Monday, 9 October 2017


I decided to leave the class in a hurry avoid talking to Brenden. As I walked past him
Brenden:you don’t mind I give a lift home
Me:in order for Cassey to kill me right?
Brenden:are you telling me you are scared of her?I thought you were tough
Me:scared? I am not. I am just maintaining not to cross boundaries and besides she is not my type and class.
Brenden laughing) you can’t beat her. Can you?
Me:leave that for the future. We will know in no time.(I started walking on my own)
Brenden following me) look,look,I insist on giving you a lift. Trust me I won’t get it twisted.
Me:go give Cassey a lift and leave me alone
Brenden he stopped following and stood still seemed he was out of words)
Cassey:there you are sweet pie. I have been searching for you
Brenden:what for?
Caseey:please just stop all these okay?I am in no mood for pretence. Stop acting as if you don’t ride me home
Brenden:oh I forgot little angel but right now I am not in the mood for Taking people home because am not a taxi
Cassey: what’s all these? Why are you killing me with your words?
Brenden:you better find a way of going home before this rain starts its wetness on you.(it was abiut raining after talking he left)
I kept looking back not caring about where I was heading to. I wanted to see if cassey would fight with brenden. But she didn’t. As I was about turn my face towards the direction I was heading to, I bumped into someone
Me:oh oh oh. I am so so sorry. I didn’t mean to bump into you(as he turned his back I saw it was preston)
Preston:its okay. Its nothing. What will I call you now? I guess I will call you the bumper because you always bump into me unfocused. Now what were you thinking?
To be continued..

Episode 16
Me I laughed). You are funny. Well I wasn’t thinking of anything
Preston: thanks for your comment of me being funny. I guess Miranda sent you my request?
Me:oh that! She did.
Preston: so what’s your answer then?
Me: my answer is yes
Preston: okay thanks for your acceptance. To prove it, I would like you to follow me in there (pointing to a bar)
Me: I don’t like going to bars. Trust me I am definitely serious my answer is yes.
Preston: tick tock, tick tock, I won’t buy that seriously(tick tock continues)
Me: trust me. Bars are not my thing…… I don’t d…….(just before I could finish my statement he dragged my left hand and was walking me to the bar. I didn’t object anymore and I liked being with him)
I felt so royal when his boys about fifteen all dressed in red and white then a white or red shore on their necks. They were walking behind us. I felt honoured even being dragged by preston into the bar. We sat in a round table and I sat near him. Me: do you always come here? I don’t feel like being here
Preston: well this is my bar. Just as brenden own one u also own one.
Me: so brenden has a bar?
Preston: yes he does. The name is Brand Birds
Me: what a weird name. He always acts not normal sometimes. Is he on drugs?
Preston: you won’t have to hear that from me
Me: then tell me about yourself
Preston: that would be a topic for next time. Just have fun here. Do you know how to play pool?
Me I did play pool back in Europe with lex and I always won over him) yeah I so know how to play pool
Preston: okay then let’s play.
We played pool and we drank different types of wine and at the end he won me.
Preston: you were so tough but I still won.
Me: I always played pool back in eur…… I mean I always played pool
Preston: were you gonna say Europe?
Me: of course not I haven’t even been there?
To be continued


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