Friday, 27 October 2017


Hmmmm pesman dupe said you never see
anything just be preparing for worst, what
will be will be. I reasoned
Me: What do i do now i don’t want to
Dupe: There is nothing you can do about it
as far as you have collected the cream and
you have used it, you have to face the
consequence but i want you to know that i
still remains your number one woman,
because girls will soon be running after you.
Me: I bought this for you *** I gave her the
cloths i bought for her from Emeka
Dupe: **checking it** wow i love this i will
be wearing it to the birthday party you are
attending next tomorrow
Me: ** I’m not surprised she knew about
party i was invited to by Christabel** no
dear you will be looking more beautiful in
the cloth
Dupe: Thanks for this pesman I’d appreciate,
you will not lack anything in life .
Me: Amen **I kissed her** That’s remind me
you said you wanna tell me something
when we were in hospital
Dupe: Asiko koti to (Not yet time) its secret
about me, i will tell you when its time
Me: Can i ask you a question?
Dupe: Yes you can
Me: Do you see everything that will
happens in future?
Dupe: No i only see a little, i don’t see
everything because i don’t see it that you
will had s-x with me today and you did
Me: Hmmmm but whose behind this your
vision, Is it Devil or special gift from God?
Dupe: I think its God because i see
everything in my dream, sometimes i do
imagine things and it comes to reality.
Pesman let skip it when its time, i will
surely tell you
Me: Can’t wait to hear it out.
Dupe: You have to
Me: I gat no option than to
Dupe: That’s reminds me
Me: what?
Dupe: I met one woman yesterday the
woman is looking rich to me, she said she
was looking for sale girls that can be
managing her newly opened supermarket
said she was looking for 6 girls and 4 boys, i
followed her to the supermarket for the
confirmation of the shop, i must tell you
pesman it was a big supermarket
Me: What do you think we should do?
Dupe: I want to be working With her but i
need your approval first
Me: Because?
Dupe: Because you are my man and you
deserve that respect
Me: Hmmmm thanks for that, i love you so
Dupe: Love you too
***My phone beeps it was text message
from #peslady the same woman that
secured my bailed and paid for my hospital
bill, i was confused when i read the contents
of the message***
“Hi pesman, How are you doing? Just want
to tell you that i just opened one big
supermarket in the town, some workers are
needed guessed you can help me on this, if
you know anyone that can work as sale
girls, accountant and manager, you can
forward their names to me, no needs to
interview your candidate because i trust you
and i know you cannot hurt me. Or you
should come to my house, my address
be sent to you shortly, love you so much
#peslady” was the message i received.
I read the message without raising any
suspicions from dupe i don’t know whether
she knew i received a text or not
Dupe: What do you have to say about the
supermarket work?
Me: It is good and i love it, it will also keep
you busy because Owo toba dile, lesu
n’mbee nise
(Idle hands is the devil workshop)
Dupe: **moved closed to me and hugged
me tight** Thanks for the approval
Me: You welcome
Dupe: I’m always welcome
I sat on my bed playing fifa 2014 on
my phone since my ps3 has been stolen my
phone was my companions, i was playing
and enjoying the game as well.
I was about to score a fantastic goal when
i heard a knock on my door
“Dupe again?”
“This girl should give me breathing space
“wetin come be her problem self?”
The knock sounded for the second time, i
stood on my feet walked to the door to
opened it for “Dupe” but i guessed wrong it
wasn’t dupe but “Abbey” i could see pale on
his face he looked dejected and
dispirited i let him in, he sit on my bed
bent down his head like someone who just
lose his precious mum
Me: Guy how far?
Abbey: pesman i’m not ok
Me: I can see it on your face, just needed to
ask you, what is the matter?
Abbey: Tomorrow is my Bae birthday
Me: Sandra’s birthday is tomorrow and i
don’t know
Abbey: Not Sandra
Me: But who?
Abbey: Grace
Me: Who is grace again?
Abbey: we just met not quite long
Me: What do you think we do now?
**My phone rang that moment i looked at
the screen it was a call from Christabel, i
picked with joy**
Me: Hi my love (woman ritual girl)
Christabel: Hello my love how are you doing?
Me: I am doing excellent and you?
