Friday, 27 October 2017


Immediately the police officer hanged up on
me rudely, one million and one thought
began flowing on my mind
“Dupe was
arrested this morning”
“What offence has
she committed?
“Maybe its scam”
“They can
never arrest Dupe just like that” “The Dupe i
know would have seen everything before
“I believe she knew i was in
police station now”
“Dupe cannot commit
any crime”
“what do i do now”
“A part of me
said i should call her number”
“But we are
fighting nah”
“I hate the way she hung up
on me yesterday”
“I have to put that aside, i
have to call her” I dialed her number
Me: Hello Dupe
Receiver: ***Man voice*** Hi
pesman, you’re speaking to the police who
just called you now
Me: Please what
happened to her?
Police: I think i told you
earlier to come to station, if you wanna
know her offence
Me: But am not around
now, i wasn’t in town
Police: Try to come
here whenever you’re around ***Hanged
Another problem, i couldn’t believe
dupe was truly arrested, am also at police
station, two of us are in different stations
with different cases, but dupe case cannot
be vital as mine, because mine is murder
case, but what i believe is Dupe cannot kill a
fly talkless of human beings, whatever her
case might be i pray to almighty Allah to be
with her.
I don’t want her to surfer i love
her so much. Call from Madam Hadiza
brought me back to my sense
Me: Hello peslady
Madam Hadiza: Morning dear, how
was your night?
Me: Am fine
Madam Hadiza: Where are you? Please come
meet me at divisional police station
Me: What happened
Madam Hadiza: You
remembered Dupe my sale girl
Me: Yes i
remembered her, what happened to her?
Madam Hadiza: The b---h stole my money
and she is calming she was robbed on her
way to bank
Me: Haaaaaa how much?
Madam Hadiza: Five hundred thousand naira
Me: ***Scream*** Yeeeee
how did it happen?, how can you give her
such huge amount of money?
Madam Hadiza: I gave her the money to save
into my
bank account, she came back home crying,
that the money was collected from her, she
said the cab she took was the cab of 419,
they robbed her at gunpoint along the road
and they pushed her out of the car, that was
the lie she told me, i called police
immediately for her arrest she’s now in
police cell, just come and meet me there
Me: but am also at police station now
Madam Hadiza: What are you doing in police
Me: *** told her what happened,
the way i told the police***
Madam Hadiza: Don’t worry i will be there
shortly, those people must be crazy, so you
slept in
Me: no i slept in the hospital
because they denied us freedom
Madam Hadiza: oh! They must be stupid for
that, that’s the reason why some people
not to help again o
Me: Even me too if God can save me from
this, i will think twice
before i could help next time
Madam Hadiza: Pesman am angry, be
expecting me soon ***hang up***
“Wow My God is on
her way coming Yes this case will closed
10 minutes later D.P.O and Nike came
out of his office, he instructed his boys to
lets go to the clinic
Cnn and I were
conveyed with the police van, while D.P.O
and Nike conveyed in his personal card, cnn
and i remain silent as the van zommed off,
my phone ringing tone diverted the
attention of the three policemen at the back
of van with us to my direction
Me: Hello abbey
Abbey: Haaaaaa padi mi to sure, how far
Me: Am fine o
Abbey: Where are you nah, have checked
you and cnn at
Me: We are at somewhere together
Abbey: Where?
Me: Abbey i will call you back am busy now
Abbey: No lele bro, just
want to show my gratitude
Me: That’s amaze we are one bro, see you
Abbey: Stay cool boss bye
Me: bye ***hang up*** this abbey of a guy
don’t know a thing, i
logged on whatsapp to gist nurse titi, luckily
for me she was online
Me: Hi dear
Nurse Titi: Peslove how are you
Me: I dey noni
Nurse Titi: Where are you now?
Me: At the back of police van, on our way to
your clinic with Tola’s father and her sister
Nurse Titi: Tell me its a lie, you’re inside the
same van and her sister didn’t recognized
Me: no we are not inside the same van o, we
are at the back of police van while D.P.O and
are inside of his car
Nurse Titi: Ok pesman am at home, i will
resume work by 6pm .
Me: What is going to happen now?
Nurse Titi: Let just be prayerfull and don’t
worry nothing will happened
“Fokanbale” (Don’t
be scared) ok?
