Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The President's Daughter And I {Season 2} Episode 10 to 13

After sleeping angrily the previous night, a knock on my door woke me up which was time for our morning prayers. We prayed for so many things including safe arrival of our Dad and safe departure of Mirabel among others. We did our morning chores, bath then had breakfast. Mirabel’s bodyguards came and took her away, after saying her goodbyes to all of us and also promised to come around some other time.
I thought Nancy would be sad about Mirabel’s departure, but she seems to be happy which got me wondering. School resumes in one week time, But I would be leaving in two or more weeks. After much thought, I decided to go inside only to see Momma and Nancy happy over what they were checking out.
Me: What’s all this?
Nancy: Mirabel got all these for me and for Mummy
I saw lot’s of dresses, bags, shoes and jewelleries and an iPhone and an iPad. My eyes burst open.
Me: When?!
**No response**
I saw Momma admiring the wrappers Mirabel got her and Nancy using the iPhone with her teeths out.
Me: Is it iPhone 6?
Nancy: Yes bro,,, she’s so awesome! this is what i’ve been dreaming to have
Me: So Mummy got the ipad?
Nancy: Yes
Me: Wait, how did she say it?
Nancy: How do u mean?
Me: As in,,, she didn’t mention me?
Nancy: No, why? she didn’t leave anything for u?
Me: Why would she leave anything for me, am i not the one who should be taking care of her? I only wanted to know if she mentioned my name
Momma: Why?
Me: Huh? No, Nothing precisely
Momma: Hope u don’t expect goodies from her?
Me: No I don’t,,, haba Mummy
Momma: See, I’m telling u today, don’t ask for anything from that girl. By the Grace and Mercy of God, your Father and I are here to provide for u because it’s our responsibility Okay?
Me: I know Mummy
Mummy: No let me talk,,, I have seen in the movies how boys use rich girls to get what they want and left them heart-broken, U better behave yourself. I hope u will never forget what happened to u when u toiled with the daughter of a soldier not to mention when u mess up with the daughter of the Commander In-Chief of the Armed forces
Me: I haven’t forgotten, thanks for always reminding me (Pissed)
Momma: Yes, if by reminding u every now and then will make u behave yourself,,, I will never stop updating it into your brain
Me: But Mummy trust the son u raised na
Nancy: (Laughs)
Me: And what’s funny to u?
Nancy: Uhmmm Mummy, we should be going to the shop now oh…
Momma: Yes o my daughter,,, take these things inside let’s go
Hhmmmmm….. I smell conspiracy.
**Later that day**
Dad arrived home, Momma had to close early from the shop to welcome her husband. He brought lots of goodies,,, that’s what i love about him. Before Momma and Nancy came, we had a little chat.
Boss: So you’re ok now?
(Yea that’s what i call him)
Me: Yes sir
Boss: Good,,, go and get me water from the Cway
Me: Ok sir
I rushed to the Cway, got the water, return back to him and gave him the water. After drinking, i collected the cup and took it back to it’s position. He stood up, probably going to his room. I heard the car horning at the gate, I ran to open it for Momma for to come in. She entertained her husband before we left for Church by 7pm.
We returned back from the mid-week service as we normally do every wednesday, everyone went straight to their rooms to drop their Bibles and also change dresses. Lest i forget, Mirabel called earlier and the following conversation ensued…
Me: sweetheart
Mirabel: Hi dear, I’m home now
Me: At the villa?
Mirabel: Yes of course
Hhmmmm Presidential villa don turn home abi?
Me: Ok good, how was the little trip?
Mirabel: It was fine, except for the spoilt road at some parts of the road
Me: Maybe your dad hasn’t come to that part yet
Mirabel: I dunno what the FCT Minister is even doing in that office, imagine
Me: Don’t mind him (Not enjoying the topic) So how is my heart doing?
Mirabel: Very well but kinda not feeling too happy, Dad and Mom aren’t home. They both went different places, Dad went to Canada for a meeting or so and Mom went to Uganda for African’s First Ladies Conference, I’m feeling so lonely.
