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The President's Daughter And I {Season 2} Episode 6 to 9

After dinner, its our home tradition to remain in the sitting room till 9:00pm before anyone can go to his/her room.
There was total silence during and after dinner. Nancy sat on one corner chatting and waiting patiently for 9:00. Mirabel and I sat on one side while momma sat on the sofa, looking at us from time to time.
The clock finally ticks for bed time, Nancy took herself from her seat headed to her room, not to sleep though but to chat and make phone calls comfortably.
Nancy: Goodnite mum, nite bro, let’s go inside Mirabel
Mirabel was about to stand up before momma speak up.
Mum: She will join u later Nancy, I need to talk to her
Nancy: Okay mum **walks out**
Mum then turn down the volume of the plasma tv. I became nervous because she only does that when she has something very important to say or to do. My eyes and Mirabel’s jammed, she seems to be relaxed.
Mum: I want to talk to the two of you. Firstly with some questions and i require sincere answers from both of u. You know, relationships is now something very common with our youths of today and there’s nothing we parents can do to stop our children especially when they claim to be in love, except for our honest advice. I wasn’t there when both of you started your dating or relationship or whatever it might be, and i know deep down my heart that i can’t stop your relationship, i might just turn out to be a wicked person and a bad mother. Are you both listening to what i’m saying?
Me/Mirabel: Yes ma
Mum: Good, so why are you both dating each other? Victor??
Me: Because,,,, we love and care for each other, we understand and trust each other, and we uhmm… we want to be with each other.
Mum: That’s why you’re dating?
Me: Y-e-s-s…
Mum: Okay, Mirabel?
Mirabel: We’re dating each other because,,,, what we feel for each other is true, we’re good friends that understands and help each other out, no one is influencing the other to do something bad so i think we’re compatible together. Our relationship is that of friendship hoping to make it to the future together.
Mum: I like that reply. That’s something i want to hear.
(Chai! I dunno why ladies like being with a guy hoping to end up together. Their mindset is far different from the guys oh… they would want to tie us down to be their husband,,,,, see how my momma likes her response).
Mum: Do you agree with both your replies?
Mirabel: Yes ma
Me: Yes ma
Mum: Good, have the two of you thought of being with each other in the future? As in, do you have future plans with each other?
Mirabel: Ma…
Mum: Victor
Mirabel: Okay
Me: Uhmmm… yea, yeeaah i do think about having a future with Mirabel, I love her. (Not certain)
Mum: Mirabel…
Mirabel: If a prophet tells me that i’d end up with Victor, I’d be extremely happy. He is the kind of man i’d want to spend my life with.
Mum: I guess that answers my question
(U can imagine how my heart was beating)
Mum: Now tell me what can make you break up with each other?
Me: I haven’t thought about that, maybe not yet
Mum: Miracle, sorry Mirabel *smiles*
Mirabel: For me, I can’t be with someone that will give me a reason for not trusting him. So, infidelity will end what i have for him.
Mum: Hhmmm…. okay, I’ve heard you both and I approve of your relationship **satisfactory smile**
Me: Thanks mum
Mirabel: Thanks ma, we won’t disappoint you or i won’t disappoint you rather
Mum: For my advice, first, both of you should abstain from s£x, God doesn’t approve of it neither would I approve it. Its not good for the unmarried. I’m not going to ask if you both have been having s£x before but if you have been doing it, stop it, it’s unacceptable,,,, do u understand what i’m saying?
Mirabel: Yes ma
(Nawa o,,, e don red o,,, am i going back to my root of not having s£x anymore? Nawa o…)
Mum: Do you both understand that? **her eyes on me**
Mirabel/Me: Yes ma
Mum: Good. Mirabel i like what you said about your relationship being that of friendship’ I will like you both to be friends. You know what friends does right? Sharing and communicating with each other your problems, happiness, ideas and of all that. Also trusting and understanding each other and be there for each other. Relationships doesn’t work out well if there’s no friendship, so be friends ok?
Mirabel/Me: Yes ma
(Mehn,,,, i feel like i’m getting get married already, like i’m on marriage counseling)
Mum: That’d be all for now, its late already so u two need to have your sleep.