Me: Ok o, wetin man go do than to accept
his faith
Nurse Titi: ***Last seen 1 min ago***
******15 MINUTES LATTER******
My heart beat increased as our car
approached the clinic, only prayer on my lips
to God is to save us from this problem we
found our self, we came down
and went inside the clinic. D.P.O and Nike
headed to doctor office leaving cnn and i
with five armed policemen at the reception,
we waited patiently for him like 30 minutes,
i started think about my life
“Some of my age mate are workers of
“Some are working with aviation” “Some are
working with Big oil company”
“I am here running after agama lizards
because of the woman ritual”
“I red it that General Yakubu Gowan was in
his late 20’s when he be came the president
of this country”
“likewise Sir Amadu bello and many more, i
am here now at age of 24th without
passing jamb, what am i going to become in
the nearest future sef ?”
my thought was brought to halt when D.P.O,
Nike and Doctor
walked out of doctor’s office.
Nike screamed on top of her voice
immediately her eye fell
on cnn
Nike: ***Pointing at cnn*** Daddy this is
anty Tola’s boyfriend, Brother mujeeb where
is my sister because she told me
she’s coming to your house.
Cnn and i looked at each other without
knowing what next to do or say, i couldn’t
tell how i felt
that moment, the D.P.O looked at us with
rang in his eye he moved closed to us and
landed me three hot slap, i fainted .
Another hot slap brought me back to live
from languished condition, my eyes became
blur, i cannot see clearly, the kind of ringing
tone playing on my head is like that of
“Awilo longomba” The D.P.O moved closed to
me to hit me once again but he was held by
one of his boys “You should take it easy
with this boy sir” one of his boys pleaded on
my behalf
D.P.O: Where do you hide my daughter?
Me: Pesman sir (Because i can’t hear clearly
D.P.O: I said where is my daughter?
Me: My name is pesman sir ***One of the
annoyance police moved closed to me and
gave me head knock, you dey craze is that
what oga is asking you? You won’t believe
this while they don’t even raised finger on
cnn talkless of beating him, when i cannot
endure the pain again i voiced out*** Sir
you are just been beaten me, i can’t hear all
what you have been asking me, if you want
to communicate with me kindly be writing it
on paper, my ear is malfunctioning
Police: You must be stupid, oga should be
writing on paper to communicate with you?
Me: what do you say? *** he gave me
another hot slap*** you’re just been
beating me on offence i didn’t committed
(meanwhile Nike was on phone call with
only God known person, assuming she’s not
on call maybe she would have rescued me
from beating season by those angry
D.P.O: It ok handcuff him and carry him to
station, i will make sure i deal with you, your
case will teach some imbecile like you a
Nike: ***Screamed again*** He’s not the
one, he’s not anty Tola’s boyfriend
D.P.O: But who is her boyfriend?
Nike: ***Pointing at cnn***
As if cnn did beating rituals, they started
beating him.
He was screaming ontop of his voice “I am
not her boyfriend o”
“Who are you talking about sef”
“Who is tola”
“Have you ever seen me in your house
before?” he kept shouting as the beating
continue, i started laughing in my mind
when one of the police hit him on teeth.
Nike: Haaaaaa liar, you said you are not her
boyfriend? Don’t i know you again uncle
cnn, don’t mind him he’s the one, he’s my
missing sister’s boyfriend he does send me
her several times
D.P.O: Beating should stop, i don’t want him
wounded, you know if we wound him now
might not be able to talk again, and i want
him to tell me were my daughter is, for the
last time Where is my daughter?
Cnn: I know nothing of what you have been
asking me, i don’t know your daughter, who
is she please?
Me Truth to be told i don’t think ***Before i
could finish my statement something
happened, cnn performed magic, only God
knew how he snatched gun from one of the
careless officer, he pointed it at D.P.O
Cnn: Move close to me and i shoot
Me: Cnn please don’t
Cnn: Pesman commot here or i shoot you
too ***He began moving back to the
entrance, with gun held firmly in his hand,
only God knew how he got the courage to
snatch the gun from the police, he kept
moving backwards till he reached clinic
corridor, we all moved close to him as he
kept moving till he reached clinic corridor “If
anybody dare move close to me consider
yourself as deterioration he threatened
as he was about to reached the entrance
Deep down in me i knew cnn is planning
how to escape, and if he eventually escape
i would be the police target and i will be the
one to surfer as they already knew i was his
D.P.O: Don’t act funny, i want you to know
you’re surrounded by police, don’t think you
can go Scot free (He talked with the
Cnn: I don’t care, i know today
is going to be bloody, i will kill and i will get
killed, just warn your men to stay away from
D.P.O: ***Laugh*** I just want you to
know that you’re going nowhere. Let get
him shot at leg “one of the policemen
suggested to him in whispers” Don’t do
that, i want to get him unharmed
Me: Cnn please have mercy
Cnn: If you say nonsense
i shoot you
Me: ***Now am in for it very
big time***
D.P.O: ***Commanding all his
boys*** your hands down “All hands went
down” now let reach agreement ***he face
cnn*** i have nothing to do with you, am
ready to set you free for the sake of my
daughter, just tell me where my daughter is
and you’re Free to go
Cnn: ***He c--k the gun as if he’s ready to
put the trigger, he
threw the gun at the D.P.O with all his
power, the gun hit him by forehead, making
him fall to ground, cnn took to his heel he
ran out of the hospital as fast as his legs
could carried him, i was also ready to pick
the race and escape as well, but i was very
surprise when i tried to run and something
held me back, one of the stupid police held
my trouser firmly, the escape route for me
has been blocked
D.P.O: ***Still on the floor*** make sure you
get him, he must not escape, you guys
should bring him here alive .