Me: Well, I’m not surprised for the whereabouts of your parents, having a whole Country on their shoulders is not an easy task
Mirabel: I know… Just can’t wait for school to resume lemme get away from here and be with who will there for me at all times
Me: Really?
Mirabel: Yes ofcourse
Me: (smiling) And who is this person? (Teasingly)
Mirabel: Who else? If not you my love
Me: Me too can’t wait to get u under my arms again
Mirabel: Uhmmm…. that reminds me, when will u be coming to the Villa?
Me: I’m not sure yet, But until my Dad travels because Mum won’t be a problem
Mirabel: Okay, please u will need to bring Nancy along
Me: What? why??
Mirabel: She wants to come here and i promised her that she’ll come along with u whenever you’re coming.
Me: But u never told me about this before
Mirabel: I know… please baby do this for me pleaseeeee…
Me: Yea but if only we’d have some privacy, u know what i mean
Mirabel: What privacy? don’t tell me you’re thinking of having s-x with me here?
Me: What? No! ofcourse not, come on,,, i mean, why would i even think of doing such? But…..
Mirabel: What?
Me: Never mind, it’s nothing
Mirabel: What is it? Tell me
Me: It’s nothing really
Mirabel: Alright so what’s up?
Me: Just missing u very much
Mirabel: Missing u too, please try to inform me on when u will be coming ok?
Me: Sure
Mirabel: And it should be very soon
Me: I will try, it solely depends on my Dad
Mirabel: Okay,,, U said he’s a chartered accountant right?
Me: Yea
Mirabel: It’s a nice profession
Me: Yea
Mirabel: U know what? leave your Dad to me, I just thought of something,,,, so don’t worry, your Dad won’t be a problem,,, I shall handle it
Well, base on how i watch Hollywood movies, if someone says a person won’t be a problem, the next thing that follows is some kind of a problem or even death. I hope that’s not the case here. Of course not!
Me: What do u mean by my Dad won’t be a problem?
Mirabel: Don’t u worry sweety, I will start working on it right away
Me: Okay,,, hope its for good?
Mirabel: It could even be for better if not the best, trust me dear
Me: That’s my baby,,, **Car horns** Got to go babe, I think my Dad is back
Mirabel: Okay,,,, Love u… please text me his official mail and don’t forget
Me: Alright i will that, Love more byeeee….
**Hangs up**
***During Dinner***
Dad: Who owns the phone you’re holding Nancy?
I raised my head up and saw her using the new iPhone Mirabel got for her.
Episode 11
If not for fact that i’m practically involved in this matter, i wouldn’t even try to meddle in the situation. If not for her stupidity, why’d she be using the new phone during dinning and in the presence of Dad. Her stupidity is becoming too much.
Nancy: Sir…?
Boss: Who….
Me: I gave it to her Daddy, it was given to me by my friends who contributed money to purchase it for me as my birthday present
Boss: Okay…
Mummy, Nancy and I looked ourselves in a suspicious manner.
After dinner, we all assembled in the living room pending 9:00pm where everyone can be eligible to go inside. Nancy was also there with us and not hiding at the dinning table this time because of Dad, he had seized her phone many times because of excess usage. So, she won’t be able to chat until past 9:00 when she’d escape to her room.
Boss: Lemme see the phone Nancy
She went to unplug it from where she’s been charging it and gave it to Dad
Boss: Which one is this one?
Nancy: It’s iPhone
Boss : It looks nice, so what will u do to the blackberry?
Nancy: I will still be using it Dad, i have another sim card that i need to be using
Dad: This one looks expensive, how much is it sold?
Nancy: Me i dunno oh…
Dad: Is there no receipt? or is it not a new phone?
Me: It was only the phone and it’s charger that was given to me
Boss: They should’ve given u receipt when they gave u the phone
He gave the phone back to her and faced the T.V
I already told mum to hid the iPad for the main time till Dad isn’t around of which she already did. For me, this is a disadvantage of having a learned mother, she will surely use the iPad instead of giving it to me. She’s on bbm, facebook and on whatsapp. My momma no dey gree oh…
I got a call from a friend, i went inside to get it. After the call, I dialled Mirabel’s.