Me: Ok ma
Mirabel: Thank you ma
Mum: Lemme take you to Nancy’s room Mirabel, where u’d spend the night **switching off everything**
Mirabel: Ok ma
Mum: Ok let’s go
Mirabel: Good night Victor
Me: Good night, Good night mummy
Mum: Good night, make sure you pray before sleeping
Me: Yes ma
I departed to my room screaming ‘Nawa o’ inner my mind.
I took my phone and on the data sharparly. Many messages from many different chats showed up but i ignored them ‘coz i wasn’t in the mood for chatting. I saw a message from Nancy, i opened it and we chatted a little …
Nancy: So wat do i get 4 helpin u?
Me: Yea tnx, wat would u want?
Nancy: I can ask 4 anytin?
Me: I dunno, lemme hear it
Nancy: Ok,,, can i have a boyfriend? *winks*
Me: Wat?! Are u mad?!!
Nancy: Heyy easy bro, i was only joking
Me: U better be,,, tell me wat u want
Nancy: I dunno yet, i will tell u when i think about it
Me: Ok
Nancy: But y don’t u want me 2 hav a boyfriend?
Me: Y do u want 2 hav a boyfriend?
Nancy: Haba bro, i’m matured already na,,,, most girls hav boyfriends, even all my friends except for Tonia dat has been crushing on u *winks*
Me: Wrong answer, no boyfriend 4 u
Nancy: Buh y nau? *sad face*
Me: I hav told u,,, u cant b doing wat ur friends and every else does. No boyfriend 4 u Nancy, good nite!
Nancy: Haba bro nau
Me: Bye!
I logged out,,, I sat restless on my bed trying to sleep buh sleep avoided me. I thought about something and got back online again. Good thing she was online, so i initiated chat with her….
Me: Hey babe *love eyes*
Mirabel: Hi love
Me: I cant sleep, just thinking about u, love of my life, the one and only tenant in my heart, my dearest, my most beautiful, you’re just too much babe
Mirabel: Tnks love, u’re dah best *blushing*
Me: Tnx babe…. u really don’t need to worry about all what my momma had said. She’s just being over protective, U know mothers na
Mirabel: Its okay, i understand her completely,,, she’s Okay
(In my mind i was like, what part does she understand).
Me: Please tell Nancy to help u sneak into my room, i really miss u
Mirabel: We’ll see tomorrow morning dear
Me: Wah about tonite? I want to feel u, Mum won’t know i promise
Mirabel: U know wat? I think your mum is right
Me: About wat?
Mirabel: About everything she said earlier
Me: U hav 2 come 2 my room babe, i’m going crazy here
Mirabel: Good nite Victor, Love U *kisses*
Me: Good nite?
Mirabel: Last seen 10:47
Me: Babe…?
Mirabel: Last seen 10:48
Me: My love?
Mirabel: Last seen 10:50
Me: Mirabel…?! are u 4 real??
Mirabel: Last seen 10:53
D--n it! She has really left.
Episode 7
I wasn’t happy that night, But Nancy will surely be very happy. I know she’ll bombard Mirabel with lots of questions and other things she would like to know out of her curiosity. She won’t let Mirabel rest because she’ll want to know a lot from the little opportunity she got to sleep on the same bed in the same room with the President’s Daughter which happens to be her brother’s girlfriend *Winks*
Around 5:21am I heard a loud knock on my door and heard momma’s voice calling my name, it was time for our morning devotion which was Nancy’s turn to lead.
I joined them in the sitting room singing praises to God. We heard the word, we prayed, did some chores, bath, then ate bread and tea for breakfast.
I didn’t know if i should be angry with Mirabel or not. I hate being disappointed. Did she really disappointed me? She made her point sha buh i still didn’t like the fact that she turned me down.
Mum got prepared to go to the shop with Nancy. Mirabel asks if she could join them. Mum agreed while Nancy was glad. Mum asked me if i’d join them, but i declined.
Mirabel took me to a corner and gave me a quick kiss,,, just a kiss before she left with them. I was left at home,,, alone.
What i did i do?
I dashed to the kitchen immediately, took a big cup, put a lots of my momma’s powdered milk with chocolates, then used cold water to drink it.