Me: ***Laughing in my head, as i saw blood
all over his face
Nike: Are you ok dad? ***Trying to help him
D.P.O: don’t worry am ok
Doctor: Sorry sir, let us go inside so that the
doctor can
treat your wound
D.P.O: No need for that, let me see my
daughter first
Nike: Let the doctor treat the wound dad,
the blood is too much
Doctor: Please sir let’s go inside
D.P.O: Haaaaaa this boy will surfer in my
hand, i will make sure i deal with him,
imagine the whole me, the whole D.P.O got
injured by mere bloody civilian , this boy
must be stupid, i will let him know who i am,
i will deal
with him, i will kill him, i will slaughter his
body, i will sell his meat on OLX, JIJI, JUMIA,
KONGA, YUDALA, haaaaaa the whole me
Me: Sorry sir ***The police who held my
trouser gave me terrible slap***
D.P.O: Are you mad, you want me to kill you
before i kill him, if you say anything else i
will shoot you ***he cocked his gun***
Me: *** I went into silent mood***

To be continued
Episode 19
Nike: Doctor please let go in and treat the
D.P.O: No need
Nike: Don’t mind him jare
Police: Oga please let the doctor treat you.
We walked back into hospital, Doctor,D.P.O
and Nike walked into one ward where D.P.O
was attended to
Me: ***Facing the police who held my
trouser*** Oga police take it easy with me
Police: Are you crazy, i will slap your face
Me: What’s my offence, afterall i wasn’t
D.P.O’s Daughter boyfriend, so what’s my
own abeg free my trouser and let me waka
Police: You be mumu of highest order, i
should release you and let you go, you want
to put me in trouble
Me: ***Talking to him like my friend*** Oga
you can help me on this, i will give you 5k,
let me go please
Police: You must be high on weed, you will
me how much?
Me: 5k
Police: So after collecting 5k, from you i
would be sack and the 5k you offered me is
what i will be spending till the end of my
life? If i give you hot hot blow you will not
wake after 23days
Me: What do you want me to do please
Police: Tell me all what you know about this
saga ***he brought out one small recording
Me: I know nothing brother
Police: Who is that guy to you?
Me: Which guy?
Police: The guy who run away
Me: He’s my friend
Police: He’s a cultist right?
Me.: Why asking such question
Police: Didn’t you see how he handled gun
Me: He’s not a cultist he only watched it on
Tv, i
don’t know where he got the skill from
Police: But this is not first time of him to
carry gun?
Me: Don’t know *** D.P.O Nike, and doctor
walked on us that moment brought our
conversation to an end, small plaster was on
his face***
D.P.O: ***Faced Doctor*** Actually we
haven’t done what we came here for before
my daughter sighted that stupid boy
Doctor: The patient they brought here last
D.P.O: Yes my daughter insist that we must
see her, she said she might be my missing
daughter let check her ward
Nike: Dad you should mark my word you will
see that the person we are talking about is
no other person than my sister
Doctor: Let go to her ward then
***They are about to head to her ward
when the police team (The team that run
after cnn) showed up with their heart
faster, the sorrow on their faces suggested
they missed their target***
D.P.O: *** with full smile and calm tone***
Weldone guys and thank you for wonderful
job, where is he or you have kept him at the
back of the van
Police: (Sergeant Bukola was the team leader
and he was the one talking on behalf of his
team members) ***with shaking voice***
Sir we tried all our possible best but we lost
him, it’s obvious he’s living around this area
sir, he know every loungu (Loungu means
corner in hausa language) we loss him sir
D.P.O: ***With Apopletic in his voice*** You
did what?