Mirabel: Hello
Me: Hey babe, how u doing tonite?
Mirabel: Am fine,,, wah bout u?
Me: Good… I forgot to thank u earlier for the things u got for my Mum and my Sis, I really appreciate it dear, thank u very much.
Mirabel: And you’re so welcome
Me: So how is it going?
Mirabel: I’m still adjusting,,,, wait, it seems u haven’t seen what i got u or the small piece of note i left u
Me: No i haven’t, u got me something? (heart beating) where did u hide it?
Mirabel: Well, U will have to discover it yourself,,,, it’s there in your house (Smiling)
Me: So you’re not going to tell me?
Mirabel: Nah…..
Me: This is work na, it’s not fair oh
Mirabel: (Laughs) You’re on boo, do some house research
Me: No problem, I won’t kiss u when we meet
Mirabel: Stamped!
Me: What do u mean by that?
Mirabel: I approve of it
Me: What? it’s a lie, things aren’t approved that way, U will need to ask if i am sure but u didn’t asked,,, U just approved.
Mirabel: (Laughing) Okay, are u sure?
Me: Hell no!
We both burst into laughter
Me: Please babe, tell me what u did to our videotape that was uploaded on YouTube
Mirabel: Alright ermmnm, its like this… are u listening?
Me: Yea, loud and clear and even on record
Mirabel: Okay, it was my cousin living in the U.S that informed me about the video asking me if i knew anything about the upload. He owned an ICT Company there and he also do some special job for YouTube and other big companies. After he told me, i checked it out to confirm if it was really me which was actually us, I freaked out and immediately told him to do something about it as the number of views kept increasing. He said some people had downloaded the videotape and others even uploaded it to their website. He said he could do something about it though. I gave him the go ahead to rid of it. Then he hacked into the into the server of every site the videotape was uploaded to and got every copy of the video down. He also used the IP address of those that downloaded the video to hack their system and deleted the videotape.
Me: Woah,,, he must be a genius
Mirabel: Yea,,, that’s why he doesn’t come home much because the white men wouldn’t let him. He is well valued, he even married a white girl there, we had to attend the wedding from here.
Me: I will like to meet him one day
Mirabel: Sure,,, I told him about u already. We understood each other a lot. He also brought down everything that was tweeted about the videotape on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with his connections. Although, he spent lots of dollars to get it all done.
Me: U guys must be close
Mirabel: Very close,,,, we were almost inseparable when we were kids. Although he is almost 5 years older than me. He started in forth grade in the U.S and was stuck up at the top throughout his school. Always the best in the class, science fairs, he was even the prom king while the prom queen was his girlfriend who is now his wife.
Me: Woah,,, like a fairy-tale
Mirabel: Exactly what i told him about his life. He is currently working on his autobiography, to be launched probably in two years time.
Me: It’s really going to sell a lot
Mirabel: Yea, but he said the proceeds will be given to charity, both in Nigeria and in the U.S and i think it’s a great idea.
Me: Yea yea, sure its a wonderful idea,,, how old was he when he got married?
Mirabel: He was 23, he got married two years ago on the 4th of July,,, I can still remember that day vividly
Me: Sweetheart I’ve been waiting for u to tell me his name
Mirabel: Sorry my love, his name is Ikechukwu but he shortened it to Ike. Only close family members knows him as Ikechukwu
Me: He is igbo?
Mirabel: Yea, he’s Father is igbo,,, he married my Aunt, my Dad’s younger sister
Me: Okay,,, i see
Mirabel: Yea, enough talking about my cousin and let’s talk about us
Me: I like him
Mirabel: I can see that, but u don’t know him
Me: I’ve heard a lot about him already, i love his story which is like a fairy-tale and he saved my a$$ from that videotape that could be scandalous,,,, i really do like him a lot already
Mirabel: Okay then, I shall let u have a video chat with him on Skype when we get to school
Me: That would be great dear
Mirabel: Yea, and could be annoying too
Me: How do u mean?