I went to the sitting room to watch movies,,, many channels were showing interesting movies, series, and music but they bore me. I got out of the house to the game house. I related with my hommies and they showed me love. We played, gists, we had fun till i left there later in the afternoon when i got hungry. Mum called me to inquire if i would go to the shop for lunch, or prepare something to eat at home, or buy something to eat. And of course i chose to buy something. I don’t really enjoy suya in the day time so i bought meat pies and hollandia yogurts. I got bored at home again, i decided to watch the television and NEPA seized the power. I don’t chat when i’m bored so i just slept.
I don’t know how long i slept but i know i didn’t wake up intentionally. My rap ringtone actually woke me up and the tone appeared in my dream.
**Picks up**
Me: Hello *horror voice*
Promise: Hi,,, why weren’t u picking up? Have u been sleeping?
Me: Yeah
Promise: Yeah,,, seems so sounding from your voice. So how u doing?
Me: Fine i guess
Promise: Mirabel told me she’s been at your place since yesterday and that you weren’t feeling too well, so how u feeling now?
Me: Better,,, i’m ok now
Promise: Of course, why won’t u be ok now when she’s with u
Me: Yea,,, how u doing?
Promise: I’m ok, rocking my iPhone
Me: I see… that’s good
Promise: Yea, the camera is wow!
Me: Yea it is
Promise: U sound boring, what’s up with u?
Me: I just woke me up from my siester
Promise: Even at that, its not like u
Me: Promise I’m fine
Promise: Sure?
Me: Yea sure
Promise: Ok, we’d talk some other time when you’re more ‘lively’
Me: Yea, bye
Promise: Byee…
**Hangs up**
I saw 2 missed calls, it was from Promise.
The power got restored back buh i still wanted to sleep. I was enjoying my dream before Promise cut it short.
It was even her call that made my dream sweeter. Because i was hearing my rap ringtone in my dream.
The dream was….
I was the class and the Lecturer was lecturing. Then suddenly, the Lecturer start rapping my ringtone in the class which was 2Pac Shakur’s. I joined him in the rap ‘coz i know the rap and i love it.
That’s how my Lecturer and i was rapping in the class before i woke up and discovered that it’s my phone that has been ringing.
Later in the evening, Mirabel and Nancy came back from the shop to start preparing dinner. I really missed her,,,, i mean Mirabel.
We exchanged pleasantries and i got just a peck from her.
Me: How did it go?
Mirabel: Very fine, the sales was good
Me: Oh i see… i know Nancy disturbed u
Mirabel: Not at all, she’s fun and good to be with
Me: Really? Even with her talking problem ?
Mirabel: Its not a problem Victor, its her Natural gift and its cool
Me: Hhmmmm (speechless)
Mirabel: Talk to u later, lemme freshen up (Walks away).
After they did a little freshen up, Nancy went to the kitchen while Mirabel came back to me.
Mirabel: I will be leaving tomorrow Victor
Me: I thought u would spend the week here?
Mirabel: I never planned on doing that, besides your Dad called to inform your Mom that he’d be coming back tomorrow
Me: So, U will leave me like this?
Mirabel: Like what?
Me: We could spend quality time together tonight
Mirabel: Not gonna happen
Me: Come on,,, not even a kiss? Or kisses rather
Mirabel: **smiles** (she walked closer to me and whispered) Mum instructed us to prepare fried rice and chicken for dinner, and she’d bring some yogurts. So hold that thought for later (She gave me a simple kiss on the lips then walked away smiling) I was like ‘Hhmmmm’
About 45 minutes later, I started perceiving a delicious aroma from the kitchen. I couldn’t bear the suspense of the aroma any longer so i left the house to the game house to pass time, I hate suspense.
There was a kind of party at the game house. I was told earlier but i forgot. On reaching there, they start hailing my name. I felt like a local celebrity. They dragged me to a seat claiming its mine and brought in drinks for me. I don’t drink alcohol anymore but i couldn’t refuse it because of how they were hailing me. They showed me love. And the hailing also made some girls come around to me. I was hesitating to drink but my guys were pushing me to drink before displaying on the dancefloor. I finished one bottle, they opened another one for me. I was about to empty the bottle, before two of my guys dragged me to the dancefloor. The people that knows me started screaming. My head grew bigger, the DJ changed the music to one of my favourite song for dancing which was ‘Alingo’ by P’Square. The song burst my head that i didn’t know when i started dancing. Its been long since i last danced but i still didn’t missed my moves. Before i knew it, girls started bringing their waist closer to me. One even came and put my hands around her waist then she started twisting it for me. The party ‘entertainers’ came to me from behind and offered me a cup of dry gin and two piece of condom (That was how we party) It was the gin that got me high.