Christabel: I am doing great my love, just
want to remind you of my friend’s birthday
Me: Tomorrow right?
Christabel: Yes love, pesman please don’t
disappoint me
Me: No problem dear just send the address
and time of the event to me, by God grace i
will be there
Chri: The address will be sent to you you
after this call
Me: That’s my bea
Christabel: That’s my boo, love you with my
Me: Love you too
**Hanged up**
Me: **Faced Abbey, cleared throat** so guy
what do you suggest we do now?
Abbey: Pesman please i need your help,
don’t know if you can help me with token
Me: Don’t you heard i was robbed
Abbey: i heard of it, but you still have to help
me on this, i don’t know you as a broke guy
you always have money
Me: Because i’m C.B.N (central bank of
Abbey: Not like that ore ( Friend ) you are
the only alternative i have and tomorrow is
the birthday
Me: **Abbey is very nice friend of mine he
do lend me some money sometimes, he
once dashed me a phone, nothing bad in
helping him, a friend indeed is a friend in
need** Abbey you are very precious to me
but there was a birthday party am also
attending tomorrow
Abbey: That mean you won’t attending
grace birthday?
Me: You invited me a day to birthday and
you want me to go with you, someone has
already invited me to another party
Abbey: So how far about the money i
requested for?
Me: Abbey i will give you 5k. Am also going
to spend in the birthday am attending
Abbey: **With joy** haaa pesman thanks
a lot you shall not lack of money, you will
Me: **cuts in** it ok my brother what are
friends for. **gave him the money**
Abbey: I do appreciate brother **he walked
out of my room**
I was about to resumed my game when two
text messages entered my phone.
first message from Christabel
“Hi love here is the address of the
love you
Second message from unknown number
“Hi dear, here is the address to my
house———————— you can
contact me
on this number before coming so i can book
an appointment for you, love you #peslady”
*** Pesman you have to use your brain this
time around, This is the same woman who
wants to employ dupe, I have to play my
well between two of them, i will visit
her next tomorrow after the birthday
I was clad on Jonathan simkhai brand white
shirt, gussi black jean and Jordan pair of
sneaker white colour, with my newly Afro
hair cut.
I looked at my self inside standing mirror i
must confess i’m looking handsome,
handsomepes i teased myself.
A knock on my door i moved closed to the
door opened it, standing before me was the
most beautiful girl i ever met “Dupe”
Woow you are looking so beauty dear i
Hmmmm you’re looking so cute pesman i
must be
your hand bag today, if not so some bird
legs girls would snatch you away from me at
the party.
Dupe was clad on the outfit i bought for her
previous day.
Lets go pesman time is not by our side Dupe
said to me as i was combed my hair for the
third time.
We boarded a bike to the venue of the
occasion, we met few people, we found one
empty bench we sited on it.
Dupe phone rang that moment she picked it,
i was overheard
“ok ma”
“I’m coming ma”
“In the next 20min ma”
“Thank you ma”
My phone also rang that moment it was
Me: Hi dear
Christabel: Hi pesman, how are you
Me: Am fine and you?
Christabel: I’m ok, where are you?
Me: Already At the party
Christabel: That’s cool am on my way, i will
join you soon
Me: Ok
Christabel: Guess you came alone
Me: **Looked at Dupe** Don’t stay too long
( I ignored her question)
Christabel: Ok dear, see you soon
**Hanged up**
Pesman you always put yourself in to
trouble how are you going to do it now?
Don’t forget you are here with Dupe and
christabel is coming here soon, hope i won’t
cause bewilderment here today?
Dupe tapped me by shoulder my heart flew
out of my chest like javelin throwing at Rio
Dupe: **Faced me** Pesman i will not be
able to continue this birthday with you
Me: **Happy but Displaying sad face** what
happened? Where are you going?
Dupe: The madam i told you about just
called me to come now its urgent i have to
honour her, i don’t want her to see me as a
rude girl
Me: So you are going to her house now?
Dupe: Yes
Me: Do you have the address?
Dupe: yes
Me: Let me see it (she gave her phone to me,
behold it was the same address sent to me
by #peslady) ok dear i will call you
Dupe: Thanks my love, but please be careful
in this party something bad might
happened my instinct is telling me, don’t be
carried away by women
Me: What’s going to happen this time again?