Sgt. Bukola: We couldn’t get him sir
D.P.O: And you’re here in front of me, don’t
you know what you suppose to do, you
suppose to lost with him
Me: *** Finally! Finally!! Finally!!! Cnn
escaped leaving me all alone to face the
music, leaving me all alone to suffer,
whereas i don’t know when he was fu–king
her, tear flow down my cheek***
Sgt. Bukola: with due respect sir, we should
have used violent hand on him but you
denied sir, let assume you agree with us to
shoot him at leg we should have not lost
him but you said you want him alive
D.P.O: You’re blaming me right?
Sgt. Bukola: No sir but when aegis were
pursuing him,they had opportunity to fire
at him but when i i remembered you
to spare his life i warned my men against it
D.P.O: stop saying nonsense, are you not
here when he injured me.
, are you not here when he threw gun at my
face, i see ,i now understand that boy had
bribed you, you have collected money from
him and set him free, just because you want
to takeover my position in office, no
problem i know what to do to you guys
Sgt. Bukola: We didn’t set anybody free,no
collected penny from him
D.P.O: No problem, i will get back at the silly
Nike: Take it easy dad
D.P.O: Don’t worry my dear, i will let the
stupid boy know who I am, i will teach him
the kind of lesson he will never forget in his
Sgt. Bukola: What next to do now sir?
D.P.O: Why asking me?
Sgt. Bukola: Because you have assigned
yourself to be incharge of this case sir, and
nothing can be done without your
knowledge sir, what you say is the final say
D.P.O: ***Faced me with lion eye*** You silly
boy see how vital your insensitive friend
wounded me, i will teach you a lesson, i will
let you know that God is not from Nigeria,
you will serve as scapegoat, i will let you
suffer, you will regret your friend’s action
***He landed me hot slap***
Sgt. Bukola: Shut up your mouth
Nike: Daddy you have just been beating this
young man since, he’s not my sister’s
boyfriend, i don’t even know him please let
him be and let us check the ward we are to
Doctor: You should take it easy with this boy
sir, we are yet to confirm him as the
criminal, let check the ward first
Nike: Yes we should check the ward first
D.P.O: Whether he’s criminal or not, i will not
let him go don’t you see how his friend hurt
me, if i deal with him so hard, he will tell me
where his friend is
Nike: Let Check the ward dad
D.P.O: ***Faced sgt. Bukola*** handcuff him,
put him at the back of the van
Me: *** I was cuffed and led to where police
van was parked outside, a lot of
thought began running through my
“This is how am going to spend the rest of
my life in jail because of my ignorance”
“Where is cnn now, where is jameelah?”
“Dupe is also in police cell”
“Why always me oh Lord?”
I wept as i was put roughly at the back of
police van, i barely settled down at the back
of the van when i heard a familiar voice
screamed from afar “STOP! STOP!! STOP!!!”
I looked outside and saw Madam Hadiza
coming down from her car, i heave a sigh of
My heart leaped with joy when i saw Madam
Hadiza coming to my direction, she walked
to police officer who dragged me into the
back of police van
Madam Hadiza: Please officer am looking for
Police: Who is pesman?
Madam Hadiza: The boy that has case with
you here
Police: Oh! That stupid boy?
Madam Hadiza: Where is he?
Police: ***Pointing at the back of the van***
Madam Hadiza: OMG, what makes you keep
him at the back of your van?
Police: That’s where he deserve to be
Madam Hadiza: ***Moving close to me***
Pesman am here, don’t worry ok i will settle
this case as soon as possible
Police: ***Yimu***
Me: ***With joy all over my face*** I trust
you dear
Madam Hadiza: ***Faced police*** Who is
incharge of his case?
Police: You think its someone you can bribe
Madam Hadiza: Stop saying nonsense and
answer my question
Police: Na you sabi
Me: I think its D.P.O himself
Madam Hadiza: D.P.O ibrahim?
Me: Yes
Madam Hadiza: Do you remembered him?
Me: Yes!
Madam Hadiza: Good he was the one i talked
to when someone accused you of breaking
his windscreen
Me: Yes i remember
Madam Hadiza: This case would be the
simpleest case for me D.P.O ibrahim is my
good friend .