Episode 8
The party got hotter, I started feeling uncomfortable when I thought about home and Mirabel. I started adjusting but the girls wouldn’t stop whining in front of me. The one in front of me did even more by pressing herself on me. She even whispered in my ear asking me if I would want to stay on the dancefloor all night long or get a room with her now (showing me a pack of condom) Chai! tempted to touch!!
I didn’t know what to tell her, but seriously, a part of me was giving in and the other part wants me to go home.
Girl: Come on, lets go am burning up (pulling my hand to follow her)
Skyly: Vickie V i dey see your hand oh… tha baddest nigga!
Lechessy: Vickie no dull o…
Those were voices of my home boys motivating me to go on with her
Skyly: Vickie V i carry extra if u need ‘am (Extra i.e Condom)
Me: No need, loaded tinz
Lechessy: Na so! (Laughing and dancing even harder)
I followed her with no intention of having s-x with her but in order not to fall my hands among my friends as i’m not that strong in my christian spirit yet, but i’m trying. I had handshakes with some of my guys i met on my way with her.
Shapiro: The rugged vames!
Me: Shapiro!
Shapiro: Unto which angle na? (Like where am i taking her to)
Me: Na away o… (She’s the one taking me out)
Shapiro: Abi? fine bwoy, me just arrive 360 na (Just came back s-x-satisfied)
Me: No be lie,,, I no see wetin fit kill u again
Shapiro: Na lie, i go repent after the thing kill u
Me: Dey deceive yourself na, guy later jare
Shapiro: Oya na, nothing do u
I left him and followed the girl to a dark corner, when walking I saw a girl and a guy having s-x against a wall, I even saw more set of people banging their selves. My phone started ringing, It was Nancy.
Me: Hello
Nancy: Senior bro where are u nau? Why didn’t u pick Mirabel’s calls?? She’s so worried bro!
Me: Really? Oh my god, I didn’t hear the call
Nancy: Where are u anyway?
Me: I’m I’m,,, I’m,,,I’m around, I’m coming in now
Nancy: Around? around where with that sound i’m hearing in the background? are u at that game house or what?
Me: Hey! I’ve warned u about jumping into conclusions of something u don’t know,,, tell Mirabel I’m coming.
*I hanged up*
I looked at the girl, she has already undressed herself waiting for me. Chai! tempted to touch. My mind couldn’t resist seeing a naked girl standing in front of me waiting for me to,,to,,, to… Chai! I felt like doing a quickie,,, I couldn’t take it no more, I rushed to pounce on her. Unfortunately but thankfully my phone rang again. I took the phone from my pocket not to pick the call, but to ignore it and put the phone on silent but the caller was my mother!
Me: Hello ma
Momma: Yes where are u?
Me: I went to buy something ma, its a surprise for Mirabel, please don’t tell her.
Momma: By this time?
Me: She told me that she’d be leaving tomorrow and I wasn’t aware of it before. So… I thought of getting her something fast.
Momma: Well, She’s listening to our conversation, its on loud speaker, because we’re worried.
Me: Oh… I’m on my way
Momma: Okay and be quick
*Hangs up*
Girl: Come on babyy, you’re keeping me waiting, just off your phone
‘Devil is a liar’ I said inner my mind.
Me: I have to go, something very important came up
Girl: what?! U want to leave me like this? are U for real?
Me: I’m sorry
Girl: Like seriously?
Me: It’s very important
Girl: Baby okay I understand U, but please even small, just once will do. Please don’t leave me like this,,, I need U inside me baby (trying to romance me and pulling my shirt)
Me: I will be back soon (making her to let go of me)
If I don’t go now, she will surely get me. I hurriedly left her and headed home.