Dupe: I don’t know, but something bad,
pesman be warned, only God knows what is
going to happen ** she left**
Me: **Thank God she has left the party for
and christabel, i can do whatever i wanted
do now. without knowing that something
terrible would truly happened**
Birthdays are usually the occasions for
rejoicing and feasting. Relatives and friends
gather on the occasion and wish many
happy returns of the day and offer their
blessing. They bring with them beautiful
Time was 8:00 in the evening, a special
canopy was erected in the big compound of
the house. It was tasteful decorated with
colorful buntings and balloons. Tables were
laid and covered with white sheets. A big
cake was placed on the central table.
The guests now began to arrive one by one.
One of grace’s friend were receiving them at
the entrance of the canopy.
At exact Eight thirty (8:30pm) The MC
programme by calling out the celebrant to
the front after all the guests were sited.
Grace was clad on sexy red gown with
beautiful necklace on her she was looking
My phone rang that moment i excused
myself out of canopy and picked the call.
Me: Hello christabel
Christabel: Hi dear where are you?
Me: Outside the canopy
Christabel: I’m outside of the gate i will join
you now
Me: Alright *** Hanged up***
I walked back to my sit under the canopy,
few minutes later Christabel walked in to the
canopy, She Dressed in a cloths i choose
for the previous day she sited beside me
Christabel: Hi dear
Me: You came late why
Christabel: I was taking my time to look
beautiful in front of my love
Me: Hmmmm; That’s amazing and you are
looking sweet
Christabel: **Smile** Thank dear you also
look take away
Me: Thank love
Christabel: Where are you going after the
Me: My house of course
Christabel: Why not my house
Me: I wasn’t ready to meet your parents
Christabel: I’m living alone not with my
Me: But i still preferred my abode
Christabel: Nothing bad in it, but you can use
that opportunity to know where i resided
Me: Is that what you want?
Christabel: Yes pesman please do this for me
**she kissed me without minding we were
in party**
Me: No problem dear, i will follow you but i
will leave as early as 5:00am
Christabel: woow you are a wonderful man,
love you so much
Me: **Not your fault you have been caged by
my women ritual cream** love you too
MC continued with the event of the party
after the opening prayer by someone i don’t
know, he later called celebrant to called out
her boyfriend, The celebrant went into the
crowd and brings out one fair guy looking
like Abbey outside.
I cleaned my face to see the boyfriend
clearly, my mind cannot deceived me it was
Abbey, so Abbey and i were attending the
same party without knowing, Abbey bad
Abbey was introduced to us as celebrant’s
boyfriend, he was smiling without knowing
he wouldn’t go to his house as complete
man as he came to the party, after the
introduction he went back to his seat.
I brought out my phone composed some
message and sent to him.
“I was at your back just look into the next
three row at your back you will see me”
He looked back and signalled me, he walked
to my me and said
Abbey: Pesman so you later attend this party
without informing me?
Me: Oga Abbey, this is the party i was telling
you about, my bea Christabel invited me
(pointing at Christabel)
Abbey: Woow that means grace and
christabel are friends
Christabel: Yea we are friends from primary
Abbey; That’s cool, hope you are taking
good care of my friend, he’s good friend of
Christabel: sure i am, i love him so much
Abbey: **Faced me** see you later pesman,
let me back to my seat m.c will soon call
me again **He went back to his seat**
Me: **Turned to Christabel** so Abbey is
grace boyfriend?
Christabel: I don’t know him, Grace told me
she just met her new boyfriend, But she
hasn’t introduce him to me
Me: Do you know her ex?
Christabel: Yes i do, one notorious guy like
Me: Hope the guy won’t come here to cause
Christabel: That’s my fear, he might come
because the guy is so violently
Me: I pray he didn’t come **Grace (The
celebrant) walked to us that moment, she
tapped Christabel by shoulder and said**
Grace: Come with me
Christabel: What happened?
Grace: M.C said i should bring one of my
friend, don’t you hear when he said it?
Christabel: I don’t hear o, but why me?
Beside am with my boo?
Grace: because you are my best friend, lets
go please
Christabel: I’m coming pesman (she peck me
and left with grace)
My phone rang immediately she left, i
checked the screen it was monitoring spirit
Me: Hello
Dupe: Hi how are you doing?