Me: ***Only if you know the kind of crime i
committed, its murder case o*** I trust you
dear, can’t wait to be set free and spend the
night in your house
Madam Hadiza: ***With joy*** You wanna
spend the night with me
Me: Yes love
Madam Hadiza: That’s wonderful pesman, i
love you
Me: please set me free
Madam Hadiza: You shouldn’t worry about
that, where is D.P.O
Me: He’s inside the clinic with doctor
Madam Hadiza: Ok let me go and meet him
(She left)
(Meanwhile D.P.O, Nike and Doctor had gone
to Tola’s ward immediately one of the police
dragged pesman out roughly, D.P.O was
extremely shocked when he saw her
daughter (Tola) lying on the bed, Nike ran
toward her sister and started crying)
Nike: Dad didn’t i tell you?
D.P.O: Tola! Tola!! Tola!!! What led you to all
this rubbish, who did this to you
Nike: You don’t need to ask, its that
insensate boy
Doctor: D.P.O is she your daughter?
D.P.O: Yes she is my missing daughter, have
been searching for her for the past few days
Doctor: What a wicked world, so she was
brought here by her boyfriend, and the boy
has escaped now
D.P.O: That boy must learn his lesson, i will
use all my influence to search for him, and i
will not release the one in our custody until
he provide his friend .
Nike: Please dad, don’t deal with the
innocent boy
Doctor: He’s not an innocent, he was fully
involved in this
D.P.O: According to their statements i read ,
one of your nurses will be questioned too,
you know one of your nurses is involved
Doctor: She just help them, as you can see
she knew nothing about this .
D.P.O: Don’t forget the other two guys are
Claiming of helping my daughter, but at the
end one of them happened to be her
boyfriend, don’t you know your nurse might
be behind the abortion, she was the one
who abort my daughter pregnancy, this is
totally plan
work, your nurse must be questioned.
Doctor: If that’s what you want no problem
D.P.O: Where’s she?
Doctor: Actually she’s not around now , i
osent her on errand to one of my friend in
other town, she will be back tonight (He
D.P.O: Good, please bring her to station for
questioning as soon as she’s around
Doctor: Ok sir, i will
Nike: ***Moved to Tola, she sat at the edge
of her bed*** Anty mi (My sister) why do
you do it this way? Why hiding your feelings
from me? Why don’t you tell me before you
abort the innocent baby?
Tola: Silence
D.P.O: Tola, why do this to me, despite the
fact that i love you, i always provide for your
needs, i always care for you, why are you re-
paying me with sorrow? Why do you
intentionally want to kill your poor mother?
Answer me
Tola: Silence
Nike: Anty Tola!
Tola: Silence
Nike: Anty Tola
Tola: Silence
Nike: Doctor she cannot talk
D.P.O: ***With fear*** Doctor my daughter
cannot talk again, what happened?
Doctor: You need to let her rest for now
when its time to talk with her i will let you
know ***Madam Hadiza walked in that
moment, brought their conversation to an
D.P.O: ***Faced Madam Hadiza*** Don’t tell
me you are here again because of that
stupid boy
Madam Hadiza: Smile
D.P.O: Nothing you can tell or offer me about
this case this time around, this boy must go
to jail, only if he can provide his friend
Madam Hadiza: Which of his friend?
Doctor: The one that escaped
Madam Hadiza: Are they two?
D.P.O: Yes
Madam Hadiza: But pesman didn’t tell me all
this , Mr ibrahim what do you suggest we
do now?
D.P.O: Nothing just tell that stupid boy to
provide his friend, moreover who is that boy
to you?
Madam Hadiza: He’s my errand boy
D.P.O: So your errand boy friend
impregnated my own daughter
Madam Hadiza: ***Shocked*** Your
daughter how come? But my boy said he
helped someone and you guys accused him
of what he knew nothing about, tell me Mr
ibrahim is it a crime to help someone? That
boy is a nice boy, he had vowed not to be
helping again, its not fair like this nah
D.P.O: You know nothing about this case
Hadiza: I know nothing about it and i don’t
want to know, just release my boy for me,
because i want to send him
somewhere, and he’s yet to feed me back
about where i sent him before you guys
denied him freedom
D.P.O: Am very sorry madam i cannot release
him for you
Madam Hadiza: Mr ibrahim i think we cannot
settle it here, where do you want us to meet
D.P.O: No need of any place, we can talk in
my office, just have it at the back of your
mind that, that silly boy will be here so he
will be the one to tell you the whole story
Madam Hadiza: No problem then let’s go to
your office and talk things out (All of them
walked out of Tola’s ward)
Do you think Madam hadiza can settle this
To be continued


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