Mirabel: U are dating his favourite sister Victor,,, be good is all i will tell u
Me: Now you’re scaring me
Mirabel: (Laughs) Don’t be scared, just don’t break his sister’s heart,,,, he has been very stubborn right from time. He promised me that he will deal with any guy so severely that will break my heart and make me cry. I just hope it doesn’t come to that ‘coz i know what he can do.
Me: I understand, i will the same for my sister. Excuse me love lemme bade my Parents good night
Mirabel: Ok your Dad is back?
Me: Yea
Mirabel: Good for u unlike mine
Me: Well that’s for now, he might travel again anytime soon
Mirabel: U have no idea
Me: What do mean?
Mirabel: U don’t worry, I’m working on something and it’s pending as it is
Me: Hhmmmm… U and this your surprises u don’t share with me
Mirabel: Relax dear, its for good or don’t u trust me anymore?
Me: It’s really not about trust sweetheart, it’s about sharing. U know, sharing of ideas, problems, feelings and all that
Mirabel: Ok, yea that’s how it should be, i’ve read something like that before. Hhmmm… U read so much
Me: Thanks to my conversion that gave me the chance
Mirabel: I see… uhmmm
Me: Be right back lemme greet my Parents good night then we continue
Mirabel: Okay…
After hanging up, I rushed to the living room. Dad was working with his computer while momma was watching her 9pm phillippians telenovela and Nancy has long gone into her room. I bade them good night then rushed back to my room and found my phone ringing. I checked it but it was an unknown caller.
Me: Hello
Caller: Hi Victor,,, long time No see
** It was a feminine voice**
Me: Yes i guess, sorry who’re u?
Caller: Even though u blocked my other line, yet u dunno my voice?
I can only remember blocking Lola’s number and the voice i was hearing sounded like hers.
Me: It’d be good if u tell me who u are now because i have something important to get back to
Caller: By something important u mean Mirabel?
**Of course its Lola, who else**
Me: Lola?
Caller: It’s me dear
Me: What do u want?
Lola: Awwww that’s so harsh, don’t be like that. I bet u look cute on that face you’re putting on right now
Me: Lola i ask again, what do u want?
Lola: Come on Victor, let’s talk, it’s been a while
Me: Talk about what?
Lola: I know what Mirabel did, she told me everything. How u freaked out and all that
Me: I know that made u happy, but it’s in the past now, it’s all over
Lola: Are u sure about that?
Me: Of course, or u have something else to say?
Lola: Not really
Me: Okay, i got to go now
Lola: It’s okay, i shall get back to u. Don’t even think of blocking this line, because u won’t enjoy the outcome of it
Me: What? (Laughed) are u threatening me? what are u talking about?
Lola: I won’t say much buh, all i will say to u this night is that,,,, what u think is over is not yet started!
Me: What?
**She hanged up**
Me: Hellooo? Lola?!
I tried to call her back but it was switched off. I really don’t get it, what was she talking about? she seems to know what she’s talking about and sure of herself. Oh no i hate stuffs like this! I hate problems!!
Lola left me in a worried mood, I know she could be dangerous from her desperation. I wish this was a film trick. Maybe i should start writing about my life, after all i’ve always loved writing. I shall write about my life because it looks like a movie.
I couldn’t speak with Mirabel that night because of my current mood, so i texted her to let her know that something came up. Then i started thinking and imagining things with my heart full of worries.
Episode 12
In life, there is no Victory without Battle, No Man or Woman is free from Challenges. How u win depends on how u fight for Victory. Success doesn’t come on a platter of gold, the ability of manifesting your gifts depends on how u worked it out!
The morning came so late, or maybe it was because i didn’t really sleep that night. It was a Sunday so we started the necessary preparations for the Sunday’s service. We normally go to Church as early as 7:30 against 8:00 which was Sunday school service before the normal Church service at 9:00am. During our morning devotional, Daddy gave a Testimony.
Daddy: Last night when you all went to bed, when i was here (Living room) doing some work with my computer. I checked my E-mail, I received three mails from three large companies for me to Audit.
Nancy: Woa… that’s nice Daddy
Daddy: Yes, It’s a great one. It is a great favour and also a great challege, because i’ve never had this kind of opportunity before in my 9 years of Auditing. Three large companies at once, and their dates did not clash with the other, which means i shall do them one after the other. This is a big favour from God. The companies are Nestle Nigeria, First Bank PLC, and Flour Mills Nigeria.
