Monday, 9 October 2017


We laughed and joked. He always insulted brenden as being an idiot, brain blocked head and so on and it did made me laugh. We played scrambles and I definitely won him. Just then that idiot appeared with her bunch of fools and our fun went bizarre.
Belinda: so this is what you have doing behind my back?
Preston: and what have I been doing behind your back?
Belinda: don't you dare ask me that kind of a question you and I both know what I am talking about.(she was shouting already)
Preston: don't you dare raise your alarm on me! The last time I checked I wasn't your child, brother or lover!! So just do me good to evacuate this province;
Belinda: guess what? You will have to make me leave. (She was so furious and angry right now so I thought I better leave)
Me: uhmm, preston I guess I have to be on my way so you can discuss with you know.(as I got close to belinda, she gave me a brain turning slap that had me shifted backwards)
To be continued..
Episode 18..
I was a light complexed person and that slap left me with a pink mixed red on my cheek. I couldn't cru as well as it provoked me to the extreme. Back in Europe nobody dared slapped me not even my father. Now I won't allow an abandoned and lost rag do that to me. No! I won't let go of my dignity so easily!
As preston was about to defend me by slapping Belinda, I was surprised though
Me: no preston. Don't do that. I can understand your pain(facing belinda by now) but that shouldn't give you the right to slap me because I did you no harm. I slapped her even more hard than she did to me. She was also light complexed like me. She was so shocked about the slap that made her mouth to be agape. The stupid deceived blinded girls wew running towards me she when preston stood in front of me
Preston to the girls) now you wouldn't want to have a problem with me or do you?(the girls went back)
Belinda: we shall see! You nor fear you slap me? Shey you go show face For campus na? Girls let's go.
They left and I felt so weak that I had to sit down on a chair in the bar
Preston: hmmmm. I respect your boldness. You actually slapped her in the sense she is a cult leader
Me: I don't care because I won't allow her gain victory over me. I am not her toy. She had no right to do that.
Preston: well I apologise on her behalf
Me: why(as if I don't know)
Preston: because she was my girlfriend. Please stop acting as if Miranda didn't tell you.
I was silent. He used his hand to move my hair to the back of my ear a d he saw the different colours on my face.
To be continued..


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