Me: Am fine
Dupe: How is the party?
Me: Going smoothly
Dupe: Just want to remind you of warn i
warned you
Me: Never can i forget
Dupe; Pesman please just be on low key
Me; Ok dear, when are you coming back to
the party?
Dupe: I just through with madam Hadiza
can’t make it to the party again
Me: Who is Madam Hadiza?
Dupe; The supermarket woman i told you
Me: Her name is Hadiza?
Dupe: Yes
Me: Ok dear
Dupe: I will come to your house tomorrow
Me: Noted
Dupe: Love you pesman bye
Me: Love you too bye
**Hanged up**
Thanks God she wasn’t come again i can
now enjoy myself to the fullest Gbogbo Aye
(Full of enjoyment)
Grace and Christabel reached the front (On
stage) M.c continued with the event of the
M.c: Is this your best friend?
Grace: Yes
M.c: Well she fine small sha, but she no fine
reach my grandmother **Audiences
laughed including me**
Christabel: Thank you
M.c: Now lady what is your name?
Christabel: Christabel
M.c: Oh! Christabel, do you know what you
will do for me now?
Christabel: Nope until you say it out
M.c: Now look at the audiences, you can
travel to the south,north,East and west of
this canopy, just bring out one handsome
guy for me
Christabel: ** With joy all over her face** is
that all?
M.c: Yes that’s all
Me: **Christabel is going to choose me, my
heart was beating faster because i don’t
know what this m.c is up to.
Christabel walked to me she was smiling like
someone who just won jackpot, pesman lets
go please don’t disappoint me there she
whisper to my right hear as we walked
hand to hand to the front **
M.c: Woow, good looking,handsome,bea­
utiful,Damsel,cute,Adorable guy, you are
looking handsome
Me: **Shake hand with him** How do you
M.c: Am cool
Me: You sent for me?
M.c: Guy Don’t rush, am coming just chill
Me: Ok boss
M.c: **Faced Audiences** now we are going
to play a game, the name of this game is “DO
AS I SAY” i will ask two of you to do
something for me and you must do it or you
pay fine of 1000naira each, The audiences
Now **He brought out a condom, he gave it
to Christabel and said**
now you will unseal the condom and insert
it where it supposed to be
Me: **My head rang a bell, does mc mean
Christabel should insert condom on my d–k
in front of everyone**
M.c: Can you do it or pay fine? **Before i
could say jack, Christabel smiled and said yes
we will do it**
Me: Do what, are you out of your sense?
Christabel: **She moved closed to me and
lean forward to kiss me, she began caress
my chest through my shirt, i was feeling
uncomfortable with that act, she continued
caress my chest without looking at the
audience, some people came forward to
snap and video us, she moved her hand to
my belt and loosed it, Immediately she
loosed it my trouser fell to my ankle because
i used the belt to tiled the trouser to my
I felt totally embarrassed because i was left
with only boxer, she rubbed her hand on my
semi-hard d--k, she was about to pulled it
out when i screamed “STOP” “STOP” i would
paid the fine, i quickly wore back my
trouser, i
dipped hand into my pocket and brought
out 1000naira gave it to m.c**
Mc: Coward man, you can’t do this little task,
Guy am disappointed in you .
Christabel: **smiled with sexy eye**
M.c: **Faced me** It is now your turn
handsome man, what you will gonna do for
me is so simple, just remove Ten (10) things
from her .
Me: **What am i going to remove from
Christabel now?
“should i remove her cloths?”
“why would i do that?”
“Do i want to naked her outside?”
An ideal popped into my head, i moved
closed to her, hugged her like 10sec
“I collected her phone gave it m.c 1”
“I removed her ear ring gave it to mc 2”
“I removed her hair band gave it to mc 3”
“I removed her necklace gave it to mc 4”
“I remove her ring gave it to mc 5”
“I removed her shoe gave it to mc 6”
“I removed her eyeglass gave it to mc 7”
Nothing to remove again unless if i want to
removed her cloth which i don’t ready to** .
Me: That’s all i can removed mc
M.c: You removed seven items, still reaming
three more to go **Faced Christabel ** Are
you ready to pay fine .