Nancy: Daddy are u serious?
Daddy: Yes, and i shall be leaving for Lagos on Tuesday to process some things before starting the job on Monday next week. I can’t tell when i will return
Momma: We thank God, it’s a blessing, a wide door opened for us
Me: This is really great, it’s more than a open door, we should call it an Open Gate From Heaven
Nancy: Only God knows the amount of money Daddy will get from these jobs,,, i’m so happy!
Daddy: Like i said earlier, It is a great favour and also a great challenge. So i need God’s favour; wisdom, knowledge and understanding; His mercy and also the strength to do the work. So we are going to pray seriously for that this morning. But we are going to thank God first for the huge favour
Momma: The God that granted us this huge favour, will also favour u to do the work effectively
Daddy: You all will be praying oh,,, U know it’s not for me but all of us will benefit from it. Who knows, Victor may even go back to School with a car
Momma: Amen oh…
Oops! could this be good? that was when i remembered my range rover sport car which my Parents don’t know about. Well, Momma knows about Mirabel already so i will tell her about the car and to let her convinced Daddy not to buy me another car.
Nancy: Daddy what about me?
Daddy: I know U’ll want a promise Nancy, just let me do the job first before we exhaust an invisible money. Oya let us pray, we’re running late already.
We went to Church, the service was awesome. The Speaker was a guest Pastor and i was really blessed. Daddy also gave the testimony he testified earlier at home and the congregation rejoiced with him. After the service, we had to wait for Momma because she had to wait for their Women Fellowship Meeting. Dad and Nancy were inside the car. I leaned on our car replying messages on whatapp and forgot i had been trying to avoid someone. My ex girlfriend i didn’t date, Dorothy.
Dorothy: Hei Vickie
(Distracted from my chat, i raised my face to face her)
Me: D’thy how far
Dorothy: Fine oh, you’re waiting for your Mum right?
Me: Yap
Dorothy: Me too (Leaning on the car right next to me) I’m so tired of this their meeting, almost every Sunday, imagine. Women and never-ending talks
Well, i quite agreed with her inside my mind because the worst thing is that, My Mum was the Leader.
Me: Yea, that’s how it is
Dorothy: So what’s up, with school and everything?
Me: Very well, I thank God
Dorothy: I’ve missed u so much, that your number hasn’t been going through or did u changed number?
She didn’t even know i blocked her line.
Me: Nope, still using the same line
Dorothy: Then why can’t reach u?
Me: Could be network or maybe u weren’t trying it
Dorothy: Of course i was, wait lemme try your number now (reaching for her hand bag)
My heart skipped, didn’t know what to do. Maybe i should quickly unblock her since i’m holding my phone
Dorothy: Oohhhh Daniel!
Me: What?
Dorothy: He’s having my phone. He always took it without my knowledge
Me: Come on, don’t be mad at him (I was happy) He’s your little bro and he looks up to u
Dorothy: Buh he should’ve ask me first
Me: Would u have given him silently?
Dorothy: He is still a boy, what does he know? he’ll just spoil my phone, i know how much i got that phone.
Me: Small boy at 14? U and I know Daniel is a smart boy. Besides he might just be playing games with it
Dorothy: That’s what he does, my phone is so full of games he downloaded and installed that are not deletable
Me: Not deletable?
Dorothy: Yea, and i don’t want to flash my phone
I laughed deep inside my heart on what i just heard, chai! I wish i could tell her how foolish she was. I have always known that her brother, Daniel is far smarter and intelligent than her, although he is very stubborn.
Me: Just let him use it, let him be learning from yours till he get he’s. Who knows, he might even teach u some things about phone day.
Dorothy: And be mocking me? just the other day he managed to show me how to upload profile picture on facebook and how to use voice note on whatsapp, he kept bragging about it since then
Me: He is just being proud of helping his elder sis, u know that kind thing na
Dorothy: Whatever, its annoying… So will u still be around?