Girl: Hey?! Hey?! Your Papa! Idiot fowl wey no sabi anything, mumu… msteeew
That was the insults she rained on me when i left her. So what do I get Mirabel now? and I don’t have enough money with me. Walking home, thinking hard on the kind of excuse i’m going to tell them. And even though i have the money now, what am i going to get her?
I immediately brought out my phone and placed a call on Promise… I told her everything after picking up, excluding the girl’s part.
Promise: Hhmmm….
Me: So what do u think i can get her?
Promise: Seriously i dunno o… me and her haven’t discussed about her past relationships to know the kind of material things she might want from him. But base on what we’ve discussed about u, I think she only needs your 100% love with care, understanding and honesty.
Me: So u girls do talk about me?
Promise: Before nko? dey there na,,,, abegi, so i think gifts from u will be extra things she’d be needing from u
Me: But what kind of gifts?
Promise: That’s what I don’t know biko, my life and her life no rhyme oh… all i know is that, wealthy girls like Mirabel only need your Love
Me: Alright, thanks for your help
Promise: You’re welcome
Me: Did u even help me? (teasingly)
Promise: (Laughs) What else do u want me to say?
Me: Like, I wish i was helpful
Promise: Bye bye jare!
Me: You’re sending me away?
Promise: Not like that na,,, hia, u were teasing me nau,,, and i don’t want u to make me blush
Me: Why?
Promise: Only my boyfriend is allowed to do that
Me: U have a boyfriend now?
Promise: Nope, just saying…
I don’t like where the conversation is heading to, so i twist it to escape from it
Me: Okay o,,, got to go and face my problem now,,, talk to u later
Promise: More like a week from now
Me: What?
Promise: Didn’t say anything,,,, byeee
**Hangs up**
The reason why i’m so worried to get Mirabel something is because i already told them about it and she’ll be expecting it.
One thing we should all know is that, once u have the spirit and resources of giving, u should give with good intentions. It doesn’t matter if the person is rich and able to provide everything for him or her self. U don’t always give to the needy, U give to the rich as well, especially to your close ones. If your father is rich and working, U can still buy him Biro or even recharge card and he’ll surely appreciate the kind gesture. U don’t need to have all the money u want before giving to your parents, give them from the little u earn for they’ll understand your income and appreciate your giving gesture for there’s blessing for giving.
To Be Continued….
Episode 9
While thinking seriously on what to do to have enough money to get something for Mirabel, I went to my hommies to lend me some money. I couldn’t find the trusted ones, they could be somewhere having extra fun. The few ones i met were so drunk, they denied having any money on them. I had no choice but to go home empty-handed then put up something as an excuse.
I got home 8:47pm, I discovered they’ve already eaten. I met Momma in the living room seated on the sofa, Nancy at one corner of the dinning chatting or so, but Mirabel wasn’t there.
Me: Good evening ma
Momma: Welcome,,, big boy
Chai! Am in trouble, she’s going to blast me this night…
Me: Sorry for coming late, its really becau…
Momma: Go and eat your food, its in the kitchen (She interrupted)
Me: Ok ma
One thing about my Mum is that, She doesn’t play with food. She makes sure everyone in the house have something to eat at the appropriate time. My Mum don’t starve anyone as punishment, she’s seriously against such acts.
I walked straight to the kitchen, Nancy was demonstrating her hands towards me but I didn’t look at her to understand what she was trying to say. I didn’t even ask of Mirabel. I served my self and ate on the kitchen’s dinning, the food was already cold. I didn’t really enjoyed it. I walked back to the living room to face the panel (Momma) that’s what I say when I know I’m going to be blasted for doing something wrong. I got there, met Mirabel seated not looking good.
Momma: Have u eaten?
Me: Yes ma
Momma: Oya come and seat down here.
(Blasting tinz, here we go…) I said in my mind. I sat down jeje let her say it, I dare not interrupt her speech.
Momma: (she lowered the volume of the TV) Nancy come and seat here
Nancy: But Mummy… (She squeezed her face and walked angrily to take a seat)
Momma: Good evening to you all
All: Good evening ma
Momma: U know as a Christian mother, I will always make sure I put my children in the right way because this is a Christian home. Which means I will never get tired of correcting them whenever they go wrong. Nancy drop that phone before i seize it! what’s wrong with u?!