Christabel: Nope, how would i pay fine,
please tell him to remove anything
removable .
M.c: **Turned to me** Guy she said you
should remove anything removable.
Hmmmm what i removed would shocked
you in the next
To be continued
Episode 9
****** DISASTER ******
“Christabel said i should removed anything
“what should i removed now?”
“I can’t removed her clothes”
“We are in outside not in bedroom”
“This girl must be high on women ritual
cream i rubbed, for her to say i should
removed anything removable”
“Something is amiss”
Christabel: ***she placed her right hand on
my shoulder and caress my chest with left
hand*** Pesman i said you should remove
anything removable
Me: What else do you want me to remove?
Christabel: Pesman i’m all yours you can
remove whatever you find attractive on me
Me: Including your trouser and shirt?
Christabel: If that’s what you want to
please go ahead
Me: Don’t you know we are in outside?
Christabel: I don’t care, all i care about is
you, not people looking at us
Me: ** At this junction i have to act fast, I
turned to M.c and i brought out another
1000naira note** M.c i will pay fine
M.c: **Collected the money from me** Finally
Finally you run away, my brother you no get
mind o, i trust myself… Anyway A very big
thanks yo you guyz, you really impressed me
you can now go back to your seat, please
give them around of applause “Kpa” “Kpa”
“Kpa” The crowd clapped for us, we walked
back to our seat
Christabel: Pesman be looking at my bag for
me, i want to go and pee outside
Me: Don’t stay too long ** She left,
immediately she left one beautiful dark girl
walked to me, she put on blue vest, “July
27th is all about Grace Happy birthday” was
inscribed at the front of the vest.
She sat beside me (Christabel chair) The girl
was looking beautiful that i felt like kissing
her that moment, The scent of perfume she
wore smelt like that of “Smart perfume” she
was truly angel on earth, the smile on her
face is killing, before o knew it my d--k was
semi-hard, i must confess “BLACK IS
BEAUTIFUL” Hi she said to me
Me: **Stammer** HHHH IIII
Girl: Please can i make use of your phone?
Me: Yes you can ** I brought out my phone
unlocked it gave it to her**
Girl: **She pounced some digits on it and
placed it on her ear but she doesn’t say
anything, she gave it back to me and said
thank you**
Me: Have you used it finished?
Girl: Yes i have
Me: Seems the number you called isn’t
Girl: It does
Me: But i can’t hear you say anything
Girl: Don’t bother your self, i saved my
number on your phone with “JAMEELAH”
Me: What is the meaning of “JAMEELAH?”
Girl: It is an hausa name
Me: So you are an hausa girl?
Girl: Yes from Zaria
Me: Woow that’s good i love Zaria
Jemeelah: Kanajih hausa na? ( Do you hear
Me: Kahdan’n (Little)
Jameelah: Toh (ok)
Me: Maiyasa kika sa numba ki akan waya na?
(why do you saved your number on my
Jameelah: Zankira ki gobe (i will call you
Me: Kenada namba na? (Do you have my
Jameelah: Ainada namba, Nayi amfani da
wayanki sai na kira nawa, Bari imbarnan
domin mastoyan katana man (Yes i do, i
used your phone to called mine, get to go
now your bea is her)
** she walked away**
Christabel walked to me sited on her seat,
she faced me and said
Christabel: Who is that girl i saw you with?
Me: M.c asked her to come and ask for my
name (i lied)
Christabel: And you were talking like that?
Me: I don’t want to answer her because i
don’t know her until M.c signal me (i lied
Christabel: Hmmmm
Me: Believe me Christabel
Christabel: I do
Me: Thanks dear love you ** Omo this
fayemi charm na confirm oo, she as girls dey
run after me**
Christabel: Don’t forget you are sleeping in
my house
Me: I don’t, i don’t promise and fail
Christabel: That’s wonderful you, love you
Me: Love you more
M.c: Make una laugh small, lem tell you one
funny story of Aminat
On that fateful day, Amina was on
her way to school when a motor cycle
knocked her down!