Me: Not really, i will be leaving next week or upper week
Dorothy: There’s still time, i will check up on u tomorrow,,,, or even later today if you’ll be free
This girl won’t leave me alone,,, i don’t want her or whatever she has to offer.
Me: No u can’t come, u know my dad is around
Dorothy: But i’m not just any girl, your Parents knows me. My mother and your mother are good friends
Me: They will know something is fishy because u haven’t been visiting before, why today all of a sudden
Dorothy: U should quit being negative na, I promise to do whatever u want when i get there
Me: Whatever i want? (Tempted)
Dorothy: Yes i promise and i mean it
(No! devil is a liar!!)
Me: The thing is that, My Parents will at home, and We may also have visitors
Dorothy: What about tomorrow when Your Father go to his office and your Mother and Nancy to the shop?
Me: Worst, My Dad said, He will be taking me to His office for an orientation instead of staying at home doing nothing.
Dorothy: Then how about u come to my house later today? My Mother won’t be around, it’d fun just like before (Her Father was dead and her Mother was a big business woman).
Chai! bursted!! what excuse am i going to feed her with now?
Episode 13
Telling lies shouldn’t be an excuse from abstaining from sin, it’s like running from death to death. Be bold enough to say the truth at every given time even when they don’t believe or understand u for you’re not doing it for them, just know that your Father in Heaven knows what you’re doing. Your Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Uncle, Aunty, Spouse or Master won’t kill U for telling the truth. It could be a means of obtaining Favour and Trust. U and I need BOLDNESS!!!
Me: Look D’thy, sincerely i don’t want to hang around with u. I am no longer that Victor that U use to know. We can just be normal friends and not with benefits. U really have to stop offering your body anyhow, it’s not good and u know it when u think about it the right way, even toda…
Momma: (coming) oya let’s go let’s go
Dorothy: Good afternoon ma
Momma: Afternoon my dear,,,,, Victor (Getting into the car)
Dorothy: Bye ma
Momma: Eh ehn… bye my dear, take care
Dorothy left after looking at me some how without saying a word to me. I entered the car and we zoomed off.
We got home, had lunch, rested a little then spoke with Mirabel on phone… I even told her about the good news and she claimed responsibility for it, that she did it. I appreciated her for the huge favour. She also told me that, My Dad will go places because of what she did through her connections and also be a big deal in ICAN (Institute Of chartered Accountants Of Nigeria). She advised that, My Dad should do his best so that he’ll get personal favours and good deals from very big businessmen.
Woah,,, I can’t believe how my life is going smoothly, peacefully and sweet,,, This is surely the hand work of God. My life hadn’t have turned this way if i hadn’t changed from my bad ways. I believe God punished me so that i will follow the right path and also fulfill the life He has orchestrated for me. I really thank God for His Goodness, Faithfulness, Love and His Mercy.
I had my siester, after that, we held our House Cell Meeting which lasted for an hour. I became bored,,,, I can’t play my Play station game because Dad was in the Living room watching ChannelsTV. The Tv in my room is faulty and i left my laptop at my school house (The house Mirabel left for me to use). I don’t enjoy playing games with my phone,,, I think i need an iPad for games. One thought led to another, so i decided to spend time on Facebook. I came across a page that posts stories, i checked on a story which was on Episode 17 and saw lots of good comments. I decided to follow the story, i wasted lots of MB because of pages i had to load before getting to the Episode 1 and pages i had to load again in order to continue the story. I read to Episode 26 and couldn’t further because the person posting it stopped there. I really need to continue the story, so i thought of trying Google because i know it got answers to almost everything. The story was titled “Adebimpe The Facebook Girl” i really liked it. It was written by one Onihaxy.
I searched and i got many results,,, i clicked on one link, the site was so disorganized for me to understand. I left it because i got other options from Google, I clicked on another link and it was the same thing, I clicked on another link and i discovered that the one i read was the season 2. I couldn’t find the season 1 in the site so i checked in another site. In this site, the Story was arranged from Season 1 to 4, I started reading from the season 1 till i got exhausted. The site was actually, i explored the site and discovered many Stories and many talented writers.