(She put her phone away)
Momma: Now Victor, U know I no longer tolerate staying out after 7:40 without permission. Today U just went out without telling anyone where you were going to and just left everyone worried. I have said and kept saying that u always let someone know your whereabout to avoid unnecessary worries. And God forbid but if anything should happen, how do u expect us to know where u are? What if something bad had happen to u now? where do u expect us to start looking for u? This is wisdom we’re talking about. I have been telling u, even though we’re not with u at school, u should always inform your room mate or neighbours about where you’re going to. Besides, I don’t advice u to go out at night, I’m not comfortable with night out. What would u go out at night for? U have a girlfriend already,,, what else? Look at her, she hasn’t eaten because of u even when she knew u are ok when I called u the other time. U see what u did to this innocent girl? Now where is the thing u got for her that made stay out late?
Me: Actually, I forgot to take some money because i was in a haste, I thought I had enough money on me
Nancy: So u didn’t buy anything at all?
Momma: Am very disappointed Victor, very disappointed. All this for nothing?
Me: Sorry ma, I didn’t know
Momma: U can tell her that, am done talking to u (she turns to the TV and put up the volume)
Nancy didn’t wait time to get to her room as its past Nine already, while Mirabel followed.
Momma: Mirabel
Mirabel: Ma
Momma: Come
(She went to her)
Momma: Please go and eat
Mirabel: Yes ma
(I thought she’d decline, Thank God she didn’t)
Momma: Call Nancy to warm it for u
Me: I will do it
Momma: Okay…
I took her to the kitchen
Me: Mirabel I’m really sorry for….
She interrupted me with a cool kiss, she smiled and cleaned my lips. I stood surprised.
Me: Wow! easier than i thought (smiling happily) thanks sweetheart for your understanding, you’re the best! and I love U so much
Mirabel: I love u more
Me: It’s a lie, sorry,,, I mean ermmm,,, I love u more (smiling)
Mirabel: (smiling) Its a good thing that you’re save, and i appreciate your good gesture on getting me something
I drew her closer, we kissed passionately for seconds before interrupted when I mistakenly hit a plastic plate which fell off unto the ground and made a noise.
Me: D--n it!
Mirabel: (laughing slowly closing her mouth)
We warmed the food, She ate, I couldn’t eat again but I drank some yoghurts. We went to the sitting room to bade Momma good night before going to the room (Nancy’s). And ofcourse she was still in there chatting,,,, what an addict like Promise aka Promzy, geez!
Nancy: I’ve been waiting for u Mirabel, U promised we’d continue our discussion later.
Mirabel: Yes I did promise, and I haven’t forgotten (smiling)
Nancy: Okay
I drew Mirabel to a corner where Nancy wouldn’t hear our conversation.
Mirabel: What is it?
Me: I thought You’d spend the night with me in my room?
Mirabel: But we never planned on doing that
Me: You should know na, remember u turned me down last night?
Mirabel: So what happens to Nancy? I promised her but I didn’t promise u anything
Me: U came here for me and not for her na
Mirabel: Yes I know,,, Isn’t it a good thing that your sister likes me and enjoys my company?
Me: Well i’m not surprised that she likes u or even love u already,,, But She’s got all your attention since u came here more than me, we haven’t spend any quality time together. U both slept in the same room, went to the shop together instead of staying home with me,,, come on babe, Its not fair
Mirabel: (Laughs) You’re complaining? Instead of u to be happy that i’m getting along well with your family, you’re here being jealous of it (Leaning on me romantically)
**Phone rings**
Mirabel: Its Nancy, she’s been waiting for me for so long now
Me: Then let her wait, I want to spend time with my girlfriend!
Mirabel: Don’t be like that Victor,,, U and I have spent months together at school, and will spend more when we resume and even years to come that’s if u don’t screwed up. So why can’t u let me use this little time i got to know your family and your family to know me as well? You’re being selfish u know, this is….
(Momma shows up)
Momma: U guys are still talking?
Me: Ermmmm ma
Momma: No, u guys have spoken a lot already, I need to have a little conversation with Mirabel, If u don’t mind Mirabel?
Mirabel: No i don’t (smiling at me)
Momma: Okay, let’s go… (Taking Mirabel away)
I mind oh…. Chai! This is what U get for dating the President’s Daughter…


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