She was rushed to a nearby hospital
That night in her dream, an old woman
in white garment appeared to her and
warned her sternly that:
“As soon as you are discharged from
the hospital,
you must wash the blood stains from
that cloth you wore that day you were
involved in an accident otherwise
something terrible may happen to
Amina thought it was just an
ordinary dream not until she saw the
same old woman in her dream
again&again&again…. telling her to
wash the blood stains from the cloth.
This time,
Amina was frightened and told her
mother the dream.
Her mother simply told her to do
exactly as she was told.
The moment Amina got home from
the hospital, that very day she was
She soaked the cloth and started
She washed and washed but there was
still small stain of blood on the cloth
because the blood stains had dried
She got tired and rinsed the cloth like
It was a white gown.
That night in her dream, the same old
woman appeared to her again and told
her to wash the cloth very well that
there was still blood stains on it which
may cause something terrible to
happen to her.
When Amina woke up, she checked
the time, it was 4:00am…everyw here
was still dark. She was consumed with
and because she was afraid of the
old woman’s caution,
she got up, took the cloth and started
She scrubbed it so hard that it felt like
it was going to tear.
Amina was scrubbing the cloth so
hard that tears almost started dropping
from her eyes when all of a sudden,
someone tapped her from behind.
She turned and behold, the old woman
in her dream had appeared to her in
real life….
Out of fear, Amina got up to run but fell
The old woman drew closer to Amina and
“Henceforth! Use SUNLIGHT detergent to do
your washings.”
b4 u insult me I’m still looking 4 the
guy who sent this to me so that I can break
his head.
**Every body laugh beyond imaginations, As
M.c continued with his hilarious jokes, we
were served with plate of rice and egg with
coca-cola drink, The bears ran here and
there with the tray we began to catch fun
when something horrible happened**
M.c: Next on the programme list is cutting of
the cake, the celebrate should come forward
with this list
1. Her parents (If on the sit)
2. Her boyfriends (If there is any)
3. Her best friends (With their Niggas)
4. Her neighbours
5. Her crushers
6. Her worst enemies (If present)
Abbey moved to the front hugged Grace so
tight, Grace signal to Christabel and i to also
come forward, her other friends also came
forward with their various boyfriends, some
of her relatives and neighbours also joined
us, we were about 25 on the stage ready for
cutting of the beautiful cake.
M.c: You are all welcome, but before we gat
this cake cut, there is one riddle for you
guys, Anybody that get it will go home with
25yen (Japanese currency).
Here is the riddle what is the English
Translation of “ATA SA PA MI LORI?”.
We all dumped for some minutes before the
most brilliant among us started with heavily
Grammar such as
“Pepper had entered my head”
“pepper enters my head”
“Pepper don enter my head”
“Pepper has entered my head”
“Pepper had circulated in to my head”
Till the moment i’m writing this story i
haven’t figured out the correct answer to
that question, but i believed you guys would
answer it in the comment box
M:c: I don laugh tired oo, you guys try sha,
but even me i don’t know the answer oo,
kindly take it home as an assignment, now
let get the cake cut.
Grace lighted the candles, All of us clapped.
She then blew out the candles and cut the
cake after m.c Spelled her name G-R-A-C-E.
We all sang in a chorus “Happy birthday to
you” “Happy birthday to you” “Happy
birthday to you Darling” “Happy birthday to
“How old are you now” “How old are you
now” “How old are you now Darling” “How
old are you now” “Happy birthday Darling,
many happy returns”.
But before we could finished our song i
heard “Gbosi” “Gbosi” “Gbosi” But i didn’t
felt any
pain, i rubbed my right hand on my head
there is no any sign of wound, what is
happening to me?
Dupe words are about to pass again but i
couldn’t feel any pain maybe i would felt it
later, i was lost in thought when Abbey
fainted by my side, he was soak with blood,
i now faced the reality the sound of bottles i
heard was smashed on Abbey.
I quickly bent down to carry my friend,
Abbey! Abbey!! Abbey!!! I called out his
name but no replied.
Grace and christabel were crying profusely, i
raised up my head to see only Grace and
christabel with me, everyone has ran away.
That was the end of the party
Grace; **Crying** what do we do now?
Please don’t leave me alone
Christabel: Don’t worry dear. We will stand
by you, pesman what do we do now?