Even after saying good night to my Parents, i still continued the Story on my bed till i decided to sleep around 2am and woke up past 5am by Momma for our morning devotion.
Daddy left for Lagos on Tuesday as he said, I requested permission from Momma to go to Aso rock (Presidential villa) to see Mirabel and Nancy will go with me. She obliged saying it would be a 3-day visit because she don’t like being alone. She was still on the process of getting another house help since she let the previous one go because of me. Why? well,,, ermmm, Momma caught us in the act on three different occasions. She knew i’m a changed person now, that’s why she reconsidered having another house help.
I informed Mirabel about our visiting on Thursday, She sent her bodyguards to pick us with a cool tinted SUV ride which we were later told by the guards that the car was bullet proof. They came on Wednesday evening and lodged in a hotel before coming to our house the following morning. Mirabel sent many stuffs for my Momma through her bodyguards Frank and Jummy who happens to be secret lovers. On our way to Aso Villa, Nancy was far more excited than i am. She claimed to fully charged her phones so she’d take enough photos when she gets there.
**Phone rings**
Me: Hello Mummy
Momma: Victor you have to start coming home immediately, your Daddy called that he is in the airport on his way back
Me: What? But i thought he won’t be coming back anytime soon?
Momma: Yes,,, he said he forgot some important documents and hard drive that he will use for the job, that he underestimated the job not realizing how big the job is. Are u there already?
Me: No, but we’re almost there. we’ve passed the first two gates already
Momma: U have to turn around now and get here before your Dad gets here before u
Me: But Mummy,,, Isn’t there a way u can cover for us?
Momma: No way, what do u want me to tell him? did we inform him that you and Nancy will be going out to anywhere?? Besides, U know i don’t lie,,,, not to you or to anyone else most especially not to my husband,,, call Mirabel and tell her what happened. It’s better to unintentionally disappoint your girlfriend than deceiving your father. I’m still feeling guilty for the one u did the other day
Me: Okay ma, we’ll be on our way back
Nancy: What?! what’s going on?
Me: Frank we have to go back, something came up
Frank: What about Mirabel?
Me: I will call her on phone and explain to her
Jummy: Hope it’s nothing serious?
Me: Not at all,,,, just that, Daddy is on his way back home
Jummy: Ohhh… can’t Mirabel do anything about it?
Me: I don’t think so,,, he actually forgot something very important for the job
Frank: Hard luck bro (Chuckles)
**Turning back**
Nancy: But Dad hardly forget anything, why today of all days?
Me: Mummy said he didn’t know the job will be that big,,, that the documents is essentially necessary for the job
Nancy: Oh no,,, what will i tell my friends now?
Me: U told your friends? why are u so stupid?
Nancy: But bro i don’t see anything wrong with that
Frank: U shouldn’t have done that Nancy,,, it’s not save. Please don’t do that mistake next time
Me: That’s if there will be a next time
Nancy: Am sorry senior bro nau,,, am i forgiven?
Me: Yes u are
Nancy: Thanks bro,,, hope i will join u next time?
Me: Not a chance
Nancy: Haba bro nau,,, pleaseeeee…?
Me: Just let me be, i have a lot in my mind to think about so please don’t add yours to it
I took my phone and placed a call on Mirabel and told her about the setback. She was really sad about it, she said, she’s made all necessary arrangements for our stay. I apologized to her of which she sadly accepted.
We got home before Dad came later in the evening. After three days of his stay, the job got postponed till upper week Monday which unfortunately, i won’t be able to make it to Mirabel’s invitation because i will be gone to school by then. She tried her connection to cancel the postponement but was an abortive attempt because the company wasn’t ready. The company will have to produce every necessary documents before the audit can take place. Nancy was deeply hurt, she felt so disappointed.
I can’t tell my Dad about Mirabel, He wouldn’t tolerate me having a girlfriend,,, he’s so strict about it. Even when i got into trouble with those soldier women, left for him he wanted me to remain there as long as it would satisfy them.
Dorothy came to my house on a Sunday, she came to my room when i was sleeping, she got her self naked and tried to get me naked as well (I was sleeping shirtless) before i woke up to see what she was trying to do.


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