the same time worried) why didn’t you tell me?
Me:I don’t know! I didn’t expect it to be this painful.
He got off me and checked so did I. I was bleeding. The bedsheets was already stained with my blood and so was the s---t of his hood.
Preston:can you walk so I can assist you to the bathroom?
Me:I don’t know. All I am feeling right now is pain.
Preston: I am so sorry. I was taken away. I should have asked you if you were a virgin
Me:don’t blame yourself. I will soon get over it
Preston: okay. What do you want me to do?
Me:I just want you beside me
Preston:and watch you bleed like this(sitting on the bed)
Me:forget about the bleeding. There is an amount of blood it will let out. So please just come beside me
Preston:okay I will be back. He went to the bathroom cleaned himself and also brought a bucket if water and a towel. He cleaned me by himself. I was a little embarrassed and shy but what can I do?
Soon he came and joined me and I slept on his arm that night like a baby. He wrapped me with his body and arms. We didn’t s-x that night again.
To be Continued


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