Me: **Dupe prophecies later come to pass
sha, she said early that something bad will
happened, but thank God it wasn’t to me
but Abbey** I think we should carry him to
Grace: Where do we get car by this time of
the day?
Me: We will see car outside, this is past
Grace: I pray so
Christabel: You guys should stop wasting
time with this talking let save him on time
Me: Oya let carry him **We carried him
outside the gate, Thank God we found cab
on time and conveyed us to the nearest
Time was 11:12pm Abbey woke after he
was stabilized and injected by the nurse,
Thank God he made it.
Christabel: **whisper into my ear** pesman
i think its time for us to go my house
Me; I think we would sleep here in the
Christabel: No, i want to feel you in me
Me: Let stay with your friend and mine
(Grace and Abbey)
Christabel: **Faced grace** Baby we have to
go now, we would check on you tomorrow
**She drag me out without hearing
response from grace, she don’t even
allowed me to say hi to Abbey**
Me: But why the hurry? (I said to her in
Christabel: It wasn’t my fault, i love you
pesman, wanna feel you
Me: I know but we shouldn’t rush
Christabel: I don’t rush the time is due
Me: Where do we see cab this night
Christabel: If we couldn’t see a cab again
this night, we will trek
Me: Trek?
Christabel: Yes! My house isn’t that far from
Me: Don’t you afraid of darkness?
Christabel: With you beside me, nothing bad
shall happen to me
Me: Hmmmm
Christabel: Pesman you are a man, try to act
like one, lets go
Me: God i dey your hand o, protect me
against all the evil doer on the road ** We
started the journey by treking, we walked
like 10min and continued chatting like
happy couples before we heard**
It was vigilante people
“OLODE MU YIN” (you are under arrest)
As from now on, I want this story to be
natural and s-x
free, all S-x scene in this story would be
skipped because of
our under age brothers and sisters in the
house, To those
whom love s-x story please forgive I won’t
be able to write
s-x part Of the story anymore, abeg don’t
ask for my head, thanks for understanding .
I said you should stop there another
vigilante said to us, if
you move I shoot.
You this thieves , he threatening further.
It now down on me Christabel has put me
into another
troubled, why always me???
Me: Good evening sir
Vigilante1: Save your greeting **He flashed
touch light
across my face** where una dey come
Me: Sir we dey come from the hospital
Vigilante2: You go do abortion abi?
Christabel: If we go do abortion nko, he
concern you?
Vigilante2: Name me you dey talk to like
Christabel: ***Raised voice*** who you be?
Vigilante2: Choi na me you dey open eye
for? You go tey
(stay long) for here this nite o
Me: sir na true be say we tey for outside but
you no
suppose to ask that kind question, if we go
do abortion that
one no concern you
Vigilante1: Wetin una go do for hospital?
Me: Na one of our friend get wound for
head na him we
carry go hospital, and we just comot from
the hospital, we
dey go our house
Vigilante1: where una dey leave?
Christabel: Araromi street
Vigilante1: una done marry?
Me: yeah she be my wife
Vigilante1: your wife or corner corner wife?
(illegal wife)
Christabel: I be him wife, any problem with
Vigilante2: na you him dey ask?
Christabel: if him no dey ask me nko, no be
my husband him
dey ask?
Vigilante2: no problem nah, dey yab me
(Abuse or
insult ) if no be say you be woman I for don
beat you
Christabel: come beat me na, come beat me
Me: oga vigilante na woman you dey follow
talk like this, na
me and you get problem please leave her
alone, come make we
reason (let talk) **I dragged him to one
corner** oga
vigilante I done tell you the truth na for
hospital we dey from
one of our friend na him get injured for
head and we carry
him go hospital, even we want to sleep in
the hospital but no
space for us to sleep, that’s why we dey
Waka go home
Vigilante1: but you too for no say time don
go this is
Me: I know but we no go sleep in hospital
nah, we no be
thief abi thief dey Waka for main road in the
Vigilante1: no problem, I go free una but
you go buy regal
gin for us (alcoholic drink ) you no say the
kind of cold
wey dey outside no be small
Me: that one no be problem **I dipped my
hand into my
pocket and gave him 1000naira note**
Vigilante1: I no get change oh
Me: no worry keep the change
Vigilante1: haa thank you, where you say
una the stay?
