Monday, 9 October 2017


Preston: wow this is bad. Looks like she gave you another skin texture. Wait here lemme go get something.
He came back with a bucket of water filled with ice and a white towel. He helped me cleaned my face. When I checked the time it was 9:13pm already.
Me:OMG! I have to be on my way like seriously(I was late though but I also said it to distract him from staring at my face lustfully)
Preston: oh! Yeah right. Should I drop you or do you want to walk yourself?
Me: I will have to walk don't worry.
Preston: are you sure? Aren't you scared if Belinda?
Me: hahahahhahaa! Dear, it will take me more than that sh*t to get me scared. I patted on his cheek and was heading for the door, he held my left hand and drew me close to him. I thought it was gonna be a kiss)
Preston: I insist. let me drop you off.
Again we left for his car the same way we came. He dragged me and opened the door which I entered. And he drove off. He escorted me to my hostel door and left. I thought even brenden and preston were heads over heels for me. I continued remembering the moments together with Preston until I opened the door and saw something else entirely.
To be continued..
episode 20
What I saw made me to stagger backwards. I saw Belinda with her girls. In their middle was Miranda beaten mercilessly. She was kneeling at their middle having her hands and legs tied and her mouth covered. She was in tears.
Belinda laughing). So you think I warned you for nothing huh. Haha but darling no! You should know that a cultist's warning is like that of the lecturer in campus.
Me: please belinda, please just leave Miranda out of this. You know we are roommates.
Belinda: you should have thought of that before crossing the line.
Me: I am sorry. I promise to leave Preston alone henceforth.
Belinda: I don't care what you do with Preston. All I know is that the more you get close to him, the more your loved ones get hurt.(laughing) so darling I want something else in exchange
Me: and what is that?
Belinda: I want you to kneel here and apologise for the slap you gave to me
Me tearfully) really?
Belinda: oh my! Are you now scared or what? Forget about you and Preston together. You can continue doing whatsoever with him. But know that your friend here will suffer for it. Now are you kneeling or what?
Me:I will but promise me you will leave Miranda as soon as I kneel?
Belinda: yeah of course. All I want now is seeing you kneeling down and pleading for Mercy.
Me on my knees) I am very sorry Belinda please forgive me.
Belinda: that's not enough. I hmmmm want you to crawl from that door step to this very spot.
Me crawling) belinda please forgive me I am truly and deeply sorry. I didn't know what came over me(now in the spot)
Belinda:good. So obedient like my servant (holding my cheek). Good good girl. But BE WARNED!
I felt really ashamed when she called me her servant but it was all for Miranda I loved her like my sister.
She left the room with her bunch of idiots. I was left to loose Miranda. She was badly injured. She cried half of the night. She didn't go to class the next day so I had to stay with her in the hostel.
*Knocks at the door*
To be Continued


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