Me: Araromi
Vigilante1: we go follow you there so
another set of vigilante
no go disturb you for road
Me: OK **the two of them seeing us off to
I woke up as early as 5:00am in the
morning, I was
feeling weak and lost some of energy , I was
weak because
of two rounds of s-x I had with Christabel
last night.
I manage to get up went into bathroom to
clean up, Christabel
has fully wake before I returned from
Christabel: Good morning love
Me: good morning
Christabel: how was your night?
Me: with you beside me, it went well
Christabel: **laugh** that’s romantic of you,
how are you
feeling now?
Me: weak
Christabel : lazy man you can’t do three
Me: I can’t do three rounds because am with
my love, not
with prostitute, so why rushing? While you
are here for me
Christabel: I love you pesman, you always
put smile on my
Me: smile **wearing my clothes**
Christabel: this is 5am pesman where are
you going?
Me: my house
Christabel: is too early
Me: am going somewhere by 7:00am
Christabel: where?
Me: I have appointments with one frim I
applied with (I
Christabel: so when are we going to see
Me: I will give you a call
Christabel: missing you already
Me: miss you too
Christabel: A kiss
Me: **Moved closed to her and kissed her**
Christabel: Ouch nothing sweeter than
earlier morning kiss
Me: see you soon dear **I walked out of her
I reached my house at 6:07am took a nap
and woke by
7:20am by the sound of my phone
Me: Hello dear
Dupe: hi love, how was your night?
Me: fine
Dupe: What happened yesterday, I was
trying your number
but not connect, I was panic maybe
something bad has
happened to you
Me: nothing happened to me dear, I am
perfectly ok
Dupe: Where do you sleep last night?
Me: **Panic should I open up or not ** Hello
what do
you say I can’t hear you clearly
Dupe: Where do you sleep last night, I
checked you at
house this morning by 5am and you wasn’t
at home, don’t
tell me you slept in your room. Cuz your
room were locked
Me: **Thank God she opened up** actually I
sleep in my room, something happened at
the party after you
Dupe: **Oluwa o, (My God)** pesman tell me
happened to you, I am doomed, pesman but
I warned you nah,
hope dey no shoot you at the party?
Me: Am not the victim
Dupe: Who is the victim then?
Me: Abbey the boyfriend of the celebrant
Dupe: What a wicked world, what really
happened to him?
Me: Bottle was smashed on his head by
unknown bottlemen
Dupe : which one is bottlemen again?
Me: You know we have terrorist that
terrorizes us with gun
here in 9ja?
Dupe: Yes I know
Me: what was their name?
Dupe: Gunmen of course, because they are
operation with
Me: Brilliant you, those people who
wounded abbey operation
with bottles, that’s why they were called
Dupe: Funny you, where is he now?
Me: He’s in hospital, I left him this morning, I
slept with
him in the hospital last night, that’s why you
met my absent
Dupe: My mind is now at rest, I thought you
were sleeping
in woman house
Me: What am I still looking for after having
someone like
Dupe: thanks love, am resuming
Supermarket work this
morning, I reached agreement with madam
hadiza last night,
see you after closing hours
Me: so soon
Dupe: Yes dear
Me: OK dear, see you soon
Dupe: love you
Me: I do
Dupe: bye
Me: bye **Hanged up**
Things are now getting complicated for me,
“Dupe will start work today under madam
“Same woman who had crushed on me”
“I am also going to visit madam Hadiza this
“Should I postpone her visitation till next
time? ”
“What would be my explanation if dupe
eventually see me
with her boos?”
“Should I called Dupe and explain to her”
“Never I can’t do that”
“Don’t forget who Dupe is”
My phone rang that moment, it was madam
Me: Hello
Madam hadiza: Hi love how are you doing?
Me: Fine
Madam hadiza: Please I want to see you at
my supermarket
by 10am this morning, don’t say no please
**She hangs
This woman must be very stupid she don’t
even allowed me
to accept or decline.
“She said I should come to her supermarket
by 10am”
“To go and face Dupe abi? ”
“This woman wants to ruin my relationship
with Dupe”
“Dupe must not heard about this, if I don’t
want trouble”
“What should I do know”
“Should I go or not? ”
“An idea popped into my head”
To be continued


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